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Suzuki May 14, 2016 posted by

First and Last – 1992 Suzuki GSX-R750

Just a few years after its ground-breaking introduction, Suzuki added liquid cooling to the GSX-R750, at least everywhere except the U.S.A.  For 1992, we got the last air/oil-cooled GSXR, and it was this owner’s first bike.  After his long but successful hunt for a replacement, this rare model year and color scheme is on offer.

20160513 1992 suzuki gsx-r750 right

1992 Suzuki GSX-R750 for sale on eBay

20160513 1992 suzuki gsx-r750 left

20160513 1992 suzuki gsx-r750 right front

The 1992 model combined valve train enhancement with chassis developments from the GSX-R1100, new bodywork from ’91, and came away with 116 hp, a more aerodynamic nose, and a re-designed seat and tail fairing.  Each valve now had its own cam lobe and rocker arm, allowing stiffer valve springs and better reliability.  Upside-down forks were now standard, teaming up with Full Floater rear suspension to achieve a good mix of quick handling and stability.  Dry weight was nothing to brag about at 458 lbs., but the package was good for a 1/4 mile in under 11 seconds.

20160513 1992 suzuki gsx-r750 left front

20160513 1992 suzuki gsx-r750 right rear

A bit of a holy grail story, this owner had a sky blue / pink and black 1992 back in the day, sold it to a friend and regretted it shortly afterward.  A long search turned up this excellent example and he had the mechanicals freshened up, but didn’t end up riding it much.

20160513 1992 suzuki gsx-r750 front

20160513 1992 suzuki gsx-r750 rear

It’s mostly stock as he says in the eBay auction:

This was the last year for the oil cooled version.  This is the Black and Pink “N” code bike.  The previous owner purchased this bike in September of 1994 with 2,658 miles.  The bike holds a clear Texas title.  The only modifications to the bike seem to be the Yoshimura exhaust, windscreen and an alarm.  Other than that, it is bone stock.  Both tires are a little weak.  I’d say they are around 20%-25%.  If you are familiar with the early 1990’s GSX-R’s, you know that 99.9% of them are scraped up on the lower fairings on both sides on the “Suzuki” decal because of the design.  Those particular areas stick out and catch the majority of rocks and debris that the bike might encounter during regular riding.  

20160513 1992 suzuki gsx-r750 left rear

20160513 1992 suzuki gsx-r750 right rear wheel

Neat engine with the newer valve train, but without plumbing.  The 1992 model reviewed as easy to ride fast, great engine and handling.  Uncommon colors and graffiti design are in nice unrestored shape with just a couple of abrasions.  New rubber would seem to be in order, but otherwise it should be ready to run down memory lane…


20160513 1992 suzuki gsx-r750 dash

20160513 1992 suzuki gsx-r750 right front

First and Last – 1992 Suzuki GSX-R750
Yamaha May 13, 2016 posted by

The Motorcycle Under The Stairs: 1974 Yamaha TA125 for Sale


1974 Yamaha TA125 L Side

Most peoples’ basements are filled with boxes of moldering old magazines, holiday ornaments, clothes destined for Goodwill, and maybe the odd dry well for storing kidnapping victims, but at least one individual has a nice vintage Yamaha TA125 racebike hiding in theirs. A relatively inexpensive production racebike, the TA filled a gap in Yamaha’s racing lineup and paved the way for the TZ series that followed.

1974 Yamaha TA125 R Side Rear

Prior to the TA125, if you wanted to go racing on a small Yamaha, you were kind of stuck. You had to start with a roadbike, either a YAS1 or AS2 and then add some Genuine Yamaha Tuning parts: heads, clutch, expansion chambers, and a wide variety of sprockets to suit next weekend’s racetrack. Unlike the 250 and 350cc machines, the TA125 wasn’t a pure racing machine and used many parts from the AS3 and RD125 models, meaning lower performance and higher weight than might have been possible with a dedicated track weapon. The upside was easier parts availability and lower running costs, a big bonus for privateers, and the bike proved to be popular among budget racers.

