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One Owner: 1993 Ducati Superlight for Sale

Prior to and even during the era of the 916, Ducati still needed to shift their relatively slow, old-tech 900SS. The 916 obviously grabbed headlines, handled like it was on the proverbial rails, and looked like sex. But it was also prohibitively expensive for the plebs to buy and especially to maintain, hideously uncomfortable for regular riding, and an all-around experts-only machine. The 900SS, on the other hand, was the everyman exotic, a real Ducati, but one that was based on slightly outdated technology. Today’s Superlight helped stimulate a bit of fresh interest in the working-man’s Italian sportbike by adding a bit of style, lightness, and shockingly yellow paint.

The fact that it’s down a bit on straight-line performance doesn’t mean it’s a bad bike though, far from it. And “outdated technology” also means “simpler to maintain.” Changing Ducati’s toothed rubber cam-drive belts is a two-year or 12,000 mile service, whichever comes first. But the procedure is pretty straightforward and can be done by any competent mechanic. The valves on the two-valve engine aren’t all that tricky either and the lack of liquid-cooling and the associated hoses and bracketry mean access isn’t all that difficult. That is more work than a Japanese sportbike of the same period, but no one buys a now-classic sportbike thinking it won’t need a bit of work, and at least here that work is pretty simple to do.

The Superlight was basically a 900SS with fully-adjustable suspension, a solo tail, open clutch, upswept exhausts pipes that increased cornering clearance, lightweight composite Marvic wheels with a distinctive polished rim, and the critically important numbered plaque on the triple clamp: just 861 were sold in 1993 so these are very rare, if not all that high-performance. Obviously, red is the traditional, and often preferred color for Ducatis, but it seems a shame that more aren’t painted yellow like this example, since very, very few motorcycles look good in yellow. The handling of the 900SS was never in doubt, and the older Super Sport has much more comfortable ergonomics than the admittedly extreme 916. Just fit a more supportive Corbin saddle, throw on a backpack, and head out for a long day of riding, without concern that you’ll need to down half a bottle of ibuprofen when you get back.

If eyeball-squashing acceleration is the only metric by which you judge a motorcycle, you’re going to hate this bike. If you think a 170hp bike just isn’t fast enough, this isn’t your machine. But there’s a reason that the two-valve, air-and-oil-cooled Pantah in its various iterations gets mentioned on every “best motorcycle engine ever” list: that sucker has character. I’m biased here: I think it’s the best-sounding motorcycle engine of all time, especially with a bit of extra boom liberated by some carbon-fiber cans. But it also just has a great, punchy midrange that just kind of slings you forward after each shift. The 70-75 horses a good 900 makes at the rear wheel may not sound like much on paper, but it’s plenty to whip you along a canyon road and legions of Ducati fans aren’t just buying these because of some perceived mystique. I mean, of course some of them are just buying a name, the idea,  but the same is probably true of the majority of motorcyclists in one way or another.

This collector bike is more of a rider, though: it’s a little scruffy, some of the panels have fatigue cracks around their mounting points, and it generally needs some attention to the details. But if the mechanical bits are all in good working order, you can do a bit of a rolling-restoration on it while enjoying the sound and feel of your vintage-ish Ducati. Starting bid is about half what a cleaner, lower-mileage Superlight might sell for, so if you’re handy with the wrenches, this might be a great way to pick up an appreciating classic for cheap.

From the original eBay listing: 1993 Ducati Superlight for Sale

I’m the original and only owner. The Superlight was bought new in Austin, Texas and has a clear title. The yellow color was only available in the US. I’m a mechanical engineer and performed all routine maintenance myself. The bike has never been crashed. It is all original except the muffler brackets broke and were replaced and the rear wheel fatigued and was replaced with an appropriate Ducati Monster rear wheel. The bike is in fantastic condition with only some spider cracks in the body work in the usual places as shown in the pics. New Michelin tires, seat and windshield are in great shape, 26,041 miles. Comes with pictured rear stand. Runs, rides great.. You won’t be disappointed. 

