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Honda January 21, 2011 posted by

A Few, Very Rare, Race Bikes For Sale; Ex Roberts & Aoki

These three authentic race bikes are very special in their historical value, for winning and for not!

First Up:

Bike:  1999 Honda CBR900RR Erion Racing; Ex Kurtis Roberts

Location:  California

Price:  POR

The seller, RMD Motors, is sparse on the details, but it should be obvious what you’re looking at being that this bike is said to be authentic.  They do state that the bike produces 200hp at the rear wheel, comes with nothing other than what is in the photos (Read: No spares)–but that does include Kurtis’ actual leathers.

The AMA Formula Xtreme series is intended for production bikes, with some, but not many, rules on what parts of the bike you can exchange for aftermarket parts.  The intent of Formula Xtreme is to allow as many types of motorcycles to compete, anything from inline-fours to air-cooled V-twins.  Formula Xtreme racing is usually one of the more competitive and entertaining races of an AMA weekend; Many veterans such as Eric Bostrom, Jake Zemke, Josh Hayes, Nicky Hayden and Kurtis Roberts among others have cut their teeth in Formula Xtreme.

Erion Racing has continued to be a prominent name in Honda AMA racing with even a special Erion Racing edition CBR929RR released for the U.S. market by the manufacturer.  For 1999, Erion Racing was the winner of the Formula Xtreme championship with another title in 2000.  I’m not adept on the Formula Xtreme rules for 1999, but it’s obvious looking at the bike what some of it’s features are:  Race bodywork with mounts, analog tach’,  race fuel tank, larger radiator, Erion SS/Carbon full exhaust system, aftermarket triple clamps, Ohlins forks & rear shock, Brembo calipers, Marchesini wheels and I’m sure much more that I didn’t notice!  This is a chance to own a fantastic looking, legitimate, race bike with a championship under it’s belt.  I’m unaware how many races this particular bike won, I’m not sure about the 900 designation as this should be a 919 or 929 based on the year, but you still have a serious piece of AMA history regardless and I’m sure RMD would be happy to answer your questions.

See this Erion CBR900RR on RMD’s website here.

Next Up:

Bike:  2002 Kenny Roberts Proton KR3; Ex Nobuatsu Aoki

Location:  California

Price:  POR

As you may know, 2002 was the last year for two-strokes in MotoGP.  Two-strokes had their last hurrah in 2001, but couldn’t overcome the 490cc deficit they had to the four-strokes in 2002 and were finally obsolete–How you may feel about this is up for debate.  Regardless, Proton KR racing had a respectable finish in the 2001 championship with Nobuatsu Aoki & Jeremy Mcwilliams finishing 12th & 14th in the championship, respectively.  The disadvantages for the privateer team of Proton KR were immense and they didn’t receive much help from their V-3 format.  The four cylinder bikes of 500gp had the most tractable power delivery–If it’s possible to say that for a GP two-stroke–while also having the most power.  As an example, the NSR500v was a V-Twin example of Honda’s factory NSR500 designed for privateers and had nowhere near the power of the factory bike.  The theory was that the two and three cylinder machines had a lower weight and could out corner the larger bikes, in practice the two and three cylinder bikes hadn’t a chance but on a wet course or a very tight one.  The Proton KR3 debuted in 1997 and was a joint venture between legendary racer Kenny Roberts and Malaysian giant Proton.  While they may not have won any championships, or come close–and as frustrating as I imagine it was for KR–I’m sure “King” Roberts enjoyed it, I know I would have!

This example looks to be in fantastic condition.  The seller states that this bike will run and comes with a small selection of spares.  As I’m sure you can imagine, it would be no small feat to run this bike anywhere, especially when consumables are accounted for.  However, if you have the funds, ask yourself:  How many times does a 2001 500GP bike come up for sale?

See this bike on RMD’s website here.


Bike:  2004 Kenny Roberts Proton KRV5 XM2; Ex Kurtis Roberts

Location:  California

Price:  POR (Rumor has it $300,000)

The Proton KR KRV5 debuted in 2002 with the adoption of four-strokes.  The V5 in KRv5 denotes that this bike has a 60deg V5 arrangement and a displacement of 990cc, putting out 200hp @ 15,000rpm.  The bodywork appears to be the latter iteration of the KRV5, which is consistent with the Valencia technical inspection sticker.  For 2004, Kurtis Roberts was only able to finish twice in France and Brazil with 15th and 19th, respectively.  The bike for sale here shows a technical inspection sticker for Valencia in 2004, however Roberts never started the GP at Valencia in 2004.

