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Low Mile Limited, Limited Time Remains: 1986 GSXR750 Limited

Low Mile Limited, Limited Time Remains:  1986 GSXR750 Limited

The RSBFS management team is going to be on my butt for letting this one sit: or will they?  This one started as a six day auction and as of this writing; not a single bid has been placed with two days remaining.  What gives?  Is the bikes not all it is cracked up to be or is the $10,000 starting bid too lofty?

The details from the seller:

This very rare 1986 GSX-R 750 is in excellent condition. Super low 1863 miles, you probably won’t find one with lower miles! I am the original owner. It has always been garaged and kept clean but has not been started for a few years. The paint job is original and still looks fantastic. It has a few nicks and some minor scratches to the paint, but no damages otherwise.

My amateur eye spots mis-colored wheels and the air box missing.  A friend of mine who is a Limited owner thought the carbs might look like Canadian versions.  I want to say I remember a RSBFS reader stating the Canadian bikes had different tanks as well.  I do not remember what that difference is.  Did this bike start its’ life in America Lite?

Having pointed that stuff out, it has less modifications than most Limited’s I’ve seen.

Maybe it is just the pictures but it just seems a little dull for only having 1863 miles on it.  The pod filters seem like an odd modification for a bike with low miles.

Although the starting bid is high we have seen very nice examples of 1986 Limited sell in the $10,000 to $12,000 range.

Check out the auction here.



  • Price too high for this time of year and economy.__
    Also, nobody ever wants to start high or close to retail in
    an auction setting. ___
    Lower start price with reserve would do better.__
    I sold one for $ 8000, last year, that I paid $ 6000 a few yeras earlier.

  • Shouldn’t this model have an airbox?

  • Tim,
    Are you only looking at the pictures and not reading the text I slave over writing for you?

  • Ian, you totally rule.

  • Awesome, just in time for review time. I owe you a Christmas card.

  • My apologies Ian, I just did a quick once over and did not do a full read,in future I shall endeavor to read fully before posting a stupid comment.

  • No worries Tim. If there is anything you guys need to know about me is that I’m rarely serious. Everything on here, especially the comments, is all in good fun.

  • Anybody else notice the low rear ride height? Seems “off” somehow to this former owner of two regular model GSXR750’s. Noticed that it’s been re-geared as well.

  • This went to me. I expect to get it by the first week of January.

  • Glad to see it founda new home. Enjoy.

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