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Ducati May 27, 2010 posted by

1993 Ducati Supermono #09 Of 65/67 In Australia

This is a real Supermono in Australia!

Bike:  1993 Ducati Supermono #09

Price:  Currently $85,000 AUD (eBay)

Location:  Melbourne, Australia

Mileage:  N/A Track Bike

Located in Melbourne, Australia is a 1993 Ducati Supermono number 09 of 65.  This example was built in April ’93 and brought into Australia by Fraser’s.  The bike was only used for local competition and has been fitted with a 575cc barrel.  The original barrels, another set of fairings, spare wheels, an additional piston and other spares are included with the sale of the bike.  The entire history of this bike is known and looks to be in fantastic condition.

The standout aspect of this bike is that it was designed for the Supermono series which means it’s a big, four-stroke, single; the second aspect is that this four-stroke only weighs in at 300lbs fully ready, 277lbs with an empty tank of gas while that big single produces 61.4hp at the rear-wheel.  Sounds like fun!  The Supermono rev’s to 10750rpm, is fitted with Weber fuel injection, and accelerates to 120 just as fast as a 600 inline-four and tops out at a claimed 141mph.  All this magic is achieved through Ducati’s heavy used of carbon fiber and magnesium wherever possible.  The bodywork, subframe, fuel tank, and air box are all carbon with the case covers, triple clamp and other bits being finished in magnesium.  The suspension is all top-of-the-line Ohlins units with 42mm USD forks sourced from the 888 Corsa and a cantilevered Ohlins shock out back.  The exhaust is a Termignoni unit and the wheels are Marchesini magnesium units.  The motor is essentially a 888 single cylinder with a dummy connecting rod to cancel-out the traditional vibrations of a single.

Jay informed me that Farracci had one of these in ’93 with an asking price of $35k and everyone laughed as it was the same price as the 916/955 race bike at the time; and eight years ago these were going for $50k.  The current asking price of $70k USD suggest that it’s probably doing better than your CD that’s been chugging along since 2000–and this one’s much better to look at too.  The series may have not be a world success but, it did bring us a very cool, and very rare, piece of Ducati machinery.  Hurry though, as this bike only has half a day for you decide if it’s worth $85k AUD to you!  If it interests you, have a look at this example on eBay Australia


Aprilia May 15, 2010 posted by


Well, I still mean “rare” even though I just posted a similar one here last week, honestly that’s very strange. Almost ready for “vintage” racing here we have a 1996 (sort of) Aprilia RSR125 GP bike. Only a handful are made per year and this one has been updated a bit from its original design. The engine may be newer (99) but it still retains the old Rotax clutch and the 39.5mm carb.  The electronics are, indeed, updated but the data acquisition system is still separate like it was with older bikes.  It has the electronic power valve (single guillotine I think) and I can see that it has an Aprilia cylinder and a magnesium head cover which is cool. It comes with a good amount of spares, if you’re going to race it please check with the owner to see what he’s doing for engine parts/etc as Aprilia has stopped supplying most of these bits. For sale in New Zealand for 22,500 (kiwi dollars, $16,000US) click here for the jump. 

The ad reads:

This is a factory Aprilia RSR 125 GP Bike the only one in New Zealand A real colectors item
Details are
1996 RSR Frame
47.96 W/P front forks with adjustable steering head
W/P Rear shock
Brembo front caliper
Brembo radial m/cylinder
1999 engine full electronic power valve 2004 electrics & CDI Digitek Dash & programer
Carbon fibre Fuel Tank
Carbon Fairings , Air box,rear hugger & Full Carbon Seat rail support
Ohlins steering damper
Domino quick throttle
Marchesini front & Rear rims

Bottom line is that at $16k US it’s very expensive. The US Team Veloce Aprilia sold an 02 125 with good updates for $16k last year along with good spares/etc and the 02’s are very different and much better. I don’t want to put this bike in a “negative” way because I absolutely love these things, I’m sure the owner has twice the asking price into it but the reality is that we had one here recently that posted for $8500, so?? Anyway if moneys’ not a real concern just buy the thing, it’s beautiful! I want to thank my good friends at Team Veloce for helping me out with information for this post.

