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Mondial February 23, 2015 posted by

Unobtanium Alert! Multiple Mondial Piegas for sale on ebay UK, including an EF version!

mondial black 1


Here are two (2!) of the ultra rare Mondial Piega models, both from the same seller.

For anyone not familiar with these bikes from previous RSBFS posts, FB Mondial was a small motorcycle manufacturer that had racing success in the 1940’s and 50’s but couldn’t translate that success into a long term successful business model.  Mondial produced highly successful race bikes, many with the distinctive Dustbin fairings.  These bikes are considered to be some of the most beautiful bikes ever made and are now highly valued by collectors.  For example, the 1957 Mondial 125cc Grand Prix DOHC ‘Dustbin’ pictured below was recently offered for sale by Bonhams for over 110,000 USD (click the pic for more details).

1957 Mondial 125, Bonhams auction

Mondial Racebike

The Monidal bikes were so successful and so highly regarded that back in the 50’s Soichiro Honda himself approached Mondial about purchasing their 125cc race bikes to help his company get up to speed (no pun intended).  When Honda won the 125cc and 250cc championships in 1961 the badges said Honda but the technology was Mondial.  FYI – This is why today, when you enter Honda’s museum at its race track at Motegi, Japan, the first bike you see on display is a 125 Mondial.

By the mid 1960’s Mondial was starting to struggle and in an interesting reversal, the company worked out an agreement with Honda to offer their bikes with Honda power. The Mondial brand continued on until the late 1970’s but eventually it shutdown and fell into disuse.

In 2000, entrepreneur Roberto Zileti bought the dormant Mondial name from the original owner family and using his considerable wealth had a new Mondial designed.  The new bike was designed to compete in World Superbike racing and was to be powered by a Suzuki TL1000 V-twin engine but just before it was due to be launched Suzuki withdrew.  Ziletti then managed to convince Honda to supply the reborn Mondial with Honda SP-1 engines and the new Mondial Piega was born.

piega tank

While European bikes designed around Japanese engines have been known to promise more than they deliver (Im looking at you, Bimota), the Piega isn’t one of those.  Mondial’s engine modifications were small, consisting of a new intake and exhaust system and a reworking of the fuel injection mapping which bumped out the power a bit.  The major change was to weight; due to the extensive use of carbon-fiber,, the Piega is 45lb lighter than the SP-1.

Reviewers were quite enthusiastic over the bike, stating:

“the bike also feels faster than the latest Honda SP and the handling is at least as good. The SP-1 felt awkward and at times unstable with an especially flighty front end. The Piega is better, with great stability.”

“The main development rider for the Piega was a 250cc race champion and it shows in the results…the Piega somehow manages to feel like a much smaller machine…it can be flicked into a corner and re-positioned mid-turn.  Also the very high quality race-based suspension gives the bike a tactile quality.”

“You don’t have to ride the Piega fast to savor the sensations it offers, because it’s enormously rewarding at most speeds, but when you do it responds with a top-level ability. Of course the bike is also great to look at in its traditional blue and silver livery, although the combination of hard edges and curves occasionally clashes and the droop of the tail plate unit detracts from the bike’s aggression.”

2003? Blue and White Piega for sale on ebay UK

Here is the first one, a year isnt specified but it looks to be one of the early edition bikes, possibly a 2003.  Mileage is listed as Zero/new.  Asking price is 17,000 GBP which comes out to about 26,000 USD.

mondial 1 front

modial 1 side

While normally I am wary anytime someone says Zero/o miles for a bike, this one does look absolutely clean.  NOTE:  There have also been comments on previous RSBFS Piega posts that 11 of these bikes were “taken” by employees who didn’t receive their paychecks after the company went bankrupt and that these are considered stolen.

Now here is the second one, an EF/Finale Edition version in lovely black and carbon fiber.

mondial black 1

2008? Mondial Piega EF/Final Edition

piega black side 2

The build history on the Final Edition/EF versions is a bit vague and the only info I can find is a brief mention of them being launched in 2008.   It seems like the EF version was produced out of Piega backstock with different carbon based bodywork similar to that from the Mondial GP bike.   The seller indicates this 1 of 10 EF versions which may account for its higher asking price of 22,500 GBP/35,000 USD.

modianl black back

Now, the question is, what are these bikes worth?  The Mondial Piega is certainly a rare sportbike based on the listed production numbers and finding one let alone two in brand new condition is pretty amazing.  Even so, I think the price for these may be a bit high.  Previous postings on RSBFS  went for quite a bit less than the asking price but those posts were for US bikes, the bikes weren’t 0 miles bikes and occurred while the financial crisis was still ongoing.  Perhaps someone can work out a package deal for both…?


