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Come In For a Test Drive – 1987 Honda VFR-750R / RC30

Update 10.28.2021: Previously posted September 2020, this RC30 is back on eBay with a buy-it-now of $48,995. Links updated. -dc

A ( if not The ) classic superbike at this juncture, Honda’s RC30 has beauty and real-world capability.  This example is slightly under-documented but has collectible looks.

1987 Honda VFR-750R / RC30

The RC30 was designed and built for the Superbike World Championship, which it won with Fred Merkel aboard the two first years.  The version found at the showroom had 112 hp available, with just 400 or so pound to push.  Endurance racing aspirations dictated the single-sided swingarm and quick release front axle, and the era required staggered wheel sizes of 17 front and 18 rear.  The RC30 always seemed more than the sum of its parts, the alloy chassis and big-bang V-4 not quite accounting for its well-balanced presence.

Seller Eurocycle appears to be a new outfit, with locations in Sonoma, Reno, and Vegas.  No history is offered but the condition is excellent for its nearly 24K miles.  Finishes and tires look fresh.  Besides new and used bikes, Eurocycle’s website shows rentals ( no the RC30 wasn’t listed ) and some kind of club membership – maybe a knowledgeable reader could chime in.

Eminently collectible, an RC30 was reviewed as not hard to ride, and might be an inspiring occasional rider for a small stable.  More history or perhaps some catch-up maintenance might be expected before sending this V4 out on a mission.  The ask is a little shy of what might be expected for a nice example, but as with so many things this year, all bets are off.



  • Nice looking example, although I thought the ‘Force V4’ badging came later, on the RC45?

  • Looks to be an early Japan market example (small headlights). They were severely detuned to about 77hp versus the 112hp for ROW models. Would be a “bit” of an expense to get it up to the necessary hp levels with the lack of parts in circulation. Lovely to look at though.

  • Eurocycle is an awesome MC dealer with the locations you mentioned. I have seen the bike in their Las Vegas store. They are not “new”, they are a high end dealership that sells BMW, Ducati, Triumph and other brands across their shops. They are an authorized Brentune dealer and the owners and managers are MC enthusiasts to be sure, the GM is a former racer and the owners and most of the shop guys are track day junkies, I regularly do track days and street rides with most of them. They have an amazing museum of high end and homologated bikes in their Las Vegas store as well. The “club” is called Ace Club and its basically some benefits you receive if you buy a bike from them, or you can join as well, including free bike rental, legal services (I am the lawyer :)) tows and service and other benefits. I have not visited their California stores but the Las Vegas and Reno stores are beautiful shops. Highly recommend swinging through if you are ever in town!!

  • Since the author asked for more information on Eurocycle!

  • thank you Damon !

  • That doesn’t make sense Chris? These bikes were for export. That doesn’t include Japan. never heard of a Japanese model?

  • JDM RC30 on RSBFS https://raresportbikesforsale.com/featured-listing-stunning-1987-honda-rc30/

  • Looks like a repaint because of the gaps. According to an article I read way back the Japanese market ones were the first 1000 made so I would have thought a lot of these would be de restricted anyway. Apparently an easy fix mainly CDI and Exhaust.
    Lovely looking bike though!

  • As mentioned above, 1987 was the Japan only 1st batch of 1000 units, with small headlights, detuned performance, unique paint/graphic/indicator package. More collectable than the Swiss delivery square headlight production delivery, but a neutered Japan delivery engine output.

  • The Bike is a JDM Japanese domestic market, 1000 built in 87 and has the numbered plaque on the left side of the frame, which no other RC30’S have. Also black mirrors were only on JDM bikes. Small headlights where on JDM, Australian and NZ bikes, in my opinion look better, more proportionate than the larger head lamps. The engine is exactly the same as rest of the world, but need derestricting, carb jetting, CDI, airbox snorkel, and exhaust is contentious because mine made no more HP with the euro exhaust over the JDM when run back to back on Dyno. As far as being repainted, 90% have been, they are over 30 years old and many suffered from the blistering which is well documented. Looks like a nice bike.

  • The option for the Honda race kit, Wasn’t it more than just the CDI and the exhaust?

  • Like many said, there were 1000 for Japanese market. 2000 more for the rest of the world, including the US. Quite a many of JDM version went for privateers for racing purpose in All Japan TT-F1 and Suzuka 8hrs. I wonder how many of them are still left. Some were converted back to street (still with HRC kit in it!). I know two people in Japan who bought them new and still own them, but both of them are in their 60s and they don’t ride them anymore.

  • Had an ‘88 Japanese market model in CA quite a few years ago, no idea what was done to it before I got it but after a very detailed ‘service’ and with a few chassis upgrades added it ran just as strong on the dyno as a US spec version.

    Probably should have kept it (!) but I put nearly 10k mi on it and eventually sold it to a fellow who ride it home, in the summer mind you, to Massachusetts.
    Couldn’t believe it.
    Probably the highest mileage RC around, if it still has the black RC45 wheels on it, haven’t seen it online for years..

    Every ride was special

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