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KTM March 29, 2013 posted by

Mono Mashup! 1980 KTM custom racer

Can you take a pile of not so rare parts and assemble them into something very rare and special? I think the likes of Harris, Baker, Spondon and even earlier Bimotas prove that this can be the case. Careful selection of parts and a healthy exchange of sweat equity can create something truly special. In this case, a super mono style racebike consisting of a Honda Hawk GT 650 aluminum twin spar frame and a KTM 525 single. Toss a RGV swingarm on the back, mate up a smattering of Honda CBR600 and 900 pieces to complete the mix, and you are ready to roll down your driveway.


We don’t usually post unfinished custom builds on this site, but I took a chance on this one anyway. It is in far better nick than the GSX-R LE basket case recently posted by Ian, and it represents another type of spring project: sorting and finishing rather than a complete redo. The seller claims that this bike has seen a track day, although he has not ridden it on the track since he acquired it from the original builder. Is that a case of life getting too busy, or an indication of what lurks beneath? I’ll let you decide.


From the seller:
For auction is my unique KTM powered supermono. I purchased this machine from the builder. The gentleman was a professional machinist from Toronto. He bulit the machine for supermono/sound of singles racing. As fate often has it, he didn’t have as much free time as he thought (seems to be a recurrent theme). I negotiated the purchase of the machine and he brought it to me in an enclosed truck from Canada. The bike has one track day on it’s clock. I rode the bike up and down my street a few times per year and started it to heat cycle it a few times. It is made up of a “hybrid” of components: it is essentially the wonderful honda hawk GT aluminum frame coupled to a suzuki 250 2 stroke aluminum swingarm. I am listing the specific compononets below. I have many many bikes and cars and another baby on the way so I’m honest enough with myself to know that I’m not going to have the time to race this great little bike. I have listed it with what I feel is a very low reserve. Please don’t ask me the reserve however I do have it listed locally and am open to offers. Thus, I reserve the right to end the listing early. If you are interested in converting this to a street legal canyon carver, I have a nearly new duplicate hawk frame with a clear and open title that I will make available to the winner.


The seller has posted a brief spec sheet to go along with the pictures and text. Nothing terribly rare went into the bike, but what came out is a modern day super mono machine that has unmistakable potential. A little work may be needed to polish up the package, but it certainly looks to be a potent track day bike for anyone willing to try. Only a few bids thus far, with the auction up to $1,500 and reserve still in place. Somebody has already invested the dollars and sweat to get it to this stage; in the end this could be a real bargain. Click the link to jump over to the auction and check it out!


Sport Bikes For Sale February 25, 2013 posted by

Little Quickie: 1980 Yamaha TZ125 GP Racebike

Not too much available on this one in terms of pictures or spec. However given the interest show in the last few 125s we’ve posted this month, I thought this one deserved at least a quick glance. Looks to be a lot of fun for not much scratch if you fit, and if you don’t this thing is cheaper than building your own home gym; lose the weight and you get to race!


From the seller:
For Sale is a 1980 Yamaha TZ125. This is a very rare race bike as the 125cc class was not very popular, hence there are not alot of bikes out there. This is the first year of water cooling for Yamaha which was a huge stepping stone for the Yamaha two-stroke program. This engine is very similar to the YZ125 dirt bike. I have only ever seen one in the United States. I have what I believe is a realistic reserve based on the rarity of this item. Bike does not run at this time, it is bump start only and is in need of professional restoration. I cannot do this bike justice and have been searching for parts for years. I doo not have the resources that a professional would. Bike is not completely original as rider upgrades have been made. Bike originally came with spoke wheels and obviously they are not with the bike, other upgrades have been made as well. Bike does not come with a title as it is RACE ONLY. Bike comes with two owners manuals, one nice and one well thumbed, as well as an authentic Yamaha micro-fiche for part numbers.


Here is a fun video of a TZ125 (not this bike) playing around at at track day. Ten minutes of this hooligan foolishness was enough to make me want to buy one!

Located in Florida this bike has a BIN price of only $4,000. Depending on the condition of the rest of the components (age of motor, seals, gearbox, etc) that could be a pretty good deal. It could also turn into a complete redo. It’s great to see these 125 racers coming up on the market – let’s ensure that the two stroke sound continues to ring down pit lane for as long as we can! Click here to jump to the auction and check out the details.


Honda February 20, 2013 posted by

Rare Racer: 1991 Honda RS125R NF4 HRC

2013 is rapidly turning into the year of cool track bikes. Whether you are looking for a historic roller, a sweet silver track bike or a nearly new HRC machine such as this one, the first part of this year has been full of great choices.