Note:  This seller appears to have quite a few high end bikes for sale, including a Bimota VDue Evoluzione, which is the upgraded version equipped with carburetors.

Unobtanium Alert!  Multiple Mondial Piegas for sale on ebay UK, including an EF version!
Mondial November 7, 2013 posted by

Italian That Never Went Home: 2002 Mondial Piega

mon rightmon pegia

I’ve seen the number 3: as in 3 Piega’s that made it to the U.S.  If you are wondering what it is, think Bimota but with a rich racing history that goes back decades.


There is a Honda VTR1000 SP1 engine hiding in there along with the Honda fuel injection. Mondial claimed to have changed the power delivery though. One story on the net tells of Suzuki initially agreeing to supply TL1000R engines before deciding against it.  It is all hidden with carbon bodywork.

mon arm 2mon armmon arm 3

I thought the carbon wrapped swing arm was worthy of a few pictures.

mon tank

The tank is an aluminum piece of art that happens to hold gas.

mon triple

Only 1983 miles.

mon left

Click here for the auction.

Back in 2009 we posted a Piega in the U.S. with 1700 miles and the asking price was $32,500.  With the low miles I guess this could possibly be the same machine.

They look sharp blacked out:


Italian That Never Went Home:  2002 Mondial Piega
Mondial May 18, 2012 posted by

I Need A Moment Alone: 2003 Mondia Piega In The United States

I Need A Moment Alone:  2003 Mondia Piega In The United States


One of three in the U.S. my friends.  I had always wondered if there were any in the United States at all.  For some reason this bike captured my imagination back in 2003:  maybe it was the Mondial history, maybe it was the story of how they got the Honda engines or maybe it was just the pure uniqueness of it.

I think the seller states it perfectly:

This bike is truly a work of art. Everything is built by hand. From the hand laid carbon fiber body work (all body work), to the hand formed and welded aluminum gas tank, and hand machined tripple clamps, rearsets etc; this bike is stunning!!! The MONDIAL PIEGA out classes any BIMOTA or M/V Agusta of the same year. It is one of the best hand built motorcycles on the planet. Exotic? Exclusive? Elegant? Yes, with a captial E! This rare motorcycle checks all the right boxes.

Mmmmm, radiators everywhere.  I’m in heaven.  A bit different than the standard RC51 set up but similar to a RC51 race set up.

The engine comes right off the RC51 along with the injection.  Mondial supposedly got a little more out of it with some software massaging and the exhaust system.  The HRC case cover is a nice touch.  I wouldn’t let your buddies with an RC51 hang around that unattended for too long.

From the auction:

This bike is beautiful and would be the jewel in any collection.  This Mondial has been ridden, and it does show that fact. It has 1,945 miles on it. There are road blemishes on the underside of the body work, where you would expect them, and there are a few nicks in the body work here and there.  It is not flaw free, it has been ridden. Having said that, the bike has NEVER been down, or over, and it has been religiously maintained.  It has had a fresh oil flush and filter change (Mobile 1 synth) and brake and clutch and radiatior fluids have been flushed and re-newed. It is stunning. Comes with Mondial Manual in English and factory Mondial bike cover. Also included is factory rear stand.

Some interesting info from the auction on the  bodywork:

The ALL CARBON FIBER body work, including painted sections, was done by Carbon Dream of Italy. Carbon Dream is famous for making many, Ferrari F1 bodies and suspension components.  And the carbon on the Bugatti Veyron just to name a few.

I think I just had an accident.  It actually has chrome-moly innards with the carbon fiber being the icing on the cake.

The auction has just begun and the seller has a BIN of $23,500.  I believe the original MSRP was in the low 30’s.

Here she is.


Mondial December 2, 2011 posted by

Italian Elegance: 2003 Mondial Piega

Italian Elegance: 2003 Mondial Piega

Here is a little something to liven the week up. If my lottery numbers ever come through this would be the bike that would be at the top of my list to purchase. Quite simply it is an elegant motorcycle. It has it all: history, top shelf components and exclusivity. Hell, I’m sold on just the classic Mondial logo.

