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Class Leader – 1993 Honda CBR600F2

The second generation CBR600F2 was a giant step forward for the middleweight, with a sharp eye on the invoice’s bottom line.  This example has somehow been protected from the overuse and outdoor life of so many bargain sportbikes, with just over 12,000 miles and lovely cosmetics.

1993 Honda CBR600F2 for sale on eBay

Updates started with the engine architecture, significantly more oversquare than the F, with flatter valve angles and flow-optimised heads to claim a nice round 100 hp.  The twin-spar chassis was executed in steel tubing, holding the engine from top and rear, and containing cost.  Conventional forks had been upsized to 41mm, and the adjustable monoshock supported a Pro-Link swingarm.  Brakes were mid-sized at 276mm, with weight and yen-saving slide calipers ( dual pistons on the same side ).  Wheel sizes were also bumped up from the F, and the cast alloys were RC lookalikes.  The full fairing presented fresh if not ram air to the airbox, and was closed in the knee area, sending engine heat overboard.

Coming out of Vegas-based Eurocycle, this CBR doesn’t come with any history, but does have rarely seen turn signals, reflectors, and the tail has been tidied up just a bit.  The color saturation had me thinking re-paint, but nothing else about this bike has been updated.  A one-liner from the eBay auction:


The Honda 600 regularly appeared at the top of magazine review “shootouts”, and later showed up on best used bike compendiums.  With many riders thinking lighter weight and better skills, these mid-size bikes are coming into a re-newed focus.  By model number it’s not rare, but with so many run into the ground, a really nice one might be a thing.



  • Maybe I’m just nostalgic for my high school years, but early to mid 90s F2 and 900rr paint schemes were some of the best looking ones ever put on sportbikes.

  • Wow I have not seen one so nice since these were on the covers of magazines as the latest hotness. They look like the later F3 model but these suckers were the last of the damper rod forked sportbike generation. This is a lovely looking time capsule and nice to see. At this point in time, these certainly check the “rare” checkbox.

  • I think so too Sal. I had the black scheme with the pink/purple wing. Loved that bike.

    This particular bike seen has been for sale for a very long time.

  • Talk about a walk down memory lane! My first sportbike was a mirror image of this F2! What a great bike. I replaced it with a Smokin’ Joe’s Honda F3. I remember when Cycle World did the review and referred to the “racer boy” graphics. That’s when the Internet was still new and I adopted ‘racerboy’ as my username and email address. I still use both some twenty-eight years later! LOL 😆 Those 600cc middleweights were such great bikes back in the ‘90s.

  • I always kinda thought they were a bit of a budget build. Compared to some of the other offerings available then. Because it had a steel frame and swingarm etc. Friend of mine showed up with a brand new 96 f3 in that black n red . He wasn’t very skilled one bikes yet. Lugging the poor thing.

    So I said jump on the back and scared him with a full on moto gp start. Hit a small wheelie in 3rd gear and did a full on power stop. All within one block. Like it was nothing I don’t think he was aware it was capable of doing that. At the time I hadn’t touched a street bike in a few years and only riding dirt bikes and 125 motocross. So I only had one style of riding.

  • LOL, I agree that these mass-market 600’s were built to a price point, hence the steel frame, but they certainly were capable and reliable. This one is a real survivor, as most were chucked down the road by squids back in the day.

  • Great looking bike and seems to have had a charmed existence…….l just don’t know why the owners let their keys rattle all over the top yolk.

    Anyway, I’ll take my disorder to the shrink.

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