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Yamaha March 11, 2016 posted by

Track Rat: 1993 Yamaha TZ250 for Sale

1993 Yamaha TZ250 R Side

This Yamaha TZ250 is not a bike for collectors, so “those aren’t the correct fastener” pedants should probably just move along to the next bike… Everyone looking for a bargain should look elsewhere as well, because the seller is definitely thinking of this as a “race team in a box, just add rider” package. Which is a fair way to think of it: the TZ250 is a production-based race bike and is not simply a TZR250 with the lights and mirrors removed. It was intended for entry-level racers and is relatively durable, but two-stroke racebikes still need regular rebuilds and sourcing parts, while possible, will require time and effort.

1993 Yamaha TZ250 L Side

But for riders who prefer the lightness and simplicity offered by a little 250, there is nothing else that will satisfy. The TZ250 was powered by a liquid-cooled two-stroke v-twin. With a host of internal changes to porting, improved cooling, and a counter-balancer, the new powerplant was narrower and smoother-running than the pre-1991 bikes’ parallel-twin engine. Upside-down forks and a classic asymmetrical “banana” swingarm helped the bike keep pace with rivals from Honda, Suzuki, and Aprilia.

From the original eBay listing: 1993 Yamaha TZ250 for Sale

The bike is a ’93 4DP. 4TW cases and a mix of parts of both models.
(Video of the bike at an STT trackday Advanced group
Bike was not ridden/raced in 2015, I personally owned and raced it from 2009 to 2014.
Top end has about 100 miles on it. Crank was checked to be in tolerance at that point.

No shipping, local pick-up only

Spares are (see photos);
Extra wheels,
2 sets of front rotors
Misc sprockets
New set of Bridgestone slicks
Tire warmers Chickhawks
New Radiator,
Used Crank,
2 cylinder heads
2 cylinders plating on the bores are in good shape
10 base gaskets
1 ECU and 2 ignition rotors (one rotor needs to be rewound),
Exhaust servo
2 sets of coils
2nd set of Bodywork,
and jets, other gaskets, pins, o-rings and misc bits.

1993 Yamaha TZ250 Wheels

With a Buy It Now price of $10,950, the seller obviously knows that the bike and its package of important spares would take time and real effort to accumulate. But bidding is barely half that amount, suggesting that while the seller is expecting premium money, buyers are more realistic about this little racetrack refugee.

Any TZ250 is a very desirable and relatively rare motorcycle. But this example is a tool, and nothing more, a turn-key racebike, ready to rock.  It has no real collector value or racing history and it’s far from original, a very pragmatic mix of bits from different bikes. That makes it a very effective bike for an amateur racer or serious trackday enthusiast, but will likely leave everyone else out in the cold. $11,000 will buy a lot of motorcycle these days, and I think the seller might be aiming too high…


1993 Yamaha TZ250 R Side Naked

Track Rat: 1993 Yamaha TZ250 for Sale
Kawasaki March 9, 2016 posted by

Succeeding with Excess – 1986 Kawasaki Ninja 1000R

Trying to stamp out bugs such as Honda and Yamaha in the mid-eighties, Kawasaki resorted to enlarging the bore and stroke of the popular GPZ900R, and built a bike that set new straight-line speed records but could be a challenge to control.

20160307 1986 kawasaki gpz1000r right

1986 Kawasaki Ninja 1000R for sale on eBay

20160307 1986 kawasaki gpz1000r left front

20160307 1986 kawasaki gpz1000r right rear

Evolved from the 900 cc model, the GPZ1000RX displaced 997 cc’s and laid down 125 hp.  Cycle World tested it as the fastest bike they had ever pointed their radar gun at, going by at 159 mph.  The strength of the engine was matched by the new perimeter frame and seriously built steering head holding 40mm forks and swingarm supported by Kawasaki’s Uni-Track monoshock.  Brakes were dual 280mm front discs and 260mm rear.  Weighing in the light-heavyweight area of a little over 500 lbs., handling is helped by 16-inch wheels.

20160307 1986 kawasaki gpz1000r cockpit

Listed by a motorbike museum and repair shop, this is a nice stock Ninja with recent maintenance.  Fairings appear complete and undamaged.  From the eBay auction:

This model has 125 horsepower and is one hell of a ride.
This bike in particular is a great example of a well preserved Ninja 1000R.
She runs great and everything works as it should!
We took this bike in to our shop and completely went through it:
Compression checks Perfect: 175 psi on all four cylinders
Complete carburetor cleaning, adjustment, and synchronization
Fuel lines replaced
Brand new Yuasa Battery installed
Throttle cable lubed and adjusted
100 Point Inspection and test ride.