1974 Yamaha TA125 L Side Engine

From the original eBay listing: 1974 Yamaha TA125 for Sale

You are bidding on a 1973 Yamaha TA125 production roadracer. This bike currently has a Yamaha RD125 bottom end installed. This was done for vintage racing purposes where the 6 speed transmission of the RD125 is allowed. The matching numbers TA125 bottom end is included as well as the RD125 top end. This bike has the original, uncut exhaust stingers for a sound that transports you right back to the 70’s. There is also a set of muffled expansion chambers for vintage racing.  The bike has the original, undamaged, baffled alloy tank and the original tail section. Since the US version of the bike was usually delivered without a fairing, this bike was fitted with an early 1980’s fiberglass fairing. There is some documentation and some pictures from the previous owner.  This bike has the original owner’s manual, a copied parts manual as well as a Clymer repair manual. The most important feature of this bike is the extensive spare parts kit including cylinders, heads, pistons, rings, seals and gaskets.

This bike was last used at the Loudon / Belknap Cup vintage weekend in 2001 at which point a new clutch was installed by Crowns Racing. The bike has been stored in a climate controlled basement since then and is now offered for sale.

1974 Yamaha TA125 R Side Fairing

There hasn’t been much interest so far and there are just a couple days left on the auction. With a starting bid of $8,999.00 and no takers as yet, is the bike priced a bit too high, or has it just not found the right buyer? It’s obviously not completely original, but period-appropriate racing modifications shouldn’t really hurt the value too much. It’s not mentioned whether or not the bike currently runs, but certainly this example is in excellent cosmetic shape, considering the age. And the extensive spares package would mean less time scrounging eBay for parts and more time racing.


1974 Yamaha TA125 L Side Rear

The Motorcycle Under The Stairs: 1974 Yamaha TA125 for Sale
Suzuki May 13, 2016 posted by

1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750 Limited in Washington

s-l1600 (1)

This gorgeous and exceptionally clean Limited wears the Japanese market colors and sports just 5,200 miles. The images and seller’s description do all the work for us in this case, so enjoy and have a good weekend!


1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750 Limited for sale on eBay


from the seller:

You are bidding on a 1986 Suzuki GSXR-750 Limited Edition (in Japanese Domestic Model Specification and color scheme)….. Suzuki only produced 500 units of the GSXR750 Limited Edition, homologation rules required a certain number of models to be produced by the manufacture in order to qualify for racing. The Limited Edition models were equipped with many race oriented parts most notably the dry clutch system. Also below this description I have listed all of the special features the limited edition models were equipped with. This particular GSXR750 limited edition is in all original condition with the exception of the Yoshimura exhaust pipe, and has an exceptionally low 8560 kilometers (5223miles). But please feel free to read more about the specifics of this bike and look at the pictures for verification. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. U.S. and International bidders are welcome to bid on this motorcycle but must arrange shipping themselves…


All of the body panels are in excellent condition, there no cracks or major nicks anywhere. The wheels are also in excellent condition with perfect paint and no major chips anywhere. Even the windscreen is original and in great condition. Basically the motorcycle is a 9.5 out of 10 cosmetically. Mechanically the bike runs and rides perfect, there are no oil leaks anywhere and all of the engine paint still has the original GSXR shine with out any major dings or chips. All of the electrical components work as they should; lights, blinkers, horn, speedo, tach, fuel gauge, all work properly. The bike just had a full service tune up so mechanically everything was inspected and replaced if necessary with with original Suzuki parts. ((( Also the limited edition GSXR originally came with a plexiglass headlight cover, the one I originally had on the bike was slightly cracked, but I found a brand new one in Japan and will provide the new headlight cover to the buyer )))


Here is a list of some of the unique parts on the limited edition 1986 GSXR750; Dry clutch basket, Aluminum Body rear shock with remote reservoir, Larger rear rim, Larger 41mm front forks, NEAS electronic anti-dive system, Lightened counter shaft cover, Wider handlebar, Steering Damper, Solo rear seat cowl and seat, Plexiglass headlight cover, Special milled finished top triple tree, Unique gauge cluster and an added Fuel gauge, Larger 310mm fully floating disc brakes. Engine number #R705-129752


This is a great opportunity to buy a rare, all original Suzuki GSXR750 limited edition. International buyers please keep in mind that there are some small variations in original parts in different countries; this GSXR750 limited edition is a Japan market original specifications edition. If you need any additional pictures or have any additional questions please feel free to email us. Domestic & International buyers are welcome to bid but have to arrange the shipping themselves; however we will be glad to help with any loading of the motorcycle. We have assisted in shipping motorcycles overseas for other customers in the past. Please feel free to bid as long as you make the shipping arrangements.

s-l1600 (3)

s-l1600 (2)

s-l1600 (4)

1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750 Limited in Washington
Suzuki May 12, 2016 posted by

Feel the Burn – 1990 Suzuki RGV250

In the middle of its ten model-year life, the RGV250 was nicely updated and a critical and popular success.  The lightweight 250 was equipped like a superbike, and with the right rider could keep up with one.  Though the two-stroke era had already ended here, grey market machines pop up occasionally and have almost a cult following.

