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Bimota June 16, 2019 posted by

Air Male – 2008 Bimota DB5R

Happy Father’s Day to all once and future Dads !

Emerging from the shadows of bankruptcy, Bimota introduced a supersport based on Ducati’s air cooled dual-spark engine, penned by Tamburrini disciple Sergio Robbiano.  This second generation DB5R has the 1078cc engine, premium appointments, and an exciting and award-winning design.

2008 Bimota DB5R for sale on eBay

The core of the DB5R is Ducati’s 1078cc L-twin, with Marelli fuel injection tuned for Bimota’s exhaust good for 95 hp and a nice 76 ft.-lbs. torque.  The lines of the chro-moly trellis frame echo through the seat sub-frame and fabricated swingarm.  Frame connectors show off Bimota’s CNC machining as the bodywork and accessories showcase their carbon fiber technique.  Premium Öhlins and Brembo components complete the luxurious but sporty picture.

Straight out of Silicon Valley, this DB5R is engaging even with the signs of a minor low side, the seat console more easily corrected than the scratched engine case.  Not many miles but the new owner might be in for belts and tires.  The aftermarket mirrors aren’t a bad match but stock would be my choice, plus a little reflector-ectomy.  The first order of business would be more pictures.  Comments from the eBay auction:

Original owner, bought from Scuderia West SF ( no longer sells Bimota but they can service it ) and original cost was around 40K.

It’s a beautiful and great winding road machine, but selling it as I don’t have much time to ride, and feel sorry for the machine.

Only rode casually around the Saratoga Mountain.

4046.8 Miles

Ducati 1100DS engine ( any Ducati shop can service it )

Updated with STM slipper clutch, Carbon mirrors ( so you can see the back )

‘DB5R’ number plate

Minor scratches on tail cover and engine cover. Repaired areas on edge of tail cover.

‘Service Required’ indicator always on ( the dealer could not figure out how to turn it off )

Comes with the owner’s manual, racing stand, and a battery tender.

The DB5R reviewed as a fine handler even if the dual-spark 1100 wasn’t too exotic.  A pair of tank pads might be in order, as the winged tank was maybe a little too skinny for a good grip.  Each Bimota model has its place on the peacock – rhinoceros spectrum, and the DB5R seems to be right in the middle, with a very together design built on a modern but uncomplicated powertrain.  With just a few hundred sprinkled over the globe each year, you won’t see yourself coming and going.  Just right to ride to the bike show, collect a ribbon, and ride home.


Air Male – 2008 Bimota DB5R
Bimota July 9, 2014 posted by

Tasty Origami: 2008 Bimota DB5R for Sale

I really wanted to post up yet another wonderfully weird and definitely non-sucky Buell but, unfortunately for fans of that misunderstood marque, I stumbled across this sharp-edged Bimota DB5R first, so all you lovers of perimeter brakes and double-duty components will have to wait for another day to get your fix.

And, in a way, Bimota really is sort of like the Italian Buell: other than the fantastically flawed V Due that almost bankrupted the company, all of their bikes featured engines from other manufacturers, wrapped in lighter, stronger frames, with aerodynamic bodywork and high-end suspension. Kawasakis, Hondas, Suzukis, BMWs, Yamahas, and Ducatis have all powered various Bimotas.

2008 Bimota DB5R Fairings2

Early Bimotas often featured dramatic improvements in terms of handling or performance compared to the bikes that donated their engines. But as technology progressed and the handling of factory machines improved, the company has evolved into a manufacturer of boutique origami confections of carbon and titanium that could be ridden in anger, but probably aren’t. Some innovative ideas still manage to work their way into their designs, but with only incremental advantages over the factory bikes, Bimota’s primary selling point these days seems to be their exotic style and top-shelf components. Dripping with exotic materials and high-end names, they take the very best and make it just that little bit better in the way that only lots of money can.

