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Suzuki September 26, 2017 posted by

JDM Gixxer: 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 Limited Edition

Honda’s famed RC30 was basically designed from the ground up for competition, and seemingly only sold to the public to satisfy production-based racing requirements. That’s one way to go about it, but if you don’t have Honda’s practically endless resources, how do you create a machine that will help your racers to compete at the top levels of production-based racing? You build something like this Suzuki GSX-R750 Limited Edition. In recent years, “Limited Edition” has come to refer to things like luxury trim packages for Toyota Corollas, somewhat watering down the cachet of the term. But in this case, it was truth in advertising, with just a few hundred made to satisfy the regulations.

The regular GSX-R was already a pretty impressive machine and, considering that the Limited Edition was the most expensive Japanese sportbike of 1986, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the performance of this rare and exotic version is underwhelming. But the changes were designed to allow their inclusion on race machines, not make for a better roadbike. The LE was just six pounds lighter than the standard bike, most likely a result of the fiberglass solo-seat tail section. Power was very similar as well, since the engine internals were virtually identical to the stock GSX-R750, and flat-slide carburetors are great for producing maximum power, but they’re not really suited to everyday use. Fortunately, the LE’s lightweight vented dry clutch should produce enough rattle to drown out the supposedly noisy carburetor slides… Aside from those notable and very expensive upgrades, the bike also featured a revised swingarm for improved stability and the electronic, anti-dive forks from the GSX-R1100, although I wonder if many race teams actually used those. Photos of our recent GSX-R AMA Superbike suggest that at least some of them did…

So out of the box it didn’t necessarily perform any better than a stock bike, and was hideously expensive. But honestly, most manufacturers of homologation specials probably weren’t too concerned about selling them: I’m pretty sure the rules only required that they build the required machines, so if they sat in showrooms for a few years, manufacturers wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. Collectors and enthusiasts with the money to buy them still did so, regardless of cost, but the main goal was to get the right parts legalized for the racers.

From the original Craigslist Post: 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 Limited Edition for Sale

1986 GSXR-750 Limited Edition in Japanese Domestic Model Specification
Suzuki only produced 500 units world wide of the GSXR750 Limited Edition

The bike is imported from Japan.
Not registered yet in the U.S.
This bike is sold without title. (NO TITLE)

Start engine! Runs well
Flat slide carburetors
Dry clutch
Original FRP rear seat cowl

24,374 km (15,145 miles)
Engine Number R705-125561


The last Limited Edition GSX-R750 we featured on the site was also a Japanese import in similar colors that were intended to celebrate Suzuki’s success at the 8 Hours of Suzuka, but this appears to be a different bike entirely. First-generation “Slabbie” Gixxers are already increasing in value, and nice Limited Editions are starting to command premium dollars. The lack of a title could prove to be a hassle, but many people considering a purchase will be looking to collect or display, not actually ride it, so that may not be all that much a problem. The $13,800 asking price seems in line with recent LE prices, but I wonder if the lack of title will have any impact on its value.


Suzuki August 27, 2016 posted by

Rare Gixxer South of the Border: 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 Limited Edition for Sale

1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 LE L Side Front

There may have been monoshock sportbikes prior to the GSX-R750, but the bike’s ubiquity and accessibility helped it define the modern sportbike in ways that earlier bikes could not. And while it’s true that, if you look up “sportbike” in the dictonary, you’ll probably find a picture of a GSX-R, nice examples are getting very hard to find, since owners didn’t generally lavish the same level of care on their reliably Japanese steeds that one would on something from Italy…  especially of the GSX-R750 Limited Edition model intended to homologate the bike for racing.

1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 LE R Side

When the GSX-R was introduced, water-cooling was specifically avoided to reduce weight and complexity, and the bike makes due with air and oil-cooling to keep temps in check. The bike used a distinctive alloy beam frame, along with fully-enclosed, very slab-sided bodywork, other characteristics that came to define the sportbike. The stock 18″ wheels, however, give the bike’s age away, and finding good, sticky rubber to fit the bike at your local motorcycle shop could prove difficult.