Miles aren’t as low as some other examples we’ve seen, but aren’t anything to worry about: well-maintained Pantah engines can triple this mileage with ease. Just change the belts and adjust the valves, top off with oil occasionally between changes if the level gets low, and enjoy. The weak spots are well-known and relatively simple to sort out, parts to maintain them are widely available, and most everything on the Superlight is shared with the more common SS-SP and SS-CR versions. Aside from those Marvic wheels of course. It’s a shame the rear wheel isn’t the correct item, but with no takers so far at the $4995 opening bid, I expect this will be on the cheap side for a Superlight. Grab this one, pocket the savings, and prowl eBay for a matching rear.


One Owner: 1993 Ducati Superlight for Sale
Ducati September 6, 2017 posted by

Limited Edition: 1992 Ducati Superlight

The world of collectable Ducatis is a diverse universe. In it you will find some truly iconic motorcycles, some groundbreaking models, some unique and interesting offerings, and a whole lot of “Limited Edition” badges. The 900 Superlight, a derivation of the 900 Supersport lineup, seems to fall into the latter two categories. It is, after all, a limited-in-numbers model – and one that is fairly coveted by riders and wanna-be owners. But it also suffers from the “me too” badging exercises played by Ducati. As such, you are looking at a rare model, but not one that differs terrifically from other examples of the breed.

1992 Ducati Superlight for sale on eBay

The basis of the SL is the 900SS: motive power via a wonderfully charismatic air-cooled L-twin, two valve desmo heads and the requisite dry clutch. Chassis duties are managed by a stout trellis frame, beefy forks up front and a conventional single shock setup (both by Showa). No single-sided swingarm trickery here; the SS models are basic motorcycles, eschewing liquid cooling, four valve heads, or even fuel injection. A basic ride that pretty much works – and works well. The Superlight takes those basics and adds two-piece composite (aluminum hoop / magnesium spokes) Mavic wheels, single seat rear bodywork, a carbon front fender and high pipes. That is pretty much it. Same everything else, with the exception of the numbered plate attached to the head stock. And a much bigger price tag.

From the seller:
– One of the last ’92/’93 MK I models manufactured from the VERY few imported to the USA.
– Featuring the Rare OEM Marvic/Ankront Two Piece Magnesium Hub Wheels
– Manufactured in 1992

[Check the prices for 1970’s 900ss and 750ss models – This bike is certain to appreciate]

The last of the great, air cooled, limited production Ducati’s! This rare and desirable 1992/’93 Ducati Superlight is likely among the best in existence.


More from the seller:
I purchased this bike new and am the original (and only) owner.

It is number plate # 942, indicates it was among the very last ten units made from the total limited production. I purchased the bike new, and it has been ridden less than 2650 original miles. It has never been down, raced, wrecked or abused. It has never been in the rain, and it’s been properly stored and covered indoors since new. The pictures above show the bike after it was lightly washed.

It is in excellent physical and mechanical condition. It has been recently serviced by a certified motorcycle mechanic / service manager, with 40 years experience.

Everything works and operates as it should. I would advise the buyer that the model-specific, 320mm Brembo, iron front disc rotors have not been used for hard braking in some time. However, all brakes work properly.

– All the original parts seen in the pictures will be included. I will also include the original tires if the buyer wishes.

– I will work with the buyer to accommodate their choice for shipping and/or crating/preparation.

– The buyer will be responsible for the costs of : shipping, crating, taxes, tariffs, VAT, insurance, customs fees, or ANY other expenses beyond the agreed purchase price.

More from the seller:
The bike currently has the following modifications :

– 11.5:1 compression ratio pistons from Fast By Ferracci – installed by MCC Motor Cycle Center,West of Chicago, Illinois. MCC is a highly regarded, Ducati sales and service provider.

– Ceriani Steering Damper by Storz Performance.

– Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines.

– New tires ( although new in 1994-ish )

– Chromoly, high level exhaust hangers from Pro Italia Motors – California

– Staintune Exhaust Silencers from Australia

– K&N Air Filter and Jet Kit.

