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Collector Alert! Yamaha RZ350 with Only 561 Miles up for Grabs!

Location: Marysville, Washington

Mileage: 561. Seriously.

Price: $9,900

If you’re putting together your dream collection of historic sportbikes, or a stellar Yamaha collection, or a Kenny Roberts museum, then you need to look at this bike. Here you have the opportunity to own a true collector’s bike. All original except for the battery (understandable) and only 561 original miles – this is something special.

The bike is listed on Seattle Craigslist. Here’s what the seller has to say-

This motorcycle is a RZ350 NC Kenny Roberts Signature Edition. It only has 561 miles on it!. Everything is original, except for the battery. I am the second owner and have had it for five years. I have ridden it only a few miles while I have owned it. Everything is in good running condition. Motor compression is great, all electronics work. Carbs have been gone thru and all fluids have been changed gas tank is rust free. The brakes are in good shape too. 

Call or email me for more information. I can send more photos if you need. If you are looking for a bike to put in your living room this is the one!

And more pics for you-

I’m sure most everyone who follow RSBFS knows that a legal two stroke bike in the U.S. is as uncommon as it gets. These bikes were only imported for ’84-’86, making their numbers here even smaller. And finding one with mileage as low as this and as original makes those numbers even smaller still.

So if you’re a collector and have been looking for the right RZ350, you may have found it in this one. There’s not much to say for this bike. It speaks for itself. The seller is asking a serious price, but then again, when you have something like this, prices can certainly climb.

If it’s time to start or add to your collection, go check this listing out!



  • Sorry but not a Kr Edition, only the yellow and black bikes were. Nice bike none the less.

  • yeah, nice bike. he’s not getting what he’s asking for, though. no way.

  • I don’t know who gave Lucy a thumbs down, but she’s right that it’s not a KRSE. This is a standard model RZ with the KRSE signature stickers affixed to the front fairing.

  • Not to burst all your bubbles, but the RZ’s came in a Y/B and R/W Kenny Roberts editions.

  • Sorry but check the origial flyers and period correct magazines.

  • Actually, assuming that it’s all-original, the red frame indicates that it’s an RZ350NC2 model and, yeah, it would have the signature stickers on the cowl. My original comment was based on the mistaken assumption of it being an ’84. So, assuming 100% original, it IS a KRSE.

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