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Literally – 1993 Honda CBR900RR


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

While an occasionally a special bike is regarded as a game-changer, a reference standard, or in impeccable condition, a museum piece.  This first-gen CBR900RR is quite literally all these things.


1993 Honda CBR900RR for sale on eBay



In development, Honda stroked their four-in-line 750cc engine to 893cc, pushing power up to a liter-bike 122 hp, but not appreciably increasing weight.  The package weighed just over their own 600 but moved like a superbike.  A redesigned aluminum spar frame handled the power, with 45mm right-side-up forks and monoshock rear.  Nissin supplied the 296mm front disks, with 240mm out back.  Round headlights identify the first generation 900RR, along with an array of vent/intake perforations that must’ve been some young grad student’s thesis.




Presented by a shop that also houses a museum, this CBR looks to be every bit of the 300-mile display article.  The 900RR’s were made in too many paint schemes to to authenticate the red/white/blue/black, but more knowledgeable readers will likely weigh in.  From the eBay auction:

The Original Open Class Super Bike!

This bike is all business! The epitome of the retro superbike era! Plenty of true unaltered rear wheel horse power!

This engine has IMMEDIATE power surge from the bottom! It’s so strong it feels like you’re going into warp drive! The power is there whenever you want it!

Razor sharp handling! Tipping the scales at 450lbs this bike was in a different stratosphere than its competitors!

This is not a bike for the faint-hearted rider! This was one the first bikes that would raise the bar so far that the limit would fall at the rider rather than the machine!   

A must have for any true super bike collector!




Elsewhere in the auction the seller states that the bike runs great, and though it probably won’t happen this way, the new owner could have a fantastic couple-three rides on this very original RR, and return it to display duties with clean pistons and less than 500 miles…





  • first of all, i like it.
    zero chance that paint scheme’s original, as is the pipe, steering dampner, etc, etc. but all these things will make the bike look better and go better. i had a 98, and did a simliar deal with it, though mine was yellow. whenever we would stop on a ride, a few bees would fly up to us and land on the bike as if it were the mothership! which, of course, it was…

  • So we have a non stock paint scheme and the seller doesn’t even address this in the ad? Strange to say the least. Also has no title. Still looks great but I would definitely need a whole hell of a lot more info…….

  • Listing says 357 miles. Looking at the chain, rear sprocket and the wear on the heel plates, I’m gonna have to raise the BS flag. These have a speedo cable. Simply removing it would keep the odometer from rolling. No title as well.

  • love just about any motorcycle and this girl is a beauty nit picking of the purest aside….no title is a bummer big time…..please tell me more about the building she is sitting in …I probably have enough bikes to fill it !!…

  • The list of things not stock on this bike is pretty long. The dingy looking chain and sprocket are dead giveaways that the real mileage is not as claimed; they should have replaced them at the same time as the front rotors, which are the only parts of the bike that look suspiciously new. Given the bodywork, lack of blinkers, and fresh front rotors and so on, my guess is it is a well preserved track day bike.

  • It’s a shame that a shop or museum would misrepresent one like this – can’t imagine they don’t know. And an exclamation point after every sentence doesn’t help! Also notice the rear fender has been cut off and there’s no license plate mount…

  • As others have said, definitely not stock paint. In fact, that paint scheme is very similar to the 1986/87 Interceptor 700/750.

  • 100% hype and bs in the presentation! No real truth or background on this specific bike deflects from the real story! Ridiculous video spends almost all it’s time reading a 23 year old magazine article! Insults potential buyer’s intelligence- we’ve known about the CBR900RR for 23 years! Important details left out! No title! Ex-race bike, tax write off, from well known rich local collector!

  • eBay shows sold at $6,100


  • I don’t even see why this made the website. Completely unoriginal. So many issues. Worth $3,500 at best.

    • Well I would disagree with it not being worth to make it here. However I do agree with you that it’s over priced. If they would have been more upfront about the bike, it would have been better

  • So much for comment moderation on RSBFS. Can’t imagine why anyone would want their motorcycle shown on this website anymore outside of a featured listing where no comments are allowed.

  • I believe you have to click on the button thingy that subjects you to this inhumane punishment…

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