So, what are you getting for your money?  As things stand right now, you’ll get a fully functioning seven year old, privateer, MotoGP bike with a minimal spares package.  This bike currently doesn’t hold the value that any of the factory bikes would and shouldn’t for a long, long time.  However, none of those factory bikes are currently available–that I’m aware of–and you’ll probably be waiting a very long time for one to pop up if you don’t already know someone who has one.

See the bike on RMD’s website here.

So, all of these bikes look to be from the same seller/collection, but which one is the one to have if you can only choose one?  Obviously, the most expensive will always be one of the Proton KR bikes, with a large gap back to the CBR.  My money says that the 2002 Proton KR3 will always be the most valuable bike of the three; The most important influence being that it is one of the last two-stroke 500GP/MotoGP bikes to ever be produced–privateer or otherwise.  The 2004 KRV5 will always be a interim MotoGP bike and if the rules are again revised to allow 1000cc bikes, it won’t even have a displacement draw.  The CBR is a National Championship bike, even if it’s only in Formula Xtreme, and that kind of provenance doesn’t come everyday.

There are two kinds of collectors these bikes are for:  One who has a decent amount of money to spend on a collector bike, and someone who has obscene amounts of money for a collector bike.  The Proton’s are obviously the expensive bikes with the Erion CBR checking the affordable box.  Both of the MotoGP bikes have parts that you’re never going to be able to purchase from any retailer, and I’m sure the CBR has some good HRC bits on it too.  I wouldn’t be ashamed to have any of these three bikes, but I’d absolutely love to have a final year Grand Prix two-stroke.  If nothing else, spend a little time to enjoy the photos!


Kawasaki January 13, 2011 posted by

Another Ex-Chandler Race Bike: #10’s 2006 Kawasaki ZX10R

Another Ex-Chandler Race Bike:  #10’s  2006 Kawasaki ZX10R

Too bad it wasn’t his old Cagiva GP bike huh?  Well you can’t have everything and this bike does have some awfully tasty pieces.  As the title suggests, this isn’t even the first Ex-Chandler ZX we’ve seen here at RSFS.  This one  was posted back at the end of 2009.

I don’t believe those forks came stock on the ZX.  I know the ZX chassis was always suspect for racing but I bet quite a few guys would like that setup to show off at the local hangout.  I found an old press release from 2006 that claims the engine work was done by famed Kawi tuner Rob Muzzy’s shop.  It is kind of interesting though, that there is no mention of this in the auction info below…hmmm.  I would think that would be a strong selling point.

The seller states this is one of two bikes built for Chandler’s 2006 season.  I guess my first question would be if this was the “A” or “B” bike and if there were any differences.

The info:

This is one of two bikes Doug built for the 2006 season. The bike does have a title so with a little work could be made street legal. The chassis starts with a 50mm MARZOCCHI forks with special made upper and lower triple trees. Wheels are forged MAGNESIUM by EXCEL.Has PVM front brakes with wave rotors. Comes with a brand new set of slicks and tire warmers. Rear shock is an OHLINS. Has a GPR steering dampner. Has Hot Bodies body work and comes with a complete set of extra Hot Bodies body work. Also has a FC FuelCel. According to Doug the motor is making around 195 – 200 horsepower. Comes with titanium exhaust and lots of titanium fasteners. The bike starts up and idles like a street bike, sounds amazing! Comes with a set of sprockets, new air filters and new clutch plates. Also has a front and rear stand. This is an awesome bike built by a three time AMA champion. Buyer is responsible for pick up or shipping. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks

Everyone likes extras and speaking of extras, it sounds like the motor isn’t hurting in the pony department.  If you’d like to own a small piece of racing history you can .

By the way, do you think owning a Cagiva GP bike is just a dream?  Check out this photo from a gathering at Imola.  This is apparently someones private collection.  If you like this sort of stuff be sure to check out two stroke section on the Performance Bikes Forum.  It has a cool thread on the Cagiva GP bikes.  I don’t want to hear about anyone bragging about their collection of bikes until you have at least two of these.


Honda January 7, 2011 posted by

Track Toys: 2001 Honda RS250 & 2008 Moriwaki MD250H

Track Toys:  2001 Honda RS250 & 2008 Moriwaki MD250H

The past and the present in one post.  One’s a little rough and one looks spotless.  Take your pic, load em up and have fun at the track.


Two strokes to the front of the line even if they are a little rough.  Hey, its a track bike not a museum piece!  What strikes me is that even at ten years old this Honda still looks the business.  That looks like a healthy spares package to keep you going even if you toss down the track a time or two.

GP tech trickle down.  It sounds like the seller has engine well sorted.