– The airbox cover has been drilled out for better flow – as was the norm of the time.

– Ferodo Brake pads.

– Up-rated Rear Sprocket

As far as flaws, they are few and very minor, due to the low mileage, careful storage and maintenance. However, it IS a used motorcycle, and it HAS been “used” (albeit very little).

There are some small nicks in the paint on either side of the fairing at it’s widest point. I attribute this to when the panels were removed, and set aside when serviced.
Also, the fiberglass seat pan , unique to the model, has a fine hairline stress crack at one fastening point. This is common to all Superlights. The seat pan fiberglass was manufactured to be very light and thin. Other than that, the bike looks and rides like a well-preserved machine.

Today’s example is a bit of a conundrum. The seller claims this is likely the best SL in existence. I am willing to cut the seller some poetic license slack because this is a very limited and desirable machine, but for a collectable example this one has a few too many mods (they are mostly period correct, if that softens the blow). It is certain to appreciate, but will never be a green frame 750SS or MHe. And while I don’t want to nitpick (but seem to be doing so anyway), new tires put on in 1994 are simply old tires. And yet I really like this bike, the condition it is in, and it’s current state. And I would ride the snot out of it because the Ducati Supersport is a fantastic platform. The opening bid on this one is a cool $10k. That would be in the range of fair money for a good SL today, but starting the bidding that high might be why there have been no takers. Check it out here, and then jump back to the comments and let us know your thoughts. Did you ever lust after a Superlight? Good Luck!!


Limited Edition: 1992 Ducati Superlight
Ducati October 21, 2015 posted by

One Owner, Low Miles: 1993 Ducati Superlight for Sale

1993 Ducati Superlight L Side Front Yellow

Right now, the early 90s air/oil-cooled Ducati 900SS is a serious sportbike bargain, although today’s limited-edition Superlight clearly bucks that trend. With limited production, distinctive good looks, lightweight bodywork, and that classic yellow and white color combo, it’s easy to see why Ducatisti swooned over these when they were new, even if nobody else really did…

1993 Ducati Superlight R Side Rear Yellow

Introduced in 1992, the Superlight was really just a 900SS with some lightweight parts on it and a numbered plaque on the top triple. Fitted with stylish Marvic composite wheels, cast-iron brake rotors, a vented clutch cover, solo seat, high-mount pipes, and lightweight bodywork, the Superlight may not actually be super-light, but should save some pounds over its already relatively svelte sibling, and those wheels look very trick.

1993 Ducati Superlight Front Wheel Yellow

With just 861 built for the 1993 model year, these are rare, but not exceptionally so. And while no one would argue that the basic package was very satisfying, it was certainly not in the hunt compared to contemporary sportbikes. But although you get just 75hp at the rear wheel, that modest power comes with a broad spread of torque and a massively charismatic sound.

1993 Ducati Superlight Tail Yellow

Forget the scary reputation: air-cooled Ducatis do require more regular maintenance than a comparable Japanese sportbike, but a handy mechanic can do pretty much everything that needs doing on a regular basis, and parts are readily available. The absolute worst thing you can do is let one sit, as that seems to be when the troubles start…

From the original eBay listing: 1993 Ducati Superlight for Sale

Selling an all time Ducati favorites, 1993 Superlight, purchased the bike a while ago from original owner, I titled it but only took her out for a short ride after service was done. Has some nice mods, all done at the same dealer bike was purchased, I have a file with every receipt, service order, or work order, purchased new from MCC Ducati, every upgrade, service and maintenance was done there.

Bike has a little over 4700 original miles, original tires, have 2 keys, tools, books and every record of work or maintenance done to this baby from day one.

A brief list of tasteful and period correct modifications and upgrades

  • Staintune exhaust
  • Ceramic-coated headers
  • FCR 39 Flatslides
  • Open air box
  • Sargent seat
  • Alloy pulley

I have the original carbs, exhaust, seat, all included in this sale.

I had the bike serviced 2 months ago, fresh oil, fluids and belts.

