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Featured Listing: 2000 Derbi GPR50R

Update 8.4.2019: Price lowered to $2999. Good luck to buyers and seller! -dc

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Talk about punching out of your weight class. The 2000 Derbi GPR50R made its “49cc” brethren look even wheezier than usual when it hit these shores as a storm of silky handling hornets. Popular with new riders in Europe, the GPR50R is one of just a couple of examples of nearly full-size two-stroke 50cc bikes that made it here. 

Titled as scooters though they may be, the little Derbis cheated with a 75cc engine that was good for an astonishing 9.5 horsepower. That’s enough to get a sub-200-pound adult to close to 75 mph with a decent draft. They need to rev to the moon to get out of their own way, but once moving, the bikes do their best Grand Prix impersonation, with suspension and chassis characteristics of much bigger machines. 

As with any Napoleon complex street brawler, momentum — and clutch fanning — is the name of the game. 

This 2000 Derbi GPR50R has been kept quite beautifully, and does a fantastic job aping the legendary Ducati 916. A heady boast for such a reedy little machine, but the quality and pedigree are there to back it up. It has been treated to a Leo Vince exhaust, bigger carburetor, carbon fiber reeds and the afore mentioned factory displacement bump. The decals and livery are custom, and look great. The suspension has been reconfigured to accommodate a 200-ish pound rider, which should make day-to-day use a damn sight easier and more comfortable. 

From the seller: 

2000 Derbi GPR50R in Chicago

These were rare but official US imports and are titled as 49cc (scooters in most states) like the foreign versions.  However, US spec bikes came straight from the factory with the larger EBE075 motors and do 70+mph. This bike has 6,157 km (3,842 miles) and many upgrades;

Motor modifications

Airsal cylinder/piston kit (I have the original cylinder and piston in good condition)

Leo Vince exhaust w/titanium can

24mm Mikuni Carb w/throttle and cable

K&N air filter

Carbon fiber reeds

Carbon fiber oil pump block off plate

Cosmetic modifications

Red/white Ducati 916 SPS replica paintwork

Custom Cagiva-era 916 style decals

Rider’s seat recovered in black leather

Passenger pad recovered in red/white vinyl

Aluminum fairing fasteners

Additional mods

Doppler rear shock with heavier spring

Forks rebuilt and resprung by Superbike Suspension

Billet aluminum peg bushings

New chain/sprockets

New Avon Viper Stryke tires

The bike is fun to ride and with the suspension upgrades will handle a full size adult.  It is currently optimized for someone in the 200 pound neighborhood. There is a crack in the paint along the seam of the dummy tank (pictured).  There is a small nick in the paint on the right side tail piece, but I’ve got spares of both tail sides…and they’re already painted.

For just $3,500, you’re getting a cool piece of superlightweight history, made even more special by its imitation of much heftier and faster machinery. To get your hands on it, contact Adam at plus790@hotmail.com


  • Put aside it’s only tops put at 75 mph and consider the average road mph limit is usually 35mph. You can have a lot of fun with this bike as long as you don’t do something foolish like take it on the freeway/highway.

    I had at one time a 2001 aprilia rs50 i made into an 80. It would comfortably cruise up to 45 mph take it down a good twisty road or if you’re stuck in a urban setting and it’s a gas.

  • It is a really fun little bike, but at 6’3″ and 250+, I am too big. Plus I have an NSR250 and others anyway. To clarify, these came from the factory with a 75cc motor, which was and still is fine, but I upgraded to the Airsal top end for a little bit more oomph. Even though I’ve re-geared it (lower), it still does an honest (Garmin GPS) 70+ fairly easily. If I wanted to raise the gearing back up, I bet it would do 80 or damn near.

  • Gosh, that little beast sounds good. BEST of luck to both seller and prospective buyers! I miss me some angry bees! ❤️

  • Really only 9hp from a 75cc 2 stroke?! I suspect that is an understated quote. My nsr50 makes what 7hp and this seems like it probably is a fair bit more robust in the propulsion dept.

    I’m interested in track only, but i think this is very tempting. Like my nsr but this looks like just as much fun with more power. I always want stock reliability over more performance. This looks good!

  • Not sure where RSBFS got the 9hp number from. It could be right or it could be from the 50cc model. This engine (ebe075) was USA only–200 examples as I recall.

    Forgot to mention it has new brake pads and other OEM spares like a windscreen and levers.

  • Adam as a street going 75 you’d be very lucky if it made 12hp. My guess is 10 at best.
    The 50 prolly made around 7-8.

  • Very nice bike and tempting. I’d be a buyer for sure if I was single. It’d be hard to sneak that beautiful bike in the garage. I’d have to do it under the cover of the night. It reminds of a 91 YSR I bought new and modified. I got that up to 75mph with mods. I weighed a lot less and was much more open to risk. I’m sure cars wondered what passed them only seeing the top of my helmet as I hunkered down on the tank in full race tilt. GLWTS.

  • It was quite popular in Spain due to the license regulations (could be driven at 16), but was sold under Cagiva’s brand and called Mito 75
    I had the Yamaha TZR-80RR which made around 14cv (was the most powerful that time)
    The Cagiva/Derbi was advertised around 12cv.
    Was smaller and lighter than the TZR’s and NSR’s

  • Am6 minarellis used in the rs50 made 6 hp stock. After a big bore and carb kit they would make 9-10 hp. 9 is totally believable in my book. These numbers seem low compared to Japanese mini motocross hp ratings but trust me I never thought 6hp could be so fun. Ysr’s on the other hand were rated at 7.2 and feel SLOW compared to the 6hp aprilia. I’ve always considered the mito evo’s to be the prettiest modern bikes made as the proportions are so perfect. From the pics, this looks no different. Would love to park next to the 125 for comparison!

  • This thing would be the most fun you can have without taking your clothes off.

  • I wonder how many of these reside on US-48 soil? I have one too, l have heard there may be only a couple others?

  • I believe it was 200 imported.

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