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Kawasaki October 13, 2013 posted by Ian

Deal Of The Year? 1991 Kawasaki ZXR750R

zx right

Deal of the year?  It just might be for the Kawasaki  boys.  The BIN of $3,250 is quite pocket pleasing for a double R ZX. It obviously isn’t in original condition but it doesn’t look abused either.

zx left

The info:

THE REAL DEAL * Yes it is the R Model * * 39mm Flat slides * Aluminum tank * Fully adjustable suspension * Close ratio gear box * Slipper clutch * Race body work *

zx front

Winter restore project or ride the hell out of it as it is?

zx right rear

Click, click, click if you want it.


Deal Of The Year?  1991 Kawasaki ZXR750R
Suzuki October 10, 2013 posted by Ian

CA Smog Alert: CA Titled 1995 Suzuki RGV250

rgv left

Golden State polluters rejoice, here is a chance to add a few more hydrocarbons to the atmosphere.  This one is a later model VJ22; if the colors are original they would make it a 1995.  If the 240KPH speedo and mirrors are original I”m pretty sure you are looking at a full power export model.  Ask the seller for the SAPC model number for a better idea.

rgv frame

The info:

1996 SUZUKI RGV 250 GAMMA.Rare bike in the US especially with such low miles.The milage on the gauges is in kilometers.California registration and title.Registration good until the end of Nov 2013.Mechanically and cosmetically in excellent condition.Left fork leg seal is weeping very slightly so I am including a new set of seals but I dont think its an urgent repair.It is missing right side fairing bolt that fell off in transit yesterday sadly.Couple of light marks from tie downs on upper fairing and slight rust on rotor carrier area.Lower fairings blue has been repainted and looks very original .It has been down on the right side but the damage is limited to mirror back scratched and mark on swingarm, fairing paint and appears fully repaired.Not all the decals are there. Everything I consider imperfect is in the photos but I am critical and want to list everything.I think this is a 9/10 bike by my standards,yours may differ so please ask questions and ask for additional photos should you need to see something closer.Inspections are suggested. Everything works as it should with no problems.Exhaust is stock and has been re coated.No modifications to the motor.Good tires and ready to ride or add to your collection.It will be sold at a fair price but it is not a give away so please make sensible offers and I will sell it to you.I can assist in world wide shipping.  I have a clean Ca title in hand and I have no spares or other parts for the bike. It is a 17yr old bike and is not perfect but it is a very sweet, very rare 2 stroke rocket.

rgv engine

Yes, the bodywork is kind of patch work but the metal bits sure look in good shape.  The spots that usually have corrosion look pretty clean.

rgv muffler 2

Stock mufflers all glossed up.

rgv left 2

I’ll let you check out the auction for the BIN; yikes!   The good news is that there is a best offer option and as you read, the seller is encouraging sensible offers.

Click it for the auction.


CA Smog Alert:  CA Titled 1995 Suzuki RGV250
Aprilia October 3, 2013 posted by Ian

Wrench, Wallet and Patience:2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup

rs rightIt is that time of year again folks.  It is time to collect those projects that your wife finds sitting in the garage taking up badly needed space.  You guys know how these go though; they are either all smiles or all headaches.  There isn’t much in between.  This 2000 RS is currently a non runner;  read on to see what she needs.

rs leftIt  is pretty darn rough around the edges but nothing unusual for a used track bike.  The seller does claim it is titled though.  Be sure to click on the auction link below as the seller has gone above and beyond the call of duty and provided a ton of detailed close ups of the bikes condition.

rs cylinder 2rs cylinder Here is where the wrench, wallet and patience come in.  I’ll take a wild guess and say it grenaded a piston and it probably ruined the cylinder.  On the plus side, VJ22 parts (including cylinders) aren’t all that difficult to source.  Being a non runner though, you don’t know about other hidden issues. 

For the right price it might be a good gamble.  Click here for the auction.



Wrench, Wallet and Patience:2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup
Kawasaki October 2, 2013 posted by Ian

Kawgasm! 1982 Kawasaki KZ1000S1

Update 10.2.2013: Current bid is over $71k reserve met! With 7 hours to go, where do you think this one will finish? Leave a comment below! -dc

kz right

I didn’t think it could get much better than the Yoshimura/Honda CB750 from two weeks ago. Once again I’m proven wrong.  Before you is the Holy Grail to Kawasaki collectors, a KZ1000S1.  Basically the homologation special of the day with the 30 or so made not being made available to the general public.