Bike is in perfect cosmetic and running condition.

Title in hand, all records and OEM parts included in this sale.

1993 Ducati Superlight R Side Front Yellow

The modifications done to this bike are appropriate and tasteful, and easily reversible if the new owner prefers the bike that way. Many people fit the FCR 41’s to the 900cc engine but, if the engine is otherwise stock, the 39’s seen here are probably a wiser choice and should sound and perform better than stock. Combined with the open airbox, you’ll get the classic Ducati “intake honk” that will definitely get your attention the first time you open the bike up! I prefer the look of carbon exhausts personally, but the Staintune pipes are high-quality and, combined with the intake mods and open clutch cover, should make for a very exotic-sounding motorcycle, a clattering, throbbing, living beast.

1993 Ducati Superlight Rear Wheel Yellow

Since all of the special parts on the Superlight are basically bolt-on items, many have gone missing from these bikes over the years, so it’s great to see one still rocking the lightweight Marvic wheels. With such low miles and in such beautiful and very yellow condition, it’s no surprise that bidding is active and rapidly headed north of $10k.


1993 Ducati Superlight R Side Yellow

One Owner, Low Miles: 1993 Ducati Superlight for Sale
Ducati December 17, 2014 posted by

Classy Twin: 1993 Ducati Superlight for Sale

1993 Ducati Superlight R Side

In 1992, Ducati introduced a limited-edition of their air/oil-cooled 900SS called the Superlight that featured distinctive Marvic composite wheels, cast-iron front rotors, a vented clutch cover, bits of carbon fiber bodywork, a solo tail section, and high-mount pipes to increase cornering clearance. Unfortunately, there was no engine performance increase as delivered. Available in yellow or red most years, depending on what part of the world you were in.

The “manufactured rarity” and a negligible performance increase weren’t really enough to spark much interest at the time. It wasn’t even all that rare, with 861 made in 1993 alone. Later years lost some of the lightweight bits, changing to the standard wheels and regular rotors on the front brakes, making it even less special, and turning the Superlight into a solo-seat SS with high pipes.

1993 Ducati Superlight Front

The older 900cc engines certainly won’t set the world on fire in terms of performance and they do tend to run out of breath long before redline, but that midrange boom more than makes up for a lack of high-rev histrionics. And if 75-ish rear-wheel horsepower doesn’t sound like enough, Ducati’s two-valve twin does respond well to basic tuning, and there are big-bore and high-compression kits available to boost power significantly. The engine has been in production, in one form or another, since the early 1980’s and is, in spite of Ducati’s temperamental reputation, extremely durable when properly cared for.

With too many made to be particularly collectable, too little power to really impress, and later models missing the actual super-light parts, the Superlight suffered from a “manufactured collectability” that has kept values relatively low, although I’d expect prices of nice examples like this one to be next in line for a price spike among Ducati collectors.

The biggest draw of the Superlight is that many were purchased at least partly as investments and have been correspondingly well-maintained, making them some of the best-looking and best-cared-for 90’s Ducatis available.

1993 Ducati Superlight R Side Front Wheel

There are some additional pictures over at the original eBay listing: 1993 Ducati Superlight for Sale.

But unfortunately, there is virtually no information about the bike’s history listed, just some reprinted specifications. There are a few minor scratches and scuffs as shown in the pictures, but nothing you couldn’t live with, or easily repair if you wanted the bike to be perfect. I’d probably just fix the little tear in the seat and leave the scratches alone, since I’d plan to ride rather than show the bike. I’d certainly leave the color alone: the 900SS is one of the very few bikes that look good in yellow. In fact, I actually prefer it for this era’s style, especially with the very slick half-fairing found on the CR models.

1993 Ducati Superlight Top Triple

With just over 6,000 miles on this particular bike, mileage is low enough to be very desirable, but not so low you’d be afraid to ride it, or need to put tons of money into replacing bits that have gone south from sitting for too long. Although the Superlight isn’t quite the limited-edition that Ducati implied, they’re definitely less common than the high-mileage SS and CR’s that tend to litter eBay and Craigslist, and early bikes with genuine lightweight bits should be plenty of fun strafing back roads with your riding buddies.


