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BMW June 13, 2013 posted by

Unique Beemer: 2005 BMW K 1200 R Power Cup Racer

bmw rightbmw left

It won’t be the fastest BMW at the track but it sure is heck will be the most unique.  Before BMW got ultra serious with the S1000RR they ran a single brand race series in conjunction with MotoGP.  You are looking at the result. 

From the seller:

The exclusive bikes were only available to teams through BMW subsidiaries or official importers and were modified directly by BMW Motorrad Motorsport in Munich after assembly at the plant in Berlin.

bmw intake

What’s the saying that if you having nothing nice to say?  Actually, I like it.  In these days of cookie cutter sport bikes I like anything different.

The story:

WB10584076ZN10101 is one of those VIP factory bikes and still carries a scrutineering sticker from one of the 2005 rounds. Starting as the most powerful, road legal naked ever built, BMW honed the bike for circuit use with carbon fiber bodywork and an even more powerful engine, delivering a claimed 175 bhp.

  The 230kg monster was further lightened with a unique Laser racing exhaust helping to shed a few more unwanted lbs and delivering a much sportier exhaust note. F1 quality carbon adorned the headlight surround and series specific electronic dashboard with lap timing capability and gearshift indicator, hand guards, intake panels, pillion seat cover, and a series specific engine undertray was added to meet race regulations with essential crash bungs mounted in several key locations. K 1200 R Power Cup machines sported an electronic quick-shifter, later seen on the road-going HP2 sport, and bespoke adjustable rear-sets and foot pegs from the French manufacturer Gilles. Suspension was again, series specific from the well-known Dutch White Power concern.

  This bike was imported into the US directly by BMW Motorrad Motorsport and raced successfully by well-known US racers Brian Parriott of San Jose and Nate Kern out of Atlanta. Modifications have been limited to all black body panels (the carbon remains unpainted) and wheels, and aftermarket adjustable rear torque arm and Remus titanium silencer, which makes the bike sound like a Phantom jet. This vehicle is in great condition, but sold as seen, complete with used slick tires and rear paddock stand and is offered with a selection of extremely rare Power Cup accessories.


 bmw carbonbmw rear

No sir, no title for you.  If you have visions of riding on the street you better buy your friend with a street legal two stroke a couple beers and pick his brain.

bmw front

I imagine the BMW folk know a relevant price; I’m truly in the dark on this one.  Is it pricey because of the rarity?  Is it not because it was juat a production based series?  Tell me what you think. 

Click here for the auction.


Track Bikes For Sale June 7, 2013 posted by

Another NEW racebike?! 1983 Yamaha TZ250K


Today’s brand new racer is brought to us by the same dealer selling this new Honda NSF250R. It seems incredible that this bike is even available, much less still for sale in the US. Located in Southern California (where every day is a great track day!), this is one very clean, very chic vintage TZ racer. How can one seller have so many great bikes? Some guys seem to get all the luck. But if you act soon, you could be the next (first?) lucky owner!


From the seller:
New 1983 Yamaha TZ250K located at our shop in California. This bike is NEW, and comes with the full factory spares kit. As you can see in the pictures, there are some scratches on the bike from sitting around all of these years. We removed the front brake pads, because the brake was locked up from sitting. This is a very rare find! If you looking for a good investment, this is it. Ever wonder were all the old racers went in the USA? Most were exported to other countries. If it does not sell here in the states, for sure it will end up going overseas. Ask questions and look at the pictures carefully before you bid. Bike is sold as is, no returns! Sold with a bill of sale only, No title. I can export this bike no problem. I have all the import docs needed to export this bike.


With no odometer or hobbs meter, it is very difficult to tell if a bike has been used or not. This one looks very clean, but could it have been cleaned up after the fact? Did Yamaha safety wire their bikes from the factory? Could all of the superficial damage on this bike occur from storage and transit issues? As a potential buyer, I woudl be concerned as to how to verify it is really new. I have no reason not to believe the seller – but would love to know how to check for something in this situation. How would RSBFS readers verify authenticity?


The opening ask for this bike is not cheap: $17,200. There is a BIN on the auction as well, and like the auction for the above mentioned NSF250R, it is set as the same as the opening ask: $17,200. Any way you look at it, $17,200 seems to be the price for this one. Check it out here. RSBFS nearly never sees this kind of hardware in this sort of condition – if this is your kind of thing, take note and act accordingly. Good Luck!


Honda June 5, 2013 posted by

Brand New! 2012 Honda NSF250R


This cutting-edge Honda NSF250R would have made it to the pages of rare even if it had a few track days or races under its belt. What makes this one special is that it is reportedly brand new and available for immediate delivery in Southern California.


