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Honda November 26, 2013 posted by Ian

One Heck Of A Story: 1970 Tony Foale Honda CB750

foale rightfoale left

If you’ve thought you went to the ends of the Earth to source a part, you need to read the sellers’ story about this bike. It is an interesting read backed up with good visuals.

foale fork

The story involves this odd looking front end.  The story starts here.

Enjoy some pictures.

foale frontfaole tankfoale arm
There hasn’t been much action on the auction yet with just a couple of days remaining.

Click here for the auction and story.


One Heck Of A Story:  1970 Tony Foale Honda CB750
Sport Bikes For Sale November 14, 2013 posted by Ian

A Wolf In Wolfs Clothing: 1999 Yamaha R7/R1

r7 right

r7 left

Usually a sleeper (some say cheater) bike is an average sport bike with a little something special hidden under the bodywork.  This one would draw way too much attention with the drool worthy R7 chassis to pull off such a stunt.  This R7/R1 combo  was built for racing pure and simple and is loaded with race hardware.

1999 Yamaha R7 for sale on eBay

From the seller:

So a couple of years ago I put this bike up for auction here on ebay.  I had a ton of response and even got a buyer.  He put up the $500 deposit and then I never heard from him again.  I gave him 2 years to collect it so unfortunately that dude is out.  Anyway here’s the same listing from back then. Nothing has changed with the bike.  I rode it one more time since then.  It was put away (fuel emptied, motor fogged) in my vast collection and now I am once again offering the holy grail of superbikes.   Here’s your chance to own one of the rarest superbikes on the planet. This is a full factory prepared R7 superbike. This particular bike contested the Unlimited 1999 Macau GP with Michael Rutter then went on to compete in the Island of Man and the Northwest 200. 

So lets start with what this bike is. This is a full factory Yamaha R7. If you know what a R7 is then you’ll understand that this is the Godzilla of R7’s. Spec wise we have a full factory R1 (1078cc) Superbike motor with TI rods, knife edged crank,3mm big bore,YEC kit cams, full YEC kit tranny and KES quickshifter, its fueled by a very unique Motec fuel injection system, it all flows out a Promotive custom Ti exhuast that weighs next to nothing!.You get your dash info from a Stack tach metering system wired into the Factort YEC kit racing harness. Ok here’s the cool stuff this bike was tuned by Slick Base (Fogerty’s championship mechanic). I dyno’d it on a DynoJet 200 where it made a strong 182.4 rwhp.All that power and heat is cooled off by a full length Superbike R7 Febor radiator (about $5,800 at the time).

 Lets talk about the subline chassis of this trick R7. The R7 was already known for awesome handling and this bike brings that legend to a new level. Spec wise we have a YEC kit swingarm with quick change front and rear spindles. Of course there are the GP spec Ohlins (unobtainium) front 43mm fork supported in a magnesium and aluminum Harris adjustable triple clamp. In the rear there is GP spec TTX22 Olhins attached to a YEC Kit linkage. When it comes to braking nothing but the best was sourced for this monster. AP six piston calipers grab 330mm cast Brembo superbike rotors with a Radial AP 30mm master cylinder. The wheels are very trick Magnesium Marvic Pentas 3.75 front, 6.25 rear…these are ridiculously light wieght. It’s got a new set of Dunlop Ntech’s with one track session on them. The bodywork is all YEC Spec fiberglass painted up in HAGA R7 colors by Dreamworks. 


r7 nakedr7 rad

For those with a radiator fetish (like me), take a moment and enjoy.  Notice the scoop to gobble up nice cool air?

r7 engien
A look at the motor with all the factory goodies.

r7 arm
How many of you want that swing arm? Hmm?

r7 triple
The reserve is off and the bidding is approaching $22,000 as of this post.

Get in on the bidding action here.


A Wolf In Wolfs Clothing:  1999 Yamaha R7/R1
Kawasaki November 12, 2013 posted by Ian

A 10 Of A ZX: 1992 Kawasaki ZX-7R

zx right

OK, I’ll go 9.99 because I know there are a couple still out there in crates but lets be realistic;  this is about as good as it gets.  So, for those that didn’t pull the trigger on last few ZX-7R’s we posted, warm those check books up.