1993 Ducati Superlight L Side

Classy Twin: 1993 Ducati Superlight for Sale
Ducati October 2, 2013 posted by

Mechanical SlimFast: 1993 Ducati Superlight #678

Update 10.2.2013: This Superlight is back on eBay and has got our attention as the ad states the reserve has been set at the previous high bid of just $6099 — and the high bid is just about there! Good luck to buyers and seller, -dc


The Ducati Superlight is a bit of a rock star in the world of rare motorcycles. One of the earlier attempts by Ducati to create a special, limited edition bike, the Superlight was limited to a numbered run of only 900 bikes. With the cachet of limited numbers and some modifications to lighten the load, the Superlight brings with it the promise of both exclusivity and performance.

1993 Ducati 900 Superlight for sale on eBay


We all know that yellow paint weighs less than red paint. That is one of the secrets to the SL’s weight advantage over the standard 900SS lineup. When this model was first introduced in 1992, tasty bits included the solo saddle, upswept exhaust, fully floating brakes front and rear, carbon fiber bits, special clutch cover (vented) and special two piece magnesium spoke wheels. By 1993 the party was all over; the Superlight was essentially a solo-saddled yellow 900 SS/SP with yellow paint. The magnesium wheels were gone, the SP grew into the same SL carbon bits and floating front brakes and upgraded suspension. Besides the color, the 1992 SL retained the unique color, the floating rear brake, and the limited, numbered tag rivited to the headstock.


From the seller:
1993 Ducati Superlight #678
Yellow with White Frame
9,528 miles
90 deg V-Twin, Air Cooled, Desmo Two Valve
Includes Two Fairing front sets (one bikini 900SSCR type and one full fairing)
Carbon Tech Dual Exhaust
Ohlins Rear Shock
Carbon: Front Fender, Rear Hugger, Cam Belt Covers
Clip on risers
Adjustable Brake and Clutch Levers
Brembo Wheels and Brakes w/ floating rotors
Vinyl coated braided flex Brake Lines
Yoyodyne Clutch Slave Cylinder
Upgraded milled aluminum Crank Case Vent
Vented clutch cover
Corbin Seat with back stop
This bike has been babied it’s entire life and looks to have never been down.
The Ducati Yellow paint is unblemished and very pretty.
The bike has a new battery and the oil has been changed. Tires have a couple thousand miles left on them.


This bike is available in Greensboro, North Carolina, and bidders are turning up for the chance to be the next caretaker of this iconic machine. The bidding is up to $6,099 thus far, and the reserve is still in place. Most of the SLs we see here on RSBFS climb above the $7K mark pretty quickly, and I suspect this one will be no exception. Click the link to jump over to the auction and check it out. Good Luck!


Mechanical SlimFast: 1993 Ducati Superlight #678
Sport Bikes For Sale November 1, 2012 posted by

Light makes right: 1993 Ducati Superlight #857

Today we’ve got a great looking Ducati Superlight for sale on eBay. This one has under 5000 miles and is currently at $6600 reserve not met. Buy-it-now is set at $10900. This one has a couple of very small blems but it’s also practically a one owner bike. While $10900 is a bit higher than we’ve seen previously for a SL like this, I’ll bet the reserve is a bit lower and may be attractive if you’ve been waiting for the ultimate in SuperSports of this era.


From the seller:
Listing this bike and a 1976 Moto Guzzi Le mans for a friend. The bikes are located in Cold Spring NY…Any questions can be referred to him, his email is listed below.

ZDM1LC4N6PB0065671993 Ducati 900 Superlight

One of only 300 imported into the US (#857)

In excellent condition with only 4400 miles.

Original 2 piece Marvic/Akront mag/alloy wheels

I am the 2nd owner having bought the bike in September of 1993 with 219 miles on it (the originaZDM1LC4N6PB006567ZDM1LC4N6PB006567l owner bought it in june 1993, rode it briefly and decided it was not what he wanted). So I have owned it for virtually it’s whole life.

