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Suzuki August 28, 2017 posted by

Classic Racer in a Box: Ex-Doug Polen Suzuki GSX-R750 for Sale

Looking for a fun weekend project to keep you busy for a while? Well look no further than this ex-Doug Polen Suzuki GSX-R750 racebike. It’s not exactly finished, but all of the really important parts appear to be there to get you started… Strangely enough, it seems like the AMA racebikes used many of the stock Suzuki components, even switching from the more exotic dry clutch to the standard wet unit, according to the seller. So that should help, right?

The introduction of the Suzuki GSX-R750 in 1985 was a seminal event in the history of motorcycling. It may not have been the first or only bike to use fully-enclosed, endurance-racer styling wrapped around a bulletproof, large-displacement inline four and monoshock aluminum frame, but it made that formula affordable and available to the masses, and led directly to the sportbikes we know and love. Later sportbikes would add liquid-cooling to the equation to help generate maximum power, but the Gixxer eschewed such frippery as too heavy for their pure speed machine: in spite of the visible cooling fins, it’s oil that does most of the work. The oil-cooled powerplant utilized their SACS or “Suzuki Advanced Cooling System” that used a double-chambered pump and oil jets directed at the underside of the pistons to keep temperatures under control. Other than oil cooling, it followed modern designs and used dual overhead cams and four valves per cylinder.

Obviously, as a race-spec machine for the street, the GSX-R750 spent plenty of time competing in various classes both abroad and here in the US. This particular bike was used in AMA racing and was ridden by Doug Polen. Polen was a world-class rider who got his start in AMA racing but left to compete in the World Superbike Championship, where he won the title on the trot in 1991 and 1992. He continued to compete in both international and American roadracing with success, netted a win at the Suzuka 8 Hour endurance race, and even dabbled in MotoGP.

There’s additional information about the bike, its history, and the included photos over on eBay, so head over and take a look.

From the original eBay listing: Ex-Doug Polen Suzuki GSX-R750 AMA Superbike for Sale

I have researched the photo archives of Cycle World and Cycle magazines and obtained a number of unpublished photos from their records.  I’ve also bought photographs from freelance photographers that covered AMA racing in that year.  Special thanks to Larry Lawrence, of The Rider Files website.  I will provide these photos to the buyer with the proviso that they remain unpublished.

Each rider had two chassis.  The chassis and motors evolved constantly through the season and Doug probably got the good parts first, as he did better than Otter in the results, starting with the first race.  Their A bikes had all of the good parts at each race and the B bikes had more stock components.  You can clearly see in the photographs the progression of modifications during the season for all of the bikes and the lower spec of the B bikes.

The chassis is un-braced, with modified stock forks, Kosman Triple clamps, Kosman brake discs, AP calipers, a Fox shock and Marvic magnesium wheels.  The swingarm has been slotted, to allow for more variation in wheelbase.  Jim Lindemann worked with them on the shock valving, although he passed away a few years ago.  I have spoken to an ex-Fox engineer and he’d be happy to restore the shock but the records they had of those years were destroyed a few years ago.  Sandy Kosman now lives in Portland Oregon and the last time I talked to him, he was willing to get the discs reground on a Blanchard grinder, if desired.   One of the previous owners began the restoration years ago and the chassis, as pictured, is where he was when he sold the bike to the next owner.

The bodywork used was stock Suzuki plastic.  Early in the season it was raced in 1986 blue/white Suzuki colors; later in the season some of it was sporting the 1987 blue/white Suzuki stock colors.  A perforated metal filler panel was incorporated into the lower fairing V and the lower fairing panels had holes cut in them to allow for more ground clearance.

The motors were modified during the season and varied quite a bit.  They had Yoshimura (either kit Suzuki or Cosworth) pistons, different crank bearings, heads ported by Ron Scrima, Megacycle cams with Yosh retainers, a Tsubaki cam chain tensioner, and various carbs and exhausts.  At one point they obtained dry clutches and close ratio transmission gears but went back to running wet clutches and stock transmission ratios.  They may have run an ECU with a higher rev limit.  Ron Scrima passed away in 2011 but his company (Racing Engine Service) is still in business in Texas and the current owner was with Ron for about 25 years, so they might be my first choice for an engine refresh.  Another option would be Kelly Roberts, also in Texas.  I have never disassembled the motor, so I do not know what internal components are present.

