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Hiding in Plain Sight – 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750R Limited Edition

“Now why would somebody use this funky bronze paint on this GSX-R ?” you say, not the usual red/black or red/blue/white, but otherwise an -80’s GSX-R750.  But this is a not-available-here limited edition in Yoshimura racing colors.  With several factory go-fast goodies, the GSX-R750R conformed to KISS endurance racing principles, taking light weight and reliability to the winners’ circle.

1986 Suzuki GSX-R750R Limited Edition for sale on eBay

Suzuki capitalized on their air/oil-cooled experience and the new 749cc engine made 100 hp, hung in an alloy perimeter frame.  Despite having recently introduced the model, they extended the swingarm for 1986 by 25mm to calm the handling.  The Limited Edition features front suspension and brakes from the 1,100 cc model, including an electrically operating anti-dive system.  Other particulars include a monoposto seat and lightweight dry clutch.  18-inch tires are fitted front and rear, ostensibly to ease wheel and brake changes in the pits.

The outstanding condition of the paint on this LE initially had me thinking it was a U.S. model painted by the owner in Yoshimura colors, but apparently the mods are limited to the Öhlins monoshock and Cyclone muffler, along with some slightly oversized decals.  With 22.5K miles, a repaint is almost certainly somewhere in its history, but it is faithful to the original.  Not sure about the gold wheels, looking back shows them most often in white, but they look great.  From the eBay auction:

While I have changed a few things that does not mean you can not change it back. The Yosh stickers are noninvasive and have not damaged the stock paint. Yes, this is factory stock paint that was available in Japan. I installed and recently rebuilt Öhlins shock. The forks are polished and the brake lines are SS braided. I took a risk that, in my opinion paid off, by having the wheels powder coated gold. I wanted the bike to resemble a Yosh race bike from back then. The inside clutch side cover and Yosh covers were painted. The housing for the clutch actuator is NOS. I recently purchased it, removed it from the factory packaging and installed it on this bike. This bike has been gone through very thoroughly and it is ready to ride or store to admire. 

You can only pick two from the fast/reliable/cheap menu, and the GSX-R750R was expensive at the time, a result of low volumes of special parts.  Bidding has reached nearly $10K without nudging the reserve, so this will still be a pricey 750.  Maybe a more period-correct Yoshimura muffler in black could be found, but otherwise this is a pretty together and special example.  Guess you’re only allowed two from the golden-age sportbike menu, when the choices are a nice stock presentation, a special model, and a pretty good bargain…



  • I love these bikes. I’m pumped that the tariff allows these into the US much easier and cheaper.
    Overall, very cool bike that would love to put right. At this price/level, a few things need attention. I’m picking the bike apart.
    Yosh stickers on right side scare me. Rear shock changed. Triple clamps and bar ends are coated silver. Front m/c wrong. Clutch painted. The pipe, painted wheels, and polished fork legs aren’t the end of the world. The frame pitting; gotta live with that. I’m guessing a partial repaint, maybe not.
    For me, if I’m paying top of the market, I would rather have a clean original.

  • Forgot about the seat being redone.

  • I love the gold wheels and the shock/pipe to me, are both a plus if you’re going to ride this. The other issues James points out should detract from the collector’s value a bit, but like you said, not deal-killers if this isn’t priced to the moon. Overall this looks like a really nice example with some useful upgrades. Hard to believe the paint is original considering the miles, especially if it spent much time in Japan, but one could only have an informed opinion on that after actually seeing the bike in person. If I were in the market for an LTD, this one would really get my attention. Shouldn’t be priced at a level of a minty low-miles all-original, but if its in the $14k range, it seems a fair deal.

    Would be a great bike to actually ride and not just display.

  • Very nice example of a 32 year old bike. Love the gold wheels on this jdm version.
    Tire kickers will always find something to moan about.
    Good luck with the sale.

  • Could you explain how the tariff is making it easier and cheaper to import bikes into the US? I tried it once quite a while ago, and it was really more difficult than I thought, and I ended up giving up. But I’ve been thinking about trying it again.

  • Simply put, this bike looks awesome and has excellent mods. I love it and then some. Having said that, there is only one question that matters, and one question only….
    With 22k miles on the clock, what is the condition of the dry clutch? Those very special and rare parts and unless you are sitting on NOS spares plates that are no longer available from Suzuki… you might be out of luck. Not impossible to find, but it will cost.

  • Also, The left side heel guard is wrong. It has the correct Japanese flat tank, paint colors, and fuel gauge. Pipe is period correct. The triple clamps and clutch are the OEM colors, not painted or modified.

  • After 25 years, it is very easy to import your bike of choice. No emissions to deal with. I imported an 85 last year. Filled out a one page form, paid $95, and done with customs. Took 5 minutes. Took that with the bike to DMV, and got a title.
    I use this forum to find and discuss bikes. It’s a great place to learn and find cool bikes. I listen more than comment unless it’s an 85-90 GSXR, as that’s what I’m focused on right now.

  • The heel guard is correct for jdm models. The bar ends and top clamp are also correct. Plain alloy. No paint finish. Clutch plates are available from Suzuki oem but hideously expensive! I own one of these so have a good knowledge of them.

  • Can’t stop looking at this bike. Love the color scheme! Spoke to the seller, seems like a nice guy too so that helps. This site is death to my wallet!! Hahaa

    • Stop that! There’s already a very nice LE at your shop. You have to sell that one first! It’s kind of like having to eat your vegetables before being allowed dessert.

  • Were these restricted in some way different that US model?

  • eBay shows sold for $14,499. Congrats to buyer and seller!


  • Personally I think that’s a great deal for the Buyer. As much as everyone seems to lean towards the Blue and White, this one is just so damn beautiful. I should of offered more 🙁 Oh well, can’t buy them all!

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