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Bargain Stallion: 2001 Aprilia RSV Mille R

Well-used Aprilia RSV Milles and RSV 1000Rs can be had for silly money these days, nearly as low as some of their Japanese rivals, but with more power and sweeter suspension. They tend to be a damn sight cheaper than contemporary Ducatis. This 2001 Aprilia RSV Mille R does not meet the definition of well-used by any standards, but is still offered at a relative discount for its mileage and condition.

2001 Aprilia RSV Mille R for sale on eBay

The Mille was Aprilia's first crack at a large-displacement superbike, and it went all-in, bringing its vast experience with 250cc grand prix two strokes to the big-bore four stroke market. The result was powered by a 60-degree Rotax v-twin, which was good for the better part of 140 horsepower. The Rotax mill was a wise move, giving what could have been a temperamental and fragile platform a welcome dose of strength and reliability.

This example was apparently in the collection of the family responsible for Meguiar's car wax. It was ridden sparingly, and wears fairings in near-perfect shape.

From the eBay listing:

Wow for sale is a one of a kind Aprilia RSV 1000R Customed ordered from the factory by the Meguiar's car polish families private auto collection in 2001. Although it has been in their collection since new and has been ridden and maintained so it has some mileage on it. At only 3000 miles and not a scratch on her. All the paint color is bright and vibrant All of the fluids and manufacturer recommended sceduled maintance is followed by the book. This bike is as new as you can get in the way it looks and runs just like the day it rolled off the manufacturer's floor. This bike has all oem parts just the way it was ordered from the Aprilia factory with upgraded Ohlins front and rear suspention and all carbon fiber fairings and fuel tank. The bike has brand new factory tires with aftermarket rim tape for cosmetic appeal. I was honored that they sold me this bike and have had a real blast owning it and showing it off. I own a number of exotic bikes and am a avid sport bike enthusiast. letting go of a couple of my bikes to make room for a brand new bike. please contact me if you need anything else to help you make the decision to own this flawless bike.



As the ad notes, the bike carries a bunch of special carbon touches. It's ready to ride or add to a collection, or both. Whatever becomes of it, someone will get a truly special and mental streetbike.


  • A nice looking example to be sure but seller should be able to figure out that zero bids means the asking is too high to begin with. I have one too but final price in low 4’s is still a stretch.

  • Build quality and parts availability on these?

  • Strong and good. Lots of parts cross-over with later models. Have found Aprilia parts show up faster than Japanese these days with the huge stretches on the Japanese inventory recently.

  • Not sure why anyone would care that a car wax family owned it. Seller says it was “Custom” ordered from the factory then fails to explain what, if anything on it is factory custom.

    I love Aprilia, own two myself but they have zero value with collectors, to everyone it’s a nice 17 y/o V-Twin sportbike. It is a beautiful bike but I can’t see it selling for much more than say $4000, even that might be a stretch. At 4k it would be a great bike to own/ride.

    The Rotax V-Twin Aprilia are great bikes, and bargains to boot. The Rotax V-Twin is powerful and has Japanese levels of reliability. They just have no collector value…..

  • Apparently I offended him with an offer under his full asking price . I thought 4500 was fair but apparently the asking price is firm and anything else is an insult, it’s not like I offered 3 grand! Oh well. Best of luck with sale

  • I think we are in a period of immense bubble-like prices. Cars, bikes, art, housing, everything. Based on what I see 2 strokes going for I can understand folks thinking they can name their asking price. But, again as much of an Aprilia fan as I am they have zero collector value and interest in the US. Despite winning numerous World Championship, despite the RSV 4 and Tuono V4 winning magazine comparos and being unbelievable performance bikes they just can’t gain any sales or collector traction in the USA. Constantly in the shadow of Ducati.

    It’s a beautiful bike, in great shape and would be a great bike to own/ride at 4k-ish……

  • RE: Motoman…. Just a thought: Right now is the very beginning of “Bike Week” in Arizona… it’s a big deal in the area – especially Scottsdale. Seems like every year, folks dust off their bikes they aren’t riding and roll them out for sale with inflated prices, in hopes that somebody will cave (Nod to Cave Creek, AZ) to the pressures and buck up for a ride – in order to join the Tomfoolery… Happens every year ! Your offer seemed legit (IMO)… Maybe if you wait for the week to pass you’ll still have a shot ! Good Luck.

  • Thanks gents! Not a big deal, just wanted this one for when out of town guests or my mates from NZ come to visit. I have quite a few bikes but some aren’t riders as the mileage is too low or maybe too hard to get parts for. Figures a nice Aprillia twin with all the Öhlins bits would keep my ex racing mates happy when down here but all good…they turn up a lot and I just picked up that factory aprilia RSV not too long ago which has proven to be a blast. Granted the exhaust makes my ears ring even with plugs but that can be sorted :). Appreciate the input and suppprt brothers!


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