I am interested in selling this project to someone that has the necessary resources and desire to restore it to an as-raced condition and to preserve it for the future.  It is a significant bike, as it was one of the highest placed privateer AMA superbike efforts of that era and was ridden by the rider that probably had more success in the USA racing the first generation Suzuki GSX-R than any other rider.  I would be willing to discuss this bike in more detail, via telephone, with any serious prospective buyers.  I am also willing to provide additional photos, a more complete listing of what components will come with the bike, and an approximate idea of what additional components will be needed to complete the restoration.

I have listed the mileage as 99999, as eBay requires that the mileage be listed for any vehicle sale.  The true mileage is unknown, as it was never recorded, which is not unusual for a race bike.

It also looks like the bike went through several iterations, giving you a bit of flexibility in terms of the color scheme you choose. If it were complete and in as-raced condition, this would probably be a very valuable motorcycle. As it stands, it’s a valuable… basket case. How valuable? Well the But It Now price for this bit of American roadracing history is $4,950. This is going to need a lot of love, time, and money to finish, but I think this GSX-R deserves to be restored to its former functional glory.


Exclusive April 17, 2013 posted by

Doug is at COTA for MotoGP This Weekend!

Cal QP

While our man Doug is Emeritus around the RSBFS offices, he is now making a name for himself in motorcycle racing photography. His work is being snapped up by top manufacturers and he is sporting press credentials for all the MotoGP rounds in the U.S. this season! Please join me in congratulating him in his success with a comment below.

His official websitge: Doug Durham Photography

These two images are from last season, but being the stud Doug is, he’s allowing us to reference the full size images (click for hi-res)! He’ll also be on the Rare SportBikes Facebook page with live updates for our fans from the Austin round of MotoGP 2013. And if you caught the Qatar race earlier this month, you’ll make sure to catch this round to see what action comes this weekend. We haven’t seen racing this good in many years!

Congratulations on your success Doug and thank you for sharing with us all!


Nicky Hayden Power

Honda January 30, 2013 posted by

Last Minute Survivor Spots by Doug [ZX-7R, VTR250 JDM, GSX-R 750]

I woke up to an email from our old pal Doug (RSBFS Alumni Extraordinaire) this morning with the following selections. All these auctions end soon so act quickly.

And if you haven’t checked it out yet, see what Doug is up to these days here:

Thanks Doug!


First up is one of Doug’s favorites, a ZX-7R K1 with about 10k miles. Auction ends in about a day starting at $3600 with no bids.

1991 Kawasaki ZX-7R For Sale

Next is this 1998 Honda VTR250. It’s a JDM machine that features a trellis frame and has a Florida plate. Current bid is just over $1600 reserve not met with a day or so remaining.


His last pick is this 1992 Suzuki GSX-R 750 with just 10k miles. Current bid is $2125 reserve not met with a day remaining.

1992 Suzuki GSX-R 750 For Sale

Sport Bikes For Sale August 16, 2012 posted by

Live Updates from Indy MotoGP: Our Man Doug Is On Location!

From Doug: CRT bike porn. Sean F. don’t have shit on these guys cleanliness…

Doug will always be a huge part of what has made RSBFS a success because he is a tireless worker and truly passionate about the sport. So it’s no surprise that when he left the regular rotation to pursue his growing photography addiction it would soon lead to a legitimate gig photographing local sports for his newspaper. And now he raises the bar again — several notches — with MotoGP press credentials at Indy this year!

Being the stud he is, he’s sharing his pictures with us and here are his Thursday shots. Check them out as they come in on our Facebook page.

Doug, you are the fuggin man and we so appreciate you sharing with us! Have a blast and thank you!


Ducati May 3, 2012 posted by

Doug Polen was here: Autographed 1993 Ducati 888

For Sale: 1993 Ducati 888

Update 5.3.2012: Somehow this bike only got to $5600 the last time it was listed. Mike notes originally (5.2.2012) that the bidding was up to $8500 on a no reserve auction previously. Buy-it-now has been lowered to $9495 from $10495. Links updated. -dc

How much does “star power” add to the resale value of a bike? I’ve always wondered that, as this is not the first 888 posted on RSBFS that has been signed by Doug Polen (here is another one). Personally, the thought of someone getting near my beloved bike with a magic marker brings up arguments of justifiable homicide, but for others the draw of a famous signature brings added value and distinction.

