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Ducati June 5, 2011 posted by

2007 Ducati S4RS Monster For Sale in San Francisco

I know we’ve had well over a dozen Duc’s in the pond in the last couple weeks, but when Eric emailed me about his S4RS I knew readers wouldn’t mind one more! The modifications to this bike are very well thought out and you can tell he’s taken very good care of it.

He has extensively outlined all the details about his Monster:

For Sale 2006/7 Ducati S4RS Monster Red 31,000mi $9000 obo

-Full Termignoni exhaust kit with Ducati Performance ECU and airbox
-Nemesis fully programable ECU installed with dual fuel maps switchable on the fly, one power/one lean for increased range, custom dyno tune from Desmoto in San Francisco
-Fully rebuilt motor at 12k service due to out of warranty crank damage, replaced with 999S crank, titanium rods and lightened flywheel
-Sigma slipper clutch with freshly serviced and installed clutch pack
-Cam timing checked during 30k service, all rockers ok, cams set to race spec tolerance
-Forks revalved by James Siddall of Superplush Suspension
-K&S mirrors as well as stock ones
-Carbon radiator covers
-Carbon tailsection
-Quick change rear sprocket
-Low mileage Meztler M5 tires
-Termignoni exhaust just repacked
-Stock front fly screen
-Stock exhaust with ECU
-Adult owned by rider with extensive Ducati experience
-Complete list of service records

I have straight up loved owning this bike. There are many who may scoff at a bike that has been ridden and maintained to a higher mileage than might be the norm but I would keep riding it if it was just a little bit bigger and would let me travel two up with more than a tankbag.

I am the second owner, the first bought it new and put 1300 miles on it after a year. I think of it as a ‘rescue’ purchase.

Bike performed flawlessly until the 12k service when we discovered a nut that holds the flywheel onto the crank had started to fail and had actually damaged the crank journals. As I enjoy a very close relationship with my shop, we decided to fix it a bit more decisively than was required as they do a lot of work on the race bikes owned locally. In went a 999S crank mated to
titanium rods and a lighter flywheel, cam timing was re set to match and off I went.

Of each generation of 4 valve Ducati motors, the ones with lightened internals, as with any of the R models are always noticeably lighter on the throttle, eager to spin up, and smoother everywhere in the powerband. This is the net result for the S4RS as well. The motor has been bulletproof for almost 20k miles now requiring only regular service, oil and tires which has put any of my own queries about reliability to rest just based off practical use. It is just a sweet motor to ride. The Nemesis ECU can hold two maps for use anytime which are changed by pressing the ignition button when the motor is running, the tach needle will blip up to a different number on the dial to indicate which map you are in. The default is for full power use and delivers normal RS range of around 100+ miles, and the ‘B’ map has shown me close to 120 miles of range on longer trips, is equally rideabe, just leaner. Though I have the baffles for the exhaust, the bike runs as it was intended by Ductai best with them removed. I rode 5 miles with them in before taking them out, it is just pointless as they castrate the bottom end of this bike, even with the stock motor.

A slipper clutch came with the bike and depending on where you ride most is either great or not. I’m just being straightforward about it as I have around 100,000 miles on different Ducati dry clutches and thats the way it is. I live in San Francisco, so when I just ride it out of the city I love it but when I do more stop/start riding it can be a chore as dry slipper clutches can get grabby around town. This one has a fresh clutch service and new plates.

I have used this bike primarily for local Northern California road riding and occasional longer trips, to be honest I’ve had it sitting in the shop for the last month looking for anything out of sorts on it before I sell it, hence the muffler repacking and clutch service, I really want someone to ride it that will enjoy it. Just starting it up for the first time in awhile makes me remember how special it is.

Why am I selling? At the time I did the motor work I thought I would keep it forever, as you do, but after trying to travel further and futher on riding trips I came up against the limitations of what this bike is meant for. No shocker there, but I need to be able to take my gal in comfort and dissappear for a weekend, and I already have a bike for track work.