The NSF250R is a single cylinder four stroke GP bike meant to fill the gap left by the demise of the 125cc series. Unlike the Moriwaki MD250H which utilizes a modified production CRF250X motor, the NSF250R offers a purpose built engine mated to a modified RS125 chassis. The resulting package is potent: 35+ HP and 185 lbs.


From the seller:
2012 Honda NSF250R. The 2013 model is the same as the 2012. HRC made no changes to the bike. Bike comes with what spares you see in the pictures. There is no title for the bike. Bike is sold with a bill of sale only.


That pupose-built performance will cost you. A Moriwaki retails for just about $13,000. The NSF250R retails for more than twice that number. Another little known fact is that these are “customer” racebikes available directly from your dealer. A number of Honda dealers in the US have the HRC blessing to deal in both the MD250H as well as the NSF250R – 45 in all according to some research. Of course stock on hand might be limited….


This 2012 spec NSF250R is available today via auction. The opening ask is $20,200 – which is a substantial $8k discount over the MSRP for this bike. The BIN number for this one is the same $20,200. Looks like the first bidder wins the prize! Check out the bike and pictures here, and enjoy a video of a different NSF250R on a track courtesy of the German publication Mororrad.


Track Bikes For Sale June 3, 2013 posted by

Kitted TZ: 2004 Yamaha TZ125 W/SJK Kit

tz right


How about a tasty TZ125 to brighten your Monday?  They don’t come up for sale often and this one is unique in that it has a full SJK kit.  What does said kit involve?  Read on.

From the seller:

SJK were to Yamaha what HRC is to Honda – a dedicated race company. The SJK kit was only available for the Japanese market – they were released to help promote the bike for the worldwide sales. The kit comprises of airbox, snorkel and fairing, K810 kit power valve cylinder, titanium kit exhaust, N800 kit piston, carbon reeds, 7 position ignition/power jet controller with special loom and CDI, kit 39mm carb and VHM head. This results in a 45 bhp output – dyno sheets to prove this.

tz naked

That little beast needs plenty of cool air to breath.

The rest of the story on the bike:

 Reluctant sale of my very rare 2004 Yamaha TZ125 with the full SJK kit. Only 6 of these were produced – most are in Japan, Australia and America.

  This bike was raced in the All Japan 125 championship – finishing second (it still has the Aida circuit scrutineering sticker on the frame) The bike was then brought to the UK and raced in BSB in 2006. It was then laid up for a number of years. I purchased the bike and have fully rebuilt it – it has the following new parts on it, new handlebars and grips, new brake pads front and rear, new chain, new kevlar silencer, new footrests and Battle Factory gear and brake pedals, new clutch and front brake levers, new front mudguard, new battery. It is ready to race, the cylinder is in perfect condition and there is no signs of detonation on the head – I will strip the top end of the engine for any serious buyer.
tz head
tz engine

Some of the said SJK kit parts.


tz spares 2tz spares 3tz spares

But I need spares, damn it!

The bike comes with a massive spares kit – too much to list here – send me your e-mail address and I will forward a complete list, but briefly there are brand new wets on wheels with discs, a full gearbox kit (optional high and low gears for every gear) clutch baskets, plates, pistons, rings, gaskets, fairings, seats, sub frames, ignitions, wiring looms, Battle Factory pedals, levers etc. etc.
2 x Clutch baskets
5 x Clutch springs
1 x Clutch centre
1 x Clutch pressure plate
6 x Inner clutch friction plates
4 x Outer clutch friction plates
2 x Clutch ‘half’ plates
14 x clutch steel plates
7 x Clutch housing gaskets
1 x ignition stator
1 x ignition rotor
1 x wiring loom
1 x SJK N800 kit piston
3 x SJK kit piston rings
4 x small end bearings
2 x gudgeon pins
5 x inner head o rings
8 x outer head o rings
4 x balancer shaft housing gaskets
4 x water pump housing gaskets
2 x water pump seals
1 x VHM 11.20 head insert
15 optional gears for gearbox – high and low options for every gear
1 x SJK 61T optional primary drive gear
2 x power valve pulleys
2 x SJK kit carbon reeds
5 x gearchange rod oil seals
1 x ignition kill switch
15T front sprocket
18T front sprocket
37T rear sprocket
38T rear sprocket
1 pair handlebar clamps
2 x clutch levers and perches
5 x front instrument/fairing brackets
1 x Battle Factory gear pedal
1 x Battle Factory brake pedal
6 x upper fairing brackets
6 x side fairing brackets
1 x SJK kit fairing upper and lower
2 x SJK kit airbox scoops
SECOND HAND SPARESFront and rear wheels with brand new Dunlop wet tyres, new EBC front disc and s/h standard rear disc
Engine bottom end – crankcases with freshly rebuilt crank, new mains seals etc.
1 x CDI box
1 x wiring loom
3 x rear sub frames
2 x seat units
1 x SJK kit fairing (upper and lower)
2 x SJK N800 kit pistons
1 x SJK kit airbox
1 x SJK kit airbox scoop
1 x VHM 11.30 head insert
1 x reed valve block and rubber
4 x clutch cables
2 x power valve cables
1 x throttle cable
1 x 16T front sprocket
1 x 17T front sprocket
1 x 18T front sprocket
1 x 38T rear sprocket
1 x 39T rear sprocket
4 x sprocket cush drive rubbers and bolts
Carb jet kit
Parts list
16 x kit base gaskets (all re-usable)
1 x Paddock stand
tz tach

