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Sport Bikes For Sale December 10, 2013 posted by

Back to the Track: 1997 Yamaha TZ250


OK folks – it is Christmas, which means that the end of the year is looming large. That mean New Year resolutions. And the most common resolution seems to be the lose weight / get in shape sort of personal goal. That, and adding to the motorcycle collection. As in years past, we at RSBFS have found you the perfect item that helps you to achieve both. In this case, it is a 1997 Yamaha TZ250.


1997 Yamaha TZ250 GP Racer for sale on eBay


Small bike. Light weight. Good horsepower. Great handling. This is a track bike that you can grow into – and one that demands that your waistline recede a bit post holiday gluttony. This is a bike that rewards aggressive, determined riding. It also rewards a rider in good physical shape. See? This is THE perfect New Years resolution you can make. Convince the significant other that this is really just a health club membership and you will be on your way to a terrific 2014! But honey, it comes with spares!


From the seller:
1997 Yamaha TZ250 Race bike
Thank you very much for looking. This is a purpose built two-stroke GP race bike. I bought this a few years ago from a guy who raced it in AFM and took impeccable care of it. I only raced maybe four or five races with it but never finished off the podium, it has to be hands down the most fun bike I have ever ridden. Like any race bike, it has been down a couple times in practice so there are some typical cosmetic scratches on the fairings and and a dent to the top of the gas tank (no leaks and never had any problem with the tank). Personally I think it adds character haha.

Honestly, I would rather never sell the bike but I am an air force pilot and on a 1:1 deployment/dwell ratio. Spending every spring/summer in Afghanistan and only being home for the winters has made it extremely difficult to find opportunities to ride this INCREDIBLE bike out of season….and I hate making it sit in my garage when it should be getting thrashed around a track. If you aren’t familiar with two-stroke gp bike you should look into them first as they aren’t your typical track bike, but I’ve never ridden anything as rewarding to ride hard around track. Also, don’t let the 250cc fool you, its got 80-somethin horsepower and weighs under 225lbs. thats TWO HUNDRED pounds less or HALF the weight of any 600cc bike on the street (I can lift the bike in the air by myself). Straight line acceleration is more than capable but with such light weight the cornering speeds are truly jaw-dropping.


Back to the Track:  1997 Yamaha TZ250
Kawasaki December 8, 2013 posted by

Magnum PI: 1984 Harris Kawasaki

Update 12.8.2013: First posted on our site last November, this custom Harris Kawi is back on eBay. Not sure if it’s the same seller as the pictures and description are slightly different, but it’s definitely the same bike. Links updated, -dc

For Sale: 1984 Harris Kawasaki

Generally speaking, we don’t feature customs and bike builds on RSBFS. However in the case of specialty framed bikes (Harris, Spondon, Rickman, Bakker, early Bimota, etc) this is the only way the bike can come into existence. And this build looks fantastic.

Centered around a Harris Magnum chassis and powered by a breathed-on Kawasaki KZ1000 mill, this is one of the best looking Harris bikes I have seen. Intended as a track-only endurance racer, the pictures really tell the story. Sit back and enjoy some lime green eye candy.

From the seller:
2012 Restoration and build , displayed at Barber 2012 Vintage days. one of the nicest examples of a Harris Kawasaki in the USA. Chassis #HP551 magnum II chassis and swing arm. Marzocchi forks with harris yokes, custom Ohlins rear shock, Harris special aluminum gas tank with air tech seat, farring and pan. Paint by manning , powder coating by j&b powder coating, Dymag magnisum wheels with brembo brakes and discs, BT016 bridgestone tires. stack electric tach from england. Powered by a KZ1000 endurance race motor# KZ100AE068005.. KZ1000 cases with mkII style top end 1075cc 12 to1, 425 lift cams, full race head , port and polish, stainless steel valves with oversize intakes, bronze valve guides and shim on bottom folloners. Polution ports removed. All internal top end compenents are NEW. HD cam chain , cylinder studs and head nuts. Rebuilt crank, indext, welded with updated thust bushing, undercut trany, HD clutch hub , dyna ignition and coils, 31mm Keihin cr carbs, harris exhaust, 1 mile since restoration, post vintage endurance … race ready or ?…. museum quality. .. SOLD BILL OF SALE ONLY… NOT SREET LEGAL.., SOLD AS IS… FOR RACE USE ONLY.

