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Brand New in Australia: 1980 DUCATI 900SS

1980 Ducati 900SS

Here is a rare opportunity get a 1980 Ducati 900SS with just 3 kilometers on the clock! While storage of this bike wasn’t the best we’ve seen (you’ll need one of everything from the Griot’s catalog to get this one clean), how often does this chance come along? Thanks for the spot John!


1980 Ducati 900SS with 3km for sale on eBay AU






  • The owner of this bike has 2 of these, both brand new,
    He also has 2 silver/blue 900,s also new & 2 1979 Hailwood replicas, Also new,
    (lucky Boy)

  • Its interesting how in the post he says the bike behind this one (the silver/blue 900) is NOT for sale…heh

  • That’s cos it’s been sold……

  • […] What will that opportunity cost you? A mere $62,000 (or best offer). It looks like this same bike failed to sell on an Australian auction site (where the opening bid was for $50k AU) back in […]

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