20160511 1990 suzuki rgv250 right

1990 Suzuki RGV250 for sale on eBay

20160511 1990 suzuki rgv250 left

With Suzuki’s electronic power valve and 34mm Mikuni carburetors, the V-twin two-stroke claimed 62 hp at 11,000 rpm.  The newly designed controlled exhaust valves were problematic unless maintained, but worked well when clean.  Much attention was paid to the chassis for the 1990-96 models, with upside-down forks, banana swingarm ( making room for the expansion chambers ), aided by a weight of just over 300 lbs.  Brakes are  300mm front disks with 4-piston calipers, and a 210mm disk at the rear.  The full fairing is quite sculptural and the seat fairing is crowned by a pillion seat, but not sure two-up operations aren’t a little mission creep.

20160511 1990 suzuki rgv250 dash

20160511 1990 suzuki rgv250 right front

Evidently a serial restorer, the owner of this RGV250 has the skills.  With 20,000 miles, it has been refinished and rebuilt in every way.  The paint and graphics are particularly well done, with some photos from the body shop.  More restored than upgraded, though the exhaust has been replaced by a beautiful Tygra expansion chamber system.  The owner goes over some details in the eBay auction:

New paint on OEM Suzuki panels, not the cheap replacements that don’t fit. This is the 3HS color scheme and some consider the most desirable. Correct Pearl White paint with reproduction decals that have been cleared over. Rear shock is from a late GSXR 600 and direct bolt in.  Rebuilt brake calipers with new sintered pads and rotors. New windscreen and mirrors too. Most bolt on steel parts have been powder coated. There is a dent on the back of the tank, right next to the seat. Tank was lined so I didn’t want to damage the coating to remove the dent. I didn’t notice until paint time when we removed the tank pad that covered it. I have a carbon fiber tank pad that will cover it.

20160511 1990 suzuki rgv250 right rear

20160511 1990 suzuki rgv250 right front wheel

He also relates a tale of title and registration woe, and while it has a legal green mountain title, a California pink slip will take more work.  Shame that there’s not a uniform standard for registering historic vehicles, but maybe the new owner can put a shoulder to the problem.  Looks worth the effort, though it was never offered here, it will always turn heads, on the road or maybe in the dining room…


20160511 1990 suzuki rgv250 left rear

20160511 1990 suzuki rgv250 exhaust

Feel the Burn – 1990 Suzuki RGV250
Sport Bikes For Sale May 11, 2016 posted by

Boss Hoss of Sportbikes? 2002 MTT Turbine Jet Bike

For sportbikes, power and handling will always be a bit of a ying-yang proposition.  Big power usually equals big weight because “there is no replacement for displacement”, while the quest for better handling can result in sacrifices somewhere in the power band.  The major manufacturers spend big money to balance the power/handling equation and the results can be astonishing (Honda Fireblade, Yamaha R1, BMW S1000, etc.) but every once in a while someone decides to focus on just one end of the spectrum. For the major manufacturers the results can be hit or miss; consider the Yamaha GTS and the turbo bikes of the mid 1980’s vs the Bimota Tesi 3d and the new Kawasaki H2.

While the major manufacturers can afford the occasional flight of fancy at one end of the spectrum or the other, its not surprising that smaller manufacturers with less resources often focus exclusively on one end of the spectrum.  Hence today’s post, the MTT Turbine Jet Bike.


2002 MTT Turbine/Jet Powered sportbike on eBay

My initial impression of the MTT  Turbine is that it is like a sportbike version of the Boss Hoss: technically a motorcycle but so purely focused at one end of the power/handling spectrum that its hard to wrap my head around. Power is a huge 420 hp but unlike previous jet powered bikes, the MTT turbine engine actually powers a gearbox. However weight is listed at a goldwing level 500 pounds, which means the chances of seeing this one gracefully rolling over the top of turn 1 at Laguna Seca raceway are pretty remote.

The MTT Turbine is perhaps best known from being owned by Jay Leno who while riding it melted the front bumper of cars behind him and also from being in the unwatchable? movie Torque.

ADDENDUM:  I have been reminded that Torque has Jamie Pressley so it is not completely unwatchable.