2008 Bimota DB5R Fairings

With the Italian mystique multiplied by their collaboration with Ducati, the DB bikes have always been good sellers for Bimota. Interestingly, the DB5 uses the air/oil-cooled, two-valve motor, instead of the much more powerful liquid-cooled, four-valve motor, although the DS version used here does feature twin plugs per cylinder.

From the original eBay listing: 2008 Bimota DB5R for Sale

This is a 2008 Bimota DB5R with only 750 miles on it, I have had it since it was new in 2008.
This model was one of two build for Shane Turpin.
The bike was serviced back in January 2014 with new battery and fluids and it has not been ridden since then.
It has come to the time where I have to many toy’s and I will have to let go of this amazing bike.
It has some scratches on the right side due to it falling in my garage last year, I have taken pictures for you to review the scratches.
Please do some research on the bike if you do not know about this model.

There are certainly faster bikes for the money. You’re paying a whole lot of cash for a machine that only marginally outperforms the donor bike, which wasn’t all that fast to begin with: Ducati’s characterful air-cooled L-twin offers plenty of flexible midrange poke and the suspension components should offer sublime handling, but you’ll get killed on the straights at the track by guys who bought salvage-title GSX-R600s with unpainted race fairings. But that’s really not the point here: these days, Bimotas are really cost-no-object bits of road and track jewelry, bikes for folks who can afford the best.

2008 Bimota DB5R Dash Front

So who cares if this DB5 isn’t actually much faster than the Ducati Monster that donated its engine? It’s still plenty fast and exotic, although Bimota’s current obsession with stealth-fighter angularity could use a few curves thrown in. Straight lines are nice, and very decisive design elements, but these bikes tend to look a bit too busy to be truly beautiful.


2008 Bimota DB5R Rear


Tasty Origami: 2008 Bimota DB5R for Sale
Bimota August 29, 2013 posted by

Track Day Heaven: 2004 Bimota DB5 race bike


For those who participate in the occasional track day, a little masking tape and the removal of mirrors is enough. For others, a dedicated track day bike – usually an inexpensive or well-used model with track-specific changes – is in order. Take that one step further and consider a full blown race bike. If money were no object, would this be your track day weapon of choice?

2004 Bimota DB5R racer for sale on eBay


Starting life out as a DB5R – considered one of the best handling of the air-cooled Ducati chasis available – and fitted with a hi-po, 1178 cc Hypermotard engine built to the hilt, this particular bike is a “cost is no object” excercise for racing. And race it did, purportedly winning several championships. And what better way to ease this mount into retirement than as a spirited track-day ride worthy of envious stares and buckets of drool?


From the seller:
2004 Bimota DB5 powered by Ducati. World class race bike, built for CCS lightwheight classes, this machine has won multiple national championships at Daytona and dominated the Florida championship. Now retired from racing looking to sale or trade $55000 obo would consider trades for something interesting ( car’s, others bikes, small plane, boat, land) for more info Call or text. Whoever buys it at asking price, I will include Brand New set of rims with water race tires + Tire Warmers (Chicken Hawk / Ducati) + Arlen Ness $3000 Matching Race Suit used once. WOW !


WOW is right. Check out some of the specs on this big dollar bad boy:


Pectel SQ6 ecu with a custom fabricated wiring warness $10000
AIm racing digital dash with lap timer $2200
Sp electronic quick shifter ( clutchless upshift) $450
Lightweight Lithium battery $200


Ohlins Fg 670 gas forks $12000
Ohlins rear shock
Ohlins gp steering damper $700
Attack racing triple clamps with adjustable offset $1000
titanium front axle $400


Wheels and brakes:
BST Blackstone carbon fiber wheels $4400
Brembo monoblock calipers (With titanium bolts) $7200 plus $800 brake pads
Brembo full floating brake rotors $600
Brembo 19×18 gp master cylinder with $300
Acossato racing electronic adjuster $400
Brembo billet clutch master cylinder $400
Steel braided brake lines $200
Brembo racing reservoirs $50


