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’88 Honda Hurricane 1000- One Owner!

Location: Winchester, Kentucky

Mileage: 13,394

Price: Auction

For those of us who remember the 80’s because we lived it, the Honda Hurricane 1000 (CBR1000) was an impressive bike for those who dared to ride it. I had the ’88 Hurricane 600, which at the time was a serious machine that provided wicked performance. But it wasn’t the 1000. While it may seem tame by today’s standards, the Hurricane 1000 was an intimidating machine to me and my buddies back then.

Here’s a chance to go back to that time and pick up a clean, one owner ride. Finding an ’88 Hurricane 1000 owned by the same person for 24 years cannot be that common. Here’s what the seller has to say-

1988 Honda Hurricane 1000. This is a one owner bike that i purchased new in 1988.  It has been garage kept and never wrecked. This bike runs and rides great.  Show quality condition.  This is a superb bike that will soon be a collectors item.  Also included is a matching black and red helmet.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  Thank you.

And the photos-

This looks like a clean, original bike. The mileage isn’t significant enough to be a major concern. As long as the bike has been maintained over the years, you should get many more miles of riding out of it. The bikes doesn’t appear to have any significant modifications either, for those looking for something in the collectible world. And probably the coolest bonus is the Hurricane helmet. Don’t see a lot of those around.

So here’s an opportunity to go back in time and get the bike you always wanted to ride or add to your stellar Honda collection. It’s your call. To make a move, make the jump!



  • I wouldn’t touch this bike without hearing a stone cold start up, no matter how clean the fairings are in pictures. These models had two major mechanical issues that the seller doesn’t address either way. One is the bad cam chain tensioner. Not a fast fix, as it’s NOT bolted on back/outside of engine like today’s 4 cylinders- it’s internal, positioned between/underneath the cams and pushes out. Second and bigger potential issue is notorious 1000 Hurricane problem of bad alternator chain tensioners. Must split the engine cases to fix! You can hear the deep rumbling on cold start up, then gets quieter. Buyer beware.

  • do you have the hurricane 1000?

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