The details:

Welcome to my auction! You are bidding on a 2001 Honda RS250, two-stroke race motorcycle. This light-weight, GP style bike is incredibly nimble and fast on the track. Engine has zero miles on a professionally installed and dyno tuned bottom end. Comes with a huge assortment of spares and parts – please see pictures and comments below. This bike is sold as-is, no warranty and no title.

I finished 8th in the 2005 250/50 on this bike. It runs even better now. Dyno printout available from MCE Racing showing a beautiful power curve with a setup that will last (mild jetting). I was doing 1:28s and I am not a small rider (6′ 200lbs). This bike is very capable and still very fast. I just started it and it started right up and runs great.
Never seized, lowsided once in T5 at Willow. There’s too many spares to list them all so I took photos. It has sat since having the bottom end done in 2007 by MCE Racing. Needs TLC and some rubber items replaced but mechanically is ready to go. Brand new, never mounted or painted Shark Skins upper and lower. The tail fairing has some damage that was fiberglassed and some black primer applied. Sould be filled, sanded and made to look new again. Only used A747 for as long as I have had it.
Frame is straight, motore like new, tons of spares. With some cleanup and a few small parts it’s ready for the track again.
– New bottom end: Bottom end rebuild done by Kevin Murray from MCE racing. Haven’t ridden it since. Started every few Months to run some fuel through it in the driveway. Top end is fresh with pistons mileage of approx 100mi.
– Bike has typical wear and tear from use on the track (see pictures). For sure tank is rought but there are no leaks on this tank so it’s completely cosmetic.
– This bike has been stored covered in a large garage since 2006. It has a lot of dust and some cleaning will really make it shine. The rebuild was done because we were going to race it again.
– Second owner. Bike was imported from Japan in 2005 from RSCycles. All spares included with this sale. See photos.
– Radiator has some dents and dings but does not leak
– This bike is sold as is and is a genuine GP racebike.
– This item is for sale locally. We reserve the right to end the auction early if it’s sold locally.
There is definitely some interest in this package with several bidding already.  The seller has a buy it now price of $5,500 if you’ve already made up your mind.    .
If you are seriously getting into racing then you know that my whining about the death of two strokes is pointless.  That ship has sailed and this bike is really the first of the new generation of customer race bikes.  This one might be a couple of years old but it looks like it has been meticulously maintained.

Moriwaki does have very nice Engliash website.  There is a whole section on the MD250H that includes the whole story of its’ development.

 The info:

This is a 2008 Moriwaki MD250H Grand Prix racing motorcycle. Its frame is built by Moriwaki. The suspension and wheels are by Honda. The motor is a stock Honda CRF250X Motor. These bikes are sold by Honda ready to race out of the box. Honda also pays prize money on them for performance in the USGPRU National Road Racing Series. This bike was raced by Gerry Signorelli to finish 4th in the national championship standings in the USGPRU Moto3 and 125GP classes. 

The entire bike has just been gone through with all bearings and chassis parts cleaned, lubed, and re-torqued to spec. The motor has only 100 miles on it since getting a brand new top end with beryllium valve seats. It has new a new piston, rings, pin, re-honed cylinder, fresh valves and seats. It is in very good shape. There are also spare parts available. It was meticulously maintained. Oils were changed every 100 miles with Motul full synthetic racing lubricants. The bikes are ~$13,000 brand new from Honda and each race won on them has the potential to earn $2,000 in prize money from Honda. 
It has been dyno tuned to run optimally. There is a small dent in the exhaust with a minor scratch. The fairing is in good shape. The performance levels of this bike enable it to go around corners much faster than any bigger sport bike. 
This bike is not a titled vehicle. It is only allowed on race tracks. It weighs ~190 pounds.  Buyers must place a deposit of $500 immediately to hold bike after auction. The remainder of the balance must be paid by the buyer within three days of the auction ending. Bike is in Colorado Springs, CO. Buyer is responsible for paying the costs of shipping and this can be arranged with seller after auction. There is also an option to have the seller deliver the bike for an additional price. Buyer is welcome to travel to the bike to pick it up as well. 


And the caption would read, “This could be you: as long as you are tiny!”.  This is also an Ebay bike with a starting price of $6,000 and a BIN of  $7,499.  That price doesn’t look out of line with what I saw with quick search of the internets.  If you can squeeze into that cockpit,  place your bid here.