FB Mondial was another of these Italian marques that was winning world championships in the 40’s and 50’s but couldn’t translate that success into a successful business model. Some of the information I found claimed Mondial was much more of a boutique brand with all its’ production bikes being hand made. An interesting part of their history involved Honda. Apparently Soichiro Honda himself approached Mondial about purchasing their 125cc race bikes to help the infant Honda company get up to speed. Mondial agreed and the two companies took two dramatically different paths from there.

Fast forward decades and the Mondial name was back and they needed an engine for their new superbike. Who do they call? Not Honda! An article I read said the Mondial was originally supposed to come with a TL1000 but the deal fell through. Mondial then came to an agreement with Honda and Honda repaid the debt and let an outside company use its’ big bore engines for the first (and I think only) time. The bike is fitted with a SP1 engine.

A beefy carbon fiber swing arm. Well kind of. There is an aluminum shell inside. If you’d like some more info on the Piega, this is a nice read. Too bad they couldn’t keep the doors open, it sounds like a really nice bike.

Quite a unique looking frame. Here is an excellent thread with some great pictures with the bodywork off: simply stunning. It looks like they keep the SP1’s split radiator set up. The body work is all carbon fiber as you would expect on a bike like this. By the way, this is a 0 mile bike.

I guess I’m getting used to the newer Star Trek looking gauges, this looks a little dated and clunky. It looks like the Peiga was originally offered in the $30,000 range. The seller is asking roughly $26,500 (17,000 British Pounds) for this example. I know there isn’t much of a chance I could ever afford one of these but I will certainly continue to dream.

If you do have the means, make the purchase here.


Uncategorized December 28, 2009 posted by

2002 Mondial Piega 1000

Following up on Doug’s Bimota post from Michaels Motorcycles is a 2002 Mondial Piega they also have available.  This is a hand-built, Italian motorcycle powered by a Honda RC51 SP1 V-Twin.  This bike has exotic looks with a dependable power source.  The seller states that this bike is one three in the U.S. with less than fifty made total.  The asking price for this bike is $32,500.  See it on Michael’s Motorcycles here.


Yamaha August 7, 2017 posted by

Featured Listing: 2016 Yamaha YZF-R1 Factory BSB Superbike for Sale

Update 11.14.2017: Bike has SOLD! Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

While a Yamaha YZF-R1 might not seem quite as exotic as the race-prepped Ducati Superleggera we featured earlier this week at first glance, the specification for this genuine YZF-R1 Factory British Superbike will certainly catch your attention on closer inspection. It’s even got a bit of celebrity history thrown in as an added bonus, as it was ridden by none other than former MotoGP rider John Hopkins!

Yamaha’s R1 is probably most famous for its “cross-plane” crankshaft configuration that gives it a distinctive sound. Cross-plane cranks are common in car engines but weren’t seen in inline four motorcycle engines prior to the R1. Yamaha’s MotoGP development team found that V4-powered machines had better acceleration out of corners and built test engines with 90° cross-plane crank throws instead of the usual flat-plane set up. The results were conclusive, and Yamaha’s subsequent MotoGP bikes have all used cross-plane cranks.

In a road bike, the advantage for Yamaha is mostly marketing: a bike with a cross-plane crank doesn’t make any more power than one with a flat-plane crank, but that unmistakable exhaust note makes the R1 one of the best sounding roadbikes outside an Aprilia RSV4, a bike powered by an actual V4. Of course, this isn’t a roadbike we’re talking about in this case…

I try to avoid simple listicles in these posts, where the seller brags about all the bolt-on farkles [and their prices] included with the machine in question, but it seems very appropriate in this case! This package basically includes a fully-prepped, fully-developed superbike with a fresh engine and spares to keep it running.

From the Seller: 2016 Yamaha YZF-R1 Factory Superbike for Sale

Yamaha YZF-R1 Machine – This bike was a factory Yamaha YZF-R1 Superbike that competed in the British Superbike Series. The bike was raced by former factory MotoGP rider John Hopkins. It was purchased fully refreshed for the 2016 season directly from the team owner. Included with the sale is data from both Milwaukee Yamaha and Tommy Hill Motorsports. This is the closest thing to a current-spec World Superbike a mortal can expect to own. This bike can win races at any level and is covered in factory race parts that are pure unobtanium.

Motorcycle is 100% fresh and needs absolutely nothing. 

