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Almost Pre-Sports – 1985 Yamaha FZ750 with 1,586 Miles !

Though big red dominated, Yamaha’s FZ750R / OU45 regularly appeared as the best of the rest in mid-eighties AMA Superbike.  Here’s a collector which has somehow escaped the suburban Dallas heat, and dodged a lifetime’s worth of garage elves.

1985 Yamaha FZ-750 for sale on eBay

Yamaha had reportedly toyed with as many as seven valves per cylinder, but settled on five for the Genesis engine.  Laid forward to straighten the path through the 34mm Mikuni’s, 105 hp was the result.  The four was wedged across a double cradle chassis, with right side up forks and a monocross rear.  270mm brakes are period correct but seem undersized for the mission, and the 16/18-inch wheel stagger would be seen as under and over-sized just a few years later.  Riding position was a pretty good tuck and helped the rider get behind the upper-only fairing.

The comments say the bike has been in the back of the garage for a generation, so this might be the original owner.  Condition is hard to believe with none of the usual bumps, bruises, or mods that might be expected.  A fork brace is visible and a Fox shock is hidden.  Otherwise it looks original right down to the tires.  Notes from the eBay auction:

This bike has been in a controlled environment for the past 35 years. The 80’s motorcycle market is getting hot and this is a perfect opportunity for a collector or lover to own an iconic bike. It runs and rides like a new bike with a couple of original 80’s upgrades remote adjustable rear Fox Shock and a fork brace. The miles are original, I was putting it in my collection but it needs to be ridden and because of my age and old racing injuries I can’t manage the low bars. The value will only increase as this is the only FZ 750 I have seen come on the market over the last 2 years. One sold in January of 2019 for $9,000 with 39,000 miles on it and needed attention. This bike is as good as the day it came off the ship.

Part of the design concept was the five smaller valves which didn’t require double valve springs, allowing higher revs and an easier life for the cams.  Yamaha stuck with the Genesis for several years, attesting to the idea’s success.  The conventional auction ( high reserve though ) reflects the almost super-stardom of these early superbikes.  It might take a re-list, but interest in an FZ in this condition will come.




  • The front brakes might be undersized but t has pretty trick vented rotors

  • I had one of these way back when, haven’t seen any in decent shape in recent years. Certainly was at the forefront of the whole repli-racer thing.

  • Not liking that rusty looking spooge on the side of the tank and frame.

  • Seller is right that there are few survivors, but Rare ≠ Expensive. I had one of these but it had something massively wrong with its valvetrain. It could have been a fun bike if literally every system on the bike was upgraded-aftermarket vs. stock. They’re neat bikes if you throw $7000 of suspension, wheels, and engine work at them. Based on the seller’s valuation, I look forward to seeing a shaft-drive XS750 Yamaha listed for $11000 in the future.

  • Hmmm, I’m going to look at my ’85 FZ750 in a different light. Didn’t realize it is worth $11,500. I probably should apoligize to the guy I bought it from 3 yeears ago for only paying $3,500.

  • Last year I paid $1400 total to buy and ship cross-country a 15K mile FZ that had been sitting for a long, long while. Before that purchase, I had managed to find an even lower mileage ’94 YZF750 donor that has since been liberated of its USD forks and triples, brakes, engine, harness, pipe, swingarm, and 17″ wheels. Thanks to Yamaha’s parts interchangeability and one set of German superbike conversion bars, I am now on my way to having the FZ I have always wanted!

    • I want to see pictures when it comes together! -dc

  • Wait, you did what?! You upgraded a YZF750 with an old steel frame? Yeah, I think I need to see this. Dan, can you please start up WSBFS. (Weird sportbikes for sale)? I think you found your mantra bike right there.

  • No. The donor YZF stuff is transferring to the FZ, not the other way around. I actually got the inspiration while I was living (and riding) in Japan. Upgraded FZs are pretty big over there. Mines not done, but if you hunt around on one of the Japanese bike seller pages like http:// motorcycle.goobike.com/, you can find pictures of what I am talking about as they come up for sale every so often.

  • AAAnd the auction ended, no bidders.I was having illusions of an Antiques Roadshow moment “Lucky you, your FZ750 is worth 4 times more than you thought it is!” Oh well.

    Paul P. Sounds like an interesting project! I am curious will the frame flex more with stiffer forks, swingarm, and wider, stickier tires?

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