While the eBay post has a lot of pictures of the bike, there does not seem to be any info regarding mileage or maintenance (whatever that might be?).  Tires look to be in good condition but age is unknown so this one would definitely require a call or a visit to inspect.  As for review of the bike, the ultra low production number means there isn’t much out there except for a wikipedia page and a few small reviews such as this one from


Now for the question, is this bike worth $114,000 USD?   To be honest I don’t know.  While at first it seems a bit ridiculous, it does meet many of the criteria of a rare sportbike;  it incorporates technology not seen before in sportbikes, it had a limited produced run (only 17 made) and condition of this particular offering seems to be quite good so it does seem to qualify.  The price seems to be based off the seller trying to recoup original cost but unfortunately, bikes above the $100,000 USD level are usually of some historical significance, such as Casey Stoner’s or Valentino Rossi’s Ducati.

Overall I think the only way this bike appreciates in value is if it becomes part of a multi-generational collection and even then it will be more of a curiosity than collection defining member.   But I have to admit, I would love to see one in person and hear it start up, I can just imagine the looks on the termignoni and akropovic equipped folks…


Boss Hoss of Sportbikes?  2002 MTT Turbine Jet Bike
Bimota May 10, 2016 posted by

Deliriously Naked: 2007 Bimota DB6 Delirio for Sale

2007 Ducati DB6 L Front

A practical, naked standard, the DB6 Delirio is a pretty far cry from Bimota’s roots. The company made its name building barely streetable racebikes with lightweight trellis frames, wild styling, improved suspension, and a raft of racebike details. The DB6 definitely has top-shelf suspension and innovative details, but it was designed as Bimota’s “entry-level” model. Of course, lowest-priced doesn’t necessarily mean cheap and if you’re looking for $30,000 of performance from what was originally a $30,000 motorcycle, you won’t really find it here. But if you want something practical and very exotic, this might be your ride.

2007 Ducati DB6 R Rear

Powered by Ducati’s highly-evolved but relatively simple air-cooled L-twin engine, here in “Dual-Spark” [twin-plug] form, the bike is an ideal road machine: 90hp and 70lb-ft of torque with tons of midrange are perfect for motivating the claimed 390lb wet weight…

2007 Ducati DB6 Tank

The Delirio really isn’t all that pretty when you’re standing twenty feet away: it’s certainly striking and exotic-looking, but the overall design is a bit too busy, too angular to rank among Bimota’s best. However the closer you get, the better it looks and the devil truly is in the details: a hybrid frame made up of traditional trellis sections and aluminum side-plates and a swingarm that uses similar construction. Up close, the bike is absolutely stunning and you can really get lost just taking in all the clever bits and all the amazing components.

2007 Ducati DB6 L Rear Suspension

From the original eBay listing: 2007 Bimota DB6 for Sale

Up for Auction is my beautiful hand built Bimota DB6. This bike is powered by a Ducati DS1000 dry clutch motor. It has been meticulously maintained and is in perfect condition. Many upgrades include: Carbon belly, Carbon front fender, Carbon Belt Covers, Carbon side panels, DB6R Steering damper, Brembo RCS brake and clutch master cylinders, Carbon Clutch Cover, Zard Exhaust and more. Comes with all books records, both factory keys, and diagnostic CD with “mini tune” software and cable. The bike currently has just over 10K miles . Do your research on this bike, it is incredible to ride. I’ve had a lot of fun on it.

2007 Ducati DB6 L Rear

There has been some interest in the bike, and bidding is up north of $9,000 with very little time left on the auction. This example comes with a set of Zard exhausts that would have cost a pretty penny new. Zard exhausts can be a bit overstyled, but compliment the looks of the Delirio very well and should sound even better. It’s also had the usual Rizoma bling thrown at it, although those grips seem like they’d be pretty uncomfortable after more than a few minutes. Miles are relatively low, and given the air-cooled Ducati engine’s general reliability, at least you don’t have to worry too much about the powertrain letting you down.


2007 Ducati DB6 R Side

Deliriously Naked: 2007 Bimota DB6 Delirio for Sale
KTM May 9, 2016 posted by

An Austrian Interpretation – 2008 KTM RC8

Founded in 1934 under the name Kraftfahrzeug Trunkenpolz Mattighofen, KTM has grown like the proverbial tree, branching out from bicycles to two-strokes, enduros to supersports, and lately into sportscars.  Their exciting entrance into the superbike arena was well-received and has become a standard-bearer for the company.