1982 Kawasaki KZ1000S1 for sale on eBay

kz headerskz engine 2

Straight to the engine porn! Here is the story:

If you’re one of the Chosen Few, you can now obtain the unobtainable; from the May 1982 Cycle magazine S1 review article. 29 of these motorcycles were imported for AMA superbike racing in 1982, dealer cost was $10,999.00. No retail price was listed. Several ended up being shipped out of the country. It is also my understanding that some were disassembled by Kawasaki to sell as parts. How many I do not know. So here is your chance to own a very rare motorcycle that is in excellent condition and that has a history, even if it is short. This particular bike was purchased by Grayboy Kawasaki in Peoria Heights, IL. The owner of the dealership at that time had a team running the Grand National circuit in dirt track. This bike was purchased by the owner to go roadracing with national expert rider (33) Dave Hebb of Canton,IL. His roadracing number was 93. This bike has one sprint race and two practices from one weekend of racing at Indianapolis Raceway Park in Clermont, IN. I’m not sure what happened after that, because the bike was put in storage at the dealerships warehouse until I purchased it in October of 1985. The bike was nevered titled until I purchased it from the dealership. So by the title, I’m the original owner. I have had the bike in a climate controlled storage (my house) since 1985. The cylinders were oiled and the engine was rotated over ever so often when in storage. It still has the original Dunlop Racing KR133 slicks mounted on the Dymag magnesium wheels. Also included is the factory spares kit. I also purchased some extra parts back in the mid eighties that are included. When I purchased the bike, my intentions were to license it and ride it on the street. But instead, I kept riding my 1984 900 Ninja because it was such a great bike. So I never got around to making the S1 street legal using Eddie Lawson replica parts. Spares kit includes left and right front brake rotors, rear brake rotor, three sets of front brake pads, two sets of rear brake pads, front axle, two pistons and rings, gearing, chain, staking master links , special tools, two sets of different rate fork springs, sprocket cush drive, assorted jetting, shorter velocity stacks, throttle cables, clutch cable, o’rings, oil seals, fork seals, etc. and two parts catalogs. I tried to show the condition of the vehicle with the photos. I changed oil and filter, put in 3 gallons of fresh Phillips 66 (111 octane) race fuel and started the bike before listing it here. The engine sounds as good as the day I purchased it

kz naked claims the only documented sale of a KZ1000S1 was back in 1997 for $40,000.

kz left rear

It has the look of just put a number plate on and race but it is far from stock: braced swing arm, extra frame bracing, Mikuni flatsides, Lockheed brakes, magnesium wheels etc, etc.  I saw someone on a message board mention they used an ignition or CDI off a KX80; interesting.

kz tank

Does anyone really pay attention to these stickers?  I doubt this one will ever see any pavement or tarmac again.

kz spareskz spares 3

kz spares 2

I would imagine some of those items are as rare as the bike.

kz left

Well,  the Yosh/Honda CB went for $30,100. Apparently the last known KZ1000S1 went for $40,000 back in 1997. What is the take it price home for this one?

Check the back account before placing a bid here.


Kawgasm! 1982 Kawasaki KZ1000S1
Sport Bikes For Sale September 27, 2013 posted by Ian

Parts Bin: Suzuki BSB GSXR K7-8 Goodies

We haven’t had an installment of the Parts Bin in quite some time.  I guess everyone has been hording the factory take offs.  This seller in the U.K. has some interesting bits from Crescent Suzuki that he claims are from Tom Sykes BSB GSX-R.

Here is the list of goodies:

Ex crescent Race Frame with Carbon frame covers, SES alloy Subframe(fits standard race seatunit)= £650 Pickup (Possibly post but will be expensive I would think?)

Factory Yoshimura Kit system with Twin Carbon Cans and twin hangers = £670 DELIVERED MAINLAND UK.(80% Mint)

Fabtech Kit Polished swingarm Inc Billet linkages,spindle and adjusters, caliper hanger = £1050 DELIVERED MAINLAND UK(3 Small dents on RH, Which are hidden behind The silencer)

Tom Sykes full bsb rizla carbon/Kevlar bodykit and seat unit, Mudguard = £650 DELIVERED MAINLAND UK.

Rare Factory Suzuki Kit swingarm(Ex cresent,tom sykes)in black, inc Stunning gold caliper hanger,adjusters the spindle and a Beautiful Billet Linkage and mount setup. = £800 Delivered.

frameToo bad the picture was taken from the top.  Me need’s close up’s of factory/kit parts.

arm rearAre they the real deal?

linkage rearThe linkage has that “factory” look.

arm 2Not from Hamamatsu? This is the Fabtech arm the seller has.  I’m not sure if they fabricate the entire unit or build on what Suzuki started. Looks like he is asking more for this than the factory/kit unit he has.

bodytailUse it or hang it in the garage.

Click here for the listing on Ebay UK.


Parts Bin:  Suzuki BSB GSXR K7-8 Goodies
Yamaha September 25, 2013 posted by Ian

Sacrificed For A Sink: 1985 Yamaha RZ500

rz right

We’ve all been there, the motorcycle is the first thing she thinks needs to be sold when there is a project that needs funding.  Unfortunately, we sometimes have to deal in reality and bite the bullet like this seller.

rz left

I hope the kitchen looks nice because this is a sharp looking RZ.

