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Bimota October 16, 2019 posted by

A Good Fit – 1987 Bimota YB5

Even Bimota was not immune to the siren call of Yamaha’s 130 hp FJ1200, producing one of their only biposto models.  This example has been carefully preserved in South Africa.

1987 Bimota YB5 ( South Africa ) for sale on eBay

Yamaha had recently given their air/oil-cooled four a big displacement bump and tuned it for a torque band that made shifting almost unnecessary.  The massive lump was narrower than usual since the alternator was placed behind the cylinders rather than at the end of the crank.  At the front of the interesting cradle and spar chassis, Marzocchi supplied 42mm forks, and Bimota fabricated their own swingarm.  Wheels were eighteens front and rear, more of a GT solution, along with 280mm Brembo brakes.  The body-color pillion cover is easily removable should a volunteer turn up.

This owner has a couple of other very collectible bikes at auction, all looking excellent though a long boat or plane ride away.  Close-up photos show the finishes to be unblemished, with just under 10,000 miles the paint almost looks wet.  From the eBay auction:

Number 18 out of 208 units ever produced. 
Bimota YB5’s do not come up for sale often, so this is the perfect opportunity to add a prime example of one to your collection. 
She handles surprisingly well considering a dry weight of 210 Kg.
Apart from the turn signals, mirrors and windscreen everything else is still original. Even the factory paintwork has been preserved.
The YB5 has been part of my private collection for the past five years in which time the vehicle only accumulated less than 500 Km.
The tires were replaced about two years ago and a full service, including replacing the brake pads and the battery was completed three weeks ago.

Bimota couldn’t do much about the mass of that gorgeous drivetrain, though they reduced the dry weight to just under 500 lbs., and balanced the package to neutralize handling.  The YB5’s rake and trail numbers are substantially less than the donor FJ, lightening the handling and stipulating a steering damper.  Low profile tires were specified for the bike, which reduced the gyroscopic effect of the larger wheels.  The “skinny” 1200 slips into the sleek fairing and can take two for a wicked sporty ride.


A Good Fit – 1987 Bimota YB5
Bimota September 18, 2015 posted by

Built for Two: 1988 Bimota YB5 for Sale

1988 Bimota YB5 R Side

Although they built their reputation around their race-spec bikes, Bimota also built plenty of street-biased bikes. There’s obviously no real racing class for a bike like the Bimota YB5, powered as it was by Yamaha’s 1188cc FJ1200 engine and 5 speed transmission.

1988 Bimota YB5 R Side Rear

But while it may not have been eligible for any race series, the YB5 had a couple aces up its sleeve. One was that massively torquey engine. The other was something you don’t often see on a Bimota: a set of pillion pegs matched to a passenger seat!


So while this probably wouldn’t be an ideal bike for long-distance touring, it’s nice to know you can head out to a local bike night to show off not just your taste in bikes, but your taste in significant others as well.

1988 Bimota YB5 R Side Fairing

While Bimota was obviously famous for their lightweight construction and, although it was more than 50lbs less than the donor machine, the YB5 still weighed in at 463lbs dry. The frame was based on their SB4 and period testers reveled in the bike’s nearly magical combination of stability and agility, traits that, when combined with the flexible engine, make it an ideal sportbike for road-biased riders.

1988 Bimota YB5 Rear Wheel

The original YB5 used 18″ wheels with low-profile tires, although this one looks like it’s been fitted with a set of 17″ wheels from Technomagnesio.

From the original eBay listing: 1988 Bimota YB5 for Sale

Rare chance to own a Bimota YB5,  one of only 208 units built.
Has been in climate controlled collection for past 10 years.  (thinning the collection)
Mileage  10,651
Condition very good,  but will need new
tune-up, etc.
All stock motor and exhaust. (FJ1200 motor)
Rare Special option Brembo technomagnesio wheels
please note:  stock “suicide” side stand and several small blemishes in fairing.

1988 Bimota YB5 L Side Fairing Damage

So it’s not pristine shape, but has obviously been well cared for. The bike has attracted little interest so far, with one bid at $6,500 and the reserve apparently met. Bimotas are often thought of as hideously expensive exotica, but many of the mid to late 80’s bikes sell for a relative song, considering their rarity. And because the engines and transmissions are all from common Japanese bikes, you should be able to keep one running for peanuts. Body panels can be an issue, but for the price, they represent a serious exotica bargain.


