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Ducati April 7, 2010 posted by Ian

Clean 1991 Ducati 851 In PA

Low mile Ducati 851 in PA on Craigslist

It might be a 1991 but doesn’t this Ducati still look the business?  A reader found this nice example hiding on Craigslist in PA.  It has roughly 12,000 miles on it and some tasteful upgrades.  The 851 was Ducatis’ first step back into racing dominance and 1991 was the last year of the 851 before the release of the 888.  It combined four valve heads, liquid cooling and electronic fuel injection into a package that we still lust after today.

From the seller:

This is the motorcycle that began 20 years of racing success for Ducati. This beautiful RED Duc. has 12K miles, runs perfectly and had recent full service w/belts replaced. Extras incl. GioCaMoto Hi-Exit Carbon pipes, Carbon frt. fender & rear hugger, Ohlins shock, new Mich. Pilot Powers. Aesthetically very good to excellent

Unless there is a flood of these on the market the price sure seems in the ballpark.  It is a little below book and who would raise their nose at an Ohlins shock and a couple of carbon bits?  Take a look at it here on Craigslist

Here is a little race action from 92 between Falappa (remember him?)  and Fogarty on a couple of 888 you couldn’t buy.  Doesn’t it just sound good in Italian?

Suzuki March 31, 2010 posted by Ian

1991 Suzuki RGV250SP Titled on Ebay

1991 Suzuki RGV250SP Titled on Ebay

Here it is, back by popular demand of RSBFS readers.  You may remember this RGV250SP from a couple of months ago.  It got a new owner but is back for sale.  In my opinion this is one of the most desired RGV models out there.  First it’s and SP (dry clutch, close ratio gearbox, adj. suspension, rare).  Second it has the banana swing arm and third it has one of the most popular paint schemes on a RGV.  Maybe the best feature though is that it is titled: am I correct?  It appears to be in good shape with low mileage (considering age) but the seller states if has a few bumps an bruises.

From the seller:

For sale is my 1991 Suzuki RGV250SP. Yes, this is a real SP w/dry clutch, close ratio transmission, fully adjustable suspension, larger carbs etc etc. Bike has a total of 9300 original kilometers. Bike is all original in rare unmolested condition. This was originally a Japanese spec bike but I have updated it with a  European spec de-restricted SAPC unit.  Only known issues are leaking forks seals and the right turn signal doesn’t work (burn out bulb?)  All in all this is a nice original bike. It is not perfect, has a few nicks,cracks and dings hear and there but for a 20 year old bike it is very nice.  It is plated and registered here in California and the registration is current and up to date.

It will be very interesting to see what this .  It has everything going for it except maybe mint condition status.  The first time around the asking price was $4200 w/non functioning clutch.  One small note: in one photo on the old posting the bike has a different tail section on it. If I remember correctly that tail piece with the white background is off a standard RGV.  I’m not hinting at a great conspiracy but might be worth asking about.  One nice thing about RGV’s is that there is a large supply of aftermarket goodies that are readily available thanks to the internet.  I’ve seen anything from bolt on stuff to race prep engine work.  So if you get tired of your boring SP there is plenty to spend your paycheck on.  Unless you are holding out for an ultra rare SP2 it’s time to raid the savings account.

Here is some fun viewing to get you in the mood to bid.  It is the promotional video for the standard 92 RGV.


Aprilia March 30, 2010 posted by Ian

2009 Aprilia RS125 Track Bike in Washington State

2009 Aprilia RS125 Track Bike

This thing has fun written all over it.  How can you possibly go wrong with a little two stroke for the track?  This bike is for sale through a dealer so I wouldn’t even bother asking about making it street legal.   As most of you probably know this bike is officially imported through Aprilia USA as a track bike.  It was redesigned in 2009 and all RS125’s here in the US get the race replica paint scheme.  Some like it: some don’t ( I could live without the number 1).  If you are wondering;  it pumps out roughly 28-30hp in stock trim.  That relatively low hp figure leads to all the fun though.  I was trolling around the Aprilia Forum and it looks like people are having some serious fun with these things.  There looks to be plenty of options with pipes and carbs for the beginners and porting and squish fun for the more advanced.

From the Craigslist ad:

2009 Aprilia RS 125– 2 stroke for sale.
The bike is a track bike only and not able to be street legal in Washington.
Price is $4990 plus tax lic and doc and factory financing is available
Trade ins are welcome

I’m not sure on the price considering this is a track bike.  A lot of older Honda RS125’s can be had for quite a bit less including some spares.  If you are an Aprilia fan and have been looking for one of these maybe this is a decent deal considering they take trade ins and can finance.   Check it out here on Seattle Craigslist.