Hypermotard engine, bored to 102 mm makes it 1178 cc, puts up 117 hp at the rear wheel $22000
2 mm oversize titanium valves
ported heads
NCR cams
Balanced crankshaft
Fresh crankshaft bearings
Yoyodyne slipper clutch
HPE full Exhaust $3500
High performance fuel pressure regulator $500
Carbon fiber case cover $200
Woodcraft clutch cover $150
Custom made aluminium breather box (under subframe) $8000


Carbon fiber front fender $300
Custom fabricated front bracket $600
lightweight battery box $250
Woodcraft clipons $150
Fuelcell carbon kevlar gas tank $3600
windshield $300
race bodywork $1500
paint job $1000
titanium front axle 400
stock 2004 Bimota DB5 $35000

Here is a video of the bike in action:

The seller claims to have spent upwards of $100k on this racer, which just goes to prove the adage: If you want to make a small fortune in racing, start with a large one. Fortunately for you buyers out there, nothing depreciates like last year’s (or last decade’s) racer. This bike is on the block for a cool $55,000, or best offer. If you want what looks to be the best of everything, this might be a good place to look. Check it out and let us know what you think! Good Luck!



Track Day Heaven: 2004 Bimota DB5 race bike
Bimota June 19, 2013 posted by

Red Hot: Bimota DB5R (Switzerland)

This modern Ducati motored Bimota is all about lightweight and compact dimensions. The DB5 is my favorite modern Bimota. The Italian firm has put together a very focused street bike that emphasis handling more than power. Fitted with the air cooled power plant from Ducati’s Hypermotard, the 1100cc V twin is all about torque.


The power is more around the 100 horses rather than the 180 of other liquid cooled twins, but it’s the combination of easy-to-manage power, always there for you and the compact dimensions with low weight that make this DB5 a proper fast and ultra fun bike to ride.



A standard DB5 already delivers all of the above, but this is an R+ model. On top of the exotic materials and components that belong to the R, it also comes with a nice (and pricey) set of extras that we welcome very much. These include:

  • 1 full road fairing in fiberglass
  • 1 full track fairing in fiberglass (see picture)
  • 1 full road fairing in carbon fiber
  • 2 sets of forged OZ wheels including high spec disc brakes
  • 1 additional fuel tank
  • 1 Zard exhaust system
  • 1 set of new tyres



The bike has covered 4000 km on the road and 500 km on the track.  At the price of about 30000 $ this is very good value, provided this range is in your budget. I would love to ride this on the road, I bet it will smoke many “bigger” bikes any time…and it looks fantastic…and it is unique…and…the price when new was above 50000 $…


Bimota DB5R in Switzerland




Bimota June 18, 2013 posted by

Are You Feeling Well? 2007 Bimota DB5

db left db right

Uh oh, the for sale signs are out on Bimotas again which we all know, may cause cases of Bimota-itis.  That is where the brain can no longer appreciate a Bimota  due to excessive Bimota JPEG viewing.  You know what these are so enjoy the pics;  but not for too long.  I don’t want anyone getting sick. 

db engine

The story on this one:

  • 480 Miles Better than New!
  • Ridden on the track at a few demonstrations by Bimota rep Shane Turpin·            
  • Michelin Pilots (new)
  • Slipper Clutch
  • NCR – clutch cover
  • Countershaft cover (stock also)
  • Custom Termignoni Exhaust
  • Dyno Tuned Engine Mapping
  • Custom Seat Modification to fit exhaust
  • GP shift (stock shifting linkage as well)
  • New Mapping
  • Safety Wire
  • White vinyl “number plate areas”
  • Battery tender·           
  • Ducati break-away bolts on mirrors
  • California Title
  • Cover 
  • Stand

db mufflerdb tail

A minimalist back end.  If you haven’t checked out Bimota’s website in a while it is worth a few minutes of dreaming.

db cal

It is indeed safety wired.

db clutch

db exhaust

The usual assortment of mechanical art. 

If you so inclined to own it, bid here.