1988 Bimota YB5 L Side

Built for Two: 1988 Bimota YB5 for Sale
Bimota June 14, 2015 posted by

Closer to home: 1989 Bimota YB5 in Canada

Prior to April of this year we hadn’t seen a Bimota YB5 pop up for sale since 2009 so of course now there is a second one, and instead of being far away in New Zealand this one is a bit closer to the RSBFS offices, with a location in Laval Quebec, Canada.


The YB5 was the fifth Bimota model powered by Yamaha and was an attempt by the Rimini based company to offer a big fast sportbike that could also be used for light touring.  This explains why in untypical-for-Bimota fashion there was a passenger/pillion seat hidden under the rear cowling.

While the passenger accommodations were unusual for a 1980’s Bimota, the YB5 did follow the standard Bimota philosophy elsewhere by taking a standard bike and then improving on it.  In the case of the YB5  a 1200cc Yamaha FJ was the basis to help the YB5 meet the “big and fast” criteria. The YB5 was the highest displacement and most powerful bike that Bimota produced prior to is most recent reorganization.  NOTE: The Bimota power crown now belongs to its new BMW powered BB3.


1989 Bimota YB5 for sale on ebay (Canada)

The YB5 was first displayed at the 1986 Cologne Motor Show and entered production the following year.   Its 210kg dry weight was a claimed 25kg lighter than the Yamaha FJ1200 on which it was mostly based, resulting in 130hp at 9,000rpm and a top speed of 243kph/150 mph, not bad in 1989.  Reviews were generally positive although some reported a somewhat unforgiving suspension and engine heat blowing onto rider’s legs. 

In typical late 80’s fashion, the production number of the YB5 is of some debate. Some websites list 200, some 250, I even found one listing 208. Regardless the YB5 is quite rare but given its Yamaha basis, its more reliable than a lot of Bimota products (cough-cough-VDue-cough-cough). Nice touches abound on the bike, including machined frame connectors Marzocchi forks and single rear shock, plus a full set of dash indicators.


Here is what the seller has to say:

  • Number 149
  • I am the 3rd owner as far as I can tell, previous owner imported the Bike from the UK.
  • I have owned it since 2007, since then I have put 2k km on it as I do not have time to ride it.
  • Have changed the clutch Master cylinder  and clutch line.
  • Also changed the flasher stalks (still have them), and battery.
  • Some small scratches on fairing that can be buffed out.
  • Also have the tools for headlamp adjustment and rear wheel hub adjustment.


So what is this YB5 located in Far North America worth?  Well there are no bids at the opening price of $10,000 USD but this price is actually right in line with what we have seen on the few previous YB5’s posted on RSBFS.    While its not as appealing to me as some of Bimota’s other designs (what I wouldnt give for an SB2 to be in my little collection), its probably one of the more reliable Bimotas from the late 1980’s.

I think this one will probably begin to appreciate at a reasonable rate over the next few years.  Perhaps a smart North American collector should give some consideration to picking this up.



Closer to home:  1989 Bimota YB5 in Canada
Bimota April 5, 2015 posted by

Classy Chassis – 1992 Bimota YB5

Designed by the late Frederico Martini, the YB5 was based on the Yamaha FJ1200 drivetrain, the highest displacement Bimota produced.  The inline 4 produces 130hp and has the innovation of an offset generator ( behind the engine ) to reduce overall width.  Continuing the firm’s practice of re-packaging the latest engine developments, the YB5 is a great handling powerhouse.

20150404 1992 bimota yb5 right

1992 Bimota YB5 in New Zealand for sale on eBay

20150404 1992 bimota yb5 front

20150404 1992 bimota yb5 rear

With production of just 200 units, the YB5 is exceedingly rare, but should be maintainable with Yamaha running gear.  The 1200cc motor is held in a double cradle of chrome-moly steel, and the frame connectors are billet machined instead of cast.  For a 1200 of nearly 500 lbs., the YB5 was a great handler as reviewed.  5-speed transmission, Marzocchi forks, single rear shock, and three 280mm disk brakes complete the package.  Beautiful full fairing and the rear cowling conceals a passenger seat.

20150404 1992 bimota yb5 cockpit

Titled as a 1992, this one evidently was on display for a few years, since production of the model was in 1987-88.

From the eBay auction:

Over the this time just 208 examples of the model were produced with most snapped up by collectors. The bike uses the trusted Yamaha FJ1200 engine which produces an outstanding 130hp. This made it a strong performer in its day and on its release was one of the fastest bikes in the world for a short time.