This particular bike appears to be a stock item and is listed with what is claimed to be very little use. The bike is located in Germany, which can either serve as a great vacation and European delivery program, or a possible roadblock to purchase. Here is what the seller has to say about this gem:


From the seller:
More or less bran new HRC Honda RS125R NF4 from 1991 for sale. I need to reduce my collection and I bought this bike new and it did only 1 lap on a Honda road show in 1991 for demonstration. This is all milage the bike has done on a test track. You can only visible see on the tyres that teh bike was ridden this one lap and the rest of the bike is more or less NEW and for it’s age in very good condition. Bike is stored ince then dry. You would need to replace tyres and check brakes. Then this nice bike is ready to race.

Don’t miss the chance to get a very hard to find collectors item for your show room.
Bike is from 1991 and genuine HRC made. Everything untouched and like it left HRC Japan in 1991.

The Honda is located in Germany but shipping to US is not a problem. wooden crate is available and internation shipping agent can be recommended. If oyu like to get a better shipping value rather then shipping only one bike, I could offer more bikes out of my collection and you can upgrade to 3 or more bikes within one shipment.


If you are intent on collecting two stroke GP bikes and are missing a ’91 HRC model, then this might just get you going. If you are looking to start a collection, then perhaps contacting the seller might just be in your best interest. Apparently this individual has much more than just this RS125 to offer:


From the seller:
Let me know if you like to buy more HRC Race bikes (RS125 and RS250) and I will place them on EBAY-Motors for you to buy. Could offer for you 1994 new, 1992, & 1993 close to new Honda HRC RS125R NF4 bikes if you like.

If you are wondering how much fun you might be able to have on a 125, check out this practice video taken at VIR. If you don’t think that mixing it up with other 125cc two strokes and 250cc four strokes looks like fun it is time to have your pulse checked. Note: this video is not the bike being sold here today.

This auction is going on right now, and there have been zero bidders with the opening ask of $7,950. That is not very expensive compared to what the bike went for when new, but few things depreciate faster than last year’s race bike. Check out all of the details here, and then drop us a comment on this one. If you were in the market for a track bike would you go with an ex-GP machine such as this or opt for a “softer” street bike such as an NS-R? Good Luck!


Track Bikes For Sale February 18, 2013 posted by

Midlands Masterpiece: 2002 Spondon Framed TZ250

tz righttz left

Can the boys in the midlands of the U.K. improve on what came from the engineers in Japan?  I’m not aware that there were ever things lacking with late model TZ250 frames but Spondon took a swing at improving on the design.  Whatever the case, the whole unit makes for some serious stroker eye candy.

I’ll skip my incredibly witty small talk and lets see what we have here:

2002 spondon tz250, ex derick welch.
Not raced since 2007 just paraded and kept in my collection.
Spec as is.
Spondon frame and swingarm, carbon dymag wheels, double core kit radiator, kit cylinders new in 2007 very low miles since then, kit ignition, kit pipes, 2003 on airbox and fairings, 7 position curve map, ohlins damper, maxton front and rear suspension, Brembo m,cylinder, setup for avgas so ultra reliable, maintained by dennise trollpe thoughout its life as he was sponsoring him, plenty of data, for most uk circuts.

This bike clocked over 160 mph at the nw200 in 2007 and won and set the outright lap record at aberdare park against the likes of ian lougher and chris palmer.

This bike was reported to be around 100 bhp, from derick himself.

Comes with Spare fairing and seat unit, Some jets, spare battery, bars

This is a championship winning bike ready to race.>


tz front

What RSBFS reader can provide the details:  Spondon vs. stock frame?


tz arm

 That swing arm looks down right spindly compared to the stock TZ unit but a dead giveaway that it is a Spondon frame.  Visually, the chambers are art.


tz rad

 Oh, if I could only see this without the bodywork.  I think it would satisfy my radiator fetish quite nicely.  My bucket list would include a spin on a professionally prepped and tuned two stroke.



tz rear If you happen to have 14,000 GBP (approx. $22,000) sitting in a jar from your last trip to the U.K. you are in luck my friend.

 Here is the classified ad




Sport Bikes For Sale February 17, 2013 posted by

East Coast Opportunity: 1998 Honda RS125

rs left


A clean looking Honda RS125, proudly flying the Honda wing, is looking for a new owner in Holden, MA.  Not that you never see them but they are definitely  a rarer bread on the east coast.  Hey, save on the shipping cost and stock up on VP and Motul.


rs left rear


Looks like it is sporting a much sleeker later model (2004?) tail.

Are you wondering about spares though?  The seller claims a healthy amount that includes:

Seat foam, Frame sliders, Crank seals, Cylinder, Head Gaskets, Crank, Magneto Cover Battle Shifter, Battle Box, Bearings, Exhaust, Rear Sprockets, Reeds, Base Gasket, Chain, Water Pump Gasket, Used Clutch, Subframe, Reed Cage, Brake Pads, Tire Warmers, Front and Rear Stands


rs right

No mention from the seller on what possible mods it has had.  The starting bid is $5,500 on the little ring dinger.