Wear and tear on the swingarm is from the left boot, I added the Leo carbon shield to keep from melting the right one. Theres also a dent on the bottom of the exhaust header that hangs lowest under the bike, urban bump, one of which I’ve had repaired before but this one is smaller so it remains. I forget how many miles are on these tires as I’ve had less time to ride recently but it’s not much, they work brilliantly on the street and for my mind I really found them to be superior to the stock Michelins while still working well on cooler damp road conditions. Bike has always lived in a warm dry garage.

Thats pretty much it. I’ll be happy to field any questions at all or arrange to show the bike locally. If anyone has specific questions about the bike and how it runs you can call Desmoto in San Francisco directly, believe me they know the bike really well.

While many will note that the S4 uses the 4 valve Ducati Superbike motor, the RS was the ultimate iteration as it used the next generation 999 Testastretta engine. It also received Öhlins suspension front and rear and had radial brakes up front. To my mind, this is the baddest Monster ever offered so far, first or second generation.

And if you’re wondering what kind of thunder those termi’s make, here’s a clip I found on YouTube (not the seller’s bike):

Interested parties can email me directly or through his listing.


Ducati June 3, 2011 posted by

Panning for Silver – the Neiman Marcus 748L

It’s Saturday night — well past closing time, and you and your mates decide to see who can come up with the rarest of the rare Ducatis; specifically, the Tamburini Ducatis.

“That’s easy,” says one friend; “The 998 S Bostrom.”

“No, no, no,” says the other. “The 916 Senna.”

You nod; the Senna is rare — and fabulous. But no, you know that’s not it, and anyway, the Senna was never officially available for sale in the US — not that you even specified that criterion, but it’s late, so anything goes. The two go back and forth for a while, one says the 996R, another says the Matrix 998 (which was supposed to be a 996). The 748 R and RS come up, and you think, “Now, we’re getting somewhere…” You wait for the moment, and finally, like a flasher in an airport, you open your trench coat and ask in your best Graham Norton voice, “What about this, boys?”

You spring upon them, the for-sale-by-Neiman-Marcus-catalogue-only, 748L.

At first glance, you might think, “Wow, 1998 was a good year for silver in Bologna…” The 900SS/FE, the ST2, and this 748L — to say nothing of various and sundry M900 iterations. But this one really is special.

Capped at just 100 units, the 748L was essentially a 748S Bip with silver paint, and available only through the Neiman Marcus catalogue. Clearly, its intentions of being a bike capable of offering its captain a good rogering aren’t hidden in any way. But aimed at this particular segment, the 748L was targeted at Roger Moore, as well as Roger Marshall.

From the seller:

The 748L
features Mercury metallic paint, carbon fiber front fender and chain guard. Mechanically it was a 748s with the additional parts and paint.
As of current the bike has 14,610 miles. In addition to the standard features several additional parts have been added to this bike.
Micron carbon fiber exhaust cans with ECU re-flash
Carbon Fiber Radiator Guard(stock painted included)
MPL reservoir covers,
Samco hose’s put on at 14k with a full desmo(belts and adjustment) and fluid service(3 new rocker arms), preformed by Motorcycle Performance in Madison.
Custom Cut “Ducati” Clutch Cover (additional Stock unit included)
Included with the bike are also a Pit-bull Single sided swingarm stand, Complete factory tool kit, Display mat, Haynes Manual.
feel the bike is in excellent condition both mechanically and cosmetically. There is one small scrape that I have touched up which is pointed out in a picture below.

The list of goodies is a nice one, without going over the top. The three rockers that were replaced are fairly business-as-usual for a Desmoquattro of this vintage.  ’98s, especially, were known for flaking rockers, and as recently as 2006, Ducati USA were still replacing some under warranty. Bottom line: it’s nothing to worry about.

Your friends with whom you were having the argument, have nothing. They crown you the winner of the day for this one. If you pick this bike up for six grand you’re the real winner, because quite frankly, it’s ridiculously reasonable money for such a rare gem.


Honda May 7, 2011 posted by

Reader Round Up Vol. 2

Welcome to our second installation of reader rides for sale! First up is yes, another Yamaha FZR400 in very nice condition. This one is for sale in Canada for $4000 CAD:


Here’s a 2007 Honda CBR125R for sale in San Diego that the owner has had no luck in getting through the California DMV. Maybe your state has more lax regulations on sub 250cc machines as this would make for a super unique beginner bike for someone at only $1450!


