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Beyond Measure – 2002 MV Agusta F4 750S SP-01 Viper

Happy Veterans Day and thanks to all those who have served !  -donn

Though MV Agusta is the acknowledged king of special editions, it would’ve helped to already be a very good customer to even hear about the SP-01 “Viper” kit, available for your F4 750S.  Finished in Agusta’s blue and silver “special projects” livery, the bodywork and accessories are all carbon, and the kit included magnesium wheels, titanium frosted windscreen, alcantara seat, and Tamburini-signed airbox.

2002 MV Agusta F4 750S SP-01 Viper for sale on eBay

MV Agusta introduced the F4 750 in 1999, with Ferrari-aided head design, and four-into-four calliope singing about superbike power from 749cc’s, not to mention Massimo Tamburini’s swooping design. Electronic fuel injection made the high performance design usable day to day, and 49mm forks were fully adjustable as was the rear monoshock.  Bespoke Nissin front brakes were 310mm with 6-piston calipers, and the alloy star wheels still look unique.

With more miles than most very exotic Italians, this Viper still looks excellent.  The owner calls out some defects on the front rim, but they’re not visible in the pictures.  Alcantara is a great gripping material but not impervious, and the seat confirms the mileage.  Join my dissatisfaction with the photos, but good notes and description of the dealer-installed package are in the eBay auction:

This is one of the rarest contemporary kitted bikes to date with only 50 of these kits made for the world. As far as I was able to find out, 12 of these kits were slated for the US market, they have not been able to track them down to date. Truly The Art of the Motorcycle as MV says. It has Tamburini’s signature on the air box, a plaque of authentication, and an 18 karat gold corresponding number plate. The last one offered on the market was 8 years ago. There are some minor nicks in the paint as well as on the rim lips from tire changes prior to my acquisition. There is also a small ding or dent on the right lip of the front wheel, which was also as I purchased it but it does not affect the tire or ride-ability. I have not touched anything up to hide the minor flaws.

I took it to the 2012 Cafe Desmo show at Pro Italia where it took 3rd best in Italian superbike Class, beat out by two one off race bikes. They have the details. I purchased it with just over 24,000 miles and since I could not verify the service, it got a 100% service along with new Pirelli tires at 24,150. It was put on a California non-op in 2014 where it has remained in proper storage ever since. It was run twice a year to keep fluids clear. It has been a very rare privilege to have owned it these years, but time for someone to have something that almost no one else does.

The Corse Special Parts kit includes: silver/blue painted C.F. front faring, silver/blue painted C.F. air box with Tamburini’s signature, silver/blue painted C.F. fuel tank, silver/blue painted C.F. tail section, silver/blue painted C.F. left and right side fairings, blue painted C.F. lower fairing, silver painted left and right mirrors, blue painted left and right fuel panels, C.F. left and right air box panels, C.F. left and right air ducts, C.F. left and right wire harness covers, C.F. ignition cover, C.F. chain guards, C.F. exhaust guards, Titanium treated (blue) windscreen, blue Alcantara seat and bump stop, silver/blue painted magnesium 5 spoke wheels, 18k gold engraved number badge with kit number, limited edition certificate with kit number and wax seal.

With only fifty copies for the planet, no more than a dozen could have made it here.  Riding most of the miles, the original owner got their money’s worth.  Competition from the east wasn’t standing still, and after the introduction of the MV liter, the 750S was largely on the back burner.  Renewed interest in lighter weight and usable power has led MV ( and others ) back down the displacement ladder, with 675’s and 800’s occupying the sport category once ruled by liters.  With its exotic materials and sporty stature, the F4 750S with SP-01 might prove to have been looking into the future.




  • This is why this site is fun – you get to see real unobtanium or models you only saw once at the dealership.

    I remember seeing one of these at a dealership in North Texas, god it was a beautiful bike. The photos here really don’t do it justice (looks like they were taken with a old digital camera) but trust me, the blue and silver color scheme on this is just a perfece balance. MV Agusta tried to replicate something similar with the 2006 1000 version (https://www.smartcycleguide.com/L52261923) but it just didnt look as good. And those wheels, so cool.

    That being said, is this one worth the current buy it now price of 24k? Well consider that’s about 4 times the going price of a 750 and 3 times the going price of a 1000. Also while iits one of 50 (and less in the USA) but it has a lot of mileage. It kind of reminds me of the first generation Aprilia SP; it has all the very best techo goodies of the model but will probably only appeal to a very specific collector. Still I would love to have it. It will be interesting to watch what the bidding does on this one.

  • I just so happen to have the whole kit…..still in the box it came in………….from Munro in Sf ……….I still have my 750 from them too, I bought the kit about a year after the bike but I never mounted it……..all I ever did was open the box and peek at a wheel ….so what’s that worth I wonder, bike is nfs but a serious offer for the whole kit would be considered – NO piece by piece!

  • according to the MV Agusta F4 entry on wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MV_Agusta_F4_series) there were around 30 different F4 models in the lifespan of the 750 and 1000 models. That’s probably too many for any serious appreciation/too confusing for most people. I would say max prices for most will probably be original sticker price but probably lower depending on age, mileage and condition.

  • the kit will also fit an F4 1000 evidently, hmmm… 🙂

  • Last thing, about the sellers pics, I can assure you Donn ,or anyone else,that they in no way whatsoever reflect how those bespoke bits look like new…ok,not even close.thanks JF

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