20160307 1986 kawasaki gpz1000r left front mirror

A couple of not unexpected details like a fork seal leak and run-down original (!) rear brake pads will require attention, but at least the owner is upfront with them.

20160307 1986 kawasaki gpz1000r left front wheel

Hard to say where this auction will end, the 1000R reviewed as too much in most regards, but the handling acquitted the big red machine and allowed a 1/4 mile in under 11 seconds.  A quick trip down memory lane for the new owner…


20160307 1986 kawasaki gpz1000r left rear

Succeeding with Excess – 1986 Kawasaki Ninja 1000R
Yamaha March 8, 2016 posted by

Yamaha FZR750R OW01 with Only 75 Miles in Switzerland!


Here is a stunning and original icon of the niche that defines our website. A homologation special that inspired all of us in period and still resonates with collectors today. While the majority of our audience is located in the United States, the buy-it-now on this Swiss auction is roughly $23k USD. With shipping and import fees, this may interest any serious Yamaha collector worldwide.


Yamaha FZR750R OW01 for sale on

$_57 (4)

from the seller:

New & original FZR750R OW01 for sale.
Type: 3SJ-001145

It’s the model with dual headlights , 100% original.
120km on the clock – driven from the mechanic of the dealer where I bought them at the time.
Comes with form 13:20 A – that means has no identity , because the bike was NEVER redeemed.

Is a pure Collectible – was always dry stored .
No scratches at all …
As I am the owner since the beginning, it’s time that this beauty passed on to another lover – . Eventually he/she moves it finally 🙂

Yamaha FZR750R OW01 with Only 75 Miles in Switzerland!
Suzuki March 7, 2016 posted by

Time Capsule Two-Stroke: 1986 Suzuki RG500Γ for Sale with Just 30km!

1986 Suzuki RG500 R Side

Fans of bikes like today’s RG500 Γ “Gamma” may fantasize that they are every bit as fast as a modern sportbike. But they’re probably viewing things through rose-tinted glasses: 95hp and 350lbs dry aren’t exceptional numbers today. Matched with the flexible frame and shockingly skinny tires, you’re looking at something would probably have a hard time shaking a modern 600 on road or track. But that’s hardly the point: like many vintage machines, it’s the sense of occasion that these bikes bring to the table and the experience of taming such a famously wild motorcycle.

1986 Suzuki RG500 L Side

The RG’s tach doesn’t even read below 3,000rpm and that should give you a hint of what to expect. With 500cc’s, the bike has enough displacement to work at lower rpm but it’s pretty unimpressive until you pass 6,000rpm. Between that point and 8,500 however, the power literally doubles and the bike lurches forward with a ferocity that belies the dyno sheet. And although the RG’s power is relatively modest by today’s standards, the overall package is still impressively light.

1986 Suzuki RG500 Dash

And it isn’t just the twin-crank, liquid-cooled two-stroke square-four engine that shouts its racy intentions: the bike featured a cassette gearbox that was a joy to use and a very high-spec suspension that included Suzuki’s Full Floater rear suspension, a clever system of linkages that applies equal pressure to both the top and bottom of the rear shock.

1986 Suzuki RG500 Rear Suspension

The slab-sided styling and upright riding position suggest more of a sport-touring mission and trick you into thinking these are much bulkier machines. I’ve never seen this particular paint scheme before and it is very flattering: these 80s two-stroke race-replicas are very compact and light, but they sure don’t look it in photos.

1986 Suzuki RG500 Front Wheel

From the original eBay listing: 1986 Suzuki RG500Γ for Sale

All original with only 30 kilometers!

The Suzuki RG500 “Gamma” was produced between 1985 and 1987. The Gamma sports a liquid cooled two stroke, rotary valve, twin crank, square four engine displacing 498 cubic centimeters with 93.7 brake horsepower, aluminum boxsection frame with castings for the headstock and swingarm. The front suspension has pre-load adjust and an anti-dive system. At the rear the full-floater suspension design uses dual-swingarms. The motorcycle weighed 154 kg (340 lb) dry. The Gamma is an up and coming collector motorcycle and this example with only 30 kilometers on the clock is possibly the lowest mileage and best example to exist! Selling with a clear Minnesota title!