Laverda March 29, 2010 posted by Ian

1999 Laverda Formula 750S No Reserve on Ebay

I know we’ve had a few of these on RSFS lately but I sure don’t get tired of looking at them.  Maybe I’m stuck in the 90’s but these Laverdas  just look like a sport bike should.  Maybe it’s just that cool paint scheme.  I wont go into much of the tech specs since several have been posted lately but what you have is a parallel twin with quite a few top shelf components.   I’m not a big enough Laverda buff to know what led them down the path of demise but Piaggio (think Aprilia) bought the brand in 2004.  They then proceeded to stop all production and development associated with Laverda.  That is a shame because can you really have too many motorcycles coming out of Italy?  This particular Formula has a little history to it, read on:

The Last LAVERDA!  ALLOY FRAME,  MAG WHEELS, Weber , Brembo,  92 hp 400 lbs. All the best of the day. 1999 FORMULA 750 S The LAST and BEST LAVERDA. Got this one from the NICOLAS CAGE COLLECTION,,, he had 2 and decided to sell one so I got it. ONLY around 2500 miles. VERY CLEAN . LOOKS ALMOST NEW. Not many of these around, most are in collections. Manual, tool kit.

I could stare at the front of that thing all day!  I have to admit I’m having a hard time  putting a value on this bike. On one hand $8500 (the starting bid price) for an Italian sport bike with top shelf components doesn’t seem out of reason.  On the other hand, I checked the blue book value and it is barely half that price.  Can a Laverda buff help me out?  Is this a decent deal or someone inflating the value because someone famous owned the bike?  Check out the bidding on.


Aprilia March 24, 2010 posted by Ian

2004 Aprilia RSV 1000R NERA #22 of 200

2004 Aprilia RSV 1000R NERA

This may be one of the most understated limited production bikes I’ve ever seen.  You’d have to have a really good eye to see this thing roll by and know what you just saw.  The Nera was not aimed at the race replica crowd.  This bike oozes Italian sophistication. The Nera was the first in Aprilia’s “Dream Series” of bikes (I chuckled too) with a production run of 200 bikes. Chuckling aside, you got a bike with some really nice bits: carbon fiber bodywork, magnesium and titanium sprinkled throughout (including nuts and bolts), a HP bump and a set of forged magnesium wheels: nice!  It all added up to a bike that was lighter and more powerful than the standard RSV, not to mention exclusive.  This one includes a couple of extras and obviously rarely hit the street.

From the seller:

This is a One-Of-A-Kind, extremely rare Nera Super Sport Bike for sale. Garage kept, rarely ridden, maintained as a collector’s item. No scratches, dings, or dents of any kind. Starts right up and runs as good as the day it was purchased. Carbon Fiber everywhere! Comes with two gas tanks – one carbon fiber and one standard. The standard is currently installed on the bike. Also two sets of exhaust – one original and one racing. The racing is currently installed on the bike. Original owner, clear title, and all original paperwork.This is bike 22 out of only 200 made!! Belongs as a collector’s item too rare to ride, but you can if yer want to 😉


It’s too bad that the pictures just don’t do this bike justice.  They can’t pick up that nice carbon weave in the bodywork that makes me all sweaty and wish I had gone to medical school to afford this bike.  Which brings me to price. If you gotta have it now, the seller has a pretty high price but he also listed the reserve which looks to be  right in line with book value.  Warm up the cappuccino machine and go place a bid!


Suzuki March 24, 2010 posted by Ian

1991 RGV250 VJ22 Titled on Ebay

1991 RGV250 VJ22 Titled on Ebay

Now we are talking, something without valves, something that eats a little of the ozone layer away with each ride.  This is a 1991 RGV250 even though the Ebay title says 1990.  Let me get you bidding right away: yes this bike is titled. Now you can take a breath and read on.  I like what the seller has done with the bike.  He has upgraded the power-valves for you, which had a problem of grenading on the early RGV’s, it’s got a nice set of Tyga rear sets and a nice set of Tyga pipes.  He also resisted the urge to spray the bike in Lucky Strike colors which I’ve rarely seen done correctly.  It also has the banana swing arm that so many people like.  Honda sued them for patent infringement shortly after this model came out and the banana arm was gone by 93.  The mileage may seem a bit high but you have to remember these bikes are getting up there in age and if it has been maintained I wouldn’t sweat the mileage.