This particular 888 looks to be in decent shape given the mileage – 16,000+, meaning that somebody actually rode the thing! As RSBFS readers might know from my previous posts, I’m not a big believer in buying a bike and storing it for future value. For me the value is in the ride, and this 888 has certainly returned some value to the owner.

There are a few mods listed in addition to the Doug Polen signature. Again, the jury is still split on what value these mods add. If this were a sub-1,000 mile bike, then I would say the mods would detract from the collectability of the bike, and thus the value. However given the mileage, the added displacement differentiates this bike from other higher-mileage examples, and may actually help the value. What do you RSBFS readers think?

From the seller:
1993 Ducati Superbike 888 desmoquattro
Doug Polen Autographed.
16904 miles
Engine upgrade (916cc) @ 16238 miles.
Crankcase / Cylinders / Pistons / Crankshaft
Complete light weight Clutch
Heavy duty Race cylinder STUDS / Valve Job
All gaskets & seals replaced.
New Michelin Pilots @ 16681 miles
All maintenance and upgrades done at Fast by Ferracci from 2005 to present.

The 888 was an evolution of the ground-breaking 851, and itself became the jump-off point for the iconic 916. There is plenty of performance here to keep up with more modern machinery, and it is hard to argue with the good looks bestowed upon this series of bikes.

This auction started out in the $5k range and is currently up to $8,500 with light bidding. There is no reserve in sight, so this one is going to a new home at market value at the end of this auction. For your chance to jump into the fray, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck!!


Sport Bikes For Sale October 18, 2011 posted by

RSBFS Retires One of the Greats: Doug is Leaving the Posting Rotation

DougWhat can I say, I tried everything I could think of but Doug has decided to say goodbye to the regular posting routine. No doubt as his celebrity has grown while at RSBFS and has made the photo above an every day reality! Seriously, he will be sorely missed around here as his picks were always examples we’d all love to put our hands on, written with a great balance of enthusiastic knowledge, research, and wit. Not only that, but Doug really is a huge part of what the site has become today: a respected place for like minded enthusiasts and collectors to follow the best bikes available in the U.S. market and abroad. He helped me personally realize the potential that we had early on and I will never forget what my friend helped us achieve.

So before we say goodbye, a stroll down memory lane. My first email from Doug was for some of the now very rare RSBFS decals we had cut in 2008. At the time it was just Alex and I working the site together and while we were doing our best to cover great sportbikes we found for sale. But this fanatical superfan of the site would continue to email me almost daily with a bike or two that we had missed. It got to the point in 2009 where I couldn’t keep up with his emails and simply decided to invite him to join us on the site.

We would soon learn that our spotter was actually a perfect fit for the site. He immediately fell into a great rhythm on the site and his enthusiasm really sparked interest.

Without further ado, here are Doug’s first three posts from the archives — and now that we all know him, these are certainly no surprise from the man:

1997 Ducati 916 with only 183 miles from Private Collection

Ducati 916 For SaleDucati 916 with low miles for sale

1996 Kawasaki ZX-7RR (yes, the real deal)

1996 Kawasaki ZX-7RR for saleKawasaki zx-7rr for sale

1987 Yamaha FZR 750R #169 of 200

FZR750R for sale

As time went on, Doug took on more and more responsibility with the site. He acted as the lead contact for incoming emails and editor as the team grew. This was during a critical time for me personally as my day job was threatening the site but Doug didn’t hesitate to step right in and make sure that the site had the attention and leadership it needed to stay on while I couldn’t serve in this role.

We would become great friends and I finally got to meet the man in person at the 2010 Indy MotoGP. We made the trip again this year and even though we talk mostly through email, it’s like meeting up with a friend I’ve known well for years. Here is the man in action behind the lens.

Doug’s responsibilities at his day job have his hands full, and in addition to the bikes in his own collection and the growing photog addiction/profession, he’s decided to hang up the writing for now. Doug is always going to be a part of our site and will most certainly have some behind the scenes roles moving ahead.