Designed to homologate certain features for various production-based race classes, the Limited Edition model as seen here is very rare, and came with a dry clutch, lightweight aluminum gas tank, solo seat, the longer, revised swingarm introduced in 1986, and Suzuki’s electronic anti-dive forks. It was significantly more expensive than the standard bike but, as an homologation machine, that really didn’t matter much to prospective buyers.

1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 LE L Side

Today, these don’t command quite the value of a Honda RC30 or a Yamaha OW01, but are still extremely desirable and should prove to be a pretty solid investment. This example is hanging out in Mexico, and looks like it’s in very nice shape, with relatively low mileage, although the wheels appear to be non-standard 17″ items. Great if you plan to ride your machine regularly, not so great for collectors.

From the original eBay listing: 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 Limited Edition for Sale

This is the very rare edition of 199 units only for the USA by Suzuki Japan. I’m the only owner that this motorcycle has had (I bought it in his box at Austin, Texas in 1988). It’s not a copy. Surely it is one of the less than ten (may be five) in the world, in good conditions, but this one is in very good conditions.

Obviously, some of our resident experts can comment on the bike’s authenticity, as an LE obviously can be faked, but at a glance it appears to have the dry clutch and anti-dive forks specific to this model, so that’s a good sign. There are no takers yet at the $12,900 starting bid, which is certainly expensive for a Slabbie but, considering the rapidly appreciating prices for old Gixxers in general, combined with this examples homologation-special status, that seems like a pretty reasonable starting place for this bike.


1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 LE Ride

Rare Gixxer South of the Border: 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 Limited Edition for Sale
Suzuki March 7, 2015 posted by

Slingshot Gixxer: 1989 Suzuki GSX-R750 for Sale

1989 GSX-R750 R Front

When it was introduced in 1985, Suzuki’s original GSX-R750 set the standard for production sportbikes that’s lasted through the modern era. Interestingly, the first GSX-R’s eschewed water-cooling to simplify the engine in a bid to save weight at the expense of overall power. The aluminum beam frame and monoshock rear suspension and fully-enclosed bodywork with endurance-racing style were a rarity in 1985 and rounded out the very complete package.

1989 GSX-R750 L Rear

The second generation continued this tradition and otherwise followed the template set down by the original “Slabby,” albeit with updated styling and 17″ wheels. That makes this particularly short-lived generation a great rider’s bike, looking both backwards to a more classic style, and forwards, with a variety of tire choices available for the 17″ wheels.

1989 GSX-R750 L FairingJPG

Suzuki sold plenty of these “Slingshot” GSX-R’s, so named for their carburetors. But many were ridden hard, written off, or otherwise neglected, and bikes in this sort of condition are pretty hard to find. Not as collectible as the first generation bikes, not as competent as later models, but these are, to me, some of the best-looking Gixxers ever. When new, I’d likely have preferred this red, white, and black scheme, although these days I find myself more drawn to the classic Suzuki blue-and-white colors.

1989 GSX-R750 R Rear

From the original eBay listing: 1989 Suzuki GSX-R750 for Sale

Up for auction is my 1989 Suzuki GSXR 750 Slingshot 17k miles 2nd owner… Very good condition all original plastics never been down. Little crack on left rear plastic from replacing battery last summer. Clean carbs will need to be cleaned does run good and strong. On the road last summer carbs need to be clean runs strong upgraded fox suspension polished wheels frame steering damper. Custom Corbin seat bike runs great and the suspension in handling is awesome. All original plastics in near excellent condition including tank registered..

1989 GSX-R750 Dash

There are a few questionable details here. The wheels do vary a bit from photo to photo: they’re solid white in some of the pictures, and have a polished rim in others. It looks like they were going for the Marvic modular look as seen on the Ducati Superlight. And those flush-mount signals, while sleeker than the stock items, would absolutely have to go, were this my bike. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too much work to fit some low-profile LED units or subtle bar-end signals, or something like signals integrated into the tail lamp and headlight units.

1989 GSX-R750 R Side

The Corbin seat is likely far more comfortable than the stock item, although the stepped design is a love-it or hate-it kind of thing. Plan to put real miles on your bike? Definitely worth keeping on there.

With 17,000 miles on the clock, mileage is very reasonable and, although it will need some attention, there’s nothing outside the abilities of a competent mechanic. All-in-all, a great-looking classic Suzuki.