Ciao for now…..Jay

Quick Spot May 11, 2010 posted by

1994 Suzuki RGV250 Gamma VJ22 In Washington State

This looks like a very nice looking RGV250 VJ22!  Located in Seattle, Washington is an untitled 1994 Suzuki RGV250 Gamma with some new parts and spares.  The new parts consist of brakes, tires, chain and a titanium bolt kit; the spares are extra stock and aftermarket bodywork.  The seller states that this bike does run but, needs to be tuned correctly.  The bike also has an aftermarket exhaust fitted which, has Leo Vince stickers fitted to the carbon silencers–did Leo Vince make a system for the RGV?  This is a nice RGV project that will take some work to make it perfect but, the asking price is a realistic $2,500.  See this bike on Craigslist here.


Aprilia May 9, 2010 posted by

1996 APRILIA RSR125 GP..$8500 Buy Now Don’t Delay !!


Yup…you’re looking at the “real deal”, the dominate mother of the 125 GP Class Aprilia became the underdog of the 90’s  (and into Y2K) with their 125 and 250 GP bikes. Almost like the “Hope” diamond these bikes are pretty rare as Aprilia only made about 30 of these privateer bikes back then per year. Buzzing with carbon fiber and magnesium these  were still $50k+ back in 1996, but that was the price to be leading the pack. I’ve bought and sold a few of these as well as the 250’s thru the years and I know Kevin Murray, he’s a knowledge nice guy when it comes to Aprilia. I’ve raced the Aprilia 250 Cup bike and also the 250 GP and there’s not a nut or bolt that’s the same, although they can look similar to the untrained eye.  With parts for this bike being almost non-existent anymore from Aprilia Racing it would be worth a call to Kevin to see what he can do to support the bike for racing/track days. If you follow USGPRU a good friend of mine (Veloce Racing) has been running Aprilia 125’s for over a decade now and has many Championships under his belt. Veloce Aprilia’s have finished 1-2 in the first two rounds of this year’s USGPRU (shameless plug..sorry) the bikes are proven performers and under the right guidance they “get the job done”. 

Located in So. Cal here’s the ad off the USGPRU site, click

here for the jump

The ad reads, and reads, and reads…..

My 1996 RSR125 is for sale. Here are some details.  Price is $8500.

Aprilia only provides a parts manual, there never was any sort of shop manual like the Japanese bikes have.

Also, the bike comes with the rear stand and it has a KLS shifter

New Spares:

5 – new pistons
5 – new wrist pins and many circlips
4 – new rings
2 – new bearings
1 – new rebuilt crank. This was trued by Kevin Murray of MCE Racing
6 – new base gaskets
1 – new set of clutch plates complete
1 – new set of front and rear brake pads
1 – new Domino throttle assembly
1 – new set of left and right foot rest brackets, pegs and levers.
These are like jewelry, just beautiful and VERY expensive.
Many new assorted o-rings, bearings, seals, etc…

Used but very usable:

9 – rear sprockets with cush drives
7 – front sprockets
1 – first gear, normal, I think. I believe that the one in the bike
is a short 1st as my starts are rocket like.
7 – jets
clutch plates (besides the new ones). These last a long time. I still have the same pack in
that I started with 2 years ago. I only use the clutch for starts.
spark plugs. The one in the bike has only 8 laps from new.
Throttle cable.
3 good batteries and 220/110v charger.
Kit Cylinder

WP Forks, Shock and steering damper
Carbon Fiber bodywork, fuel tank and seat section (there is no subframe)
Titanium all over the place
Weighs 10 – 20 pounds less than the Hondas

Beautiful paint job by USGPRUs own Mike Lytle.

The Crank has 386 miles
Top End has 80 miles
Tires have 4 heat cycles (26 laps), but are over 2 years old now.

Bike has been ridden at Willow mostly and won the 2007 125 class championship. It makes 42 hp on the MCE dyno. That’s with the titanium exhaust and stock cylinder. There is a “kit” cylinder that Kevin, MCE Racing, had used years ago, but it is in need of replating. He said it was good for about 1.5hp more. Kevin bought this bike originally in 1996 for a customer and it eventually found its way back to him when I bought it.

I just pieced together from above emails so any info that you need that isn’t here, please feel free to contact me or post on this bbs.

I am located in San Diego and can help with delivery, but ultimately, it is up to the buyer. I ran the bike on VP U2 and A747 at 25:1 and it was last started in December of 2007. I am confident that it will start up immediately and run great. Since it has been a few years, I would suggest that fluids be refreshed.