Since our acquisition, Motec M1 ECU has been upgraded to World Superbike specification, to enable full rider aids, auto blipping and auto-tuning. This includes the ability for sector by sector mapping and rider aids. We added an E-Lean 6-axis lean angle sensor for superior accuracy in rider aids. We added in a 39N 5 button pod, that controls traction control, engine braking, etc and has a factory-spec connector. Suspension has been updated to current factory spec and fully refreshed. We replaced the exhaust with a Yoshimura kit exhaust that performed better in the midrange. We also updated rearsets and hand controls to Evol Technology. We updated secondary case covers to 39N CNC units for superior protection and ground clearance. Lacomoto matte carbon frame and swingarm protectors have been added. Originals are available. 

This bike was less than a 10th of a second from winning the last 2 races it was in and holds multiple lap records. 

Bike specification: 

  • Brand new frame fitted, Brand new bearings fitted, New complete engine re-fresh only 3 hours on engine.
  • Factory Ohlins RSP40 Rear shock 
  • FGR 301 Fork with Factory Ohlins valving kit plus shims 
  • Factory Yamaha Swingarm Including adjusters and bolt adjuster. 
  • Full Official Yamaha factory racing 2D Loom with carbon fibre box kit
  • Motec ECU M173 (updated to M1 Superbike-spec)
  • MB Motorsports WSBK Oil Cooler and Radiator
  • Yamaha factory racing parts as follows:
  • Subframe – Billet Gilles
  • Carbon fibre rear subframe box
  • All carbon 2D Factory Data/Junction boxes (Front, Main, ECU, Side, Side 2.)
  • All 2D Yamaha racing wiring Loom
  • Fuel Mapping originally from Yamaha Factory included
  • YEC Kit cams latest spec, Factory Funnels for variable stacks
  • Head work, porting. YEC Pistons rings, YEC Valve springs, Rods
  • Factory Oil Pan Spacer for increased capacity
  • MWR Factory filter
  • Top and bottom yokes and stem Yamaha Racing 
  • Spindles all by Yamaha Racing
  • Front carbon fiber dash mount and factory air scoop
  • OZ Piega R Kit Wheels front and rear
  • Brembo Kit disks front and rear
  • 2D Speed sensors front and rear
  • 2D Suspension potentiometers front and rear
  • Hel quick release brake line kits worth hundreds of pounds
  • Race fuel tanks same as original Yamaha racing tanks – 20-22 litres max
  • Steering damper mounts Yamaha factory
  • Steering damper Ohlins
  • Renthal clutch lever
  • Brembo MotoGP front master cylinder
  • Titanium Bolts
  • Brembo EVO Monoblock Factory-Spec calipers
  • Factory carbon Yamaha Racing rear hugger
  • THM Link arms – Replica Factory ones.
  • AMB Transponder with mil-spec quick disconnect
  • And lots more! 

Bike same spec as WSBK apart from swingarm and clutch, and ECU – ECU spec is equally capable.

Spares included:

  • Domino Throttle cable sets
  • Tyre warmers + Controls
  • Spare sprockets + Sprocket carriers x3 
  • New Radiator Guards
  • Motec dash protector – Billet inc button – new
  • All paddock stands front/rear/peg/yoke/ chassis
  • Spare grips – new
  • Head cups – different angles/offsets – Blue – new
  • Offset stem spindle – new
  • Front spindle – new 
  • Full set of side panels, seat unit, belly pan, tank cover – new
  • Fuel tank cap
  • 2 NEW Speed sensors – new
  • THM Battery jump pack starter
  • Clutch Boss – new
  • Chassis Bolts – new
  • Tank Screw cap tool
  • YP Aliant battery spare
  • Front /rear wheel collars Black – new
  • Front carbon front fender mount brackets – new
  • Radiator bracket – new
  • Oil cooler bracket – new
  • Hose kit NEW
  • Aliante battery charger
  • THM Ride height tool
  • Spare captive nut for rear spindle – new
  • 3 Oil cooler take off unions – new
  • Tank grip pads – new
  • Rear swingarm adjuster – caliper mount – new

Price as described – $50,000

Additional spares available but not included include a brand new MB Motorsports Radiator/Oil Set, complete 2D boxes set, various sensors, spare carbon subframe box, spare factory Akrapovic headers, upper triple clamps and more. 