This bike looks to be the whole package: Well known frame designer, professionally built engine, top level suspension components and a fanatical approach to paint and final assembly. The problem with “kit bikes” is that you never know who put them together – or how well. In this case, there appears a wealth of knowledge and attention to detail in the build.

As we go to post, this mean green machine has enjoyed moderate bidding up to the current offer of $6,100 with reserve still in place. I really have no idea how high this one can go. The track bike nature of the beast might limit interest, but one has to admit that this is one serious looking bike! Click the link and jump over to the auction for more pictures and details. Don’t forget to tell ’em you saw it on RSBFS!


Magnum PI: 1984 Harris Kawasaki
Suzuki December 7, 2013 posted by

Aluminum Eye Candy: 1971 Suzuki TR 500 Factory GP Race Bike


If you believe that a motorcycle should be a reflection of you, why not throw down on a motorcycle that can actually provide a reflection of you? Check out this very sano 1971 Suzuki GP bike. With old-school cool oozing out of every nook and cranny, the silver and polished scheme gives it a very retro-modern look. With hand-formed aluminum bodywork and frame by legendary Colin Seeley, you can think of this bike as a two stroke T-1000.


1971 Suzuki TR 500 GP Racer for sale on eBay


From the seller:
Suzuki TR 500 Seeley Framed Factory GP Racer.
This is a pristine, fully restored Suzuki TR 500 Factory GP Bike, one of only a handful or examples in the world. The bike has racing provenance and has been authenticated by Colin Seeley. The frame is stamped by Colin Seeley CS 262 S (August 1971)
The engine is a Factory Suzuki TR 500 Motor, direct from the Suzuki Factory to their team riders. The Engine has been completely rebuilt by a Suzuki specialist and features a number of details unique to an original TR 500 Motor. Factory stamped cases, etc etc. Front end is original Ceriani 35mm GP. Magnesium Triple Trees. Ceriani Wheels, front and rear. Borrani Alloy Rims. Complete hand sculpted bodywork in Aluminum by the master Mr Evan Wilcox. Twin Mikuni Flat sided race Carburetors. Every nut and bolt on this bike has been professionally restored or replaced with original Factory Suzuki Parts.


This bike is located in Seattle, WA and is looking for a new home. The starting bid is a steep $25k (with reserve), so this shiny bauble requires a little commitment on the part of the buyer. It looks gorgeous (jump to the auction to check out all of the pics), and is a very real piece of road racing history. Check out the auction here. Good Luck!!



Aluminum Eye Candy:  1971 Suzuki TR 500 Factory GP Race Bike
Gilera October 18, 2013 posted by

Single Cylinder Exotica: 1992 GILERA SATURNO PIUMA CORSA (U.K.)


sat right

It looks like Gilera was taking its’ racing version of the Saturno very serious.  It was specifically  created for “Super Mono” racing throughout  Europe.  A simple glance tells you  there isn’t much in common with the Saturno road bike other than the name.  These bikes were bumped up to 569cc’s and apparently some factory supported riders got versions that were 620cc’s.

sat tank

Time to go racing, so the street bikes trellis style frame had to go.  Instead it has a pretty darn stout looking twin spar unit.

sat muffler
My what a large, um, muffler you have.

sat left rear
Yep, it’s been a museum piece:


sat right frontAsking price is almost 15,000 GBP.

Single Cylinder Exotica:  1992 GILERA SATURNO PIUMA CORSA (U.K.)
Aprilia October 3, 2013 posted by

Wrench, Wallet and Patience:2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup

rs rightIt is that time of year again folks.  It is time to collect those projects that your wife finds sitting in the garage taking up badly needed space.  You guys know how these go though; they are either all smiles or all headaches.  There isn’t much in between.  This 2000 RS is currently a non runner;  read on to see what she needs.

rs leftIt  is pretty darn rough around the edges but nothing unusual for a used track bike.  The seller does claim it is titled though.  Be sure to click on the auction link below as the seller has gone above and beyond the call of duty and provided a ton of detailed close ups of the bikes condition.

rs cylinder 2rs cylinder Here is where the wrench, wallet and patience come in.  I’ll take a wild guess and say it grenaded a piston and it probably ruined the cylinder.  On the plus side, VJ22 parts (including cylinders) aren’t all that difficult to source.  Being a non runner though, you don’t know about other hidden issues. 