And here’s a reader ride from the UK, a


I’m considering making this a weekly feature. If you have a bike for sale that we should consider, check out your options and email me!


MV Agusta May 3, 2011 posted by

The Stuff of Legends: 2002 MV Agusta F4 750 Senna

For Sale: 2002 MV Agusta F4 750 Senna Edition

Miles: 1,800

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Price: $16,500

Take one Claudio Castiglioni, President of MV Agusta and close personal friend of Ayrton Senna (regarded by many as the finest Formula 1 driver of the modern era), add noted designer Massimo Tamburini to the mix (you might remember him as the guy that created the Ducati 916), stir in a Ferrari designed in-line four cylinder engine, wrap it up in carbon fiber bodywork and perch the whole package on stunning composite alloy wheels. This, my friends, is the numbered and rare MV Agusta F4 750 Senna Edition.

Today’s bike is a featured listing on RSBFS: MV Agusta Senna #175 of 300!

With only two owners and 1,800 miles (how do you people do that??), this nearly new motorcycle is ready to go to a new home. And when it does, the lucky buyer will be getting an amazing motorcycle in spotless condition – at a great price!

From the seller:
2002 Senna, one of the most beautiful MV Agusta’s ever, in my opinion.
Excellent condition, only 1800 miles.
I am the second owner, bought it about three years ago from MotoForza in Oceanside, CA, and put about 100 miles on it, if that. Bought as a more of a collector’s piece, but would start and run it regularly to keep the fluids moving.

Has the racing Arrow exhaust fitted, and comes complete with
rear stand, MV Agusta Factory indoor cover, stock exhaust, user manual, etc.

It is in beautiful condition, I apologize the pics are not great and do not do the bike justice. But anyone looking at this ad has seen one before and it looks as good as any you have seen. Reluctantly selling because of another bike purchase, and can’t keep everything!

Plus if you are in CA, you can transfer the license plate to you which reads “F4 MV”….that alone is worth $16,500. Just kidding.

Please send me PM or email to if interested. Will ship or help deliver in California within reason

When the Senna Edition was released in 2002, it retailed for $24,995. All 300 bikes were sold with the proceeds going directly to the Instituto Ayrton Senna – a charity benefitting Brazillian children – set up after the racer’s death. Sharp looks with performance and handling to match, the MV F4 continues to be a desirable motorcycle. These limited edition models only enhance the value of the bike.

According to the seller, this bike comes with a cover, a manual, personalized CA plates, a rear stand and the stock exhaust cans. With low miles, lots of additional pieces, absolutely sanitary condition and a fair price, this one should not last long. If you are interested, email the seller at the address above. But you’d better do it quick; I don’t see this deal hanging around very long!


[AffomaticEbay]MV Agusta F4[/AffomaticEbay]

Reader Rides For Sale May 1, 2011 posted by

1989 Yamaha FZR 400 For Sale-

1989 Yamaha FZR 400 For Sale

Location: Newport Beach, CA
Mileage: 13,500
Price: $5,000 B.I.N.

Following on the heels of Mike’s FZR 400 post is yet another fine example of a timeless machine. Can you feel my love for FZR400’s?

As Mike mentioned in his post, I’ve owned, raced and been enamored with these most of my adult life. It all started in 1990 when I purchased my first sport bike, a 1987 Kawasaki 750R Ninja. My riding buddy had a brand new 1990 FZR 400 with a Vance & Hines Super Sport exhausts. That sweet sound had me at “Hello!”….er…… 14,000 rpm’s. 14k isn’t a big deal today, but back in the day that was balls out and screaming. Okay, so it only screamed to 135mph, but it was touted as the best handling sport bike ever made and can still hold it’s own to this day.

From the seller:

Here it is!, A vintage “hard to find” Yamaha FZR400 Exup / california model. only 13,500 miles !

recently bought & Need to sell for sanity reasons,,, , Needs rightful owner.

Runs Great! Looks Great! no need to say more….

