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Fun Factor – 1990 Honda NSR250R

Short days turn thoughts to a light winter project that might actually be completed by riding season.  Re-commissioning a later NSR250R would have a substantial reward at the end of that rainbow.

1990 Honda NSR250R for sale on eBay

Honda packed a multitude of updates into the 1990 MC21, though the little V-twin was stuck with 45 hp, the PGM-III ignition also controlled the RC power valve.  The 1990 chassis was a much beefier extrusion, and the gull-arm’s asymmetry allowed an expansion chamber to scoot underneath.  A kick starter was still how you got going, but the new wheels were both 17’s.  The fairing had just a few additional vents and scoops,  while keeping the weight with half a tank just a hair over 300 lbs.  Factory expansion chambers mean you’d never spot one here without a kmh speedometer.

This Colorado example has been stored for a while, and amassed 28,111 kms or 17,467 miles.  Maybe a knowledgeable reader can chime in on the livery and RR-ness, since most of my references show the Repsol scheme to use a teal backround applied to later model SP’s.  Either way the paint does look sharp except for where the tank got bonked, and maybe the rear wheel was victim of a failed brake caliper.  The Washington tag leads me to believe this bike was on RSBFS back in 2013, in a sales compendium viewable – here –.   And just a note from the eBay auction:

1990 Honda NSR250RR with Repsol livery.

Winterized 5 years ago, has been sitting covered in a shop since.

The NSR250R made it easy for rest-of-world riders to have a ball without a second mortgage, and the PGM-III top speed regulator was easily defeated.  This one looks like a great project, new expendables plus a couple of things sent to the paint shop and the new owner will be ready for spring.  Bidding is active but there are a couple of days left to check it over and get in there !




  • Definitely not orginal colors no such thing as a nsr250 “rr”.

  • Really want to see some tank off pics. Especially the airbox/carb area. That front end looks rough. Guess it isn’t such a big deal since this is a NSR250r with the wet clutch and damper rod forks. Binnable to begin with. Time to getcha some carts for the fork at least. Thins really looks like it is going to take some sorting. Gotta love tyga then.

  • No sale at $7,100.


  • If its been sitting for 5 years its very possible the crank seals have perished – and fixing that is engine out, split and rebuilt.
    That said, these bikes are a hoot, and very fixable if you like your strokers.
    Last of a breed really, wont be any more strokers, the restrictor debug is easy enough to do, my only caveat is for a potential purchaser if you intend to ride the little beasty make sure you are still flexible as its quite a physical workout getting the best out of them.
    In the right hands and the right circumstances these are thye best fun you can have with your clothes on.

  • eBay shows sold for $7,800.


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