Now the rest of the story… Well, I’d first ring Kevin to find out what he can support on this bike because as I stated Aprilia Racing pretty much has nothing for it. At $8500 I feel is a bit high compared to what I have sold in the past but it really depends on the buyer. You can’t even put a price on the exclusivity factor and once you see one, you may just “write the check” as they are absolutely  T…RICK.

Ciao for now


Honda May 7, 2010 posted by

1996 Honda RS125 NX4 In California At A Very Good Price!

This NX4 RS125 comes with a ton of spares and is priced very nicely!  Located in San Diego, California is a 1996 Honda RS125 finished in baby blue.  The seller states that this bike has a completely rebuilt, fresh, motor; new tires, new chain and many extras.  Looking at the photos this bike has an extensive spares package of consumables.  The photo shows five HRC pistons–if they’re all full and new–which, at $246 a piece retail, is $1,230 in spare pistons alone.  The photo also looks to show additional barrels, new and used, chains, sprockets, manuals and other assorted pieces.  Do the math, we’ve seen the bottom of early NX4’s at around $3,500-4,000 dollars for a bike in good condition with a decent spares package;  This bike is only priced at $3,500 and comes with over $1,000 in spare piston kits alone.  The ’96MY bikes are the last of the leaded head bikes but, the RS125 remained largely unchanged–there are some small changes–from ’95-present.  I honestly wish I wasn’t writing this post and were instead going to pick it up or calling for a shipper.  If you can live with baby blue or, can decently wield a spray gun have a look at this RS125 on Craigslist here.


Quick Spot May 6, 2010 posted by

1989 Suzuki RGV250 Gamma Project Bike In California

This is a great two stroke project RGV250 in California!  Located in San Francisco, California is a 1989 Suzuki RGV250 Gamma with no mileage listed.  This seller states:

This is a non-running project bike. New top end, new fork seals, new steering head bearings. I have stock and after-market exhaust pipe and a few other parts to go with bike, but otherwise what is shown in photo is it.

The asking price on this RGV is $1,500.  This is a good price for someone who knows how to finish this bike and is looking to track it or knows how to get a title as it probably doesn’t currently have one.  These are great little two strokes making 58hp while only weighing in at 284lbs.  If you’ve got some time, have a look at this RGV on Craigslist here.


Honda April 30, 2010 posted by

2004 Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade Ten Kate Honda/Chris Vermeulen World SuperBike Race Bike

This is a WSB Honda CBR1000RR from a prominent team and rider!  Located in Bovington, U.K. is a 2004 Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade from the Ten Kate Honda race team as raced by Chris Vermeulen during the 2004 WSB series.  This bike is in it’s original colors and features WP forks, Penski rear shock, Showa quick shifter and Arrow exhaust amongst other WSB parts.  This bike dyno’d at 207bhp in 2006.  This bike is missing the rear caliper for some reason.

2004 was the second year for the 1000cc engines in WSB.  Chris Vermeulen was Ten Kate’s only rider for the series and had four podiums and finished fourth overall.  2004 also featured a control spec. Pirelli tire which was controversial and resulted in no factory efforts from the Japanese manufacturers.  Overall, this was the highest finishing Japanese bike of the 2004 season as Ducati took places 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8.  Depending on what races this bike competed in, this is a fine example of the highest placing Japanese bike during the 2004 season.  Thanks to Phil D. for the contribution!  If you’d like a piece of Honda history, see this bike at Wyles Hardy & Co. here.


Aprilia April 27, 2010 posted by

2004 Aprilia RS250 Cup Bike With Less Than 400 Miles In Texas

This RS250 has less than 400 original miles total.  Located in El Paso, Texas is a 2004 Aprilia RS250 Cup bike with a 17 digit VIN but, no title.  The seller states that this bike has only 400 miles and has been kept in storage for the last six years with only occasional trips around the block to keep things lubed.  The bike does have some scrapes, holes drilled in the fairings from wood-blocks to protect them–the thought process on that one–and a bar end is missing.  The asking price is $6,000 putting it at the highest end for the RS250 Cup bikes we’ve seen.  This bike does have low miles and is the last year of production but, with the fairing damage it isn’t in museum condition as-is.  Some information about the Aprilia Cup can be found here.  If you’re interested see this bike on Craigslist here.