For the right price it might be a good gamble.  Click here for the auction.



Wrench, Wallet and Patience:2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup
Kawasaki October 2, 2013 posted by

Kawgasm! 1982 Kawasaki KZ1000S1

Update 10.2.2013: Current bid is over $71k reserve met! With 7 hours to go, where do you think this one will finish? Leave a comment below! -dc

kz right

I didn’t think it could get much better than the Yoshimura/Honda CB750 from two weeks ago. Once again I’m proven wrong.  Before you is the Holy Grail to Kawasaki collectors, a KZ1000S1.  Basically the homologation special of the day with the 30 or so made not being made available to the general public.

1982 Kawasaki KZ1000S1 for sale on eBay

kz headerskz engine 2

Straight to the engine porn! Here is the story:

If you’re one of the Chosen Few, you can now obtain the unobtainable; from the May 1982 Cycle magazine S1 review article. 29 of these motorcycles were imported for AMA superbike racing in 1982, dealer cost was $10,999.00. No retail price was listed. Several ended up being shipped out of the country. It is also my understanding that some were disassembled by Kawasaki to sell as parts. How many I do not know. So here is your chance to own a very rare motorcycle that is in excellent condition and that has a history, even if it is short. This particular bike was purchased by Grayboy Kawasaki in Peoria Heights, IL. The owner of the dealership at that time had a team running the Grand National circuit in dirt track. This bike was purchased by the owner to go roadracing with national expert rider (33) Dave Hebb of Canton,IL. His roadracing number was 93. This bike has one sprint race and two practices from one weekend of racing at Indianapolis Raceway Park in Clermont, IN. I’m not sure what happened after that, because the bike was put in storage at the dealerships warehouse until I purchased it in October of 1985. The bike was nevered titled until I purchased it from the dealership. So by the title, I’m the original owner. I have had the bike in a climate controlled storage (my house) since 1985. The cylinders were oiled and the engine was rotated over ever so often when in storage. It still has the original Dunlop Racing KR133 slicks mounted on the Dymag magnesium wheels. Also included is the factory spares kit. I also purchased some extra parts back in the mid eighties that are included. When I purchased the bike, my intentions were to license it and ride it on the street. But instead, I kept riding my 1984 900 Ninja because it was such a great bike. So I never got around to making the S1 street legal using Eddie Lawson replica parts. Spares kit includes left and right front brake rotors, rear brake rotor, three sets of front brake pads, two sets of rear brake pads, front axle, two pistons and rings, gearing, chain, staking master links , special tools, two sets of different rate fork springs, sprocket cush drive, assorted jetting, shorter velocity stacks, throttle cables, clutch cable, o’rings, oil seals, fork seals, etc. and two parts catalogs. I tried to show the condition of the vehicle with the photos. I changed oil and filter, put in 3 gallons of fresh Phillips 66 (111 octane) race fuel and started the bike before listing it here. The engine sounds as good as the day I purchased it

kz naked claims the only documented sale of a KZ1000S1 was back in 1997 for $40,000.

kz left rear

It has the look of just put a number plate on and race but it is far from stock: braced swing arm, extra frame bracing, Mikuni flatsides, Lockheed brakes, magnesium wheels etc, etc.  I saw someone on a message board mention they used an ignition or CDI off a KX80; interesting.

kz tank

Does anyone really pay attention to these stickers?  I doubt this one will ever see any pavement or tarmac again.

kz spareskz spares 3

kz spares 2

I would imagine some of those items are as rare as the bike.

kz left

Well,  the Yosh/Honda CB went for $30,100. Apparently the last known KZ1000S1 went for $40,000 back in 1997. What is the take it price home for this one?

Check the back account before placing a bid here.


Kawgasm! 1982 Kawasaki KZ1000S1
Bimota September 27, 2013 posted by

Loud Bikes! Bimota DB1 and Ducati TT1 Replica Track Bikes

Our friends at are unloading these two track ready beauties. Check them out!


