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Low Mileage and Stock 1997 Yamaha YZF-750R

Manasquan, NJ – 4,124mi – $2,950 No Reserve


The YZF750R arrived in early 1993 and was based on the OW01, however it shared no common parts with its famous older brother. Though not as rare and collectable (yet), the YZF750R proved itself to be a highly competent and user friendly bike on the street. Present on this model are six-speed gear box, dual 320mm discs up front with six-piston calipers, and Yamaha’s EXUP system allowing the bike to pull hard through the entire rev range.


This one features some more subtle and less 90’s graphics than the earlier purple/yellow models. However, it still has some flash from the era with this red/black/white livery. This one also has very low miles with just over 4k on the clock. As I like to see bikes from this era, it is bone stock and even has the factory seat cowl. Some one didn’t feel the need to mod this one beyond recognition, and now it pays off.


I actually think this one might be a 1996 model year, but I cant find a VIN decoder to confirm this. Anyone out there know for sure? Either way, this is one cool bike and I always enjoy seeing clean ones pop up for sale. Long gone are the days of 750cc sport bikes (except the GSX-R). This Yamaha was king of the hill in its class back in the day and benefitted from some solid years of Yamaha R&D. Now’s your chance to own this modern classic. I have seen these go from about $2,200 to $4,000+. I could see this one going for $4k+ as it is the lowest mileage one I have seen in a long time. You can check out the auction here and place your bid!



  • The 10th digit of the VIN indicates the year. In the case of the VIN listed for this bike, V = 1997. Years 2001-2009 are noted by the digits 1-9 (ex. 5 in the 10th digit indicates a 2005 model), so those are pretty easy to figure out. Year 2000 and prior (back to 1980) use letters to indicate the year, and 2010 and later are back on the letter sequence as well. A 2010 model has a letter A. Some letters aren’t used, though, so it’s best to check the reference table if you aren’t sure about a letter. The Wikipedia entry on VINs has the table.

  • Hey Guys,please someone tell us the highs and lows of this model ! Where there any issues with it? Looks good! Interested. 🙂

  • The front discs warp if you as much as look at them the wrong way.

  • Slappy is correct, this is a 1997 model. I had one.

    Highs- sweet handling, you sat down in the bike rather than on it. Very racy feeling bike. good suspension.

    Lows- mine always ran poorly at lower rpms. I bought it as a leftover and it sat from 1997 to 1999 so who knows if there was garbage in the carbs. The engine wasnt that strong for a 750. Brakes were ok. A bit heavy as well.

    If the price is right, this is a great bike to add to the collection and certainly better looking than the 1994 model with the vomit inducing graphics.

  • I owned this same bike until May 17 of this year, I believe it is a ’96 like mine was.
    The brakes are great provided the tired lines are upgraded and it is quite comfortable for a sports bike.
    As stated above, you sit IN the bike as opposed to being perched on top of it like most modern SS bikes.
    The only issue these bikes have in general is in the carbs, the needle jets (emulsion tubes) wear out from “city” driving and cause a poor rich mixture. This is often miss diagnosed for poor jetting or valve issues and reducing float height is only a temporary fix before the tubes wear out completely causing miss firing and bogging.
    The bike has slightly less power but better handling than the GXSR of the same ERA and looks much better IMO. I have owned both.
    There is one for sale in Ottawa Ontario KIJIJI that was just uncrated 2 years ago, it comes with a bunch of unobtanium parts and less mileage than this example.

    But the guy wants crazy money for it.


  • Sold for $3,700- JS

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