The bike is located in the UK and she isn’t cheap.  The asking price is 6,995 GBP ( roughly $10,700) and the seller is open to offers.


See it here.



Track Bikes For Sale May 18, 2013 posted by

Track Time! 1991 Yamaha 3XV TZR250


If you like your rare sport bikes smoky and track worthy, then check out this TZR250 with RS engine and trans. Located in California, this offroad only vehicle (sorry no golden state plates) looks to be a fantastically fun track-day hauler with pipes, dry clutch, and numerous upgrades.


From the seller:

This is a 1991 Yamaha TZR250.

More specifically, it has a TZR250R frame with a TZR250RS engine. The main difference being the ‘RS’ trim has the dry-clutch whereas the ‘R’ trim does not.

For those that aren’t familiar with the TZR, it’s Yamaha’s street replica version of the 2T TZ250 GP bike. This bike put out 56hp at the wheel with improper jetting (was dyno’d with 340 mains, whereas should have been 310s – short story – dyno operator’s auxiliary fuel setup was starving bike of fuel due to clogged filter), so should put out close to 60 with the proper main jets.

Bike’s top-end was freshened up a while ago with only 2 trackdays done on it since. Pistons/cylinders appeared to be in good condition.



More from the seller:

Note Worthy Modifications
RC Sugo Exhaust chambers
Toomey silencers
TZ250 TM38 carbs, which have been modified a bit.
Key switch, etc. has been removed.
Sugo capactitor put in place of the battery
TZ250 inspired fairing stay
TZ250 rearsets
(1) RC Sugo Exhaust chamber
(1) Set of modified stock exhaust chambers
(1) Set of TZ250 carbon fiber silencers (1 silencer has rash on it)
(2) Pistons of unknown mileage (appear to be low)
(1) Set of TZR250SPR rings (they will not work with the pistons currently on this bike – only will work with SPR pistons)
Numerous main jets, front and rear gearing, rearset parts and other ass’t parts



It doesn’t look like the eBay crowd is very interested in this piece of hardware. With only a few days left on the clock there are still zero bids. Opening ask is $2,500, which seems pretty tame compared to many of the two-stroke auctions we come across. Check it all out here, and tell me this couldn’t end up being a bargain track day bike!



Track Bikes For Sale May 15, 2013 posted by

Track or Trophy? 1991 Yamaha TZ 250 B



And here we are, back to our regularly scheduled, perfectly clean (although slightly smoky) program. Today’s bike is a sano TZ250 B-spec machine that has apparently just come out of the laundry. This is probably the cleanest track bike I have ever seen, which makes me wonder if this deserves to be parked in a man cave rather than dragged out and run in anger.



From the seller:

Up for bid is my 1991 tz 250 B. This bike has a complete spares kit, all orginal paperwork from Yamaha, new Marchesini wheels, orginal wheels, extra rotors, cylinders, crankshaft, engine gaskets, gearing, jetting, all orginal decals (not on bike), all new parts (to much to list). Bike was purchased new in 1991, raced twice and put in climate controlled room for display. Has extra custom pieces, oversized radiator, clutch protector, rear fender, ohlins rear shock, all stock parts included. This bike is like new and well taken care of. Collector quality or ready to race.Tank, front fender, windscreen, and lower fairing all in excellent condtion. Thanks for looking!!



This particular bike looks to be well loved, was purchased new by the seller, does not appear to have seen much track time, and is now available. Spares are included for those who fall into the “race it” set, and bodywork appears to be very, very good for those who fall in the “park it and display it” camp. Of course I would prefer to see it with the bodywork fitted to ensure that everything lines up and that the bodywork isn’t simply new due to damage, etc, but that might be my own personal hang-up.


