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700 Mile Ducati 750 F1 available in Colorado

1986 Ducati F1 for sale

The Fay Meyers dealership seems to frequently source unobtanium bikes such as the Modial Piegga, Ducati Supermono, Honda NSR and now an ultra low mile tricolor Ducati 750 F1. The last 750 F1 listed on rare sport bikes for sale back in January and went for a cool 18k. This one has lower mileage (1140 kilometes = 708 miles) but seems a bit more nicked up than the one listed back in January. With 3 days to go, it will be interesting to see if anyone adds it to their collection.


1986 Ducati F1 for sale on eBay


  • What do you all think about this bike/value? I’ve always liked these, although I am more focused on a couple more homologation bikes . . .

  • I think that this is one of the most beautiful bikes ever made. If you agree, you should invest in it. They don’t come around every day, and you’ll never tire of the looks of this thing. Amazing.

  • to me, this is a real ducati. Bikes like mh900e are poor pretenders to bike like this

  • Well said in very few words, marting/dallaslavowner. The MHR900e is a joke compared to any version of the F1 750. The former is a prime example of Ducati’s most cynical and rutheless marketing, not to mention cartoonish and polarizing “name designer” styling that hasn’t aged well. This Ducati, in contrast, was designed from the start to be competitive on all tracks worldwide. A race bred machine- the real deal, just sanitized enough to sell for the street. The Laguna Seca and Montjuich versions are the hotter and rarer versions- much sought after. Given this model’s successful race history, timeless design, and enduring desireability, I’d call it more than a safe investment, short or long term. Will be watching to see what current values are- around ten, or possibly low teens?

  • The F1b is a somewhat better bike……but you you can’t go wrong with either. I’ve had many bikes come and go but I’ve owned mine for 25 years.

  • I have 2 of these for sale also. Hainesport Nj.they have higher mileage than this one but are well cared for.call 609-923-6955. Thanks

  • 86 is the year to have according to Ian Fallon. That damn center stand would have to go, of course it would be tucked away in a box.

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