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Island Hopper – 1996 Honda CBR900RR

Pretty much the gold standard for ’90-s Superbikes, the CBR900RR ( aka FireBlade ) was a power-to-weight champion.  This one has the makings of a great value with excellent cosmetics, just over 4,000 miles, and reasonable starting bid.

1996 Honda CBR900RR for sale on eBay


Revolutionary in 1992, Revision 2.0 of the 900RR came in ’96, with a slight bore increase for the carburetted straight four resulting in 919 cc’s.  Improvements to the shifting internals got great reviews, and extrusions for the alloy twin-spar chassis were thinner and larger.  The riding position was incremented toward the street, and a change to the fuel tank shape helped the compact feel.  A race-derived front fender gave a little downforce to the front end and directed air up and into the fairing.


Hemmed in by Brooklyn and North Jersey, it’s easy to see how a superbike could wind up with low miles.  This CBR presents very nicely, substantially stock and showing just a typical rub on the fairing near the (left) grip.  Not sure what an easy touch-up that would be, but just replace the levers with your favorite and at least they’ll match, and you’re off.  From the eBay auction:

Bike has a little over 4000 miles and runs like new. This bike is in showroom condition. I purchased this bike a few years ago from the original owner. All scheduled maintenance has been performed religiously and on time. You will never find another bike of this vintage in this great of shape. Awesome bike to add to your stable and to really enjoy. You can feel as if you’ve just stepped back into the 90’s! Any questions don’t hesitate to ask. This bike is not a restoration! It is all original and perfect.


As Honda’s flagship, the FireBlade was gifted with outstanding build quality and attention to detail by their engineers. The owner seems realistic even though his claims of “perfect” and “showroom” might require an asterisk.  With its low miles and apparently limited damage history, bidding on a twenty year-old superbike might not be a leap of faith in this case.



  • The dual round headlines always looked the best in my opinion

  • Maybe it’s just me, but it seems in the craze to cash in on 90s superbikes some sellers have a hard time honestly representing their bikes. Seller states “all original and perfect.” It’s neither. By his own omission with the damage to the fairing it’s not perfect. As far as original: lever, windscreen, exhaust, rim decals, tank bra and the ridiculous color-matched seats are hardly original. Sure all can be swapped back The 900RR line (along with the RC51) are some of the most often farkled bikes of the last 20-25 years so it’s understandable. Again not a “bad” bike but a reminded as a buyer do your own homework.

  • Call me crazy but I always loved the color matched seats and tank bra. It’s a very period correct and easily reversable mod.

  • Whenever I see an ad that states “perfect and original”, then tells you about the damage to the bike and you see the obvious unoriginal items, I’m done. There is some stupid money coming into this market, But hey, if it raises the value of my bikes, including my 900rr’s, great.

  • Oh,$#!t, there is an atom, or maybe a speck of molecule, under the non O.E.M. turn signal… Let’s trash the seller, or the prospective buyer (of a bike that WILL NEVER HIT THE SHOWROOM AGAIN, EVER) Geez, this site never ceases to amaze me at the attitude of responders… Yep, I’m guilty of favoritism among the clan of Yamaha 2-strokes, and I freely admit it! But holy $#%@’s sake, we are all glued to this site for the same reason, the love of bitchin’ bikes. Be they Hardley’s (Buell) Bimota, Kwacks, Ducks, Honda’s, Moto Guzzis, Laverda’s MZ’s ,… Who really gives a hoot? The reason why there are (or was) 31 different flavors of ice cream, are because some of them suck, to someone… Stop nit picking the blemish you see, and pick on everything non-Yamaha for god’s sake… Next 2-stroke (Yamaha) please…

  • A fine example i say in most practical matters.
    My lord the graphis are rendered fit only for the color blind. While riding I am sure it would not bother the rider. Its a bit like the ugly sister that survived a family car wreck without a scratch. Meh.

  • Nicely said. I used to represent some car dealerships here in Vegas, and one of the owners once told me “There’s an ass for every seat”. We all like what we like. This particular bike isn’t one I would buy, it wouldnt fit in with what I have displayed in my house, but its cool to look at it.

  • Love the choke knob!!

  • Sold for just $4,500.


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