Bimota May 14, 2013 posted by

A Different DB: 2004 Bimota DB5

db rightdb left

If you have issues seeing a Bimota possibly being tossed down the track; look away. The quick hits: no title, owner isn’t positive on exact year of the bike, loaded with race goodies and a $65,000 BIN (open to offers though).

The said goodies:

Pectel SQ6 ECU

Custom Made Wiring Harness

AIM Digital Dash

HPE Full Exhaust System

Completely Built 1178cc HyperMotard Engine

Ohlins Gas Forks

Ohlins Shock

BST Carbon Wheels

BREMBO Full Floating Rotors

BREMBO Billet MonoBloc Calipers

BREMBO Brake GP M/Cyl w/ Accosato Electric Lever Adjuster

BREMBO Clutch GP M/Cyl


YOYODYNE Slipper Clutch


ANTIGRAVITY Lithium Lightweight Battery

Too many other items/mods to mention

db engine 2

What’s under the hood you ask?


This HyperMotard motored DB5 was built up to 1178cc / 102mm bore with very close to 117hp and was recently rebuilt with only 4 trackdays on it.


db tank db tach

A look at your office. I’m curious about the custom built wiring harness. I’ve read a custom race harness can be quite a high dollar item.

db shock db forks

All I see is dollar signs.

db arm

It has apparently won quite a few national and regional titles. Can you add another?

Click for the listing.


Bimota March 24, 2013 posted by

2006 Bimota DB5 R For Sale in North Carolina

Update 6.2.2013: SOLD!

Update 3.24.2013: This stunning DB5 R is being relisted for consideration after previously being listed last March. Owner has included a more thorough description and is selling directly. Good luck with the sale Chris!

Chris emailed to alert us that his gorgeous DB5 R is now available from his private collection. Only the R models got the tri-color paint scheme and under that paint scheme is a carbon fiber fairing also exclusive the R. The lightweight OZ wheels are also part of that package.

We’ve posted a handful of DB5 R’s previously and the $19,995 asking price is in line with what we’ve seen historically. And in keeping with the usual Bimota theme on RSBFS, this bike sports a mere 2900 miles.

The seller’s quote:

2006 Bimota DB5-R

Like new original condition in pearl white, red and green Tri-color. Bone stock with no modifications or enhancements. Bimota registry number 77

All original paint in spotless condition without a mark or scratch anywhere. Laser cut 3M protective film covers most of the bike and can be easy removed if desired. Brand new Metzeler Sportec M5 Tires. Always garaged and covered on a battery tender and exercised every 6 weeks.

I have all the books, documentation, certificate of origin and extra un-used key as well as the original silk Bimota factory cover.

I am a long term multiple Bimota owner and collector. This is a very rare piece and will not be easy to find in this condition. I have taken very good care of this bike for about 3 years

We have many more detailed photos that we will be happy to send or provide any specific photos that you may be looking for.

Miles: 2,663

Cliff notes on the DB5 R:
– utilizes the 1000DS V-Twin from Ducati, which is good for about 90hp. Not a lot but only weights 370lbs!
– designed by Roberto Commini who also penned the V Due.
– adjustable Ohlins suspension.
– nearly $40k new.

Good luck with the sale Chris!


Bimota February 28, 2013 posted by

2008 Bimota DB5R in New York

2008 Bimota DB5R For Sale

While better respected for it’s chassis and suspension rather than it’s Ducati 1100DS motor, everyone agrees it’s beautiful piece of Italian artwork. As with most Bimota’s that come up for sale, this one is practically brand new with just 91 miles. Original MSRP was $36k, but the buy-it-now on this example is set at “just” $21k. Bidding is up to $18k with about a day remaining, but reserve has not quite been met yet.

2008 Bimota DB5R For Sale on eBay


quote from seller:

Last of the DB5R’s brought to the U.S. Fairings are all carbon fiber (even the painted parts), CNC machined billet aluminum parts and Chrome alloy trellis frame. OZ racing wheels. Ducati 1100DS engine and drive train. Fast and light (417#’s wet). Suspension is everything you’ve heard on this hand built beauty.


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