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Haggle for a Haga Part II: 2003 Aprilia RSV1000r Haga Replica #138

Update 11.27.2013: Previously seen this past April, this Haga rep is back on eBay. Auction ends on Thanksgiving though, so get it before Black Friday! Links updated. -dc


As is often the case, no sooner do we find a rare machine that is generally difficult to come by, another comes right along behind it. This feast or famine deal would be amusing if it were not quite so predictable. Of course the upside is that we all get to see another example of a great bike. In this case, you are looking at the doppelganger of the Haga Replica #105 we posted earlier this week.

2003 Aprilia RSV1000R Haga for sale on eBay


This Aprilia, in addition to the Haga Playstation livery and limited number status, includes BST carbon wheels. The stockers are also included in the auction, so as to preserve the value of the complete package. There is some apparent damage to the exhaust can on the the right side, but with only 500 claimed miles I can’t imagine much is wrong with this machine.


From the seller:

Has BST carbon fiber rims mounted est.value 8,000.00 with micheline pilot power rubber. Some extras not many. Have stock rims and tires, never used. all included in price


Whereas the earlier Haga we posted was a BIN affair asking $15,000 OBO, this particular bike is being auctioned off. The opening ask is a reasonable $10,000, with reserve in place. How much do BST wheels add to this deal? Is the lower mileage that enticing? If you’ve been wondering what a Haga Replica is worth these days, click the link and jump over to the auction. We’ll all find out together!



  • I like this bike, I see them selling for 4-5K with low miles and ohlins, not sure the replica thing is worth the extra bucks. I wonder how relible that rotax engine is?

  • Extremely reliable, Jimbo my man. While the RSV’s never enjoyed dominant success in the WSBK series, it was respectable and they did have great results endurance racing. Rotax is an Austrian based engine builder, part of the Bombardier Recreational Products family, that has a long history of building durable and high performance engines for snowmobiles and motorbikes, etc.. This engine was used for over a decade in the Aprilia RSV line and was largely unchanged in that term. It was also the basis for the powerplant used in the post-Harley, pre-current Buell bikes. Rotax also worked with Erik Buell in the development of his current bikes engine. This same 998cc from the late ’90’s is still in use by BRP today in their own product, the Can-Am Spyder. If you want to ride it, the “replica thing” probably is not the route to go. But if “rare” is your thing, there are fewer of these older replica, limited edition versions available all the time. Happy hunting!

  • I think these Haga/Edwards replicas are way over-priced. First off the big money collectors only consider Ducati as the only Italian collectible bike. I don’t agree but that seems to be the way it is. Second, the graphics on these replicas are awful, super ugly and they don’t stand out in any way. Plus, if it is performance you can get the “R” model of the Mille or Tuono both have OZ wheels and Ohlins suspension.
    On this bike I don’t think the BST wheels will add much value

  • Thanks ape! good to know, there is a a nice RSV in my hood for 4K, R model with ohlins, been thinking about trying it out.

  • I could not agree more Falco, the price of these is out of whack. I personally prefer the 2nd gen RSVR, for many reasons, though not for investment reasons. As an Aprilia enthusiast, it is somewhat disappointing that they don’t have the appeal of the Ducatis, but it is understandable, given the comparably limited history of the Brand. I love their bikes and will continue to buy them for that reason, regardless of potential resale value. The peace of mind of buying a reliable bike that I will enjoy riding and looking at is a relatively good return given the modest level of investment.
    Jimbo, do as much homework as you can if you’re thinking of making the leap. Shop hard for an RSVR, great deals are out there, even on the late models. I bought an ’08 leftover (0 miles) RSVR Bol d’Or for such a deep discount, I won’t even disclose the actual numbers. Suffice it to say it was well below the 10k mark. The dealer where I found it had 2 available, the other was a silver 2007.5. I wasn’t originally looking to buy new but the price was right, barely more than what I was finding used, plus the 2yr. factory warranty.
    What year is the one you’re looking at in your hood? If it is in good condition and reasonable mileage, that’s on the lower end of what they are usually advertised for. Sounds worth a look!

  • still prefer the nera more

  • While this is a good bike, it’s not an amazing bike, and to say that $10k is reasonable for this, it’s won’t get that. Yes… the rims, even the stock rims are great, you get all that Ohlins jewelry, but the Mille’s never held any value. You can get Bol D’ors for less that have the same suspension with far more performance. Not only that, you might even be able to get a 1098s for somewhere close to that even, which will murder these bikes. And this is coming from a Haga fan.

  • I am Aprilia fan but these bikes are UGLY and Waaaaaay overpriced. There is no collector market for these, the commenters above are right, guys with money only look at Ducati as modern collectibles (maybe MV Augusta as well).

    I really like my Falco, it’s 12 years old and going strong but unfortunately Aprilia never picked steam as the “other” Italian brand in the US. Years of SBK domination and they still can’t even come close to Ducati in sales and collectability.

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