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Featured Listing October 31, 2022 posted by

Featured Listing in Portugal – 1982 Suzuki RGB500

Francisco has upgraded this post to a Featured Listing. Check out all three of his listings: Honda MC28 NSR250, Suzuki RGB500, and a Yoshimura Suzuki Tornado S-1! Thank you for supporting the site and good luck to buyers and seller! -dc

Suzuki’s pair of 250’s with two crankshafts sharing a case made for a peaky racing motor, and tested every other part of the bike.  Today’s racer might well challenge its next owner, almost daring them to go vintage racing.

1982 Suzuki RGB500 for sale on eBay

The 120-odd hp square four was the big story aboard the RGB500, and the chro-moly chassis kept it between the white lines.  Later marks had alloy frames and Full Floater monoshock rear, but the earlier models made do with the compulsory steering damper, single layer glass fairing, and wafer thin front brakes with vented rear.  Wheel sizes are staggered and present day tires will at least have some hope of dealing with the dynamics of the RGB.

This eBay seller is based in Lisbon Portugal, so shipping might be somewhat more than usual.  Described as a “spare racing bike”, this RGB seems to have been been excused from most of the raceday carnage.  Still if it hasn’t run much some work will be in order.  Some provenance would’ve nice in the eBay auction –

Bike is in original condition, not restored.
It was used as a spare racing bike.
This is a very rare bike, only true collectors will appreciate it.

Though a few RGB’s have graced RSBFS, at this point it could be considered a unicorn.  Suzuki fought their way back to the top of the Grand Prix circuit with MotoGP hall-of-famers Luchinelli and Uncini aboard, and Suzuki street riders enjoyed the RG500 – or at least looking it over – in the Suzuki showrooms.  Likely more of a conversation starter, this eBay auction bears watching.

– donn

Featured Listing in Portugal – 1982 Suzuki RGB500
Featured Listing October 31, 2022 posted by

Featured Listing in Portugal – 1995 Honda NSR250 SP / MC28

Francisco has upgraded this post to a Featured Listing. Check out all three of his listings: Honda MC28 NSR250, Suzuki RGB500, and a Yoshimura Suzuki Tornado S-1! Thank you for supporting the site and good luck to buyers and seller! -dc

Though a rarity on the road, smaller two-strokes are still a great track day solution, and the Honda MC28 is a great starting point.  A European builder started with a premium SP model, and went hurtling down the slippery slope from there !

1994 Honda NSR250 SP / MC28 ( Portugal ) for sale on eBay

Most elsewhere, the NSR250 had a long run and the MC28 was the last generation.  Tech and styling kept pace with racebike developments, though the powerplant was a fairly constant 249cc V-twin with a carbs and a legislated 45 hp.  Electronic PGM ignition and air controls kept exhaust as clean as could be and thwarted most tinkerers attempting to de-restrict.  All NSR250’s had a robust twin-beam alloy chassis, and the MC28 had the latest ELF-designed single-sided swingarm.  Big brakes reflected the track orientation rather than the light weight, and wheel sizes were both 17’s.

This MC28 looks wicked racey but so nicely finished and complete, it’s hard to believe it’s ever turned a lap.  Alloy pressings are polished and the race fairings fit well.  Premium components stick their logos out everywhere.  The PGM-IV hardware appears to be on the dash if not defeated, though information on the ignition system and a dyno sheet might be questions for the owner.  Notes from the eBay auction:

With only 4,375 miles or 7,000 km and year production 1995.
Originally a SP model, converted to a custom racing MC28.
Engine is 300cc, with VHM heads, Tyga 300cc cylinders, Wiseco pistons, HARC-Pro complete exhaust, modified carbs, Marchesini rims, Rear and front Ohlins suspension, big Brembo calipers, and a lot of Tyga parts. It has 2 keys.

Right up there with spending a Powerball jackpot, taking a newly commissioned lightweight racebike out is something many would like to try.  This owner has a couple of other excellent classics for sale, also at premium prices.  The builder wasn’t named in this auction, but the choice of donor bike, engine upgrade, and exotic parts look very professional indeed.  Will be interested to hear from the new owner if and when this NSR250SP sells.


