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Honda NSR250 MC21 For Sale

Honda NSR250 MC21 For Sale and ready to hit the street!

Location: Dover, DE
Mileage: 11,500km or 7,200 miles
Price: $7,000.00 OBO

Update 2.14.2011: Exclusively listed on RareSportBikesForSale.com, this bike sold in just 5 days! If you have a special bike for sale that could use this kind of exposure,email me for details on how $25/mo can get you a featured listing for your bike.

Ah yes, the boys at Speedwerks have been at it once again. This time they are offering a MC21 in Honda fighting colors and this one has been gone through with a fine tooth comb.

Looks like it was just taken off the showroom floor all over again and your ready to take it out on it’s maiden voyage doesn’t it?

With an asking price of $7,000 one would expect to get a lot right? Well, jump here to check out the photos documenting the complete rebuild of this bike. It’s simply amazing and a sight to behold.

Some of the highlights include:

– Brand new OEM crank
– Full engine rebuild
– New bearings through out
– New clutch
– New brake pads
– Tyga steel exhausts with aluminum canisters
– New Michelin Power One rubber
– Looks like brand new!

This bike has a clean Pa. title. No Brands,No Salvage History. $7000 obo.
As built, its a MC21R with an SE/SP rear shock, If the buyer wants to upgrade, we can offer SP forks and Trans, with dry clutch.(For an additional cost.) This bike has 11,500Km’s and as it it sits 0 on a complete rebuild.
As evident in the pic’s, we document the entire build with detailed hi-res images.
I feel this takes allot of the guess work out of the equation, The buyer can see exactly what he’s getting..
Most questions are easily answered by looking at the pics and reading the captions.
We are a roadrace shop in business for over 15 years,with a love for “rare” gray market stuff.
We start with the bare frame and “everything” from then on is either replaced,or refinished. The customer can see everything, so there is no wondering on our bikes. Like the last Rothmans we did and sold here everything is is fresh and top notch. We do have other bike’s available for restoration/sale and welcome any customers project bikes. Contact by phone (302)672-RACE or email steve@speedwerks.com References avail. upon request. Thanks Steve

If you’re interested in a super nice grey market you can hit up Steve, at Speedwerks, and tell him we sent you.

302.672.7223 or steve@speedwerks.com


dd – I can only wish my 21 looked this good!


  • Seems kind of high price for a base model NSR. But then again it is all new, yet I question why an 11500 kms bike needs a full resto’….my 2 cents

  • Cheaper than new GSXR!! Plus it wont suffer the depreciation of a new bike!!

  • More of a rider than a collector bike, but as stated, a smoking good deal. Also, OBO means he’ll likely take $6500. If you live in PA, you should consider this bike strongly. IMHO. Joel

  • If anyone is looking for a collector, I’ll sell my 94 MC28 that is 100% stock with a mere 2,400 miles on it for 9,500 and I’ll buy this one.

  • My 91 seems like to deal i payed $3500 with repsol plastics and a clear title.. Thanks Larry

  • ^ a deal..

  • why’s it got non stock MC28 bodywork?

  • if i had to guess i’d wager that the 28 kit was what was available at the time. othewise why bastardise a 21?

    i wonder if the bodywork is o.e. or china knock off….

  • it’s non oem bodywork for an MC28!

  • I guess I fail to see what all of the debate is about. You’re looking at a completely rebuilt, titled bike with 0 miles on the motor, tires and rebuild. I’ve seen NSR’s with higher miles, no titles, and junk body work for $5,500. This seems like a great deal that won’t go down in value.. If you’re after a perfect one contact the guy a few posts up… This one can be ridden!

  • it’s premium price for an NSR with non oem bodywork,is all I’m saying!

  • what a bunch of haters……..its hard to find a nsr 250 in the states as it is..and people still find things to complain about…I have owned a few nsr 250s ..I can’t find much of a difference between oem and abs bodywork….besides most oem bodywork that is found on ebay has deep scratches and will need repainting bonding and that stupid expensive sticker kit….a total waist of money in my opinion….unless you plan at starring at the bike in your living room…garage….lol

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