The depressing story:

I hope the kitchen looks nice because this is a sharp looking RZ.

you are bidding on a 1985 yamaha rz500. it is somewhat rare in the U.S. it is a 500cc v4 two stroke. if you are looking at this ad, you already know this. i am selling my pride and joy because the wife wants a new kitchen and doesn’t want to take out a loan. if you are married you understand. i bought this bike in 1986 from a midwestern dealer who had brought it into the country and had it on display it the dealership window. it had 300 km on it when i bought it and it now has aprox 8800 km. it spends the winter(oct-may) in my den. i have done a few upgrades over the years. i grafted on a complete R1 brake system with adapter by nigil kimber. i installed jim lomas titanium/carbon exhaust with an ivans jet kit, a race tail with custom subframe and of course a custom paint job(i always like the JPS paint scheme). it has new bt14 tires in the correct 16/18 tire sizes. all removed parts are included plus some spares i accumilated over the years( see pictures). please do not ask to buy individual parts. it has a clean florida title. the only configuration change is the bike now has an LSL superbike bar kit(i’m old). if the winning bidder wants it returned to clipons, i will do this , no problem. i really don’t want to sell this as i know i will never be able to replace it but swmbo is REALLY in charge. as this is a 28 year old motorcycle, there is no warrenty implied or otherwise. shipping is on the winning bidder. vehicle will not be released untill funds clear my bank. you will not be disappointed. happy bidding

rz close

A closer look at the custom paint.  She’s got a 17 digit VIN with 52X in it.  I believe that would make it an Australian model originally.

rs right rear

With only a few days remaining on the auction, the price is hovering around $7,500.  It’s going to have go higher than that to make the Mrs. happy roaming the isles of Home Depot.

Check out the auction here.


Sacrificed For A Sink:  1985 Yamaha RZ500
Suzuki September 23, 2013 posted by Ian

Wounded Wolf: 1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma, Walter Wolf Edition

rg left

This Walter Wolf RG500 (or is it?) is rare on several levels. Usually these things are babied and protected more than the Hope Diamond but not this one. In fact, it isn’t even a runner. So you can look at it in two ways; you are either turned off instantly by this abused RG or you  are excited as heck to finally find a fixer upper Walter Wolf.

1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma

rg clusterrg key

I know you sure as heck can’t find those keys anymore.

Lets see what the seller has to say and then we’ll do some detective work:

Read this auction carefully! 1985 Suzuki RG500 Walter Wolf Edition. The engine does not turn over. The left rear cylinder looks to have had some water in it. The upper and lower fairings have cracks. Overall the bike is not in that bad of condition. Bike has 9646 KM = 5787 Miles. With a little work, this could be a very nice bike. We don’t have a title for this bike. Bike is sold with a bill of sale only. Ask questions and look at the pictures carefully before you bid. Bike is sold as is, no returns. Buyer to arrange the shipping. Local pick up is ok.

rg left

At first glance I was going to guess this was probably a standard RG500 painted up.  With the Walter Wolf gauges and key I’ll guess it is the real deal.  But is it a 500?  It has a 11 digit VIN so I’ll say Japanese market bike.  Looking at the Gamma Owners Bible (that isn’t a joke, there really is a book called that) the bodywork, that is actually Walter Wolf,  seems to match up with an 86 RG400 Walter Wolf.   It should have a red seat and wheels to be authentic though.   So chime in RG experts, am I in the ballpark?

rg bodywork

The Japanese domestic RG500’s would have “500” where you see “Walter Wolf Racing” at the bottom of the lower.

rg mirror

Some of the fairing damage the seller described.

If it is really a 400 and in this condition I would imagine the value drops wayyyyyy off.  Parts are rare and expensive as it is and then on top of everything you have the neutered 400.

Click here for the auction.


Wounded Wolf:  1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma, Walter Wolf Edition
Suzuki September 19, 2013 posted by Ian

Shortest Distance Between Point A And Point B? 1983 Suzuki GS1100E

gs left

The GS knows the answer: a very straight line. Give it a few miles of straight, open highway, rotate your right wrist and enjoy.

gs right close

Some call this engine the equivalent to the small block Chevy. They have been modified in every manner possible through the years and it sounds like you still have a good choice of after market parts.

gs left rear

Suzuki was milking every last dime from the Katana. The GS has some subtle styling cues from it.

gs right rear

Not a whole lot of info on the bike but it appears to be completely stock and low mile (13,006).
From the seller:

1983 Suzuki gs1100e Superbike. The bike that is the heart of suzuki’s legendary performance from drag racing to road racing.

A very fine example of a 1980’s superbike. The bike is in very good condition and VERY original from the grips to the stock exhaust.

The seat is original (no tears!) Very rare for this model. The bike runs perfect with tracktor like torque. Every thing works as stock.

Very rare to find one this clean with low miles.

Own a piece of superbike history!

gs cluster

Put your big boy pants on, there is no fairing to protect you.

Click it for the auction.


Shortest Distance Between Point A And Point B?  1983 Suzuki GS1100E