Featured Listing in Portugal – 1995 Honda NSR250 SP / MC28
Ducati October 30, 2022 posted by

Featured Listing – 2001 Ducati MH900e

Update 11.8.2022: Relisted due to a non-paying auction winner. Links updated. -dc

Be sure to check out Bob’s other Featured Listing: 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 1100!

Offering what is – today – perhaps one of the most unique, stunning and collection-worthy motorcycles available, Ducati created a media storm by offering the re-imagined Mike Hailwood replica to internet-only buyers in the wee hours of the year 2000 (the first lot of 1,000 which subsequently sold out in minutes). Dubbed the Ducati MH900e (the “e” stood for Evoluzion), many consider this bike the greatest stroke of pen from oft-maligned designer Pierre Terblanche. Highly sought after and rising in valuation year after year, the MH900e is one of those limited edition bikes from Ducati that always generate tremendous interest.

Featured Listing – 2001 Ducati MH900e for sale on eBay

The MH900e also began an interesting trend from the Bologna bike maker, expanding the use of the 2-valve desmo twin and ushering in the era of the Sport Classic series just a year after MHe production concluded. But the MH900e started it all, viewed as a modern homage to race winning hero, Mike Hailwood. Rumors have it that the MHe nomenclature was to work around licensing royalties involving the Hailwood name, but Ducati subsequently settled the matter retroactively with Mike the Bike’s widow.

From the seller:


More from the seller:



While the L-twin was standard Supersport or Monster level on performance (meaning about 80 HP and all that great low-end torque), the remainder of the package was all super special and stylized. Features abound on the MH900e, and little details can open up whole new discussions. Take that single-sided swing arm, for example. Sure, it was done on the 916, but certainly not like this. Ditto for the high, under seat exhaust, poking out of the tiny tail like a double-barrel shotgun. What about the asymmetrical shock placement or even the rounded cases or chrome headlight bezel – all nice, subtle touches that somehow work well together. This is artwork you can ride, or more like a genuine performance motorcycle that you can park and enjoy as art.

This auction is going on right now, and is currently climbing through the low $20k mark. There is a reserve in place, and a Buy It Now option for $28,000. With only 2,000 units produced across a two year span (2001 & 2002), the MH900e will always be a collectable item. This bike looks to be extremely clean, has very low miles, and the seller has offered up some excellent pictures. Check out all of the action on this beautiful bike right here. Good Luck!!


Featured Listing – 2001 Ducati MH900e
Ducati September 27, 2022 posted by

Featured Listing – 2008 Ducati Hypermotard 1100S

Feature Listing – 2008 Ducati Hypermotard 1100s

Our featured listing today comes from a part of the sportbike niche that has been largely overlooked but is responsible for some of the highest smiles/gallon metrics out there. The supermotard category was pioneered by KTM way back in the early 2000s. First with the release of the bug-like KTM 640 and then with the more relevant KTM 950 Supermoto. Unlike supermotos, supermotards are for the well-heeled, sophisticated hooligan whose main focus isn’t Instagram wheelies. They have street powertrains and suspension so they are little more versatile than their dirtbike-derived sumo counterparts. Up until the Hypermotard’s debut at EICMA in 2005, the world was happy they got a oversized motor in a supermoto-esque chassis by way of the KTM 950. When there’s no competition, it’s hard to realize how good or bad what you have is. When the 1100 debuted, people realized what they could have and boy did they let Ducati know. This bike wasn’t even planned for production when it was first shown to the public but it earned a spot on the production line purely from the initial market response. Journalists and customers were drooling for the release and the competition got a nice wake up call but are still asleep to this day.

While the idea for a Ducati supermotard was likely inspired by the KTM 950 SM, there are a few key differences to note that make the Duc a much more sophisticated ride. The Duc has much more of a street oriented setup. It’s not sitting on soft, long stroke suspension and it doesn’t have a dirt seat or footpegs. It started as a Multistrada and was stripped of every part that doesn’t further enable high lean angles and wheelies. The Bologna nerds were able come in ~21 lbs under the unchallenged KTM 950 as well. In order to give the rider proper authority in the unlikely event they wanted to engage in hooligan activities, Ducati straightened up the riding position, narrowed the seat, and added wider handlebars. You don’t even have to be moving on this bike to know you can wring it’s neck…if that’s something you’re into. One thing that’s overlooked with these flickable and powerful bikes is that they truly make regular, around town riding so much more engaging. You can brake aggressively, move around on the seat, and throw it into corners all while being near the speed limit. The sensation of speed is not one dimensional and the Hypermotard allows you to feel it in more than one way. In a canyon setting, the versatility of the bike caters to all thrill-seeking riding styles. You can trailbrake hard, step out the rear, lift up the front, carry lots of corner speed, use aggressive steering inputs and the Hypermotard will never be out of it’s element.