Please join me in thanking Doug for his work on the site and wishing him much success in the future.

Thank you Doug!

-Dan Crouch

Kawasaki April 7, 2010 posted by

1989 Kawasaki ZX-7 H1 Ninja Completely Original, Signed By Doug Chandler & Scott Russell

A completely original ’89 ZX-7 signed by Doug Chandler and Scott Russell!  Located in Wasilla, Alaska is possibly a one owner 1989 ZX-7 with very low miles.  Pretty much everything on this bike is speculative as they only definitive information is gained from the photos.  The seller does state that he has owned this bike for twenty-one years, making possible that he is the original owner.  The seller does state that this bike is showroom perfect and that the tank has been signed by Doug Chandler and Scott Russell.  Unfortunately, the seller makes no mention of current mileage but this bike does look to be completely original–with a lime green windscreen which could almost be considers stock for the early ’90’s–with either low miles or a very careful owner.  These bike’s didn’t come signed by the boys so it’s very cool especially if you’re only planning on showing this bike.  The asking price of $4,000 is a bit higher than most other ’89 ZX-7’s but, I doubt any of them come anywhere close to this bike.  The seller may have time on his side getting things together as this bike is located in the frigid–and far–north making it a long trip from anywhere but Anchorage.  This is the first year for the ZX-7, it replaced the GPX750 with a new frame and uprated motor.  It wasn’t the most radical 750 out at the time as Kawasaki chose to sell a very good road bike that could be transformed into a race bike not the other way around.  Many of these bikes were dropped, modified, or raced during their short lives so it’s refreshing to see a very nice ZX-7 Ninja alive and well.  See this bike on Craigslist here.  Note:  The ad only lists a phone number for contact so, please be mindful of timezones.


Kawasaki December 20, 2009 posted by

Doug Chandler’s 2007 ZX-10 AMA Superbike on ebay!

Everything looks to be authentic on this ex-AMA racer. This baby is sitting and being offered, for what I would think is a steal, at $8,500 B.I.N.! The spares package alone is worth more than half of the B.I.N. price. The seller has posted up numerous pictures for your consideration. I posted up half of them below. Even if your not interested in buying an AMA racer you shold go look at the spares this one is being sold with.

Seller says:

Vehicle Description

This is Doug Chandlers AMA Superbike wth all the trimmings. Im making this a one for all deal including everything associated with this bike here is the list.

1.55mm Marzocchi Fork with pressurized reservoirs Custom made CNC tripple clamps made in Italy for these special forks.

2. Exact magnesium Wheels

3. Racing large capacity radiator

4. Quick shift

5. Sato rear sets

6. Team Kawi Factory full Titanium exhaust system ( Also have Muzzy titanium short pipes)

7. Hot Bodies full prep ready to shoot complete Race bodywork

8. 5 front end stands

9. 6 Rear stands

10 2 sets of Chickenhawk tire warmers

11. 1 set of Pirelli superbike raceslicks

12. 2 stock gas tanks ( 1 black 1 green )

13. Complete stock exhaust

14.2 sets of galfer superbike wave rotors ( Front end )

15.1 pack AFAM racing rear sprockets

16. stock forks

17.stock airbox

18. stock trottle cable

19.stock rear shock

20 stock radiator

21 Ohlins rear shock

22 AIM Lap timer

23 Custom made Carbon fiber Air snorkle with battery mount

24.Special chain adjuster

25.PVM front brake Calipers

26.stainless brake lines

27. Brembo master cyclinder and brake lever

28.Carbon fiber FC FUEL TANK ( Thats on the bike )

29. # 2 Race motor ( Built by former Muzzy mechanic )

30. GRP steering stabilizer and stock ohlins too

Carbon Fibre gas tank, Full Team Kawi Titanium exhaust, Quick Shifter, Marzocchi Fork with pressurized reservoirs Custom made CNC triple clamps, extra Superbike motor are a few of the tid bits that caught my eye. Anyone care to guess how much the Marzocchi forks cost? Race bikes are always cool finds and this one is no exception. I am especially proud to give Kawasaki’s some love on our site because they receive the least out of the Japan Big 4. This will only make the 11th Kawasaki we’ve featured on our site.


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