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A New RSBFS Record: 500k Total Page Hits!

I just wanted to take a second to mark this special occasion: We have just passed half a million page hits on this website! Not bad considering the site has only been up for about 2 years!

This would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the great contributors we have on this website, all the emails we get for potential leads, and most importantly our loyal readers. Thank you for allowing us to continue to seek out and post the best sport bikes for sale in this country and across the globe!

We have many new developments in the works to ensure our next 500k hits come even quicker than the last. Here’s a sneak peak:

In the near future:
* Doing Some Spring Cleaning to Tidy Up the Website
* RSBFS Merchandise!
* A More Formal Featured Listings Area
* And a Classifieds Area for Readers to Share Their Rare Parts For Sale!

Later this year:
* Feature Articles, Galleries, and Videos that Will Help Us All Learn More About The Rare Bikes We Love!
* Price Guides for Popular Models
* An Official RSBFS Gathering at the Indy MotoGP!

As you can see we’re busy behind the scenes!

I hope you’ll join us in celebrating this great milestone. Please feel free to leave comments below on your experiences with the site and improvements you’d like to suggest.

Thank You All!

Dan Crouch


  • Nicely done! Congratulations on your success!

  • NICE JOB. I drop by this site every day. GREAT Place to see unique rare Moto’s

  • Thanks guys!

  • A great site!

  • Congrats Dan! I’ve been a big fan of this site and usually check it daily =) . In addition to price guides, maintenance guides might not be a bad idea either

  • Love the site Dan come on here every day to see whats new and what i can get!!

  • Thanks for the kudos guys!

    For those of you checking the site daily, you should consider signing up for the email updates on the right side of the site. No spam and you get all the new bikes in your inbox each morning.


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