Honda December 22, 2010 posted by

Unused HRC Gems: 2008 RS125 And RS250

Unused HRC Gems: 2008  RS125 And RS250

No matter how cool these bikes are, I still blame you Honda for the demise of the two stroke!  It is just such a pity these bikes are disappearing.  I’m not a Honda fan by any means but there is no denying they built some of the best track two strokes the world ever saw.  Honda/HRC’s RS series are the mainstay of 250 and 125 classes across the country.  These two were apparently bought for a rider who got injured and never returned to racing.  Both bikes are 2008’s, never started and have their complete spares kits.

Asking price for the 250 is $25,000.  These bikes have been around for years so there are plenty of go faster parts out there for them.  I did notice though, HRC does not list any official parts for them anymore.  They do for the CBR954RR so go figure.

Asking price for the 125 is $12,000.  He does mention in some later posts on the forum he is open to offers.  They do have a beautiful purpose built look to them.  They can be seen on the WERA Forum here.

I found this searching for a HRC video.  Not relevant to the two bikes above but what a pretty restoration.


Track Bikes For Sale December 13, 2010 posted by

Two Stroke Glory Days: 1980 Yamaha TZ500H

Two Stroke Glory Days: 1980 Yamaha TZ500H

Ah, the days of the customer race bike.  How times have changed.  Two strokes have been killed, customer race bikes are a thing of the past and racing, well is hurting.  I know the economy has put a hurt on everything but I think some of the decisions made in the not to distant past have combined to slowly but surely hurt racing.  Let me climb off my soapbox now and have look at what we have here. 

You don’t see a TZ500 everyday!   This was Yamaha’s answer to Suzuki’s RGB500’s that had quite a bit of success back in the late 70’s and early 80’s.   This particular bike has had a restoration (how complete I don’t know).  It looks to have been painted to replicate the bike Barry Sheene rode in 1980.  This is where it gets a bit confusing. It is advertised as Barry Sheene’s Team Akai TZ500H (is it a bad sign they misspelled “Sheene” in the ad?).  From what I can gather, Sheene rode full works Yamaha back in 1980.  So, I’m not sure if this a replica or a bike Sheene rode in some capacity.  I’m sure there are plenty of you out there that know more than me so please be sure to comment.

How the hell does that top pipe not cook  your leg?  They do look nasty though poking out from everywhere.  The bike was formerly owned by racer Steve Parrish and had its’ restoration done in 1994.  I didn’t inlcude anything else from the auction as it is just TZ500 history.  You are going to have to tap that keyboard or pick up the phone to get the details on this pretty bike.  Can you think of 60,000 reasons you’d like to add this bike to your collection?  Bidding is starting at $60,000.  I don’t know how reasonable that is but a restored 81 TZ500 sold in England for 37,400 pounds (roughly $59,000). 

If you’d like a piece of Yamaha racing history (and who wouldn’t?) you can .



Ducati December 9, 2010 posted by

Ex-Chili Ducati 916 WSBK race winning bike!

Ex-Frankie Chili Ducati 916 WSBK race winning works bike for sale!

Ducati 916 WSBK
1996 World Superbike Championship
Team Gattolone (Andrea Merloni)
Rider PierFrancesco Chili

Winning in Monza and Brands Hatch see:

Technical manager was Piero Giannesin, GPM Racing see:
Original bike with certification.

This bike is VERY important in the WSBK history because it was the first one to pass the 300km/h, over 12 km/h faster than factory Ducati bikes.

We have bought it directly from Team Gattolone in year 1997 and always kept in our collection. I have decided to sell most of my bikes so this one must go. Good original conditions as in photo, genuine and straight.

It is THE REAL THING, it is NOT cheap so don’t waste my time asking stupid things, be prepared to pay the price. NO DREAMERS.A  good investment. Car [I think he means bike] is currently located in Italy, Padova but i can deliver no problem to UK.

Any question please ring to my mobile +39 347 2656235 or email to

Ducati’s 916 is definitely one of the icons (if not THE icon) of modern day sports bike, and a works racer (one that beat factory bikes at that!) with history and race wins is definitely worth a whole lot  more.  Bidding price is up to 40,500 British pounds (approx. $64,000) with 4 days to go – my guess is that it will sell for over $80,000 by the end of the auction.  What do you guys think?

Here’s the video of the 1996 WSBK Monza race where Chili won by just a hair on this very bike (just to get the blood pumping):


Sport Bikes For Sale November 9, 2010 posted by

1993 Yamaha TZ-250 Roadracer

For sale: 1993 Yamaha TZ-250 Roadracer

OK track day fans – here is your weapon. If you want to play doctor like Valentino, consider this your scalpel. Any way you look at it, here is a bike that will bring your track day riding to a whole new level.

