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A true classic – 1986 Suzuki GSXR-750 Limited Edition

1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750 Limited Edition on eBay


Here is a chance to own a real, rare classic bit of motorcycle history.  Finding a 1986 GSX-R 750 in this condition is rare indeed.  Most of us are familiar with the classic blue and white, but this one stands out from even that small crowd.  The red and black beauty pictured here has been imported from Japan where this was the standard paint scheme.   I have to say, I have never seen one in person and only a few small pictures of one on the internet.


This one appears mostly stock, although the turn signals are updated and it has what appears to be a Yoshimura slip-on exhaust as well.  There’s some wear and tear that indicate it’s been enjoyed.  The forks are pitted and there is some wear on the controls and the lower fairings.  However, and let this sink in for a minute… this motorcycle is now approaching 40 years old!  Hard to believe but true.

The seller provides only minimal details, as seen here in the eBay listing: 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750 Limited Edition for sale

Beautifully kept bike, own a piece of history,
This bike came the way it sits in the pictures from Suzuki in Japan

If you’re an avid collector, this has to be on your radar.  And hopefully, considering that it’s not necessarily in MINT condition, you might even be considering riding it.  It deserves to be ridden, enjoyed and appreciated.





  • 2015 – 1986 = 29

  • Old Australian saying…”I’m as busy as a bricklayer in Beirut.”

  • >this motorcycle is now approaching 40 years old!  Hard to believe but true.

    So 30 is the new 40…? 😉

    • You WILL know it’s 40 years old when you ride it,though. Or try to get parts for it.

  • This rare GSXR LE is great but did anyone catch notice of the S1000RR he’s listed as well? Sick!

  • The turn signals appear original for this particular model. The seat has been cut down.

  • Very difficult to believe that this bike is approaching 40 years old. Really, really difficult.

    Anyways, these are cool bikes and they sound great. Certainly rare these days and should only grow in value over the years. Imagine how much this thing will be worth when it’s 40 years old?

  • I have been told that is an Original color scheme for Suzuki’s in Japan better known as the Yoshimura colors – you could get gsxr and the RG 500 and RG 250’s also came in this color.

  • Dudes… Just went back and looked at this bike. It’s in freaking LEBANON. Have fun with that purchase.

    • …Beirut.

  • There is a city called Lebanon in Ohio.

    • That’s odd,as the Ohio goats cheese markets are in Lebanon every second Sunday.

  • Hey friends and fans,
    I own 2 of these and yes this is an original color scheme. I don’t think this is over priced at all, in fact well priced I believe. I’ll post some photos of my collection for all my fans to see. Did you know darts is the fastest growing TV sport atm. There are sponsors waiting to get into the game. Finally we are known globally as athletes. I’m site there is the next MVG out there maybe even on this website. Remember, perfect practise makes perfect. Darts for life and oh yeah, we have been lobbying to makes darts an Olympic sport in 2024

    • You seriously just stroked yourself twice on this website.!? Darts? Seriously.!? Go ride a motorcycle and reevaluate.

  • Guys I just had my assistant lizzie put photos of my bike up on my website. Check them out and have a look at my other bikes too. Address is http://www.michaelvangerwen.tv
    I’m glad you are all my fans and I’m humble to be learning from this website.

    • Nobody claimed fan of you my friend. RSBFS yes, GSXR LE’s sure, but dart throwing side pullers…….?…….

  • that was a good eye catching the seat cut. Its a jap domestic model, rare for sure, but the location is a killer. I expect to see the first generation limited GSXR750R as one of the most sought after collectables in sportbikes.

  • jeff March 15, 2015 6:41:24 pm
    ……,” but the location is a ‘killer’.”

    Do you have to be so literal,Jeff.

  • Looks like a reasonable original bike. Again Again Again I say beware of anything from Jap in terms of corrosion. If the forks are that bad, please look elsewhere on the bike for signs of corrosion. Yes its nice and ” almost original” Yoshi (Jap) colours which were very common in Japan. Seat hasn`t been cut it is standard JDM by the looks. US got Red, White, Blue which I liked. Kinky bike but I really liked it.

  • Gents/fans,

    I’m so glad a few of you checked out my bike collection on my website under “gallery” and thank you to those who emailed me. I’ll respond to your emails within the next 48hours. I’m so pleased that you love darts as much as you do bikes. I’m blessed to be on this forum. Thank you MVG

  • Does anyone have any rare darts or dart boards for sale?

  • And the lamest comment section on this site so far goes to….


    • …..Well,it’s only an old gixxer.

  • David how are you my friend?
    Darr boards aren’t really rare or collectable but if you would like, I’d be happy to send you a signed dart board and/or a signed picture. I’m glad you also like darts its a great sport isn’t it?
    Hey have you been watching the champion ships? I’m quietly confident of winning this year.
    Bre my favourite bike of all time is the rg500. I have only 1 in my collection but I’m looking for a 2nd

  • Now,where were we? OH,year…the darts….

