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Yamaha September 26, 2014 posted by

OW-00? 1988 Yamaha FZR 750RU


For those who follow and collect homologation machines, the OW-01/02 series bikes are the crown jewels of the Yamaha lineup. But before the OW nomenclature, Yamaha homologated another racing machine – the FZR 750RU. While not quite as rare, coveted or expensive as the OW bikes, the 750RU is a great collector machine. It has timeless lines, great performance, historical significance and was built in limited numbers. We have see a few of these on RSBFS (search for FZR750RU here), and they always seem to be well received. This particular example has just under 13,000 miles, and is located in Rhode Island. The seller indicates that it is not totally stock, but can include some of the original pieces with the sale. The opening ask for this bike is $5,500, with a reserve in place. That might be a bit high for a starter, as there have been no bids as of yet.


1988 Yamaha FZR 750RU for sale on eBay


From the seller:
Own a piece of history with this rare vintage bike. Not many were made and few are still around. This bike is in great shape and has low mileage below 13,000 Miles. Never raced and some parts are not original as listed in the condition section.



OW-00?  1988 Yamaha FZR 750RU
Yamaha February 3, 2014 posted by

1988 Yamaha FZR 750RU with just 1300 Miles in Arizona

1988 Yamaha FZR750R For Sale

We witnessed some amazing sales last year with pre-OW01 FZR750R’s last year. Today’s example has traveled a bit over 1300 miles and has some mild modifications that appear easy enough to return to stock. The seller’s buy-it-now seems to reflect this with an asking of $7500.


1988 Yamaha FZR750R for sale on eBay


from the seller:

Limited production Homologation Special. Predecessor to the OW01.
#200 of 500 offered in USA. Original Owner bike with 1,325mi collectors show piece.
This motorcycle is fitted with PM Spun aluminum wheels for performance and handling, PM brakes, Hindle exhaust, steel braided brake lines, performance enhancing cable actuated clutch, engine is completely stock and in pristine condition. Mechanically perfect in all respects.
In addition, this sale includes the bike’s original outfitted parts and the original Yamaha brochure for this model.
Here’s a chance to own one of Yamaha’s original superbikes.



1988 Yamaha FZR 750RU with just 1300 Miles in Arizona
Yamaha September 17, 2013 posted by

Go for the bike, stay for the tulips: 1990 Yamaha FZR 750RR OW01 in Holland


Currently located in The Netherlands, here is a second gen 750RR with approximately 12,763 miles. This is one of the more coveted “homologation” racers we see on RSBFS, although being in Europe might make it a bit more difficult for US-based investors.

1990 Yamaha FZR750RR OW01 for sale on eBay


Like the vaunted Honda RC-30, the OW01 was built to allow Yamaha to go Superbike racing with something special. These homologation machines are pretty close to being true “racebikes for the street” – remove the lights, turn signals and license plate and hit the track! The factory Superbikes were far more exotic than the homologated bikes, but even so they were based on these limited production machines.


From the seller:
From private collection, very original Yamaha OW01 from the second generation. As new with only 20.540 km (not miles!). All service is done (oil, brake fluids, sparkplugs, filters, etc.) Ready to go! Original delivered to Belgium so with Belgium paperwork, first registered in 1995.


The seller is located in Holland, but the bike will be delivered to Belgium (hint: try the beer there – it’s fantastic). It all comes down to price. This bike is being offered for an opening ask of $14,000 – with absolutely no takers thus far. Is the OW series not that interesting anymore, is the price out of line, or is it simply too far away from most buyers? You tell me. Check out the auction here, then jump to the comments and share your thoughts. Free RSBFS coffee mug for the best comment!


Go for the bike, stay for the tulips: 1990 Yamaha FZR 750RR OW01 in Holland
Yamaha April 10, 2013 posted by

Homologated and loving it: 1987 Yamaha FZR 750R


The world of rare and collectable motorcycles is a funny place. You can go months with never seeing a particular bike, and then you can find four of them in a very short span of time. Feast or famine is the general rule, and today we feast on yet another pre OW-01 homologated Yamaha, the Genesis-powered FZR 750R.


Todays R model hails from sunny Florida and sports only 5,392 miles on the clock. There is some wear noted in the picuters (and by the seller), but overall this looks to be a pretty solid example of the model. This homologated bike never quite took off like the vaunted OW series, making it a bit of a sleeper in the rare sport bike world. As a result, prices are far closer to reality – which is a good thing for those of you reading along.