During my ownership the bike has been serviced by well known and regarded east coast (Ct) mechanic Phil Cheney (now with Max BMW of Ct.)

In January of 1996 the head bolts were upgraded to the heavy duty bolts.

Most recently serviced by European Cycle Services of Middletown, NY at the end of July.

Tires are fresh with less than 200 miles on them.

The bike is generally original with only the following modifications:

1) Termignoni carbon fiber exhaust

2) 39 tooth rear sprocket

3) k&n air filer element

4) bar end mirror

5) tank guard

6) In line fuel petcock (much easier to access than the factory item which is under the tank and requires removal of the seat and tilting the tank up to access, see photo)

Included in the sale of the bike will be the original exhaust, 37 tooth sprocket and the original mirrors. Also included will be a carbon fiber dash which I never got around to putting on as well as original delivery paper work, warranty card, all service records and original owners manual.

Bike has never been crashed, raced, tracked or abused in any way.

The following is a list of the flaws:

1) cracking around the 2 right side seat mounting bolt holes (see photos)

2) abrasion of the fairing near the oil cooler (see photo)

3) deterioration of the foam around the gauges (will be covered by the carbon fiber dash)

Not be a show bike but a very well preserved example of one of the last great two-valve, air cooled Ducati superbikes with the additional rarity of being one of only 300.

Ducati September 5, 2012 posted by

Light and Super: 1993 Ducati Superlight

For Sale: 1993 Ducati Supersport Superlight

Update 9.4.2012: Originally listed in April this year with an opening bid of $7500, this Superlight is back with an opening of $6250. Links updated. Thanks for the heads up Mike! -dc

Back in 1993 this was one of the more rare Ducatis that collectors were buying up to complete their stables. With its limited number appeal, the Ducati 900 SS SL really opened the doors for the serial numbered bikes from Bologna; while they may have started this with some earlier bikes, the SL really sparked the Ducati numbered bike dynasty that continues to this day.

The Superlight differed from the standard 900 Supersport in minor ways: some additional carbon, full floating front rotors, and (on the earliest models) modular magnesium wheels. All told the weight savings were modest, but with the striking white frame and bright yellow bodywork – and the exclusivity of a numbered tag rivited to the top trees – a legend was born. Don’t expect any more HP from the SL variant, as the same air-cooled, two-valve desmo L-twin from the 900 SS series was utilized with no changes.

From the seller:
Ducati Superlight #932 with 15496 miles in near perfect condition. Bike was sold new in Tulsa Oklahoma to a friend who later became a Ducati dealer in Oklahoma City. I am th 5th owner and knowing the other 4 owners (4th owner owned the bike over 15 years) I have all service records including org owners manual, warranty card and copy of org paper tag.I have the stock mufflers in perfect condition, stock seat, stock airbox lid, sprockets and stock rear brake parts (I installed a floating rear setup)5 years ago FBF high compresson pistons and new cyl studs were replaced,valves adjusted, new Michelin Pilots installed, forks gone through, steering stem bearings cleaned and repacked and then was parked until last summer when I bought it, since then the carbs were rebuilt, tank cleaned new fuel pump and oil change done.Bike has never fell over crashed or been abused. Only flaws worth mentioning is the carbon fiber front fender is faded and the tail section near some of the mounting screws there is some very very minor cracking that I could not get to show in the photos .

This particular Superlight shows some mileage, but really looks good for the age. Most of these bikes have been through multiple owners at this point, but the good news it that they are still collectable enough to be taken care of. This bike is a good example of that – despite the miles and the change of ownership it retains much of what it started with. Top dollars are still collected by stone stock, low mileage specimens, but the market remains bullish on SL models in general.

This auction is on right now, with zero bids against a $7,500 opening ask. There are still several days to play on this one, so time will tell us if the opening bid is simply too high, or if folks have not yet discovered the auction for this yellow gem. Seven and a half large is right about the lower range of the ballpark for a SL, so my guess is that the former might prove to be correct.