  • Has anyone actually confirmed this bike in in Beirut Lebanon versus Lebanon Ohio? No disrespect but not sure WTF is up with the darts comments, wondering if that is a joke, bc I’m not here to talk about darts? Sounds like just the one guy is here to talk about darts, and himself. Just curious about this bike and if anyone knows where it really is.

    • Go to the ebay listing and check the shipping and payments tab. This bike is in effing Beirut, Lebanon. We got to start imposing some kind of rules on what gets posted on this site. Also, wtf darts. Why in the hell are we talking about darts. I’ve been on this site since day one. It’s getting lame.

  • David thanks for that info. I wrote the guy via eBay but I didn’t know how to check the way you described, thanks. And seriously, I’m pretty laid back about everything, but the darts things is ridiculous, the guy is just talking about himself and nothing at all about this bike. It’s actually irritating AF. Why doesn’t an admin just wipe those stupid dart comments off the board?

  • Is there any chance someone here would buy a bike like this from Beirut?

    • There is a zero percent chance. Delete this whole thread. So stupid.

      I don’t know why I’m so frustrated, but I think that I might have a clue. I used to scour ebay and Craigslist for rare bikes and try to get a good deal on one. Then, this site came out and it was kind of like rare bike porn, but the issue was that now the casual buyer or looker would see an RG and then start getting crazy to the point that 30 grand seemed reasonable. This site has likely raised the prices on “hard to find bikes.”

      But that’s all good, because shit, now I’m looking at motorcycle porn without much effort.

      Then there’s this fucking thread. There’s a, “rare,” sportbike, a dry clutch OG Gixxer that we all know about, but this one is red. Very unusual, cool, but we’ve seen this paint scheme on many Suzukis. But it’s in FUCKING BEIRUT LEBANON. Who gives a fuck? Why don’t we post pictures of bikes in the museum at Barber Motorsports in Alabama and call them rare? They’re probably for sale at the right price. Don’t even get me started on the darts.

      Mods, owner(s) of this site, clean it up. You’re driving up prices and you’re shit posting. Remember when you had a Katana listed? I didn’t even get into your asses too hard about that one.

      Sorry for the rant. This shit really pisses me off.

  • Hi Damon and david,
    Sorry if I’ve upset you it wasn’t my intention. I love bikes and this forum is a great place to learn from. Damon by any chance did you seem collection on my website under gallery?
    When you do you will see I’m about bikes.
    David I’m glad you like darts, please let me know if you would like a signed dart board sent.
    Once again check out my bikes on my website lizzie put them up a few days back.

  • David tjere is no need to get angry at the moderator or this forum because the price of bikes are going up. Don’t hate there is no need for it. There are some people like me who read this forum who are religious and don’t like curse words. Why would you get so angry that a post of a bike is in Lebanon ok so read about it and move on. I’m sensing you need to express yourself maybe through going to the gym or yoga or maybe have a few sessions with a councillor. This site is a fantastic place to learn from. Cmon now geezer don’t hate. Show some more love and compassion. The only thing I’m happy with is that you also love darts. It’s a beautiful sport isn’t it…

    • Do you have any idea whatsoever how crazy you sound? Dude… Get your shit together. If you’re super religious about God or darts there are forums for that.

      What the hell is happening here. Am I on Candid Camera or Punked?

  • Hahahahahaha Its like twilight zone up in here.

  • I can’t stop laughing, I’m happy for you Michael that you like darts so much. You do sound like Rain Man about these darts though bro. I actually don’t think David likes darts very much, at least when I read his posts, I definitely DID NOT get the idea he liked darts at all. Sorry David, this shit just became funny. I was thinking the same thing as you, like “Where’s the camera?”

  • I couldn’t sleep and decided to check out some Ducati F1’s when I came across this site. I used to like darts, now I think I’d enjoy throwing them into dudes tires while practicing yoga!

  • Hmmm…buying a bike from Lebanon shouldn’t really be any more cause for concern than say buying from any other foreign Country.) ok, ok maybe a Little more ;-)..of course its gonna be a tad more involved than getting one from Ohio….

    without having a friend on the ground, or at least a middle man it might be tricky…but there is no shortage of cash there, so there might just be a few interesting collections about….

    Hell you might even find an Ultra rare unicorn pro bristle board to match the bike in the Garage….

  • I imagine the “Ton Up Boys” played a game or two of darts in the Cafes in merry old England. Maybe van gerwin is reminiscing the good old days. Some interesting goofy banter for St. Patrick’s Day.

  • getting upset about written text from random strangers on the internet… SMH

    • No, I’m getting upset that this site used to be a lot better. I’m not even mad at the autistic dart guy, I’m mad that there’s even a place for that here, or that there’s a bike listed from Beirut, Lebanon.

      Like I said, I’ve been here since day one. This is getting out of hand. I love motorcycles, especially those that are becoming very difficult to find. But I’m sure as shit not ever going to buy one from Beirut, nor is anyone on this site. It’s pointless. Then add a discussion of darts to that and what do you get? Shitposts.

  • David,

    How many bikes have you purchased that have been listed on this website? Honest question.

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