From the seller:

1987 Yamaha FZR 750R homologated for AMA racing and only 200 were made.
The bike runs and rides Excellent!

5392 mileage is actual!

Bike has a few small scratches on the tank and rear seat cowl. Paint is original and shows a small scuff on the right side mid fairing as well. Over all in Great Shape! Please ask any questions before you bid. Only serious buyers please.


This auction just started and has several days left to run. Despite RSBFS catching this one early, there are already a number of bidders in the fray, and the auction is up to $2,076 with reserve still in place. Considering that there have been 3 previous models posted on Rare in the last several weeks, you can get a pretty good idea of the market (hint: use the search function). For more infomation and pictures on this bike, click the link and jump over to the auction. Enjoy the feast of these rare homologations while you can; no telling when the market will dry up on the early FZR-R models.


Yamaha April 8, 2013 posted by

Up For Grabs – Yamaha FZR 750R OW01 Track Bike (Switzerland)

The Yamaha FZR750R is one of the rarest production exotica of the 90s. Probably the most daring serial bike Yamaha ever built, it was assembled in small numbers (about half of Honda RC30 volumes).


These bikes, also commonly known by their Yamaha racing bikes model code OW1, are either found in new condition in somebody’s collection or were raced.


Clearly the sample available in Switzerland, belongs the category that saw more track tarmac than traffic lights. If you are a collector that’s not what you are looking for. Instead, if you either have already a street or track ready OW01 and want to have a full set of spare parts (otherwise hard to source), or always dreamed to turn up at the weekend track day and impress your mates with a real exotic piece of history, than this might be for you. With a very modest asking price of about 2000 EUR, this 1989 Yamaha former track tool is well worth it. With the old school riding position, low seat, low handlebar, large tank, up in front of your chest, the 24 year old special is undoubtedly very sexy.


Personally I would give it a fresh fiberglass “suit” including a proper paint job, sort it out mechanically, (in case there is a need), and load it up on the trailer for the special occasions of some classic Superbike track event. Check out on this video not related to bike on sale how a FZR750R sounds (listen when it hits 6000RPM):

What would you do with this ? If this ad was available in the UK, I reckon it would sell within minutes. The bike comes with the original paperwork and is a clean one (no grey or black import). It was first registered in 1993. The owner doesn’t say much about it and I wonder if he has some of the original trim parts. That would make this deal an absolute steal. To find out, check out the link below:

1989 Yamaha FZR 750 R OW01 in Switzerland


Yamaha March 12, 2013 posted by

Yet Another Limited Edition FZR750: 1988 Yamaha FZR 750RU

Yamaha FZR 750RU For Sale

Here’s another very sharp pre-OW01 Yamaha 750cc special that’s been listed in so many weeks (this 87 FZR 750RT just sold for $8500). This one has roughly twice the miles but looks just as clean and complete. Good luck to buyers and seller!


1988 Yamaha FZR 750RU for sale on eBay


from the seller:

It Has The Original Body. It Has Never Been Raced, Or Wrecked.
It Has Some Small Scratches here And There as it is 25 Years Old.
It Has New Braided Front Brake Lines. It Has New Yamaha Front Brake Pads.
It Is Equipped With a Tinted Windshield.
It Has A Vance And Hines 4 Into 1 Exhaust System.
It Has New Factory Grips And Bar Ends.
It Has A Stage 1 Jet Kit Installed.
It Has A New Yuasa Maintenance Free Battery Just Recently Installed.
The Front Forks Were Just Re-Sprung And Fitted With New Seals, Wipers, Oil and They Have Less Than 50 Miles On Them.
The Tires are In Good Condition. All Of The Lights Work And All The Reflectors Are Still In Place.
New Oil And Filter Were Just Installed Recently.
It Runs and Shifts Perfect And is Ready To Ride To Your Home.
The 1988 Yamaha FZR 750RU Has Floating Rear Brakes.
It Has New Front And Rear Yamaha Sprockets, Which Are the Stock Ratios.
I Do Not Have The Stock Pipe Or The Owners Manual.
The bike is Currently Being Stored In a Garage Out Of The Weather But Has Been Checked And Just Ridden Recently In Good Clear Weather.