This particular bike is a performer, having won multiple ARMHA championships. Like most well-used race bikes, this vehicle has likely seen a little road rash during its lifetime. Fortunately, it is now sporting pretty new livery (so new that no padding has been added to the seat area); the blue/silver/white pattern is certainly striking on this bike.

TZ 250’s are very tidy machines, large enough to accommodate the average rider, but small enough to be dwarfed by any current middle weight or liter bike – at least by size. On the performance front, these little two strokes can run circles around nearly any street bike that shows up at your track day.

Here is a common view you can show your track day buddies. They will see this often, as you lap them. Check out that aerodynamic tail section!

From the seller:
Yamaha’s 2-stroke 250cc screamer was a dominant force in roadracing from the early 80’s and these factory built racers continue to dominate in vintage racing to this day. This particular TZ250 won ARMHA Championships in 2006 and 2008 under the capable guidance of Karsten Illg. Here is a great chance to purchase an entire package and be ready to go racing in AHRMA, WERA, or other sanctioning bodies in 2011.

The engine in this TZ has been rebuilt from the crank up less than 70 miles ago and the bike comes with a huge collection of spares and equipment, much of which can be seen in the photos. Included in the sale are:

Marchesini wheels with Bridgestone slicks and new EBC discs, plenty of life left in the tires
Spare set of wheels with rotors and rain tires
Accu starting tool for the crank, for starting while the warmers are still on. attaches to a ½ inch drive drill (works well with my 18v Makita cordless drill)
Factory service manual, factory parts book, and full record of all conditions and jetting settings used for each race and practice session, along with records of maintenance
Front and rear stands
Steering stabilizer just rebuilt 10/2010
All spares included that are shown in the pictures
Many factory unopened seals, gaskets , o-rings and misc hardparts
2 spare cylinders
3 sets of heads, High comp, Mid comp, and Low comp heads, (low comp are fitted currently)
Spare cables
Spare radiator, and caps
Various thickness base gaskets
Spare clutch basket, pressure plates, used but measured within spec frictions, metal plates, and springs
Clutch holding tool
Powervalve servo motor tool
Relative air density gauge
Rain cover for rear carb airbox
Spare trans gears and trans shaft
Spare rear sets and spare pegs
Spare clutch levers, and perch
Spare shifters
Spare clipon
Spare rear brake pedal
Spare spark plugs and caps
Spare unused bearings
Spare front brake master cyl and lever
Full spare set of bodywork
Spare front rotors
New rear brake pads fitted
Spare pistons and rings, some used, some new
Tire socks warmers and felt covers
Large selection of jets and nozzles
Spare selection of sprocket sizes
Spare polished crank (needs rebuilt, however when it was new it was a $1500 performance crank) from Rick Shell
This TZ250 is suited for racing purposes only. It is not, and cannot be licensed for street use. Sold with Bill of Sale only.

Fast and fun is available today – with tons of spares! This is a track-only bike, but one worth checking out. Find out more details by clicking on


Aprilia November 4, 2010 posted by

1999 Aprilia RS 250 Cup Bike $3,500!

1999 Aprilia RS 250 Cup Bike for sale on the cheap

Location: San Francisco, CA
Price: $3,500
Mileage: unknown race bike

For some odd reason I’ve been on the lookout for 2 strokes as of late. I don’t think it would have anything to do with a few of our viewers telling me how “this they are or how that they are.” No, that couldn’t be it because all of our viewers are proper motorcycle folk and only give sound advice to the unsuspecting RSBFS authors (laughter fills the halls of the RSBFS offices). Over the past few weeks I have become partial to the RS250 and have been scouring the net in search of every last one of them or at least a few choice parts that may fit.

Today’s find looks to be a little used and might have been down at one point in its illustrious life as a club racer, but the asking price of $3,500 more than makes up for it. Even though it still sports the original bodywork there’s no mention mileage so, you would definitely want to contact the seller for the 411.

Have a look:

From the listing:

This bike has been called “the last of the fire breathing dragons” because it is one of the best 250cc two stroke motorcycles every made. Some consider this to be the best handling bike ever.
I brought it from a racer in Minnesota in order to turn it into an electric race bike. We didn’t use it and now I have to sell it. This bike has been raced to many victories, but is still in pretty good shape. There is a little road rash on the exhaust pipes and some scratches here and there. I cut off the ignition lock from the upper triple clamp, but for a race bike you really don’t need it.

I recently had the opportunity to ride one of these and I have to agree that it might be the best handling bike ever made. Okay, so that’s subjective to the rider, but they do feel very light and nimble just like you would expect a lightweight race bike to feel.

If you bleed premix, need a winter project or are looking for a back up- this one might be for you.

Check the add out here.