Our example today is Ducati’s upscale Hypermotard. The “S” version came with forged Marchesini wheels that dropped 5 pounds of unsprung weight, fully adjustable Marzocchi front forks, and a remote-adjustable Ohlins rear shock. Furthermore, you get Brembo Monoblocs which bite down on upgraded 320mm Brembo rotors. In short, it’s fair to think of the “S” version as the track edition. Duc has addressed all the weak points here that typically bubble up to the surface when you start to hustle a bike.

The most important part about hustling any bike is the motor and that’s one of this bike’s main strengths. The air-cooled twin found in the Monster and Multistrada of the period puts out 95hp and 76lb of torque. Usually, that type of big low-end torque is found on Bimmers or KTMs but rarely in a performance motard chassis.

From the seller:

Extremely Fun Bike to Ride, Very Fast, Very Raw, For Real Riders, No ABS , No Traction Control, Endless Torque !!!
All Stock except for the front Brakes
Oversized Front Brake Rotors BREMBO 320 mm
New Brake Pads Front and Back
New Tires + New Battery
Service all up to date, nothing wrong with the bike, had my fun with it now moving on to a more 2up friendly bike for longer rides.

Price: $8,000
Contact: or cell: 773-747-2326

As manufacturers have started to require you to submit a service ticket to IT just to change a bike’s settings, enthusiasts grew up in the analog eras have started long for that simple hooligan formula.  The current Hypermotard is the closest you can get to this today but it has all sorts of electronic aids and a price tag to match. Our featured listing takes a few steps back and is a true, barebones performance machine. The gauges show you the two most important things and don’t obscure your field of vision allowing you to simply focus on the inputs for what’s ahead.

As far as appreciating classics and long-term performance, it’s tough to say what will happen here. We’re still relatively early in the value curve. The market has been surprised more than a few times on which way the wind will blow but there is definitely something to be said about the simplicity and versatile riding experience the Hypermotard brings to the table. Having the performance bits of the “S” model won’t hurt either. Our seller is looking for $8,000 on this low-mile example. The bike needs nothing and the service is all up to date. Reach out to our seller at or cell: 773-747-2326 with any questions! Check out the startup video below:

Thanks for reading!


Featured Listing – 2008 Ducati Hypermotard 1100S
Featured Listing September 26, 2022 posted by

Featured Listing – 1997 Suzuki RGV250/SP VJ23 by Speedwerks

Today’s Featured Listing is brought to us by longtime RSBFS sponsor and supporter Speedwerks. If you are not familiar with Speedwerks, they are a shop based in Delaware that for nearly 30 years have turned out beautifully prepared and restored examples of bikes that we all drool over. If you don’t believe me, check out their shop directly ( or, and for some history, check out some of the Speedwerks bikes that have been featured over the years on RSBFS: Search Speedwerks.

Featured Listing – 1997 Suzuki RGV250/SP VJ23 by Speedwerks

The RGV250 world changed with the introduction of the VJ23. The last of the RGV series, the VJ23 introduced an entirely new configuration for the two-stroke twin cylinder, affecting the remainder of the overall package dramatically. Gone was the popular 90 degree v-twin that powered the earlier VJ21 and VJ22 series bikes. In its place was a more compact 70 degree unit. Displacement was still 249cc, but that displacement was achieved by a square bore-stroke ratio, as opposed to the earlier models which had a bigger bore and less stroke (over square). The new motor fit more optimally in the twin-spar aluminum frame, providing better handling with improved weight distribution. Suspention consisted of an upside down front fork and rising rate linkage in the rear – both fully adjustable. Electric start was included in the package (no more kick starting or bump starting), and even with such luxurious appointments the whole package still came in under 300 lbs! The SP designation adds even more tasty goodies, including a close-ratio 6-speed gearbox driven by a dry clutch.