1986 Suzuki RG500 R Detail

The seller also includes a nice video of the bike here.

People sometimes misunderstand the “racing machine for the road” description. There’s the assumption that a race car or bike has ungodly amounts of power and massive amounts of grip, but that’s really not the point. Weight is the enemy of performance and, no matter how much power you’re throwing out, lighter weight to achieve the same power-to-weight ratio is better. More weight means more stress on components, more fuel and tires consumed for the same result, and so on. Race bikes are often more powerful than their roadgoing counterparts, but it’s really the lightness, the precision of a racebike, all the jewel-like engineering details, and the way it all works together when handled by a skilled rider. It’s the experience that people are really looking for, a connection between themselves and the road that simple power can’t create, and that is something the RG500 delivers in spades, regardless of the ultimate performance available.

The question in this case is: just how much are you willing to pay for one of the purest sportbikes of all time? It’s probably one of the lowest-mileage examples to be found anywhere and is in pristine condition, but the Buy It Now price is an eye-watering $36,950!


1986 Suzuki RG500 L

Time Capsule Two-Stroke: 1986 Suzuki RG500Γ for Sale with Just 30km!
Sport Bikes For Sale March 5, 2016 posted by

Storage Wards – 2006 Yamaha YZF-1000 R1 50th Anniversary

Sometimes you have to look past the head-scratchiness of an offering, because it is just that special.  This strange auction of a contemporary classic R1 in 50th Anniversary Roberts colors, along with its storage unit buddy ( a 2012 Panigale TriColore ) is one of those times.

20160304 2006 yamaha yzf1000 r1 front

2006 Yamaha YZF-1000 R1 50th Anniversary Edition for sale on eBay

20160304 2006 yamaha yzf1000 r1 right front

The liter-bike wars were raging in the mid-2000’s, and the bikes were getting downright serious, closing in of 200 hp, but without today’s electronics keeping an eye on things.  Yamaha’s flagship had a Genesis 5-valve head and booked 174 hp.  The swingarm had been lengthened 16mm to stabilize the handling under acceleration, and the R1 reviewed as not very flickable but rock-steady when set in a corner.  The beautiful castings of the Deltabox frame were accompanied by top-line Ohlins suspension, tuned by the racing department.  320mm front discs are grabbed by radially mounted 4-piston calipers, with 220 mm rear.  Forged Marchesini wheels were also part of the 50th Anniversary special, and reduced unsprung weight significantly.  The knife-sharp bodywork was available in corporate blue or black, but the Roberts team colors were part of the 50th edition.

20160304 2006 yamaha yzf1000 r1 right

Parked in a Vegas storage unit before it was ever registered, this is a no-mile superbike.  Not much in the way of photographs, but the owner says this in the eBay auction:

I am selling both motorcycles as a package deal, and I am willing to sell them separately since they quite expensive for both.

The photos speak for themselves, pristine condition, not a single scratch on either bike and the 2012 Ducati 1199S Tricolore edition only has 2700 miles on it.  Yamaha has never been registered and engine has been sealed to prevent any damage these last 10 years it has been waiting for a good collector to realize the value of such a magnificent motorcycle.  
But if you are a true collector and interested in the Yamaha R1 50th Anniversary Edition with 0 miles and kept in pristine condition reach me to discuss options.  Email is possible too.
Yamaha is a Limited Edition model, only 500 of them are made and it has a VERY special number stamped on it.  I will not e-mail you photos of the number because too many people simply want to collect photos every time I have put this up for sale previously.

20160304 2006 yamaha yzf1000 r1 front

There’s almost always a travel deal going to Vegas, so a live inspection should be possible and is always better than any pictures.  Especially at the ask, it’d be hard to imagine putting this zero-mile 50th Anniversary special back on the road, but it would be a ground-shaking ride.  And the number ?  Kenny Roberts rode a lot of number 2 machines, and was partial to 1 also, maybe the new owner will comment and say what’s stamped on this R1 ( and maybe why Starry Night )…


Storage Wards – 2006 Yamaha YZF-1000 R1 50th Anniversary
Honda March 3, 2016 posted by

Legendary Middleweight:
1st year 1993 Honda CBR900RR/Fireblade

Here is a nicely preserved 1st year 1993 Honda CBR900RR/Fireblade with a Buy-It-Now of $6,500 USD.   It is not completely stock but looks to be in great shape and prices for these are definitely on the rise.


