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Naked Reprise – 2006 Yamaha FZ-1


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

While the original FZ-1 was one Cycle World’s bikes of the year, Yamaha made a substantive update for 2006.  With miles in the 1,000-per-year neighborhood, this Tennessee example looks excellent.

2006 Yamaha FZ-1 for sale on eBay

Yamaha brought their aluminum casting technology to bear on the new FZ-1 chassis, cradling the R1-derived liter, and steadying it during its 147 hp moments.  The 20-valve four had a heavier crankshaft than the R1, along with torquier cams and a smoother balance shaft.  Fuel injection is electronic, but this FZ-1 pre-dates any power nannies.  Brakes are up to the task with 320mm disks and four piston calipers.  43mm forks separate compression and rebound damping duties, and are fitted with an almost straight across the top handlebar.  In a close-up the angular fairing could be mistaken for a superbike part.

Despite a little sticker-mania, the owner has taken nice care of their FZ-1,  looking excellent with no particular damage.  Interested bidders will have to ask, since there aren’t enough pictures and not much history in the comments from the eBay auction:

Condition is Used. This bike is in perfect condition. No scratches or dents. Looks like it came off the showroom floor. It has been taken excellent care of and is ready to ride. Clear clean title.

The FZ-1 caught both far ends of the R-1 spectrum, riders who weren’t ready for a superbike statement, or maybe could no longer deal with the R-1’s ergonomics.  The performance put most nakeds to bed, with Yamaha tech and build quality.  The ask seems at the top of the range, but maybe the Make Offer button will make an appearance in a re-listing.




  • I don’t mean to be negative – I LOVE this blog and check it multiple times daily…but is an ’06 FZ1 really considered valuable or unusual? I was extremely surprised to see it show up here.

    Anyways, love the blog, keep up all the work!!

  • Agreed. I was very surprised to see such a mundane bike listed. When I first saw it I was expecting it to be a “featured” listing but it’s not.

    Extremely common bike and not even a good price. Seriously, why??

  • I love this site and check it daily, thank you for all the work and bringing beauties to light! I have to agree with the prior posts though, this listing doesn’t seem very rare or worthy of this site to me, maybe there is something unique about this one and if so my apologies in advance.

  • Love the site but have to question the judgement on this one.

    Must be really slim pickings out there if this is the best RSBFS can find. Not worth the space on the page. What next ? Maybe a VStrom or Africa Twin?

  • How is this rare or a sportbike? It’s a nice bike but it’s a dime a dozen FZ that will most likely never see any collector status. Most of the listings on here are very interesting or unique but his is a swing and a miss.

  • This site used to have very cool, rare bikes on it. 2-Stroke JDM bikes, rare Italian bikes, now its like Craigs list. Its just not cool anymore.

  • In general the site has deteriorated in recent months. The quality and variety of bikes has greatly diminished- as has the frequency of the postings. I check the site daily and I have been very fortunate to source some outstanding bikes through its pages. Apart from the actual bikes featured, the insight and commentary used to be invaluable. Hopefully this feedback will inspire you to revert to the excellent standards of yore!

  • Agreed, losing its prestige with this post.

  • Is Iconic Motorbikes considered a competitor?
    You could almost just post whatever bike they just got in! Following their Instagram is very entertaining.

  • Variety is the spice of life, and from time to time, contributors explore the limits of our niche. It helps to keep us focused while still recognizing bikes in our peripheral vision. We appreciate the feedback. -dc

  • Be thankful you aren’t looking at ugly, as in, the Ronald Mc Donald K1 or the V H fizzer 600 that was painted by a drunken monkey that found some Barney purple and shitty mustard yellow paint or, god forbid a Duc Paso, or a Honda Pacific toaster…

  • Oh, you guys think this is bad? One time there was a, “modern,” Katana listed on the site. That’s right, one big can of tuna.

    Anyways, this bike… So exotic. So amazing. It’s like a de-tuned fizzer. I’m gonna dream about this for many nights.

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