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Magnificent Magni: 1994 Magni Australia

Magnificent Magni:  1994 Magni Australia (Moto Guzzi)


A couple of weeks ago I’d never heard of Magni and now I have a second chance to spend more money that I don’t have on one of their gems.  Up for auction is 1994 Magni Australia with an assist on power from Moto Guzzi.



The MV Agusta like red and silver paint may not be a coincidence as Arturo Magni was an engineer for MV at the beginning of his career.  The Australia is actually a development out of a  bike Magni raced down under with great success.  Click here for the bikes specs (98 model) directly from Magni itself and keep clicking  as someone scanned an Australian test of the bike and posted it on a forum.  If you like what you see I also recommend doing a Google image search for “Magni Australia”.  You will be rewarded with lots of pictures.


Just a little from the seller:



At first glance I thought the Termignoni exhaust was not original but I’ve seen plenty of pictures with them on other Australia’s.  Magni’s can be made to order and it sounds like you can mix and match parts so I’d expect slight differences in each bike.



Nice and simple and race like from the top.  Although this picture does not show it, the Australia has Magni’s unique Parallelogrammo rear suspension.



I came up empty on any solid numbers for a price of a Magni Australia.  The guess of $20,000 to $25,000 was popular tough.  Can any RSBFS readers give some insight here?  As of this writing the bike had hit $12,000 and the reserve had yet to be met.

Check out the auction here.


Here is a little treat for your eyes and ears from Japan





  • This thing is sweet, any authentic Magni Guzzi is a very desireable thing.

    Impossible to hate on.

    Was cool when new, is cool now, and always will be cool.

  • we have a thread on these bikes running here;

    within the above thread is a link to a earlier post with more magazine articles on the bike, its development history, and the man who inspired the “Australia” model, Ted stolarski, a former guzzi dealer and fan who passed away in the late nineties.
    The first prototype bike is still still in Perth. not bad for the worlds most isolated capital city 🙂

    Enjoy! 🙂

  • Thanks for the link Nathan!


  • Nice job on your website! Great articles on the bikes. The Magni Australia’s were selling for about $18,000 and imported in 1999. Resale is around $12,000 to $15,000 used. Last sale for this bike or one exactly like it, was in 2008 at Ducati of Santa Barbara for $14,000. The bike was on consignment for about one year. The 4 valve Guzzi is the odd one of the bunch. The single overhead cams are belt driven and have rocker arms pushing the valves. The 4 valve was rated at 102 hp at the crank. Most Dyno runs showed about 81 horse power at the rear wheel. The 4 valve motor is very unique and unfortunately, becoming extremely difficult to get parts for. The fuel injection system on the early 93 models are somewhat problematic and prone to burning out if the bikes battery failed. The later version on the 98 was a better injection system but still antiqued by todays standards. I have been riding Guzzi’s for about 20 years now. They are fun bikes and for the most part very reliable. I call them the euro Harley. The Magni Australia could be compared to the Buell 1125R? Also, I have it on good authority that the dealer/seller on the Magni wants big $$$ dollars for it.

  • Anthony,
    Great insights. Nice to see some solid numbers on price.

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