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First time on RSBFS: 1984 Suzuki GSX 750S3 Katana


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.


Here on RSBFS we occasionally see an early 1980’s Suzuki Katana 1000 but today we are fortunate to be able to post the very rare “little brother” Katana, the Suzuki GS750SE Edition.  Suzuki created the 750cc version for people who liked the look of the larger edition but wanted something not as bulky.  An upgraded model was released in 1982 (the Mark II) and then in late 1984 came the final version, the Mark III.

While the Mark III still had the the overall design look from previous generations, the engine was a new 16-value unit taken from the forebearer of the GSXR, the GSX750E.  The new engine offered right around 84 bhp and the Mark III came with upgraded suspension both front and rear. The Mark III was also more comfortable due to a lower seat height and higher handlebars, which reduced the stretch to the grips and resulting knee bend. And last but not least (no pun intended) weight was also reduced by 16 kilos. All the changes resulted in a bike which was a big improvement over the previous version and also handled better than the UJM Suzuki GSX750.


1984 Suzuki Katana 750SE on ebay

Of course the tech improvements weren’t the only changes that put the 750se on a lot of wish lists.  The look of the bike caused a big reaction with a multi-toned paint scheme that was a big change from the all silver 1000 version.  And perhaps most noticeable of all was a new all black fairing which included a retractable/pop-up headlight.

As the folks as Two Wheels wrote, “the katana looks like it’s going fast even when its barely moving but so do a lot of bikes.   The thing about the 750SE Katana is that it looks like its on its way to future while others are just treading water in the present.”


Based on the excellent amount of information in the ebay post, this particular 750SE seems to be up for sale by a serious owner. The seller lists a lot of good details about the bike, including clearly indicating the bike bodywork scuffs and wear. The seller even provides a youtube link of the bike, usually the hallmark of a good seller..

Read on for some additional pics and highlights of the info the seller includes in the ebay auction details:


  • Fires up quickly and runs smoothly with no smoke, leaks or unusual noises.
  • Brakes and suspension work well and all lights and electrical systems work as they should.
  • Bike is fitted with a ‘Big Crank’ AGM battery and the charging system works properly.
  • Stock clip-ons have been replaced but originals are included in the sale.
  • Air box has been replaced with aftermarket pods but originals are included in the sale.
  • Instrument cluster gauges and warning lights all work as they should.
  • Also include NOS Suzuki OEM LH and RH side plastic covers



  • Cosmetically there is some work needed…the bike has 30+ years of scratches and marks on the bodywork and frame.
  • All of the paint is original, but every panel would need to be repaired and painted to be nice.
  • The tank is clean inside but it has a couple of shallow dents that will need to be repaired prior to painting.
  • Both side covers are cracked (common for this model) but a NOS set of OEM Suzuki covers are included in the sale.
  • Front fairing has numerous scratches and prior repairs but it will clean up fine with preparation and paint. 
  • The fairing mirrors are specific to this model and often missing or damaged – the ones on this bike are very nice.
  • No rips or tears in the seat and all of the helmet locks and seat removal locks work as they should.



  • Front brake lines have been replaced with aftermarket braided lines.
  • Rear mufflers have been replaced with mufflers from an unknown make and model bike – they are in good condition and sound fine but I would replace them with an OEM system or a nice aftermarket 4-1.
  • OEM LH and RH engine covers – will need painted or powder coated gold (used).
  • Replacement fairing screen with no cracks or breaks (used).

So now the question becomes, what is this Katana 750SE worth?   Well this one is the smaller 750cc model and needs some refurbishment by a new owner but it is a rare SE/3rd generation which according to the seller was never imported into the states.  Prices for the early 1980’s Katana are definately on the rise lately;  the last early 1980’s Katana we had on RSBFS went for over $8000 USD.

The condition and somewhat high mileage on this one should be taken into account but bidding is only at $1,500 USD and the auction is a no reserve listing.  Personally if I had room I would give serious consideration to picking this one up as a bit of an investment project and I think a smart collector might want to consider doing the same.



  • Hmmm….. A GS750ES with better looking body work. Unfortunately it also has the goofy 16″” wheels.

  • Smart collector will look for a USA version 1983 Katana 750- the rarest version of the three Katanas available (1000, 750, 550). It looks exactly like the original Hans Muth designed 1000 (18″ wheels, twin shocks) except for red rider seat cover and red painted sections on the fuel tank and fairing. Most people didn’t even know one was available for that year only. This odd variant is much less desirable in my eyes than the original Katanas, way too changed…and what’s up with the unmentioned dirt bike handlebars replacing the cast clip-ons?

  • Here’s a link to a picture of the original Muth 1983 Katana 750- in my opinion a much more impressive and timeless bike. Which would you rather own?

  • The original is much better looking, especially those with the OEM wire wheels.

  • Rode the shiitte out of the open version of this model! Fun and had ponies that made the frame wilt! Again, not my stable pony, but you won’t be bored dragging knee on this one. Pure cool!

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