1989 GSX-R750 L Front

Slingshot Gixxer: 1989 Suzuki GSX-R750 for Sale
Suzuki December 4, 2013 posted by

Classic Gixxer Fun: 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 1100


Suzuki GSX-Rs remain some of the most popular bikes on RSBFS. The slab-sided early models epitomize the “game changing” attitude of Suzuki during this period. With air/oil cooling, aluminum frame and full floater rear suspension, the GSX-R was lighter, faster and handled better than anything in the day.

Even today these bikes present well. Sure, the modern liter bike is going to have a performance edge, but a good rider on an early Gixxer will find himself in fast company indeed. This is a two owner bike looking for a new home.

1986 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 for sale on eBay


From the seller:
1986 Suzuki GSXR 1100! GREAT SHAPE! Only 5180 Miles!! EXTRA’S!
This is a First Year 1986 GSXR 1100. I’m sure most of you know, This is the Bike that Redefined Motorcycling back then. It is in Great Shape! It has only 5180 miles on it. If you are looking for a Beautiful GSXR 1100 that happens to Look, Sound and Feel Awesome, than this is your Bike! It truly is in Great Shape! It Handles As it Should and has Phenomenal Torque. Please check out the pictures and if you have any questions please ask. I do have the Title in Hand. There are few imperfections. The Bike is 27 years old. The carb’s could use a sync. But this GSXR 1100 is probably the nicest that I have seen in quite a while. This is a 2 owner Bike.

Currently installed is a Full D & D Stainless Exhaust System, Dyno-Jet Jet Kit, Zero Gravity Windscreen, Rear End Clean Up Kit, Copy of the Original Shop/Service Manual, Clymer Manual and both Original Key’s will be included as well. I also have the Original Bill of Sale along with receipts for the work that has been done to the Bike that will also be included.




Classic Gixxer Fun: 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 1100
Sport Bikes For Sale September 14, 2013 posted by

Another Clean Gixxer: 1991 Suzuki GSX-R1100

Shingle Springs, CA – 12,400mi – $6,500 BIN

1991GSXR1100_1 It is no doubt that the “GSX-R” is one of the most iconic names in sport bike history and is should be as the name has been around for over 25 years. Suzuki is a tiny company compared to the like of Honda and Yamaha, but one this it has managed to consistently produce competitive and fantastic street machines. This iteration of the 1100 is less raw than the first 1100, which means the chassis was more suited for the 150hp beast of an engine that was inside this machine in ’91. It may not have the immediate appeal as the first generation has now, but it is a friendlier bike to ride.


This bike has only traveled a total of 12k miles in its now 22-year-old life. No need to grab the calculator, that’s roughly 560 miles a year. It’s not completely stock and aftermarket items include signals, carbs, and a sweet Kerker exhaust. The fairing look straight and free from major damage, and the bike seems to have been given proper maintenance for something its age.

1991 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 for sale on eBay

From the seller:

This listing is for a rare, hard to find, low mileage 1991 GSXR 1100. It is red and black and is in excellent condition. I am the 3rd owner and it only has just over 12k original miles. Everything on the bike is original with the exception of the seat cowl, (the original rear seat comes with the bike), aftermarket turn signals, (One original set is included with the sale), Mikuni Side Draft Carbs, (the original carbs are included) and the exhaust. I do not have the original exhaust. All paint is original and in very nice condition. As you can tell from the pictures, it has a great shine. Everything on the bike is working. The valve adjustment and other sevice items were completed last year. It is ready to enjoy and ride and it will obviously increase in value. As you probably know, it is very difficult to find a GSXR-1100 with such low miles. There are just one or two very minor blemishes. It is in amazing condition for a 22 year old bike. I still ride this bike several times a month, so the mileage will change slightly. Please ask any questions prior to bidding. Please feel free to inspect the bike prior to purchase. Buyer is responsible for all shipping activities. I will load the bike and take a bunch of pictures prior to tranportation. Thanks

Always good to see a clean GSX-R1100 up for grabs and to see a bike of this age cared for. These may not be seen as major collector’s pieces like the first-gen gixxer is quickly becoming, but as those become unobtanium, these will follow. Check the market for second-gen M3’s or late 60’s Stratocasters and you can see what will happen. These weren’t as sought after as their older counterparts back in the day, but they are now. Having said that, the asking price of $6,500 is on the high side of where we have seen these models go. But I bet in a couple of years that might seem like a bargain. You can check out the auction here and place your bid today!


