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Mass Appeal – 1982 Honda CB1100R in France

With just 1,500 built for homologation purposes, an unscathed CB1100R is a rare sight, this one in a suburb of Lyon in southeastern France.  In the early 1980’s, six-hour endurance races were the gut-check in Europe, and outposts like South Africa, Oz and New Zealand.  Pretty heavy but with over 100 horses and full fairing, these big machines were built to last the hours, then the factory race engineers went about making them quick.

20160401 1982 honda cb1100r right

1982 Honda CB1100R for sale on eBay

20160401 1982 honda cb1100r left

20160401 1982 honda cb1100r right engine

Specs reading almost vintage at this point, the aircooled DOHC four had nearly equal bore and stroke and was good for 120 hp.  The steel tube frame supports the 5-speed, right-side-up forks and twin-shock swingarm.  Triple 296mm disk brakes, with three two-piston calipers.  Tough looking endurance fairing channels the incoming air to the cooling fins.  It shields the 6.9 gallon tank and rider, held in place by the upswept monoposto seat fairing.  My favorite detail is the binnacle, where the main part of the gauge cluster is fixed, but the indicator lights and temperature dial move with the handlebars.

20160401 1982 honda cb1100r binnacle

20160401 1982 honda cb1100r right front

This CB1100R shows a little over 28,000 miles and is mostly immaculate.  Other eyes with probably see some foibles.  Being too nice is not a bad problem to have, but some history would help.  The notes from the eBay auction might require a careful interpretive read:

Numbers engine and frame match the type .

The bike is healthy, no traces of falls, fairings are original, without patching .

Exhaust original in nice condition , very rare.

The engine was checked , distribution chains changed and joints of high engine . The engine works perfectly without slamming or noise starter .

Ramp carburetor was cleaned and redone by a specialist .

The fork has drained + new seals. brakes in perfect condition for use .

No work needed .

Moto uncommon (only 1500 made and most have finished on the track ) , hard to find in this state.

French registration.

20160401 1982 honda cb1100r right front wheel

20160401 1982 honda cb1100r right rear wheel

While racing rules still allowed high-strung two-strokes, Honda bet on the buyers who wanted a powerful, stable, rideable platform, and raced it for them.  Likely the buyer who’ll want to inspect, purchase, and transport this ground-pounding ride will be happy to correct any maladies discovered.  The bike looks ready for a circuit of a modern track, a chain of wide fast sweepers, a long straight or two, maybe only one hairpin ( and plenty of runoff ).  In the midst of such a lapping session, the rider would learn something about the riders of the period, racing these heavy bikes for long shifts – and about him ( or her ) self in the process…


20160401 1982 honda cb1100r left rear

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