1986 Bimota DB1 for sale

Details: 1986 Bimota DB1 for sale on eBay

from the seller:

92 honest-to-goodness rear wheel horsepower in a perfectly set-up package that weighs less than 300 pounds. Arguably the fastest DB1 in North America and likely the only one set-up for serious track day work.

The machine started out as a pretty tired and far removed from stock DB1 that was brought over from Europe by the previous owner and as such, it made an excellent candidate for a full-on hot-rod. The bike was completely stripped-down and I started on the process of renewing all the rolling chassis components and rebuilding the motor over a period of 22 months. The end result is an absolute riot on the race track – really sharp handling as would be expected with a platform as short as the DB1, but with excellent stability. With 93hp and 63ftlbs of torque, the little bike goes like a scalded cat. Given that the Montjuich cams are being used, I would have expected a more peaky delivery, but the Meyers Performance 790 kit beefed-up the bottom end significantly. As you can see by the dyno chart in the pics, peak torque is at 6,500rpm and there’s usable stuff as low as 5,500.

1986 Ducati TT1 Replica for sale

Details: 1986 Ducati TT1 Replica for sale on eBay

from the seller:

With 88 rear wheel horsepower in a sub-300lb package, this example is arguably the quickest and best handling old-school 750cc TT1 in North America.

I built this TT1 using period components as a relatively faithful replica of the TT1s that ran in the AMA BOTT GP class back in the day. The only deviation being the modern (90s) calipers and pumps, ignition coils and the non standard crankcase breather box in the seat. However, it differs from most TT1 replicas in that it was built to be a fast and reliable track bike. Over the years I’ve found that the only TT1 frame that seems to work well with modern 17” wheels & slicks is the final series Verlicchi large diameter, thin wall. Back in the day, Reno Leoni had DM Frames make a copy of the Verlicchi and DM has since modified the jig to allow for the use of a big block motor. The DM version was checked digitally last year against the Verlicchi and they are geometrically identical, however the DM is 12mm longer between the upper cross brace and the steering head. I countered this somewhat with the offset on my triple clamps, but the small difference in trail gives the DM a bit more stability with a very small decrease in agility.

Loud Bikes!  Bimota DB1 and Ducati TT1 Replica Track Bikes
Harley Davidson September 15, 2013 posted by

Fish And Chips HD: 2009 Harley Davidson Sportster XR1200 Race Bike

xr right

I’ll come clean; to me, this is about as exciting has adding Ohlins and Termignoni’s to a shopping cart but RSBFS has taught me to appreciated all variations of sport bikes. Having read reader comments I know the RSBFS masses are a varied bunch with wide ranging tastes. This XR1200 is residing over in the U.K., enjoying retirement after its’ days on the track there.

The seller explains what we have here:



A very collectible investment !!

THIS BIKE WON H/D XR1200 challenge which televised and ran on the back of British super bike !!!!!
The bike comes with a full set of DVDs with all the races that it ran !!!! And believe me they are quite amazing !!!!!

I have as in the photos a collection of posters of this motorcycle promoting the xr1200 challenge
The original number from the bike and a letter of year of manufacture should you wish to road register the bike ?

THE BIKE WAS BUILT FOR RACING AT A COST £22,000 for racing !!!
Just a few random things on this bike are as follows

Quick action throttle
Termignoni full stainless exhaust system with carbon cans
PVM racing light weight 17inch wheels
Oberon rear sets fully adjustable
Oh links rear shock absorbers
Onlins front internals
Ohlins adjustable steering damper
Harris performance billet yokes
Protaper bars
Carbon components
Performance disc brakes
Screaming eagle ignition unit
Good ridge lines
Etc etc etc etc
The bike also comes with a Harris stainless paddock stand
This bike is an amazing piece piece of history on wheels !!!

xr termsThat is a first for my eyes; Termignoni exhausts on a Harley. That might get your ass kicked in certain crowds.

xr tank
Now who the hell is Jimbo? Has to be a mechanic with a name like that.

xr forks

That is pretty darn stout with an assist from Ohlins if she gets the shakes.

xr top

The BIN is an eye opener at $19,800. Click here to see the listing.


Fish And Chips HD:  2009 Harley Davidson Sportster XR1200 Race Bike