This one looks to be in pretty good shape considering it’s 22 years old. So, if you’re in the market for a nice ride that is bullet proof and sounds like a million bucks-



Ducati May 1, 2011 posted by

2006 Ducati Superbike 999R Xerox Repli Racer #16

2006 Ducati Superbike 999R Xerox For Sale

Location: Worcester, MA
Mileage: 5,291
Price: $12,600 at time of writing

Long time friend and viewer, Joe, has submitted (as you just saw) his stunning 999r for your consideration. Even though I imported a lot of pictures there are still more to be seen over at the auction site and yes, they are all as well done as the ones you just drooled over.

Joe says:

Pictures tell the story on condition and it has been recently serviced and is ready to go. This 2006 Ducati Xerox 999R has 5,291 miles on it and is number 16. Along with the bike I am including the distinctive plaque that Ducati gives to its customers and a clean title. The bike is fitted with the race exhaust and ECU along with go fast bits scattered around. The only negitive to offer is a small scuff under the bike on one side from loading into a truck. I was gutted but these things do happen. It can easily be touched up but I decided to leave well enough alone. The scuff is very small and way on the bottom of the bike so it is only visible when laying on the ground next to the bike. I hope it goes to a good home where someone will enjoy it out on the road.

The only thing I can find wrong with this bike is that I won’t be the one taking it out on the road enjoying it 🙁

Ducati makes a few too many LE’s for my taste, but when they build ‘R’ versions they bring it. I know repli racers aren’t everyone’s favorite, but for me they are the ultimate in sport bikes.

When you look at a 999 Superbike you feel the need of speeding even if the motorcycle is parked in your garage, well if you are lucky enough to be one of the owners of this beauty, as the 999R is a very limited edition. The 999R satisfies the needs of even one of the most demanding buyers in this world: it has style; it has power, but in the same time it’s easy on the road and offers one of the best performances in the world. But the 999R does not only offer speed and performance, it also has a stunning design that makes it one of the most beautiful motorcycles in the world.


Good luck with the sale Joe-



Aprilia April 30, 2011 posted by

Saturday Reader Ride Round-up!

We got some great submissions this week from our readers. Take a look:

These two are from Dan in Canada:

1998 Aprilia RS250

1998 Aprilia RS250 For Sale in Canada

quote from his listing:

1998 Aprilia RS250, RS 250. 20615KM.
2 stroke V-twin engine, 140 KG, inverted fork, plastic tank. 100% original and unmolested condition. Never dropped, just like new. Registered in Quebec, legal for road use. 17 digit serial number. This is not a race bike converted for the road. This is the real deal.

and his 1990 Yamaha TZR250

Yamaha TZR250 For Sale in Canada

quote from his listing:

1990 Yamaha TZR250 3MA. 13400 KM. 136 KG
Bike is in excellent mechanical condition, plastics are 8/10. 2 stroke parallel twin. All original. Licence in Quebec and passed mechanical inspection. 100% original condition.

Good luck with these Dan!


1987 Honda VFR400R For Sale in Jacksonville on Craigslist

1987 Honda VFR400R For Sale

quote from the listing:

It features a V-4 engine that’s 400cc producing 60 hp @ 14,000 rpm. A one sided swing arm (Hondas Pro-arm) that has a Cam Gear Train which produces a distinct high pitched whine that sets this bike apart from others. I have all the paper work on the bike since it was shipped here to the United States. Everything from the original shipping invoices to oil changes and tire purchases. The bike has been meticulous maintained and is in 100% original collectors condition. The odometer reads 18100 KM which is approximately 11,246 miles. The bike has just been freshly serviced for the warm weather but misfortune has forced me to place the NC24 for sale. Recent service includes; All fluids changed, oil filter changed, front forks rebuilt, carburetors cleaned out and re synchronized, radiator fan replaced and front brake pads replaced. The bike runs great, starts right up and idles well. Tires still have nipples and are like new.

Great looking bike and well priced at only $3k with plates. Thanks for the email Jon and good luck with the sale!


I’m considering making this a weekly feature. If you have a bike for sale that we should consider, check out your options and email me!