From the seller:
This 1997 RGV250/SP VJ23 is by far the nicest, original one we’ve had come through here. There are no stories, no Chinese panels and no excuses’. The Pic’s speak for themselves. We discovered this VJ23 with the help of our friend Rick Deegan of RMD Motors in Japan.

We’ve bought and sold a lot of bikes and Vehicles through Rick/RMD and although he’s a bit ‘Colorful’ at times, he has always been honest and straight forward regarding the machines he sells, this one is no exception and doesn’t disappoint. We struck a deal and purchased it earlier this year. This Suzuki has had only ONE Original Owner in Japan and the gentleman bought it brand new as a 1997 model year. This was a leftover and it was first dealer registered in the year 1999.

In his ownership he racked up 11,900 kms. installed a set of WRS rear sets, kept it serviced regularly, otherwise it’s remained original and unmolested. He was fortunate to have a large house with a garage, where this machine was kept from the harsh salt elements that plague most aluminum and steel on the Japanese island. Consequently, there is none on this chassis.

More from the seller:
The Japanese Documentation is included, along with the 2 Dealer Keys, Manual, Warranty Book, and Factory tool kit.

As evident in the photo’s we did an extensive time consuming service and a borderline OCD detail job on the Chassis. The body is original, shiny and beautiful. All fluids, Fuel system, Carbs, Plugs, Air, Gear Oil and Coolant. The front suspension was also refreshed with new seals, bushings and Bell Ray fork oil. Rear shock refreshed and checked.

Finally a new set of Dunlops were spooned on and this beautiful RGV/SP is ready to;
– add to your collection.
– blast thru the canyons to Alice’s for lunch.
– Use a daily/Sunday rider.

Enclosed, Private delivery is available in the Cont. USA. and included at $24,000.
We can also crate the machine and assist with air or sea freight anywhere in the world.

Asking Price: $24,000
(price includes personal delivery in the continental US – no risky shipping companies!)

Speedwerks Sportbike Service
101 Weston Dr. suite-8
Dover,De 19904

You can also email Steve directly:

As highlighted, this is a home market VJ23 imported directly from Japan. That means that this particular example is restricted in terms of power output. This affects any Japanese home market bike, as the government imposed power limitations in order to curb high-speed street riding. Suzuki did produce these models for export outside of Japan, and those bikes do not have the power restriction. Steve from Speedwerks notes that full power export models will have a black VIN plate riveted to the right side of the frame, just behind the neck, a non-restricted ECU, a modified airbox, a 240kms speedo, and a black cap on the rear master reservoir. If you are shopping for a full power model don’t give up: Speedwerks has one available for restoration with the identical color scheme as today’s home market example (contact Steve for details).

As with all the bikes we have seen come out of the Speedwerks shop – whether they are race bikes or really rare gray market examples such as this 1997 Suzuki RGV250 SP – this bike is immaculate. It has a wonderful back story as a one-owner ride, and the numerous pictures show what is perhaps the best of the VJ23 breed we have seen. As the last series produced by Suzuki, these are rare and sought after bikes. The SP configuration is the one you want, and with only 7,300-ish miles showing this one looks like it will bring joy to a new owner for many years to come. Did I mention that this is the LAST of the factory two strokes ever offered? How about electric start? The best by Suzuki presented by one of the best shops we know, Speedwerks is now offering this exquisite example of RGV250 SP VJ23 imported goodness for an asking price of $24,000 (includes deliver in the continental United States). Here is a link to all 100+ photos of this amazing machine. Contact Steve directly ( for more details. Good Luck, and thanks to Speedwerks for being such a long time supporter of this site!


Featured Listing – 1997 Suzuki RGV250/SP VJ23 by Speedwerks
Featured Listing September 9, 2022 posted by

Featured Listing – 1994 Yamaha GTS1000

From the seller: There are places on the bike that look like scrapes or scratches that are simply reflections or glare but I couldn’t find a way to shoot in sunlight without them and the bike just looked dull shooting when overcast.

Update 9.14.2022: New start up video added!