Another Clean Gixxer: 1991 Suzuki GSX-R1100
Bimota July 17, 2013 posted by

How do you say “Gixxer” in Italian? 1997 Bimota SB6R


When a Japanese-engined Italian exotic shows up at an El Paso Harley Davidson dealership, you begin to wonder if perhaps Bimotas are not that rare after all. The truth is that you would be both right AND wrong. These are hand crafted motorcycles from a very low-volume manufacturer, but they made a few more of some models than others. This particular model, the SB6, is just such a bike – and is probably the most frequently listed of the Bimota line up.


Consisting of a GSX-R 1100 engine and transmission wrapped in a Bimota-designed twin spar frame and topped liberally with top-shelf components such as wheels, brakes and suspension, this SB6 follows the standard Bimota mold. To say that it offers carbon fiber bits is a bit like mentioning in passing that the Pope might have visited Rome once. In short, this is classic Bimota execution – the best of Japanese with the best of everything else. As a result, these were (and are) very expensive when new.


From the seller:
Great example of Bimota’s famous Suzuki GSXR1100-engined exotic. Just gone through, fresh oil, new battery, new air filter, etc. Runs out perfectly, no known problems, very good cosmetics. I’ve had three of these off and on throughout the years. The Suzuki engine is super reliable and the bike turns heads wherever it goes, the red paint really lights up in the sunlight so these bikes are always much brighter when viewed in person. Clean examples of these Bimotas are getting harder and harder to find, I end up paying more each time I get one. This one runs very smoothly, seems to be a really good one. I got it with a bound copy of an owners manual and nice brochure.


Bimota has come a long way from motorcycle frame kits that the buyer had to assemble (after sourcing parts like engine, tranny, wheels, brakes, electrical and gauges). In doing so, they might have also lost a bit of the fanatical exclusivity that they once enjoyed. But moving motorcycles is what ultimately puts food on the table (pasta, sushi or steak, depending upon your region), and while this SB6R is undeniably a Bimota, it may not be the ultimate rare machine.


Pricing on these models has come down to more reasonable levels these days. When new this was a $30k plus machine. This auction is currently up to $5,100 with reserve still in place. We have seen some SB6 examples struggle to pull in $8k, and I would top this range out at $10k (to be kind). Click on the link to jump over to the auction on this one – it is a good looking example of the breed, and worthy of consideration if Bimota is your thing. What’s your favorite bike from Rimini? Hit the comments section and let us know!


Suzuki April 4, 2013 posted by

Smart Money Gixxer – 1993 GSX-R 750 WP (Switzerland)

When the first water cooled GSX-R came on the market, it certainly had a fresh and modern style but failed to impress when put on the scale. With 15kg extra “fat” this could hardly be compensated by a few additional horses. When it comes to motorbike design, I am a big fan of the “lightweight philosophy” and believe that the right recipe is in this direction rather than in search of the extra power at extreme rpms. Nevertheless Suzuki have been brave in changing the design of the “sport bike par excellence” the original GSX-R and we need to give them credit. The new generation Gixxer was given a rock solid chassis that you wouldn’t be able to upset if you tried hard. In the effort of keeping a compact design, the cooling aid provided by water and it’s radiator was combined with the already present oil cooling. The model we have here, is a second generation W that hit production in 1993.


Undoubtedly those double headlights covered with an additional mask (plastic for less weight in its second generation, glass in the first) for better aerodynamic are a good example of smart engineering. On one side you’d like to keep the aggressive looks provided by the double lights and on the other improve performance.


The 1993 Gixxer is a well built motorbike with a lot of attention to details. The quality of every component is evident, from the aluminum frame to the instrument cluster and handlebar commands.