For more information and a chance to bid on this beauty, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck!!


Ducati October 3, 2011 posted by

One Owner, Low Mileage ’93 Ducati Superlight (#942)

Location: Brookfield, WI

Mileage: 2,637

Price: Auction, starting $7,599

There’s many a special Ducati that has been built over the years, and many get featured here at RSBFS. While they are all cool in there own way, I’m a fan of the Superlight. First, I like efforts in cars and bikes where builders are actually shedding pounds instead of adding them. It seems that with performance machines (especially cars), there’s usually one direction to go in the weight department, and that’s more. So when a company goes the other direction, I pay attention. Next, I love the yellow fairing, white frame and the weight-saving pieces (Mavic’s, carbon fiber goodness). Maybe it’s not traditional Ducati colors, but I just dig it.

Here’s what the seller has to say about this machine-

Offered for sale is this fine example of a rare 1993 Ducati 900 SL (SuperLight) 

I am the original owner of this motorcycle which has only 2637 miles on the odometer. This is actual mileage. 

The bike has never been crashed, raced, abused or been at a “track day” event. 

It has been a part of my collection since new and now it is being sold to make room for new interests.

Though it has been lightly modified, all the original parts will be included in this sale. Please see the pictures to view the included parts.

This SuperLight is being offered with the following modifications:

– Fresh Tires ( originals will be included per the request of the winning bidder ).

– 39 tooth rear sprocket.

– Braided stainless steel brake lines.

– steering damper

– Fast by Ferracci 11.5 : 1 pistons ( runs just fine on pump gas )

– DynoJet kit

– K&N air filter ( airbox lid has been modified to fit )

– Ferrodo brake pads

– Tank Guard

Again,  the original parts will be included in this sale.



The carburetors have been gone through by a professional and they meter and idle perfectly. The interior fuel tank, lines and fuel pump are all new and the interior of the fuel tank is shiny and rust free. 

I have ridden the bike for a few miles, it idles and runs with no issues. Everything on the bike works. The bike will likely need some miles put on to re-seat the brakes.

I have only lightly washed when it was taken out of storage ( as seen in the pictures – still wet ) . It has not been detailed- I will leave that labor of love to the new owner. It should clean up beautifully and show to a high level.

This is not a show bike, but rather, a very well preserved example of one of the last great two-valve, air cooled Ducati superbikes – with a pedigree , low production number, and desireable rarity.

The following is a list of some flaws:

– Corrosion to the banjo fittings and interior crimped ends of the external oil return lines ( likely stemming from an unnoticed battery spill ). This is hidden inside the fairing.

– A crack in the rear left turn signal lens. ( see picture )

– A repaired cracked tail lamp lens ( see picture )

– Some tiny nicks to the paint on the right side of the fairing ( see picture )

– Some typical haziness to some aluminum parts. This will all polish very easily.

– Typical age-related blemishes, only noted for descriptive accuracy .

 This bike, when detailed properly, should display at a very high level. It IS after all an 18 year old motorcycle – however having seen very little road use.

I will assist in the crating of the bike for shipment, and careful packaging of the parts, however:

All costs and logistics related to shipping will primarily be the responsibility of  the successful bidder. I WILL NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR TAXES, DUTIES, VAT, CUSTOMS, EXPENSES OR ANY OTHER EXPENSES BESTOWED UPON THE NEW OWNER, OUTSIDE OF THIS TRANSACTION.  This is a non – returnable vehicle so I will work closely with the winning bidder to assure safe packaging and crating to assure a mutually beneficial experience. 

Questions? Ask.

And photos-

The seller highlights all the modifications and maintenance that have been done to the bike and says all original parts will come with it. It’s also a bonus that this is a one-owner bike. All the history rests with one person. The mileage is low and the seller highlights the cosmetic and maintenance issues that exist with the bike.

Starting bid is $7,599, which is right in there for one of these beauties. Who knows where it will go from there. But if you have been looking for one, I think you owe it to yourself to check this bike out.


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