1992 Kawasaki ZX-7R for sale on eBay

What the seller is saying about it:

1992 Kawasaki ZX-7R K2 Ninja, 800 miles. I’ve owned the bike since 2007, bought it from a Kawasaki dealer’s personal collection. The bike is completely stock except for the following; the carb needles are shimmed .040″ to help the rideability, and the tires were new in 2007 (Dunlop Sportmax Qualifiers – 8 miles on them total). Although I’ve only put 8 miles on the bike since I’ve owned it, I start it 2 to 3 times each summer and let it warm up to keep things lubricated. This bike is one of 7 older sportbikes that I own – none of them are getting a lot of miles on them. All the necessary things are there to distinguish it from the standard ZX-7; aluminum tank, flatslide carbs, close ratio gearbox, etc… I have 2 original keys, owners manual, service manual, complete toolkit and sales brochure.

There is nothing forcing the sale of this bike, but I’ll let it go for the right price. Buyer is responsible for pick up or shipping of the bike.

zx close 2zx close

800 mile fresh.  I really don’t remember another one like this.

zx tailzx tank 2zx tank

There really isn’t anything to discuss.  If you want a rare Kawi from the 90’s that looks like it just came out of the showroom, this is it.

Click here for the auction.


A 10 Of A ZX:  1992 Kawasaki ZX-7R
Honda November 11, 2013 posted by Ian

For The Few Who Can Appreciate What Motor Sports Has To Offer: Two Honda RC30’s (VFR750R) Down Under

spencer tag

rc rightAussie RSBFS intern Chris has come through again.  It is apparently raining RC30’s in Australia and he found the proof.

The info on number one:

My RC30 is one of the finest you will find anywhere. I have meticulously restored it to showroom condition and it is both mechanically and visually almost perfect. It is completely original with all fairing panels and components being OEM. All alloy parts have been refinished and look like the day is was released. I have it club registered, however up until last year it was fully registered and is roadworthy. It was a JDM (Japanese Domestic Model) and was imported to Australia in around 2002. I have appropriate engineering certification for registration, however if you plan to club register it, this is not necessary. The bike comes with the original tool kit and Sharp HRC replica RC30 stand, and Honda bike cover. It also comes with a spare after market belly pan painted in OEM colours. It is rare to find an RC30 in this condition, as many are quite ratty close up – but not this one. The closer you get, the better it is. I am a classic bike collector and have another RC30, so that’s why I’m selling this one. If you’re wanting a classic, a top notch RC30, you should go no further than this example.
rc left

It’s got a BIN of $28,000 Australian

Click to see it.

spencer rightWow, how much can paint change a bike!?  It apparently was one of a small run of bikes painted this way by a Japanese dealer.

Read on:

The real deal the Honda RC30 built solely for WSB racing. This is a No Reserve auction and it this price it will sell – this bike will appreciate in value!
This is from the first batch Honda produced (Japan model) with a very rare and unique Freddie Spencer tribute paint scheme. The quality of the paint is OEM and from what my research has told me a small batch were produced by a large Japanese dealer for select customers. At this listed price you could return it to original RC30 Red White & Blue which was my original plan but after seeing the paint scheme in the flesh I prefer it and decided to keep as is…..
The bike has been fully de-restricted with EU spec ECU and other necessary changes to meet full EU / Aust power specs. The bike is in excellent condition with only minor stone chips. I have fitted a full titanium Ladybird race exhaust system (photos with lower fairing off show quality) that give the V4 a very unique sound – a $2,200 investment alone.
Pics of the engine casing show that there is absolutely no crash damage to support no racing history (a rarity on RC30’s) and whilst I have had this bike in my collection for several years I have only done 100km of riding (I should be shot for that) as it has taken pride of place in the house. 
The RC30 is currently unregistered but would only require a road worthy and maybe a new battery to have it on the road in no time. Would also recommending fitting exhaust tap to the headers given the heat generation (will provide tap for free)


spencer exhaustspencer canThe “Ladybird” exhaust.  That has got to be a Japanese company with a name like that.
spencer left
The bidding on this one is starting at $17,500 Australian.

Click to see it.



If you haven’t found it already, here is an excellent site for you RC30 needs.



For The Few Who Can Appreciate What Motor Sports Has To Offer:  Two Honda RC30’s (VFR750R) Down Under
Mondial November 7, 2013 posted by Ian

Italian That Never Went Home: 2002 Mondial Piega

mon rightmon pegia

I’ve seen the number 3: as in 3 Piega’s that made it to the U.S.  If you are wondering what it is, think Bimota but with a rich racing history that goes back decades.