Sport Bikes For Sale August 29, 2011 posted by

Seeing Double? Yep, another Yamaha FZR 750R

Location: Winchester, Virginia
Mileage: 31,143
Price: Auction, BIN $12,000

People have said many times that bikes pop up in bunches here at RSBFS and it seems to be true. Andrew posted a rare and interesting FZR 750R and I thought “wow, won’t see one of those again anytime soon.” Wrong. Here’s another one. Andrew’s post points out the details on this fine and rare machine. Production was 200 as a homologation special by Yamaha for AMA Superbike racing. Yamaha didn’t put out any other 750 in the FZR lineup at this point. The bike features well known Yamaha features of the time – the Delta Box frame and five valve per cylinder Genesis engine.

Here’s some more pics-

Here’s the description from the seller-

This 1987 Yamaha FZR 750R is a very rare superbike. this bike, as shown in the V.I.N. number, is #101 one of only 200 superbikes imported to the USA and was a factory AMA competition model. This is not the same production bike as the more common FZR 600 or 1000 street models.

It is my understanding that Yamaha VIN number sequential digits began with number xxxx101, therefore this bike is #1, the FIRST produced.

Whats it worth? I have no idea, but I have been told the range could be from $8,000. to the mid twenties, therefore I started the bid at $8k.

Here’s what I know:
These 200 superbikes were the pre-cursor to Yamaha’s famed OW01 FZR 750RR Homologation.
There were only 200 of them made to satisfy the AMA Homologation rules
There are very few left as most of them were raced just like any other LE Homologation production model.

This bike is #101 of only 200 made for the US market. To homologate the FZR for AMA racing, Yamaha had to bring 200 street-spec 750 into this country. This bike escaped the racetrack, instead becoming a garage queen. The bike is entirely stock. Never safety wired, never put on the track.

This bike has been in our family for many years, it has been in storage and it’s time for me to let it go. The bike has new tires and a new battery. I put some fuel in it and it started right up, it sounds good and everything appears to function properly, ie. clutch, brakes, etc. The bike has normal wear and some minor fairing cracks, paint chips, etc. I can send additional photos of any area if needed.

I have a clear Virginia title in hand for the successful bidder!

So it sounds like the bike runs and has been fairly well maintained. It does look to be missing a mirror. Might want to get some more detail on that. Never been raced but does have quite a few miles on it. Certainly, 1 of 200 (I don’t know if I buy that it’s the first one- maybe someone can weigh in) is also rare. But, does all of that add up to BIN of $12,000?

The seller admits not much knowledge of worth and seems to have just picked a starting point ($8k). While it’s a cool ride, it’s not an OW01 or 02. I would argue those are more impressive and important machines, so maybe not a fair comparison. The other one posted here by Andrew doesn’t list a BIN or reserve, so hard to immediatley compare.

Bottom line: I do think this bike is cool, I don’t know if it should command the price of say a GSXR750LE. You may certainly disagree.

So while there may be debate on value, I see little debate on cool. Decide for yourself by checking this bike out.


Yamaha January 14, 2009 posted by

1987 Yamaha FZR 750R #169 of 200

Update 1.14.2011: Now on Craigslist for $4k. Thanks for the heads up Joe!


Located in Louisville, KY this bike belongs to and was submitted by Kelly who is a daily reader. Thank you for supporting our site and sending us your bike to post.

We’ve had a few of these before, but I have to admit it’s been difficult finding the proper information for this bike.

Here’s what I know:
These were the pre-cursor to Yamaha’s famed OW01 FZR 750RR Homologation
There were only 200 of them made to satisfy the AMA Homologation rules
There are very few left as most of them were raced just like any other LE Homologation production model

Owner has the following to say:

This bike is #169 of only 200 made for the US market. To homologate the FZR for AMA racing, Yamaha had to bring 200 street-spec 750 into this country. This bike escaped the racetrack, instead becoming a garage queen. The bike is entirely stock. Never safety wired, never put on the track. As you can see in the pictures, the only damage is a crack in the fairing at the right side front turn signal and a little bit of clearcoat peeling off the left side of the solo cowl. The only mechanical issue on the entire bike is that the button which resets the odometer came off years ago. Last year I had the valves checked and the carbs synched. This bike runs beautifully. If you are very serious about this bike I will be glad to make a short video showing start-up from cold. Nothing to hide, like I said it runs flawlessly. I also have an original Yamaha shop manual and various magazine articles from when the bike was released.

Looks like Kelly has taken great pride in owning this bike because by looking at the pictures one wouldn’t know it has 25,304 miles on the clock, which is low for a 22 year old motorcycle. I also think it says a lot about the seller and bike when the owner is willing to produce a video showing a cold start and idle. So if your a Yamaha guy and like what you see,


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