1993 Honda CBR900RR Fireblade on ebay

Its hard now to explain to people how large the impact the CBR900RR/Fireblade had when it was introduced.  Prior to Honda’s new machine the 750cc sportbike class was where people went if they wanted to own a repli-racer for the street  and the 1000+ sportbike class was the big power machine segment.  When the 900RR came out it blew up both these segments; here was a ultralight 899cc inline 4 powered motorcycle that weighed no more than the competitions 750cc models and produced almost as much power as most of the 1100/”big-bore” bikes.  The Honda essentially created the 900cc sportbike class of the 1990’s and personally I think it is one of the 3 most important sportbikes launched in the 1990’s, the others being the Ducati 916 and the Suzuki Hayabusa (NOTE:  I fully expect some comments on this post to argue this point.)

Perhaps the most astonishing thing about the CBR900RR bike was the way it didn’t excel in one category but in almost all categories; more power than a 750, more comfortable than any other “repli-racer” currently on the market (especially when compared to the GSX-750R), lighter and more agile than anything in the 1100cc class, and typical Honda excellent build quality



This particular example is in the very popular 1st year black bodywork.  While collectors tend to prefer the original white/blue/red, this color scheme actually sold better and unlike a lot of 1990’s graphics packages, still looks pretty good.


Mileage is listed as a reasonable 16,800 and the seller does indicate some aftermarket pieces, including the windscreen and exhaust (although the stock unit is available).  Also a rear fender eliminator unit has been put in place and the chain and sprockets have been replaced.  Perhaps most importantly, the seller indicates the bike engine has been modified with pistons and cams, quite possible increasing the displacement.

Here is what the seller has to say:

ENGINE: Built shortly after it was purchased new with larger forged pistons and I believe it has non-stock cams.
EXHAUST: Has a full Two Brothers 4/1 ceramic coated exhaust that is in near perfect condition. The very nice stock exhaust is available as well but not included unless the buy it now option is chosen.
BODYWORK: The windshield is an aftermarket tinted one and  the bike has had a rear fender eliminator installed.
ELECTRICS:  Has a fresh battery, the regulator/ rectifier and stator were replaced last year.  
TIRES:  The tires are Contis that have at least 75% tread.
DRIVETRAIN:  The chain and sprockets have been replaced but I don’t know exactly what is on it, but it is a fine quality endless O-ring chain for sure. It is geared as stock.  
OTHER:  It was run on a rear wheel dynomometer and made 136 HP. I have the dyno sheet.




Opening bid price for this one is $4,000 with a Buy-It-Now of $6,500.  Are those prices reasonable?  I think the BIN price is high but based on what we have seen previously, the opening bid price isn’t that far off the selling prices we have seen on these.  These do seem to be appreciating/prices do seem to be climbing, with pristine or easy to restore examples being snapped up by collectors.



Legendary Middleweight:  </br> 1st year 1993 Honda CBR900RR/Fireblade
Laverda March 2, 2016 posted by

Orange Whip: 1984 Laverda RGA Jota for Sale

1984 Laverda RGS R Side

With early Laverdas like the Jota and SFC headed into the stratosphere in terms of prices, and even bikes from the tail-end of triple production starting to command five-digit prices, it’s no surprise to see this very clean but not as well-known Laverda RGA Jota sitting north of $12,000…

1984 Laverda RGS L Tank

By the early 1980s, Laverda was in trouble. They lacked the financial depth to compete against modern bikes and, although they had moved on to updated, fully-faired styling with the RGS, they were the same old machines under the skin. Not that that was necessarily a terrible thing: the 981cc, dual overhead cam triple was famous for its power and charisma. Fitted with the smoother 120° crank, Laverda’s offerings of the 1980s were certainly not lacking performance, but they were still hard work and not nearly as refined as Japanese offerings. And they were expensive.

1984 Laverda RGS R Fairing

In fact, the RGA was a bike specifically intended to address the pricing issue. The RGS’ fully-enclosed bodywork was of very high quality, but added significantly to the bike’s cost. The RGA swapped that out for a lantern-jawed bikini fairing, a tank-mounted filler cap, and handlebars to replace the clip-ons.

1984 Laverda RGS Gauges

It’s not really clear from the listing whether this is a lower-spec RGA fitted with different bodywork, or an RGS stripped of the full bodywork and fitted with a Sprint half-fairing. Or is it the RGA Jota, that came with clip-on bars, orange paint, and blacked-out mufflers? It’s listed as an RGS, so I’d assume that to start, but it might be worth an email to the seller, since it really looks to be an RGA Jota and is claimed to be original. Performance-wise there’s no difference and no matter how you slice it, this is a very rare bike.

