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Canadian Classic – 1982 Yamaha RD 350LC

For Sale: 1982 Yamaha RD 350LC

If you are thinking that this is simply an RZ350 in funny colors, you must be a U.S.-based RSBFS reader. And you are both right and wrong. While Yamaha brought the two stroke fire back to America for only a few years, these bikes have thrived north of the border for much, much longer. And they were named after the bike the started it all – the Yamaha RD series, with the “LC” standing for “Liquid Cooling.”

Note the lack of fairing. While all RZ350s that came stateside had the small quarter fairing, other markets made this optional. The bike featured today has the fairing, adding to its value.

The seller is claiming only 3626 KM (approximately 2250 miles) on the bike, and has an extensive paragraph in the ad outlining the condition. Because of the low miles, optional fairing and great condition, the asking price is $7,000 Canadian – which equates to just over $6,800 U.S. dollars. This seems high for what we typically see for U.S.-based RZs, plus you will still need to pay for the importation and licensing (the bike is located in Toronto). If any of you gray-market gurus know if this is expensive or difficult, please drop us a comment! To view the ad, read all of the seller’s comments and view the pictures, click on the link.



  • Ummm… actually the C$ is worth more than the US$ right now… according to xe.com $7K CAD = $7200 USD.


  • The fairing as well as the nose spoiler beneath are both aftermarket. They were not options. Thiis looks sweet, but the ’81 colours are preferred by collectors.

  • Equipped with rare John Mockett Design Pro-AM bikini fairing, this was a popular racing series in GB. The fairing would be a rare find on ebay, likely to bring in excess of $1000.

  • I bought an ’82 new and put 20 000km on it in 18 months. Great bike for a young kid in high school. Everyone else rode Maxim 550s and 650s. The RD gave nothing up to any of them. Friends who were used to the 4-strokes wouldn’t ride the RD because they kept scaring themselves at 6500 rpm.
    I am so tempted.

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