This auction is going on right now, and there have been zero bids thus far. That might be because the opening ask is a cool $15,500. That is a lot of cash unless you are a collector, or want to race – there are many cool “man cave” bikes that can be had for a lot less. But if your desire is for a rare TZ machine, this one looks to be as clean as any that I have seen. Click the link to jump to the auction and check out all of the details. Good Luck!!


Aprilia April 22, 2013 posted by

Ring A Ding For The Track: 1999 Aprilia RS250 Cup

cup right

I feel at this point, we’ve probably listed 90% of the RS250 Cup bikes that Aprilia brought to these shores.  They still tend to be quick sellers though. 

The story on this example:

Very rare as very few were imported to the US. If you are looking at this you know what it is.
I bought this bike several years ago from a collector. The bike is in near mint condition. There are 1900 kilometers on the bike – about 1000 miles. I thought I may take it to the track one day – but I never got around to it. The bike has all new fluids and brand new Michelin Pilot Power tires. I had the compression tested and itcame back at 140 per cylinder – what AF1 racing said was like a brand new motor. The bike has been sitting and will need the carbs cleaned in order to run properly. The bike is sold as is with a bill of sale-no title. The bike is a collector’s dream. I also have the complete workshop manual and a box of spare parts (including pistons, rings, spockets etc.) to go with sale.

Cup left

There are still plenty of go fast parts out there for these bikes if you can’t leave well enough alone.  Has anyone converted (hypothetically of course) one for the street?  What does it run for the parts?

cup left close

Stealthy black fairing hiding the Suzu…..I mean Aprilia 250cc engine.  They are generally hassle free if you keep up with basic maintenance.

cup top

It looks a little naked in there with all the street equipment stripped away.  So far no action on the auction and that may be due to the starting bid of $5,000.  Even in great shape the track only Cup RS’s just don’t command the same price of a street RS in the same shape. 

See the auction here.


KTM March 29, 2013 posted by

Mono Mashup! 1980 KTM custom racer

Can you take a pile of not so rare parts and assemble them into something very rare and special? I think the likes of Harris, Baker, Spondon and even earlier Bimotas prove that this can be the case. Careful selection of parts and a healthy exchange of sweat equity can create something truly special. In this case, a super mono style racebike consisting of a Honda Hawk GT 650 aluminum twin spar frame and a KTM 525 single. Toss a RGV swingarm on the back, mate up a smattering of Honda CBR600 and 900 pieces to complete the mix, and you are ready to roll down your driveway.


We don’t usually post unfinished custom builds on this site, but I took a chance on this one anyway. It is in far better nick than the GSX-R LE basket case recently posted by Ian, and it represents another type of spring project: sorting and finishing rather than a complete redo. The seller claims that this bike has seen a track day, although he has not ridden it on the track since he acquired it from the original builder. Is that a case of life getting too busy, or an indication of what lurks beneath? I’ll let you decide.


From the seller:
For auction is my unique KTM powered supermono. I purchased this machine from the builder. The gentleman was a professional machinist from Toronto. He bulit the machine for supermono/sound of singles racing. As fate often has it, he didn’t have as much free time as he thought (seems to be a recurrent theme). I negotiated the purchase of the machine and he brought it to me in an enclosed truck from Canada. The bike has one track day on it’s clock. I rode the bike up and down my street a few times per year and started it to heat cycle it a few times. It is made up of a “hybrid” of components: it is essentially the wonderful honda hawk GT aluminum frame coupled to a suzuki 250 2 stroke aluminum swingarm. I am listing the specific compononets below. I have many many bikes and cars and another baby on the way so I’m honest enough with myself to know that I’m not going to have the time to race this great little bike. I have listed it with what I feel is a very low reserve. Please don’t ask me the reserve however I do have it listed locally and am open to offers. Thus, I reserve the right to end the listing early. If you are interested in converting this to a street legal canyon carver, I have a nearly new duplicate hawk frame with a clear and open title that I will make available to the winner.


The seller has posted a brief spec sheet to go along with the pictures and text. Nothing terribly rare went into the bike, but what came out is a modern day super mono machine that has unmistakable potential. A little work may be needed to polish up the package, but it certainly looks to be a potent track day bike for anyone willing to try. Only a few bids thus far, with the auction up to $1,500 and reserve still in place. Somebody has already invested the dollars and sweat to get it to this stage; in the end this could be a real bargain. Click the link to jump over to the auction and check it out!