This example was sold new in Japan in 1992 after spending several years in a showroom. It has travelled just over 20,000 km or 12.400 miles and is in excellent condition.

These old Bimotas are sought after by collectors and don’t come up for sale often.

Currently en route to our Auckland store, we can ship this classic Bimota worldwide at very competitive rates. Do not miss this very special opportunity.

20150404 1992 bimota yb5 left

The seller also has facilities in a Dallas suburb, and likely could assist with a stateside import.

Hand-crafted as any Bimota, powerful as any liter-plus supersport, this is certainly an interesting combination.


Classy Chassis – 1992 Bimota YB5
Bimota June 2, 2009 posted by

1987 Bimota YB5 $10000

Located in Greenwich, Connecticut is a higher mileage (for a Bimota) 1987 Bimota YB5.  This YB5 has 19,838 miles, making it a higher mileage Bimota–most seem to hover around the 5k or less mark.  However, what this YB5 does offer is the opportunity to actually use your Bimota without worrying about depreciation.  This bike still appears to be very clean for a twenty-two year old bike.  The idea of this bike being very usable isn’t out of the question, the moving parts originate from the Yamaha FJ series so they should be quite dependable and as long as they are maintained properly.  A 4200 mile YB4 went for $10.6k and a zero mile YB6 went for $13.8k recently, making this YB5 probably a bit high at $10k.  However, it is only an asking price, not the sold price.  If you’d like to make an offer, see the New York Craigslist ad here.


Bimota August 26, 2009 posted by

3 Bimotas For Sale Right Now, Each Under $10k!

Here are some rare modern classics for sale on eBay for under $10k each. Let the Italian goodness begin:

Bimota YB5 For Sale

quote from seller’s eBay listing:

This lightweight cycle (from 208 units made in 1987) comprises classic Bimota tri-color design, Yamaha FJ1200 engine, robust 41.7 mm Marzocchi M1R forks, and Brembo (good enough for the Dr. Rossi) brakes, and lightweight Technomagnesio wheels, all in near perfect condition.


Here are some interesting facts about this motorcycle’s history:

1. Purchased from Nick Ienatsch, famous motorcycle journalist, racer and teacher at the Freddie Spencer Riding School.
2. This YB5 was owned by Nick’s father.
3. Includes original vinyl folder, including owner’s manual and warranty and service booklets. Also includes official workshop manual (two copies).
4. Purchased around May or June 2001
5. Excerpt from Bimota book regarding YB5 is enclosed.
6. This bike has been kept in push button, start up condition: the carbs are clean and the steel gas tank has had a properly applied rust proof treatment.

Bimota YB11 For Sale

quote from seller’s listing:

I purchased this from the original owner 4 yeas ago with 1900 miles. The previous owner took very good care of it and also replaced the tires with new Metzeler Rennsports at the time of sale. It has an upgraded Euro headlight and upgraded Ohlins rear suspension.

I have taken meticulous care of this machine. It is in mint condition, always garaged, covered and properly maintained. I actually change all the hydraulic fluids after each ride. I just performed a complete tune up with Amsoil synthetic fluids and a new OEM battery.

The paint work is all original, never dropped, scratched or touched up. The black portion of the lowers have been perfectly refinished due to lifting of the logo type decal.

I am including the OEM workshop manual with electrical wiring diagram as well as the parts microfiche and sales brochure. I have the passengers seat and rear foot pegs that are unused as well as 1 unused spare key. All the documents and paper trail from the original owner are also included.

Bimota SB6 For Sale

quote from the eBay listing:

One of only 700+ red, white and carbon SB6’s

Only flaw is touch up paint on chin of fairing and paint chips near kick stand (see photos)

From a later run of bikes with upgraded controls, rear sets, wheels, dash, gauges, strengthened body work, and exhaust system.

Vehicle Description

* GSXR 1100 water/oil-cooled
* All carbon fiber body, dashboard, fenders
* New battery
* Clean carbs
* Runs well
* Owner’s manual
* Marchesini wheels
* Massive beam frame
* Complete Brembo brake system – 320mm front disc
* Paioli carbon fiber front forks – Ohlins rear shock
* Original 4 into 2 into 1 into 2 undertail exhaust

All three are super delicious, but I think I’m most turned on by the YB11 with the super low miles and Yamaha Thunderace engine. Not that I could handle a monster like that, but it’d sure look great in my living room!

Thanks again to Doug for his spotting help!


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