Here is the auction.


Garelli February 8, 2013 posted by

Track Day Chicken Chaser: 1988 Garelli 125 cc Grand Prix


What’s the point of chasing chickens if you can’t catch them? Garelli asked themselves the same question during the 1988 racing season. In fact, they asked a LOT of questions. Having won the 125 class from 1982 – 1987, the 1988 season was a bit of a disappointment. The much heralded – but very tempermental – monocoque chassis developed by Garelli failed to produce results. In an effort to salvage what they could, Garelli experimented with other chassis brands as well as copying and modifying chassis elements. This particular bike is actually a Honda RS125.


From the seller:
Just like that of Garelli’s ill-starred 250, the 125’s rigid monocoque was the target of criticism. The team tried a stock Honda RS125 twin-spar chassis at Assen and also a Moretti frame that looked a lot like a Yamaha TZ250 Deltabox (see Lot 6). Carrying the Garelli frame number ‘AG 125M 002’, the machine offered here represents the Honda RS125 rolling chassis that was tried experimentally during the 1988 season.
Driver was Luis Miguel Reyes, Grand Prix moto 125 cm3 Assen 1988


While searching for clues on this particular bike, I stumbled across the Bonhams auction site and discovered that this particular item had crossed the auction block earlier this month as part of a French auction of Garelli Grand Prix machines (see photos from Bonhams posted in the gallery below). I also discovered (if it was not made clear in the seller’s description) that this particular offering consists of the rolling chassis only.


The lack of engine and trans might make it perfect for the collector who wishes to hoist this bike on a wall or park it in a living room, den or man cave. If you are intent on chasing – and beating – some chickens, however, you will have some work to do. Still, this is a pretty neat piece of history even if you can’t fold yourself in half and ride it.


The seller has an opening ask of $5,000 USD, with a BIN of $10,000. At Bonhams this lot sold for approximately $6,500 USD. The bike is located in France, so be sure and factor in transportation costs if you are interested. And as always, make sure you do your homework beforehand so you know what is included in the sale. Good luck, and happy chicken chasing!


Ducati December 11, 2012 posted by

The “Picollo” Ducati Racer From Italy: 2002 Ducati 748RS

Another ultimate 748 is up for grabs,  the homologation special for the standard Ducati 748.   I look at it as a great way to own some Ducati exotica without the larger Ducati’s exotica price tag.  Having said that I don’t have a firm grasp at what these bikes are selling for.  We listed several; one well used example had a list of $12,500 and others failed to meet their reserves after starting around $7,000.  Some chatter around the web seem to lean towards  $10,000 for a nice example.  What do you guys think?  Am I close?  Here is a nice write up on racing the RS by Sigma Performance.

Purpose built.

The info on it:

Lots of trick parts! Too many to list, but here are a few:

 RS Motor with “the big cams”

 Double Core Radiator

 Updated SBK Spec Internals in Fork and Shock

 Includes all of the Original Corsa Carbon Fiber Kevlar Bodywork (AMS Livery)

Fiberglass Bodywork Installed

New Michelin Slicks Front Rear

Lots of Spare Parts

Full Titanium Exhaust

 I bought it as a collector and owned it for the past two years. Had it out to one track day.

Super clean bike.

Carbon to help gulp lots of oxygen.

More carbon and a nice clean area without all the street bike bits and bobs.

You pay for the 11,500 redline with valve replacements recommended at 750 miles.  Did you spot the exposed cam belts in the top photo?  I saw some talk on message boards that parts are pricey.

This picture is here to satisfy my own radiator fetish.  I like them big.

This bike has absolutely no business being on the street.  It does happen to have a 17 digit VIN though, hmm.

Click here for  the auction.


Buell December 6, 2012 posted by

Set Up And Waiting: 2007 Buell XBRR

Set Up And Waiting:  2007 Buell XBRR


It is waiting for you.  It has had a base set up and then tucked away from the track.  It has travelled a miniscule 10 miles.  This is a chance  to either add a pristine XBRR to your  collection or your chance to test the track with what was Buell’s top dog back in 2007.  Hmm, 150HP and 360lbs, those numbers are either very entertaining or scary depending on your skill level. 

Notes from the seller:

I have all the manuals, disks, PC disks for the ECM and some spare parts plus the original WoodCraft stands for the XBRR. Even have the original battery in a box.
The bike is number 51 of fifty built (the first bike was kept at Buell and another sent to the Barber Museum. Some say a total of 56 but I am not sure. This one is the true last of the series as far as I know.  Vehicle ID# A2LGX05DT73090051

A picture from the bikes one outing. 

I’m told there is quite a bit of magnesium hiding in that engine.  The new Erik  Buell Racing 1190RS can track its’ family tree back to this bike. 

 If you are interested in the bike I’ll refer you to the seller for price and more details.

He can be contacted at