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Good From Far, Far From Good? 1998 Bimota V-Due


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

Update 6.1.2014: Back on eBay, this auction now features fresh pictures. Click through to see the new pics. Thanks for the heads up Marty! -dc

Update 2.13.2014: Originally we posted this V-Due in October but it’s been relisted at least one other time and failed to sell at over $17k. Now it’s relisted with an opening bid of $19k and no takers thus far. Thanks for the heads up from Martin and Mike. Links updated. -dc

vdue right

That phrase you and your buddies used to use when checking out the ladies might also apply to the ole Bimota V-Due. The story is pretty well know by now; exotic bike builder decides to tackle the Mt. Everest of motorcycle design and it ends up locking the doors of the company in the process. The early fuel injected models became known as unrideable while the later carbed, Evo models have a pretty darn good reputation.

Bimota V-Due for sale on eBay

vdue left

So what version is this one? It apparently has an updated engine that retains the factory fuel injection. As far as I knew, all the Evo models had carbs but a few individuals (not Bimota) have worked on their own to improve the original fuel injection. I was not aware of an improved V-Due engine that retained the fuel injection. Please comment away to enlighten me.

From the seller:

I purchased this bike still in the original crate (at least on the pallet that was the crate base) in September 2004. It only had factory test miles on it (21 km), and was as it left the factory. After Bimota closed for business in 2000 (before reopening in 2003), the entire Vdue segment was purchased from the creditors, and development continued on some of the engine “issues”. I was able to get and install one of the new versions of the original fuel injected engines, with improved main bearing oiling, and more accurate assembly (among other things), so it should be significantly more reliable than stock. It has been ridden only a few times (the last was Nov. 2011), for a total of 227 km.

The bike also has carbon fiber lower fairing panels, and a set of very rare titanium expansion chambers (which were almost too pretty to install on the bike!). The stock fairing panels and exhaust are included. The only flaw in the paint is a small touched up (before I got the bike) area on the corner of the fairing near the right handlebar. It was small enough that I decided not to do anything about it. The top of the fuel tank was signed by Gianluca Galasso, who was the development rider and factory racer for Bimota during that time.

vdue chamber 2Maybe it is worth buying just to be able to stare at that. Click here for an excellent read on the V-Due from Odd-bike.com.

vdue chamber

vdue frame

vdue arm
Just some graphic close ups. Take a moment if you need to.

Join the auction fun here.



  • I love 2Ts, but anyone else think the pipes look dumb?

  • Such a shame they never got these right.

  • I find it amusing that this exotic bike has the same starting bid as that POS RG500. Which one will run?

  • I would absolutely love having this bike in my garage collecting dust. I would be fearful of riding it and having extremely expensive time consuming problems. I really like this bike, but its guaranteed to be a pain in the azz. I am guessing his reserve is around 25K, seems to be the price for these. I would rather just ride a well tuned RG500, and have less problems.

  • @jimbo- we get it, you hate Bimota. We remember your negative comments regarding Bimota on the DB1 that was posted weeks back. You have no respect for Bimota as an engineering company, no respect for anything they design or create because they don’t make their own motors- they have no right to exist or make motorcycles in your eyes. Well, here’s what happened when a small company of (then) 40 employees or so did what you think is correct.

  • No Mike, you have it all wrong! What! you didnt take your meds today? I have a lot of respect for Bimota, they have made many cool bikes, The V-due is at the top of my “gotta have” list . I never said anything neg about Bimota, just that this bike has issues everyone knows about. Amazing how you can figure all that out wrong! I JIMBO! HEREBY PROCLAIM MY LOVE FOR THE V-DUE FOR ALL TO KNOW!!! When I get my v-due, I will still be riding my gamma most of the time!!

  • My apologies then, I confused you with the clown on the DB1 thread and thought it was your screen name who had expressed Bimota bigotry. This site’s messed up- I actually tried to go back and confirm the name twice, but it won’t show pages of older posts, and the search function didn’t bring it up either. Let’s carry on, then.

    • Site messed up? Our IT man has just been shown the door. I wanted that parking spot anyways.

  • Mike , Jimbo is a common name in the states, no worries!

  • the wheelbase looks so short. I wonder how it handles.

  • Does anyone actually know anything about the V-Due of is it all just rumor and armchair pontificating? This bike was up a year or so ago if I remember and didn’t sell, general consensus was its a grenade. Is that fact or conjecture, has anyone even seen a real one, I love smokers and have several, with good setup and quality synthetic they’ll show you a great time. This looks like loads of fun, are they really that bad? 25k seems a lot more interesting than my Panigale R, and much more likely to hold its value once it’s used…..

  • I don’t believe the motors are grenades, they are just a chore and a half to get running right–and impossible with the direct injection. Add to that, the question of parts availability, and you can see the path you’re heading down as a prospective owner…

  • I was going to buy one of these last year from a somewhat locale guy in AZ, he had 4 bimota’s for sale on eBay (some might remember that).
    I ended up with his DB4, anyway I talked ALOT with the guys at Bimota Spriit about his 15 mile V-Due.
    Long story short,in the end it has bearing problems and fueling problems, they are almost unrideable..
    The seller has the updated motor, but you would need the wire harness, undated instruments, carbs with related parts and carbon air box.
    I would talk with Bimota Spirit for more information.
    Hope this helps. 🙂

  • Oh, and the other idea was to keep the stock FI and use a MoTec engine management system.
    Just FYI

  • its interesting how often the fuel injected ones seem to come up for sale but the ones with carbs never seem to..even though the carbs kind of defeated the whole idea of the bike, people seem to be hanging on to them 🙂

  • When bimota gets it wrong, they really get it it wrong. Not as bad as the Mantra, but $19k is high.

  • no bids at $19k starting bid, auction ended

  • My friends owns on of these and I rode it for 25 miles or so last your on the back roads of Monterey when we were at MotoGP. He had lot’s of running issues at first, but finally figure the issue out. The crank was pressed wrong from the factory so it always had a slight air leak. Once he got that sorted and did all the mods for the carbs he hasn’t had any issues with the bike. The thing was a blast to ride. Handled great, good ergonomics and hauled ass. Lots of torque and willies:-) There’s another source of parts in the mid west I believe that bought a bunch of stuff from the factory if I recall correctly. L8R

  • It won’t be alone soon there is another 500 smoker coming soon supposed to show it on June 8th on their website the Ronax 500 it is a V4 similar to the NSR only 46 units being made claiming it is more track but street capable.

    Sad but it seems that the main seal issue was the problem that killed the vdue

  • On the market again? I talked to the seller a few auctions ago, didnt seem like he was really wanting to sell.

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