From the seller:

up for auction is a 1991 rgv250 vj22. this bike has fresh top end and the power-valve replacement upgrade that faulted the factory models. it has new tyga pipes and silencers, tyga rearsets and a 1500 dollar paint job . the bike runs perfect, and everything even the oil injection works. it has clean calif title and registration that is current. it is the new zealand model that retains the 17 digit vin. new tyga windscreen the bike runs like a scolded dog, pics speak for themselves. brand new tires dunlops chain and sprockets.and the miles are 22000 kilometers

I can sum this bike up on one word: tasteful.  If you’ve been on the market for an RGV I suggest you take a good look at this one,  it’s got a lot going for it.  Check out the bidding .  If you aren’t up on RGV’s or have questions about them I highly recommend visiting as it is a wealth of information on every model of RGV.   Someone buy this thing; it is worth it just for the amusement of pulling up to a stoplight and having the guy in the car next to you yelling that your bike is broken because it is smoking.


Bimota March 23, 2010 posted by Ian

2000 Bimota SB8R W/1560 Miles

2000 Bimota SB8R with only 1560 miles!

A reader found this nice, low mileage SB8R in Massachusetts.  It looks unmolested and was probably the pride of someones garage with under 2000 miles on it. It has an upgraded set of Arrow exhausts but I  don’t know if those are a full system or just  end cans.  This SB8R was fitted with  Suzuki’s TL1000R engine but with a few tweaks by Bimota. It got Bimota’s own set of 59mm throttle bodies for the injection system. Have you ever seen a larger set of air scoops on a bike?  I wonder if purists would rather have an Italian engine but I always thought it was cool that there were a lot of performance parts available for the Suzuki engine.  I wonder if you can still get goodies for it  from Yoshimura.  The price seems reasonable ($11,888) and is slightly under the blue book for the bike. Here is what the seller had to say:

This is a very rare opportunity to own a piece of motorcycle artwork. All hand made in Italy, this Bimota was limited to around 100 per year! With only 1560 miles, this is an excellent opportunity to own an exotic motorcycle. Sale includes shop manual, Bimota Cover, original exhaust (bike has Arrow Carbon fiber upgraded exhaust.

The seller didn’t post many pictures so here is a visual and audio tease from Youtube.

I’d love to see some comments from  Bimota enthusiasts on how the SB8R rates on desirability amongst them. At under $12,000 this SB8R seems like a nice way to get into an exotic hand built bike.   I bet the best part of owning a Bimota is being able to make a group of Ducati guys turn their heads as you ride by!  Check it out here.


Benelli March 18, 2010 posted by Ian

2008 Benelli Tornado Tre Carbon 0 Miles

Please welcome Ian with his first post as one of our newest authors to RSBFS. Welcome aboard Ian! -dc

2008 Benelli Tornado Tre Carbon with 0 miles!

Can the snow melt fast enough to head north of the border and load this Benelli Tornado up?  I have to be honest, I’ve never seen this model of Tornado before.  They are rare to begin with and this is apparently a special carbon version: 1 of 10. You might remember these bikes for being unique because they had the radiator under the tail and had fans at the rear to expel the heat.  They started life as 900’s but this is the updated 1,130cc version.  The seller did not go into much detail on the bike  and specs seem to be non existent on the web.  He did list a dry clutch, Marchesini wheels and a Alcantara seat.  It would sure be worth an inquiry to find out some more on this bike and how it differs from the standard Tornado.  Maybe an email to the US distributor would be worthwhile.

Updated and improved, the Tornado 1130 is synonymous with excitement and enthusiasm. You only have to look at it to appreciate the attention paid to every detail: the unique, unmistakable design, the aerodynamic wrap-around lines and exceptional components. This bike offers sport performance and unbeatable excitement.  1130’s frame has been completely revised to meet the new power and torque characteristic of the engine, without losing any elements of the original Tornado project.  The rear radiator is one of the characterizing features of the Tornado. 50% of the weight is distributed to the front chassis of the bike in all riding conditions, the advantage being increased precision when riding and when entering bends. The shock absorber and links have benefited from recent racing experience too. The measurements have been slightly modified to make the frame easier to manage adapting it to the new increased power and torque values.


I won’t even give an opinion on the price (because frankly I don’t know)  but if you are in the market for a bike like this you generally aren’t bargain shopping after all.   Check the bidding out on , he’s even got the make an offer option and tell the Mrs. you are heading to Canada, eh.