The capacity of 750cc means that you’ll get your power toward the high end of the engine speed counter (on my 1994 model there was a dip of torque at about 4000 rpm), but this is the idea of a sport bike isn’t it ? With more than 100 hp, a distinctive style, lots of quality throughout, a comfortable position and all of this in a reliable package , this W sample is smart money. With less than 22000 km and in 100% original trim, the asked 2700$ are well worth it. I mean what do you buy with this money ?


Here we are still talking about a Suzuki super sport, a bike that will easily hit 250 km/h and will always make you feel you are sitting on a race bread horse. The seller will get he bike tested and verified by the authorities at he time of purchase as an additional quality certificate for your purchase. Judging from the pictures there can’t be anything wrong with this. Winter is over and a new battery is the only thing you’ll have to budget on top. That will round nicely to about 3000 $.


If you’d like to enter the super sport bike world for the first time  or just want to travel back in time and own once again your first dream bike, than go ahead and click on the link below. This 1993 pristine GSX-R 750 is available in Switzerland thorough the local auction site

Low mileage 1993 Suzuki GSX-R 750 W in Switzerland


Suzuki March 7, 2013 posted by

Rare late special Gixxer: 1994 750 SP (in Germany)

The Suzuki GSX-R 750 was my first Superbike. It was a 1993 water cooled model (W) and I will never ever forget it. It was fast, smoother than a Kawa and nastier than a Honda. It was also very reliable. In those years, the usual R (for Racing) code was often replaced by another: SP (for Sport Production). When it comes to sport bikes,  the GSX-R is one of the most iconic names in the business. The special versions like the GSX-R R limited from 1986, the RK from 89 and the later SP from 1994 are highly desirable bikes.

GSX-R 750 SP_3

This sample here is currently on sale on eBay in Germany. The asking price of 12ooo EUR for a bike with 31.000 km is in my opinion on the high end of the scale. The seller mentions a recent sale in UK for an equivalent model that topped 12.000 pounds which is roughly 14.000 EUR. In addition the bike was recently re-sprayed and there we go…

Anyway, it is still an SP, which means you get a different exhaust and carbs for better breathing, a close ratio 6 speed box with a tall 1st gear, improved chassis, better brakes and lighter engine parts. The SP is still a Special.

GSX-R 750 SP_1

GSX-R 750 SP_2

A few words form the seller :

The bike is an original SP (Sport Production), which was produced only in 1994, in 1000 samples, of which 800 went to Race.

Only 200 on the road in 1994. How many are left, I do not know.
Many differences from the normal GSX-R750, which includes 40mm carbs, 1100 Brakes Many magnesium engine parts. also first speed (135 km / h) + much, much more.

The bike is just invaluable for me and is just more money’s worth, and with the right buyers, many money’s worth. (Imagine … in the UK for £ 16,000, which has been sold)

An investment?
The bike is original to 99% in 2009 and was repainted in the original colors, with new decorations.
Has about 1500km driven side.
New serviced and just cleaned and adjusted carburetor so that it plays only max.

Here are the specs of the 1994 SP versus the ones of the 1993 standard version:

GSX-R 750 SP 1994
Overall Length: 2,095 mm (82.5 in)
Overall Width: 730 mm (28.7 in)
Overall Height: 1,135 mm (44.7 in)
Wheelbase: 1,440 mm (56.7 in)
Dry Weight: 198 kg (436 lbs)
Engine type: Water-cooled 749 cc inline-4, DOHC, 16 valves. 118 hp (86.1 kW)/ 11,500 rpm, 78,46 Nm/ 9,500 rpm

GSX-R 750 1993
Overall Length: 2,070 mm (81.5 in)
Overall Width: 730 mm (28.7 in)
Overall Height: 1,135 mm (44.7 in)
Wheelbase: 1,440 mm (56.7 in)
Dry Weight: 208 kg (458 lbs)
Engine type: Water-cooled 747 cc inline-4, DOHC, 16 valves. 118 hp (86.1 kW)/ 11,500 rpm, 78,46 Nm/ 9,500 rpm

If you are a Suzuki fan and looking to add this to your garage click on the link below.

P.S. the seller includes also a colour matched full leather kit which provided it is your size I think is a really nice add on

Suzuki 1994 GSX-R 750 in Germany 


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