There is a Honda VTR1000 SP1 engine hiding in there along with the Honda fuel injection. Mondial claimed to have changed the power delivery though. One story on the net tells of Suzuki initially agreeing to supply TL1000R engines before deciding against it.  It is all hidden with carbon bodywork.

mon arm 2mon armmon arm 3

I thought the carbon wrapped swing arm was worthy of a few pictures.

mon tank

The tank is an aluminum piece of art that happens to hold gas.

mon triple

Only 1983 miles.

mon left

Click here for the auction.

Back in 2009 we posted a Piega in the U.S. with 1700 miles and the asking price was $32,500.  With the low miles I guess this could possibly be the same machine.

They look sharp blacked out:


Italian That Never Went Home:  2002 Mondial Piega
Kawasaki November 6, 2013 posted by Ian

The Islands Call: 1992 Kawasaki ZX7R

zx right
Last year I posted what I thought would be the only ZX7R in the Hawaiian Islands. Well, little did I know the islands are alive with lime green homologation specials.

You guys know what these are so lets hear what the seller has to say:

I have made some upgrades since I purchased the bike. I have added a hard to find FULL titanium MUZZY exhaust, PM Chicane wheels with new Q3s, Speigler braided brake and clutch lines, HH EBC brake pads, had all the calipers and masters rebuilt with OEM Kawasaki parts, installed new steering head bearings, changed fork seals and dust boots, recharged the rear shock, new OEM air filter and cleaned and rebuild the 39mm flatslides. I have spent countless hours jetting this bike and it wants to be ridden! I just have no time to ride it and feel bad when I do…  Note: Original parts will be included to the winner if they choose.

zx frontStill looking good.

zx carbsThe FCR’s under the hood.
zx left
Who has shipped a bike from Hawaii? Does it break the bank?

Click here for the auction.



The Islands Call:  1992 Kawasaki ZX7R
Moriwaki November 1, 2013 posted by Ian

Yes, Yes, Yes, Oh No! Moriwaki Zero VX-7 VFR750R (RC30) Frame

Yes! Some Suzuka 8 Hour tech (circa 1990) to make your RC30 that much cooler.

Yes, it is the real deal.  I wonder how many were made.

Yes, I’m still excited about it.  Too my amateur eye it looks more robust.   RC30/Moriwaki experts;  point out the differences from OEM for me.

Oh no!!!!  Yeah, she has a slight imperfection.  Mr. Welder; is that even salvageable?  Worth buying or not, I thought it was a cool item to see and I have to thank Dan RC for sharing the link with us on our Facebook page.

Click for the auction.

Yes, Yes, Yes, Oh No!  Moriwaki Zero VX-7 VFR750R (RC30) Frame
Suzuki November 1, 2013 posted by Ian

Nice Pair Mate: 1989 Suzuki GSX-R750R And 1989 Yamaha FZR750R OWO1

 Pair 1pair 2

Now that is quite a pair!  Before you pawn your wife’s wedding ring a note on location;  Australia.  Quite an opportunity for the locals.  Thanks to Spencer on our Facebook page for spotting these and making all of us not in Australia jealous.

gsxr right

This would be at the top of my list to Santa.

The info:

Here is a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase 2 of the most desireable race replica road legal bikes from the late 80’s.

These bikes along with the Honda RC30 and the Kawasaki ZZR750RR were definately the turning point for what was to become the normal factory process for homologation for racing.

Both bikes have been imported from Japan and have full aust import approval.

Suzuki GSXR750 RK (RR) 1989,

only 500 were produced to comply with racing rules,

18,304 Km, very good overall original condition, the fairing has been repainted at some point and the paint is a bit blistered

ow right

I’m not up the OW’s, the owner mentions upgrading to full power spec.  Is that just a result of it being a Japanese domestic bike?

The info:

Yamaha OWO1

Only 1000 were produced

This has been upgraded to full horsepower spec, also has a performance pipe, and in generally in very good condition.

The speedo only shows 1007 Km not sure if this is correct, I would assume it has been changed or reset after the upgrading ???

ow front

gsxr side

Check em out on Ebay Australia.


Nice Pair Mate:  1989 Suzuki GSX-R750R And 1989 Yamaha FZR750R OWO1