Update 9.9.2022: Relisted on eBay or skip the link and buy directly from Don for $5,000! Contact Don with your interest:

Today RSBFS reader Don brings us the perfect mix of a rare & exotic collectible that you can ride every day. Ahead of its time in concept, executed with all the precision that you would expect from one of the Japanese Big Four, and – as far as exotics go – completely useable, the Yamaha GTS turns heads in a way that few bikes can. But this is not just a show pony; the GTS has the power, braking and handling to back up those unconventional looks.

1994 Yamaha GTS1000 for sale on eBay

Since the dawn of motorcycling, engineers have struggled with the front suspension. This is because the front end of a motorcycle is complicated; there are many jobs to do. The front end needs to be suspended in order to make the ride more comfortable, it needs to combat weight transfer as much as possible (both in dive during braking as well as extension during hard acceleration), it needs to handle side loads due to cornering forces, and it needs to steer. We all know that the most popular solution for this is the telescopic fork. But there are other, ingenious methods that result in real benefit. Enter the RADD-Parker design, utilizing a swingarm that you might find on the back of a motorcycle, and introduces a hub-centered steering arrangement. This approach separates many of the forces and handles those components individually: steering is not affected by suspension compression or side loads, weight transfer can be optimized by pivot location, and most importantly the braking forces can greatly minimize (or even eliminate) front end dive while on the binders.

From the seller:
Yamaha GTS 1000 with rebuildable Ohlins shocks with piggyback reservoirs replacing the outdated and ugly originals (a pair of these is $3000 new)This bike is the ONLY production bike ever built with HUB CENTER STEERING and has other unique features including 5 valve cylinder headS & Yamaha’s Omega chassis. It’s also one of the earliest bikes with EFI and ABS.BIKE magazine declared the 1994 Yamaha GTS 1000 the COOLEST OF RARE MOTORCYCLES. ‘Scarce, stylish, yet capable and completely usable, that’s cool in our book. The bike was only sold in the US in 1993 and 1994 and only 400 were sold. This one is in very good condition especially for a 28 year old bike. All original other than the shocks. Runs great, starts instantly, recently tuned at the dealer who also installed a new battery & fuel pump. There are some very minor chips on the right mirror stalk & along the bezel that runs down the center of the fuel tank as shown in photos. The brake master cylinder on one side shows some oxidation which is shown in a photo.

Price: $6,999 or best offer – on eBay

The GTS is powered by the redoubtable FZR1000 Genesis mill. This provides abundant power and legendary reliability. The rest of the bike is all sport touring goodness. This is something comfortable enough to make you want to put miles on it – and it will gladly gobble up those miles. And when the going gets twisty, the Omega chassis and unique suspension arrangement does much to minimize the size and weight of the machine. It is a stable platform and a very willing dance partner through the apexes. Braking is rock solid, thanks to the RADD-Parker front end and six-piston caliper clamping on a centrally mounted disk. The GTS also offered cutting edge advancements such as computerized fuel injection and anti-lock brakes (ABS). And as exotic as the GTS looks, parts are readily available for it due to the use of popular components.

The Yamaha GTS is legitimately rare. Commercially speaking, this was the rock star of the swingarm front end set. But compared to other Yamaha models, the GTS was simply too expensive and too different to win over new owners. The buying public was not certain that they wanted a better mousetrap. The US saw this bike only briefly, although the model did survive in some geographies from 1994-1999. Even so, the longevity was likely more about shifting the leftover units than full new production over those years. Don has done well to represent the model as well as this particular bike. If you are looking for something worth hanging on to, something not just different but better, consider this 1994 Yamaha GTS 1000. This is a worthy exotic that will take you places in comfort and style. Check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


Featured Listing – 1994 Yamaha GTS1000
Featured Listing August 22, 2022 posted by

Featured Listing – 1998 Yamaha YZF-R1

Yamaha knocked its superbike rivals back on their heels with the R1, packing 149 hp into a light, tight package. Longtime RSBFS reader Erik is making his R1 available, quite excellent with 8,348 miles.