Price with all spares – $55,000

We are willing to discount for removal of the shock, exhaust or brakes. 

$55,000 is a pretty huge chunk of change for most of us to part with, but considering the parts and prep that have gone into it, that price seems, dare I say it: almost reasonable. Buy it and display it, buy it and track it, buy it and race it, or just buy it to drool all of the exotic, race-spec parts, this is a rare opportunity to own a genuine superbike with all of the trimmings. You could even swap the race-spec parts over to your street-legal R1 to create a terrifyingly trick backroad weapon…


Featured Listing: 2016 Yamaha YZF-R1 Factory BSB Superbike for Sale
Derbi September 26, 2016 posted by

Spoiled Kids: 2006 Derbi GPR125 (REPOST)

Note:  This appears to be a relist of a bike posted by Ian back in 2003. Links updated, -MG 

derbi right

Hey, everything can’t be a Mondial Piega.  Don’t frown though, if Euro teens can have fun on these why can’t we?   A dime a dozen on the other side of the Atlantic, titled street versions here are rare.

derbi left

It’s got a title and more:

I bought this bike brand new in the crate and had it shipped state side at a great expense. It has just over 760 kilometers or 500 miles on it at the time of this writing. Hardly broken it yet.

These little 2 strokes came with a reliable Yamaha DT125 motor installed. This makes part access ever so easy. Has an electric start and trick under seat exhaust. Still have the nubs on the original tires.

I have done some modifications to the bike totally thousands of dollars.

Bike has been derestricted and re-geared. Removed all the emission restrictions. Installed a full Giannelli exhaust system. Changed out the non adjustable 28mm Keihin carburetor for a new tunable 28mm Dellorto carburetor. Still running a little rich for break in. Could use some fine tunning. Removed the air box and added a filter pod and Boyseen reeds. Took off the long and very ugly rear fender and made my own license plate and turn signal holder. Swapped out the rear turn signals. Added a trick little Daytona digital temp meter as the bike only had an over heated warning light. Not to partial.

Had all the black plastic body panels coated to look like carbon fiber. Can’t see this to clear in the pictures but it is really looks stunning. Changed out many fittings to aluminum and titanium. Installed a Metrakit light weight front disk.

I have all the stock parts, pipe, carburetor, rear fender, and front disk, air box, sprocket and a gasket set included. Have the owner and shop manual, extra key and tool kit too.

I love riding this bike around town but getting too old to be racing around on a 125. This bike is always a conversation piece. I was going to install a 170cc kit. But it is time for this bike to go to someone else to enjoy as I just don’t have the time to ride it anymore. Need to move on to other projects. Has clear Florida license and title, with the registration good until April 2015.

derbi mufflerderbi armderbi front wheel

Simply put, “tiny”.

derbi close

If a Yamaha DT125 engine fits in there, would a Yamaha YZ125 engine fit?  That frame looks like it could handle a few more ponies.  I’m not so sure about the swing arm though.

The seller has a BIN of $5,000 5,800 or make an offer.

Click here for the listing.


(Marty G/Dallaslavowner for repost)

Spoiled Kids:  2006 Derbi GPR125 (REPOST)
Ducati March 12, 2012 posted by

Mailbag Entries for the Week!

Good morning guys! Here’s the latest from the inbox. As always, feel free to email us with your finds or rides for sale. Have a great week,


First up is this reader ride, a 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 1100. Looking pretty complete. Currently 6 days to go and reserve not met at just over $2k currently. Good luck with the sale!

Next up Dale submits this Yamaha RZ350 with just 5 miles. Ridiculous!! Has just over a day left on the auction and the current bid of $10.5k appears to have met reserve. Thanks Dale!

“Dan RC30” sent us this sharp looking Suzuki GS1000 this morning. A bit our of our wheelhouse but I’m a fan. ~7k original miles and some nice upgrades for $3950obo. Good luck with the sale!

Last week on the RSBFS Facebook page we posted this 83 Honda VF750 Interceptor that has just 1500 miles!

Alex sent us this 2002 Mondial Piega for sale in Seattle. 1 of 50 made and the owner states on of 3 in the states.

Quentin posted this Yamaha TDM850 on our Facebook wall. An interesting machine for sure, only 5200 miles, and just $3850 in Portland, Oregon.

Finally here is an 888 SPO on with 5400 miles and a nice aftermarket “spaghetti” exhast. $11000.

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