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Gold cup: 2007 Aprilia RSV Mille R Bol d’Or

If you’re into Italian superbikes with big, torquey twins, gorgeous styling, impeccable kit and a definite air of exclusivity, now is a phenomenal time to cast your eyes toward early-mid aughts Aprilia RSV Milles. Relative to the other Italian marque famed for its muscular twins, Aprilias can be had for a song, and since they sported Rotax mills until fairly recently, they’re as reliable as death and taxes.

2007 Aprilia RSV Mille R Bol d’Or for sale on eBay

Also like their Bolognese rivals, Aprilia wasn’t afraid of the odd special edition, and this 2007 Aprilia RSV Mille R Bol d’Or is a perfect example of that. One of 200 examples built between 2007 and 2008, it is simply a Mille R with a special paintjob that apes the bikes Aprilia ran in the superstock class at the 2006 Bol D’or 24 hour race. Underneath that odd-but-cool red, green, white and purple livery lurks a 143-horsepower beast held up on either end with Ohlins springy bits. It also rocks forged wheels, a carbon fiber fender and — sorry, friends — a solo tail section.

From the eBay listing:

I am liquidating my collection, please check out my other listings I will be posting

This is my Near Mint RSVR1000, Super Low Mileage

Bike was leaned over onto grass (right side), please see photo’s of miner blemishes / decals, Otherwise Perfect.

(I think with $500 of touch up the bike can be mint)

Only upgrade is Akropovic titanium slip on’s ($1,500), I still have the OEM cans

Bike rides amazing.


Any questions?


As the seller states, aside from some blemishes on one side, it is in beautiful condition. It has also been ridden sparingly, with just under 3,000 miles to show. An Akrapovic exhaust has been added to help it stand out from any others you might see — as if that would ever happen. Speaking of rarity, this is the second such bike we’ve run across in the last two weeks, which means if you missed out on the last one, all hope is not lost.


  • In stock form these run Ohlins front and Sachs rear. Aaron, Mille R was the previous generation but you are right in that it’s a regular RSV1000R dressed in fancy duds.

    As for the price, the seller is at least $1000 too high on his opening bid mark. The BIN is pure crack.

    RSV R is my favorite Ape and is currently the brand’s blue light special. Clean Milles, especially Factory editions are bouncing back in price. RSVs should make a wicked track bike, will find out soon 😉

  • To add to Tirefriar’s comments above, the Bol d’Or was indeed a standard RSV1000R with a fancy paint job.

    The RSV1000R came out in 2004, and starting in 2006 came with Ohlins forks, but kept it’s Sachs shock, which is decent by the way.

    The Bol d’Or has the same cast wheels as a standard R model, as well as the smallish pillion seat. They also came with a solo tail piece that snaps in place of the seat.

    Starting with the new design 2004 model, the RSV1000R was now the standard model, with the RSV1000R Factory being the upgraded bike. The Factory came with a rear Ohlins shock, as well as an Ohlins steering dampener. It had forged wheels (same pattern as the cast pieces), and various carbon fiber bits.

    That being said, I always liked the Bol d’Or livery, standard spec otherwise or not. Seems like they were only about $500 more than a standard bike.

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