1998 Yamaha YZF-R1 asking $15,000

Trying to keep the chassis compact, Yamaha positioned the transmission input and output shafts vertically, making room for a swingarm that could cope with superbike power.  Five valves per cylinder took advantage of the well-developed EXUP exhaust valve, making for a progressive torque curve starting at just 5,000 rpm.  The Deltabox II spars are folded alloy, along with a triangulated MonoCross rear.  Even components are trimmed for the lighter, faster mission – 41.5 mm inverted forks and 298 mm semi-floating brakes.

Erik is detail-oriented and beside caring for his R1 beautifully, his spec sheet speaks for itself –

Blue/ White all original bodywork/ paint.
8,400 miles
Clean Indiana title in my name.  No lien.
All original with very few modifications and tasteful desirable ones at that.  With all OE parts included in the sale.
Minor blems.  I would give the bike a 9/10 and I am fanatical about keeping my bikes clean.  None of them are 0 mile museum pieces, but this one is pretty close.
Stock rear fender intact.  Stock OEM turn signals.  Even has the warning label on the gas tank.
No rust in the tank.
New OEM engine side covers from previous owner scuffing them.
Bike runs amazing, needs nothing.  recent tune up with all fluids changed- engine ice coolant/ oil and filter change and new spark plugs.  Always have run Motul 300V under my ownership.   Surprisingly it was as strong on the dyno as my later model R1s.
Ohlins Steering Damper with Graves mount  Refreshed.
Ohlins rear shock with remote reservoir.  Refresh/ revalve sprung for 200 lb rider with gear by DMR suspension.
DMR Suspension Fork revalve  
Galfer blue stainless brake lines front/ rear  
Galfer brake pads front/ rear
Michelin Power RS tires recent date codes within last 3 years.  Less than 1,000 miles on them.
Lower fairing heat guards replaced.
I even have the original tires the bike came with- worn.
Firepower lithium battery- approx 3 years old. always kept on Battery Tender. Battery Tender lead installed
Yoshimura swingarm spools
Factory Yamaha OEM seat cowl- obviously these are rare
Stomp grip tank pads
3M paint film professionally installed
Givi tank lock adapter ring installed.  this can be easily removed for the sale if the new owner does not want it.  I love the Givi system because the tank bag never touches the paint.  
Akrapovič Carbon Fiber canister slip on exhaust/ dyno tuned/ rejetted.  The bike made 135.7 hp at 10,500 rpm/ 74.2 ft lbs torque at 9,000 rpm on Mounds Motorsports Dynojet dyno,  and I have the dyno results.
All service records under my ownership.
I have all of the OEM parts including the stock OEM exhaust, OEM rider and passenger seat, two keys and owners manual, rear shock, brake lines, and as I mentioned even the original tires.
Silver wheels show some marks/ scratches and slight discoloration in spots.  Could be powdercoated to look as good as new but I did not want to do that preferring to keep the bike original.
Some small air bubbles from the 3M paint film.  Very hard to see, but I am a perfectionist.
Small piece of plastic missing from the left lower fairing.  Cracked during removal from previous owner.
As per the norm, the white Yamaha lettering on the fuel tank is showing some cracking.  It is actually not that bad on the left side, minor cracking on the right side on a couple of letters.
For the full $15k asking price I will include:
  • brand new in the box OEM Yamaha blue seat cowl (a second for a spare)
  • OEM lower fairings that look to never have been installed.  
  • Yamaha official 1998 R1 banner featuring Scott Russell.  These were unobtainium even back in 1998.  I received it as a gift from the head of Yamaha’s marketing department when I was a district manager with them for many years.  in all of my years and hundreds of visits to dealerships across the country I have maybe seen 2 of these other than this one.
  • I would be happy to deliver the bike for free within 150 miles of Indianapolis IN.  I can help deliver on the east coast for a mileage fee with my enclosed Sprinter van.  

Erik asks $15,000 for his R1 and can be reached via email – here -.

And here’s his walkaround video – Plus cold start video and hot start video:


The R1 is eight generations on, without the trick Genesis valve heads but now with five electronic stability systems.  Can’t really compare an original R1 to the latest thing, but Yamaha packed so much expertise into the 1998 launch that it’s still a benchmark.  For an ask that is in line with recent collector quality R1 sales, Erik picked an excellent example and has made some nice improvements for the next owner. 

