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4 Miles And No Reserve-2000 MV Agusta F4

2000 MV Agusta F4 with 4 Miles And No Reserve-

This one is pretty straight forward.  If you want a brand new 2000 MV Agusta F4, here it is.  Long story short, the owner was too busy with work to enjoy his Italian toy.  You are now the beneficiary of his busy work schedule. 

Remember 750cc sport/race bikes?  It is funny to think that they are all gone except for the GSX-R.  My point is this is a pre-1000cc F4.  Do you remember all the hype about MV Agusta’s comeback back then?   This bike was supposed to set the racing world on fire and be a world beater.  That didn’t exactly happen but MV Agusta carved out a nice niche for itself and I think very few of us would say “no” if offered a ride on one. 

The story behind it:

I am the original owner. The bike has never been ridden even around the block. It has never had tags. I have the odometer certificate that shows 4 miles when I purchased it and there are 4 miles on it now ( see photo ). I know the first question will be, “Why?”. Just after I got it, my company lost funding for the project I was on. I had to look for contracts/projects out of state ever since. I kept it all this time planning to ride and enjoy it, but was not able to get settled back in Florida. I’ll be moving out permanently in a few months and I’d rather let it go than drag it around the country with me. That’s the situation. Come by and see the bike if you’d like and you’ll see for yourself. It’s sparkling new and it’s 100% stock. Obviously no test rides and I’m selling it as-is, which is a new unused bike as you see it. You can look it over, wheel to wheel, and you’ll see it’s never been out of the garage or uncovered, tires smooth, nubs still there and not even scuffed. The paint still looks as bright as when new. This one has to be the only new one left, outside of MV’s showroom in Italy. I have to get this taken care of, so someone’s going to get a one-of-a-kind great deal. I hope it’s someone who truly appreciates this spectacular bike. I’m including the original MV Stand, Toolkit, Owner’s Books, Spare Key still in the sleeve, and the MV Shop Manual for both Engine and Chassis ( CD version ).

I’ve kept it ready to run. I’ve kept Sta-Bil in the gas and changed it when needed. Kept the battery on a trickle charger (has a 2 1/2 year old battery in it now). I also installed new OEM (CRC) quick connects & fuel lines. When starting it periodically, everything worked perfectly and beautifully and the sound always put a huge grin on my face. Although I’ve kept it flowing freely all this time, the fuel pump recently quit. Bike owners know this drill well. It’s often due to a clogged filter. Changing it and cleaning the pump screen is usually all that’s needed ( should be done annually anyway ). I’m an engineer so I do everything myself on my vehicles. I verified the pump is getting electricity and is not shorted (which means it’s the filter/pump & likely just a clog). You can do the change/cleaning or just replace the whole pre-assembled filter/pump cluster ( easiest way – just swap it ). I literally don’t have a single minute to spare right now and even taking the tank to the dealer is a day trip ( twice ). I’m including MV’s Shop Manual with the bike ( on CD – OEM ). It shows you step-by-step how to do it. It’s not difficult, just a bit time consuming if you do it right.

It is red, it is Italian, it is brand spankin new and you have a chance at getting it for a decent price.  The stars have aligned for you if you’ve always wanted a MV Agusta.  The auction is starting to wind down so don’t waste any time and .



  • What a great opportunity for someone — but man this would be tough to pull the trigger on without at least hearing it run! And is that tire shine…?!


  • A MV Agusta dealer by my here in Chicago was selling one of these earlier this summer for around $7K. It was very tempting!

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