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“Emotion Technology”: 2008 Bimota Tesi 3D

tesitesi front
Bimota’s website describes the Tesi 3D as “Emotion Technology” and I don’t think they could have found two better words. Bimota’s are all about emotion and the Tesi 3d is an obvious engineering/technology exercise. This example is located in the U.S. and has had a whole 775 miles put on it.

Put the calls on hold, push the paperwork away and enjoy some emotion and technology in pictures.

tesi close
tesi forkstesi shock 2tesi frame

I have to admit, I’ve never really paid close attention to the Tesi since it is out of my league budget wise but when I sit and look closely;  “wow”!

A quick word from the seller:

Hello I have made a tough decision to sell my Bimota factory hand built limited edition Tesi 3D.It is based on Pierlugi Marconi’s college thesis for which the model was named. It has less than 800 miles and I am the original owner.

This is an early special limited production # 21 of 29 with special CDC and carbon fiber features.

More pictures you ask?

tesi tnak
tesi back
tesi mufflertesi left

You might have to skimp on Christmas if you want it because the bidding is already above $22,500 with a lot of time remaining.

Check out the auction here.



  • Wild looking bike, would love to ride it, imagine the price is more than i want to pay.

    • Transformers version for sure! I have always loved the innovation of Bimota. Think of the R&D expense that went into this bike, wow!

  • All you’d need is a red foam nose whilst astride that and you’d look like a true clown. Hideous.

  • I see a ferrari (or two) in the background…

  • Those look like expensive parts!

  • Mechanical art…eye candy for people who truly appreciate mechanical engineering and design.
    You can’t believe how fascinating Tesis are to inspect in person- you can spend a lot of time looking closely, figuring out how it works and how it is assembled. Machining and fabrication quality is as good as it gets, and the bike as a whole impresses as Italian sculpture. That’s the beauty of it, really.

  • sixthgear is right If you have never seen one of these in person you need to, the barber museum has one and it’s worth checking out up close, truly an amazing piece of art. If it were a 2d I’d be on this one. Always liked the 2d over the 3d. and yes on the ferrari;s the one in front is a 355 can’t tell about the the one in the back… might be a 330 it pre 308 though with the chrome bumpers. could be a daytona california spider?

    • sent an email to the seller, apparently the car in the background that we cant quite see is a 69 Alfa GTV

  • If I spent all that coin on “mechanical art” that would get its ass waxed by a cbr600, I’d feel a little violated. The Ferraris in the background are the true mechanical art. They are both gorgeous AND fast.

    • Or you could “spend all that coin” on a Ferrari and “get it’s ass waxed” by a Corvette being driven by some blue hair.

    • Haha that’s funny. Assuming a top of the line Ferrari matched with a ZR1 from the same era, the only “blue hair” that would remotely stand a chance against Roger Emmanuel Lodge “might” be Randy Pobst. Other than that, then yeah, slim chance son.

    • Comments like this are expected from people who have no design education, no art appreciation, have limited understanding, have no fabrication experience or skills. For them, it’s all about “How much? How fast?” A 600 sportbike is faster and cheaper, why would you want this? Period. We see this a lot- a certain percentage of people will never be able to understand wonderfully unique and interesting mechanical creations like a Tesi, even if they’re never actually seen one in person. You either get it or you don’t, there’s no convincing or changing closed minds.

  • I saw a Tesi at the Cycle World Show in Phoenix a few years ago. Over all the bike looks a bit odd but every piece taken individually appears to be a work of fabrication art. It really is a bike that needs to be seen in person to appreciate what it is.

  • Rolling art for sure and the attention to detail is second to none. The suspension tuning could be more confusing than a blond in a corn maze but oh what fun. I love this thing.

  • for the record the ferraris in the background are not that fast. for italians its not all about speed. it’s about the whole driving/riding experience. the sounds, the glide of the vehicle, etc. you guys who spew ” a vette could beat it” don’t get the point. when i lived in italy the ferrari engineers and designers would laugh at vettes saying ” the car has no passion”. yes it’s fast but it looks dumbed down, i have owned a ton of bikes and cars, no one in the world builds more visceral passion in them then the italians,,,,,,,no one. if all you care about is speed, that’s easy to have, if you want panache and unique sounds and sensations…you call in the italians, bimota, ducati, laverda, moto guzzi,ferrari, lamborghini………..

  • Pat is spot on. I own a ferrari, lamborghini, a couple vipers and a corvette among a few other cars, and they all have their place in this world, but if I had to sell one of the above, I assure you the vette and the vipers would go long before my ferrari and lamborghini…

  • Anyone who hates on these bikes or says a 600 hornet is a better idea, you obviously have not seen one up close and in detail. I had the great chance to study all the bimota range up close and personal at the 2010 sydney motorcycle show, the attention to detail, the metal work, is just so far beyond any other motorcycle you just must have it in your life. Its literally amazing to feel the machined aluminium all over this bike. The attention to detail on this bike is literally spaceship.

  • Yes, I respect the engineering and sure art of this bike…however–doesn’t anyone remember the Yamaha GTS 1000? That was available back in 1993 with the same “forkless” front suspension and omega-shaped frame. This seems to REALLY have borrowed from a design that came out 15 years ago.

  • bid up to $28,600 with reserve not met, re-listed and bid up to $25,501 with reserve not met.

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