Maybe you’re looking for a rider rather than collector, Erik also has a 2000 R1 with low miles and well done flush undertail – check with him via email at


Featured Listing – 1998 Yamaha YZF-R1
Ducati August 11, 2022 posted by

Trackday Tuesday Feature – 2013 Ducati Monster 1100 EVO Race Bike

Update 8.11.2022: Jonathon has renewed his Featured Listing and is now available on eBay with an updated description and pictures. Buy-it-now is $13,500. Please note BST wheels are no longer included. Thank you again for supporting the site! -dc

Ducati packed a host of worthwhile changes into the 4th Generation Monster, and RSBFS reader Jonathan has modified his extensively for the racetrack.  With its Paul Smart style fairing, NCR look belly pan, and custom race-prep for just about everything else, this Monster race bike is ready for this season’s Battle of Twins.

2013 Ducati Monster 1100 EVO Race Bike for sale on eBay

Ducati massaged the air-cooled desmodue and achieved 100 hp for showroom machines, and was able to stretch valve adjustment intervals for the dual-spark motor.  Accompanying the big power was a heavily triangulated trellis from headstock to engine, and a cast aluminum subframe holding the single-sided swingarm.  Its high gear ratios are a natural for the race course, and the 43mm Marzocchi forks can handle the force of the 320mm cross-drilled brakes.  A plastic fuel cell hides under the tank covers, and the stock seat fairing has a remarkably similar shape to the racing seat.

Jonathan works in a Chicago motorcycle shop when he’s not practicing his AHMRA or BoT craft, and has raced and wrenched many different bikes.  The Monster has had the engine done by MotoCorse in Fort Lauderdale, and shows a dyno sheet with 90 rwhp.  There’s a long list of mods for the track, with a custom exhaust and seat subframe.  Here it is single-spaced:

2013 Ducati Monster 1100 EVO

This is a racing motorcycle for competition use. Built to run in the AHRMA Battle of the Twins 1 class. This machine is in a great condition and has been meticulously maintained. It has some blemishes and wear from normal use which can be seen in the photos provided. This includes seat foam pad has cracking, the rear tail section as a hairline crack roughly 2-3mm long, the front fairing has some light scratching, and the clear coat on the front fairing has been retouched. Overall the bike is in excellent overall condition. Monster 1100 EVO BOT1 Bike with PS1000 style fairing, Custom Aluminum Fairing Stay, Custom Aluminum Subframe Mounts, Custom exhaust, NCR style belly pan, race tail, and blueprinted engine from Motocorse Performance.

Has the following components and modifications:

Yoyodyne Slipper Clutch
Andreani Fork Cartridges Sprung for 180lbs rider
Penske Shock
Ohlins Steering Damper
Rapid Bike with Quickshifter
Zullo ECU Flash
Woodcraft Rearsets
Woodcraft Clip-Ons
Woodcraft Lever Guard
Throttle Tamer Tube
Brembo GP Mk2 Front Brake Master Cylinder
GP routed Brake lines (ABS deleted). The dashboard does not indicate vehicle Speed with this modification. This also means the odometer is not accurate.
Shift Tech Muffler with Custom exhaust
Driven Keyless Fuel Cap
Woodcraft Clutch Cover Guard
Pro bolt Race Spec Caliper Bolts
Motocorse Performance Adjustable Camshaft and Layshaft Pulleys
Pitbull Rear Paddock Stand Included
New Rain Tires (currently mounted)

Built on a Salvage Title. Mileage is not accurate as the dashboard does not record mileage with ABS removal.

Just had major service, fluids, belts, valves checked.

Video Walk Around:

Video Fly By NJMP:

Video Of Corner Exit:

Just had major service, fluids, belts, valves, fork oil, etc
Fresh and Ready to ride!

Jonathan can be reached via email here –

A short corner exit video shows the torque – 20220115 2012 ducati monster race bike on track

This Monster road racer is up-to-date gear for a track day or club racing.  Race bikes always need more maintenance than their road cousins, but the 1100 dual spark is as reliable as they come, and apparently free of any major mishaps.  Spring is on the way and the calendar is already filling in.  Contact Jonathan to discuss this special Monster –



Trackday Tuesday Feature – 2013 Ducati Monster 1100 EVO Race Bike