From the original eBay listing: 1984 Laverda RGA Jota for Sale

1984 Laverda Jota RGS/RGA. Rare bike with low miles. Bike is original and is not restored. Bike was imported from the U.K. into the U.S.A. when new. I believe it came from Slater Bros. in England where they were modified after arriving from Italy.

I have owned the bike for about four years and am the third owner. It starts, runs, and rides great. I only repaired what needed to be done after a long period of storage, so paint and decals are original. It has a Super-Trap exhaust system since new and carbs were jetted to match when new.

Here is what I did to the bike to make it road-worthy when I found it, bear in mind this work was completed a few years ago now:

Rebuilt the brake hydraulics.

Rebuilt the clutch hydraulics.

New clutch, as the old one liked to stick after use.

Rebuilt the carbs, new petcocks, flush tank.

New windscreen, as old one was cracked.

New battery.

New tires.

Real head-turner with a very unique look and sound, only one like this I have every seen…

1984 Laverda RGS R Side Rear

Interestingly, we featured a similar-looking RGA on a while back. That bike was very nice vintage blue, but it’s hard to argue with an orange Laverda. It may not have the cachet of a Jota, but these are very rare in the US and have all charm of more classic bikes, with improved function compared to earlier Laverda triples.

Like many older machines, these are relatively maintenance-intensive if you’re used to modern designs, but they’re fundamentally durable and well-built. That dual-headlight half fairing should provide good wind protection and the two-up seat decent passenger accommodation. Find yourself a set of fitted luggage and head out for a long weekend ride!


1984 Laverda RGS L Side

Orange Whip: 1984 Laverda RGA Jota for Sale
Sport Bikes For Sale March 2, 2016 posted by

WSBK 2.0 – 1992 Ducati 888 SP4 #288

The second water-cooled Ducati desmoquattro, the 888 did well with Doug Polen aboard, winning the SuperBike World Championships in 1991 and 1992.  The venerable 916 was in development and except for 1997 would take the crown annually until Y2K.  Imported to Oz four years ago, this 888 SP4 was treated to a surprisingly high-level restoration, and looks every bit the ground-breaking SuperBike it is.

201600302 1992 ducati 888 sp4 right

1992 Ducati 888 SP4 for sale on eBay

201600302 1992 ducati 888 sp4 right front

Very exotic for a production bike, the 888 SP4 has 116 hp on tap, and over 62 ft.lbs. torque.  It has an open loop fuel injection system, no sensor in the exhaust to mixture control, and won’t require an auxiliary fuel nannie.  The steel trestle frame is bright white on the 888, and carries 42mm Ohlins forks and rear Ohlins monoshock which has progressive linkage.  Seat console is beautiful brushed stainless.  Brakes are standard ( and excellent ) Bremo Gold Lines, 4-pot calipers in front with 320mm discs, 245mm rear.  Wheels are 17 inch lightweight alloys, for tires with with 120 and 180 mm widths.

201600302 1992 ducati 888 sp4 dash

201600302 1992 ducati 888 sp4 right front unfaired

After bringing the bike from England to the opposite corner of the globe, the owner commissioned a museum-quality restoration, and the bike looks amazing.  The auction shows detailed photos of the restoration in progress.  As the owner says in the eBay auction:

Very rare genuine 888 SP4. Nut and bolt restoration done three years ago. Every part was either refurbished, repainted or replaced by Metro Ducati. I imported the bike from the UK four years ago in good condition but wanted it perfect, hence the restoration. It has full Australian compliance and is currently on club registration with the Ducati Owners Club. Total restoration cost was $23,000 (on top of the purchase price of the bike). Included are factory books, documented service history and detailed invoices and receipts for the restoration. Bike is absolutely perfect in every way.

201600302 1992 ducati 888 sp4 frame

201600302 1992 ducati 888 sp4 left unfaired

Melbourne is not exactly around the corner, though a party interested in a perfect 888 SP4 will have connections to appraise and verify.  If it was to hit the tarmac, the rider would find it’s a bike with a learning curve, but quick once mastered.  Raring to go but unlikely to be seen outdoors again, it’s a sad fate for this 888.  Maybe  ( for each new owner ) one nice ride on the way to the shop, where the engine will be fogged and the fluids drained before wheeling it into the gallery…


201600302 1992 ducati 888 sp4 bodywork

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