20160508 2008 ktm rc8 right

2008 KTM RC8 for sale on eBay

20160508 2008 ktm rc8 left

Based on their LC8 V-twin, KTM developed the 1148cc in only 30 months, the results roar for themselves with 152 hp and 89 ft-lbs. torque. Underneath the stealth fighter styling it uses a chrome-moly steel trellis frame, with fully adjustable WP forks and monoshock.  Superbike-spec Brembo brakes have 320mm front rotors with 240mm rear.  Low polar moment exhaust ends under the footpegs.

20160508 2008 ktm rc8 left front

20160508 2008 ktm rc8 right rear

The RC8 presented here has just break-in miles and appears for all intents new.  Evidently owned by a fan, it has been preserved, maybe with an eye toward collectability.  From the eBay auction:

KTM’s RC8 Super-bike represents KTM’s first mass-produced production super bike. This particular KTM is #5 of only 50 produced in their first year; it also only has 1052 miles!! The KTM RC8 was fully designed with the racetrack in mind and is intended to compete directly against Ducati’s 1098/1198 Superbikes as well as the Big Four Japanese liter class motorcycles.

20160508 2008 ktm rc8 left rear

Introduced in spring 2008 as a 2008-1/2 model, the RC8 wasn’t without problems, there was a recall to adjust the transmission and a few quality control issues, but as a first superbike KTM hit it out of the park.  Smashing design and execution, pricing in between Italy and Japan, and most ergonomics are adjustable for the individual rider.  Never resting on their laurels, KTM improved the powerplant for 2010, and introduced a more dedicated track machine in the RC8R.  But the distinction of a first-year model and fine condition are a draw.  Listed by a Texas dealer, the auction has several days to run, dozens of bids, and hasn’t hit the reserve.  Looking forward to watching this one…


20160508 2008 ktm rc8 front

20160508 2008 ktm rc8 rear

An Austrian Interpretation – 2008 KTM RC8
Suzuki May 5, 2016 posted by

Fascination Supersport – 1997 Suzuki TL1000S

In the 1990’s several manufacturers brought big V-twins out, hoping to share the thunderbikes’ successes.  Suzuki had some neat innovations aboard the 1997 TL1000S and its racier sibling -R, the 996cc engine had cam drive with gears and chain, and separate rear spring and rotary shock.  The company returned to its inline four roots in 2002, but the TL1000S was a powerful supersport that can be a bargain these days.

20160504 1997 suzuki tl1000s right

1997 Suzuki TL1000S for sale on eBay

20160504 1997 suzuki tl1000s left rear

20160504 1997 suzuki tl1000s dash

Suzuki’s 90-degree twin was no slouch power-wise, with 125 fuel-injected horsepower.  Gears drove a chain connecting the double overhead cams, saving weight and making some nice sounds.  The trellis frame was aluminum, and the half-fairing housed ram-air intakes.  Front suspension was normal with 43mm forks, but the rear was all new.  To save chassis length, the spring was tucked above the clutch and the F1-inspired rotary shock was at the swingarm.  Quick handling compelled Suzuki to add a steering damper and despite it, the TL1000S retained its sporty reputation.

20160504 1997 suzuki tl1000s front

20160504 1997 suzuki tl1000s right rear

The TL-S on offer has been hidden away, ridden regularly but only amassing 4,100 miles.  Garaged the rest of the 19 years, it looks very stock and super nice.  From the eBay auction:

This bike is almost new. It’s got only 4k miles on the clock. It’s been garage kept it’s entire time. Never been raced, never been to the track. All the maintenance and early recalls have been done and registered at the Suzuki Authorized Dealer. No issues, no leaks.

This is your opportunity to buy this great classic V-twin in an excellent shape.

This a great classic racer in an immaculate condition at a fraction of a cost of a new bike. I have kept this bike and rode it regularly. I put “Two Brothers” racing exhaust on it and it sounds amazing. This bike has been known to deliver its power in a no-compromise fashion. The motor is very fast, exciting and gutsy. This is a very special bike once you learn it. The time has come to limit my collection.

20160504 1997 suzuki tl1000s right engine

20160504 1997 suzuki tl1000s rear

With a low starting bid and only a couple of days to go, this TL1000S still has no bids.  Not truly exotic but still very capable and ready to start a second life with a new rider…


20160504 1997 suzuki tl1000s dash

Fascination Supersport – 1997 Suzuki TL1000S

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