Reader Rides For Sale April 26, 2011 posted by

1996 Suzuki RGV250SP w/ CA title For Sale

1996 Suzuki RGV250SP For Sale

Location: Brentwood, CA
Mileage: 4,220
Price: $8,000.00 should buy it

Update 4.26.2011: Auction is back, but now with a buy-it-now of $9500. Link updated at the bottom. -dc

First and foremost I need to thank my brother Larry for the heads up on this machine. Usually he only sends me lies and falsities, but today he sent the good stuff. I will say it was not without some doubt. When I received the text I anxiously pushed the ‘open’ button and couldn’t believe my eyes, but quickly realized who it was from. Brushing it off, but still secretly curious, I jump on the auction site and start key wording to find it. As I suspected, it wasn’t there so I had another look at the text and was getting ready to swype ‘another lie eh?’ but, I noticed the seller has it listed in the ebay motors> parts & accessories category. It’s a good thing I didn’t out and out call my buddy a ‘Liar!’ because that would have warranted an apology on my part. If you know me you’re well aware that those don’t come easy from my stubborn as a Mule personality.

Okay enough with story time and on with the show-

So, do you love it or hate? My first response was ‘Cool, it has the 90’s style graphics and that is totally hot!’. My other brother Larry’s response was ‘I don’t care for the color scheme- it’s too girlie looking…’ Either way it looks super nice for a 96 model coming from Japan only 9 short months ago. Corrosion is a huge problem in Japan and when you’re able to find a smoker without corrosion it’s big deal to us here at the HQ’s.

You are looking at a 1996 Suzuki RGV250SP (Vj23A) that I brought over from Japan about 9 months ago. It only has 6800 original kilometers. I have fully de-restricted the bike with the OEM Suzuki 42E10 CDI along with the proper jetting, chambers and airbox mods. Bike runs strong and hard. Although the bike only has 6800 kilometers I did go to the expense of installing a brand new top end. The motor is as fresh as they come. The nice thing about this bike is that is is all original and it is VERY unusual to bring a bike over from Japan that is so absolutely free of corrosion. The owner must have kept the bike indoors all the time because all the fasteners are mint and original, look at the pictures. When I got the bike it had been lightly dropped on both sides. The left side was a bit worse so I replaced the left side mid panel with a nicer used panel and a rear left side exhaust hanger. The right side mid panel was lightly scuffed and originally it did not bother me but I did end up finding a clean un-rashed right side panel that will be included with the bike, it is currently over in Japan. All in all the bodywork is very good for an original set that is 15 years old. Underneath the skin though this bike is stellar. When I got the bike I could tell it had never been kept outdoors and when I went to give it a detail the bike became amazing. I spent a weeks worth of elbow grease and she looks like new. Only cosmetic issue is the left side brace on the swing arm has a crack from the bike being dropped and the silencer in turn hit the brace. Completely cosmetic and is behind the silencer. I do have the original set of chambers that came with the bike if you want to install them to have it completely stock. The chambers on the bike are the Sugaya street set. The bike is titled and plated in California (see the vin plate pic). Insurance is cheap because it is 250cc’s. The picture of the needle/seats is the wrong ones that are in the bike now. They weeped fuel (btw the carbs are perfect internally, again no corrosion, rare). I replaced them but they are not correct. I have ordered another set directly from Japan so they will come with the bike as well. The tires on the bike are still the original units. I do have a brand new set of Bridgestones in the correct original size that will come with the bike as well.
Don’t know what else to say. If you are looking for a super rare unmolested original condition RGV250SP then this bike is for you. Having owned 6 TZR’s, 2 NSR’s and 2 other Vj22 RGV’s I can say with experience that this is THE 2 stroke repli-racer to own. It outperforms all the other makes in every category hands down. I have tons of pics so contact me if you are genuinely serious about winning this auction, and if you want to talk about the bike I would be glad to answer any questions.

Totally impressed with the amount of disclosure by the seller- Kudos!

These are said to weigh in at just a tic under 300# dry, have a claimed 62hp and if the ring-a-ding isn’t enough noise for you it’s an SP so you get the lovely dry clutch rattle.

New tires, new float needles, a tremendous detail job, no corrosion and let’s not forget the special piece of paper- Chaching!

I’m guessing at $8,000 this one will sell before the auction ends so don’t delay. Update a few hours later: Looks like it’s probably gone already! -dc

to scoop this one up.