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Honda June 9, 2015 posted by

Undercover – 1989 Honda CBR 600F

Sometimes known as the Hurricane, the Honda CBR 600F broke a lot of ground in 1987 when it was introduced, and led to a long line of successors.  Borrowing a chapter from the Ducati Paso design book, the CBR bodywork envelopes the frame and engine, but where Ducati had an air-cooled engine inside, the water-cooled Honda primarily needs to cool the radiators.

20150608 1989 honda cbr 600f left

1989 Honda CBR 600F for sale on eBay

20150608 1989 honda cbr 600f right

Returning to an inline four from the more complex V-4 in the Interceptor series, Honda hid all manner of structure, plumbing and electrical inside the CBR’s soap bar and used the money they would’ve spent on making the parts beautiful on engineering, producing one of the best balanced, most refined, and accessible sportbikes of any displacement or price.

20150608 1989 honda cbr 600f right fairing  20150608 1989 honda cbr 600f right rear

20150608 1989 honda cbr 600f right front wheel  20150608 1989 honda cbr 600f cockpit

The over-square 598cc engine generates 93 hp at 9,500 rpm, along with 45 ft-lbs of torque.  Visible outside of the Tupperware are the 276mm drilled front disks and 218mm rear.  Semi-hidden are the air-adjustable forks ( with TRAC anti-dive ) and Pro-Link monoshock rear.  Harder to locate is the magic, the refinement and smoothness that made Cycle World call the 1988 model “The best Japanese motorcycle we have ever tested”.

20150608 1989 honda cbr 600f left front  20150608 1989 honda cbr 600f right rear wheel

20150608 1989 honda cbr 600f front  asdfasdffff

Showing almost 22K miles, the years have been kind to this 600F, appearing un-restored.  Plastics look tight and correct, a surprising lack of wear for that many miles.  From the eBay auction:

-ALL original body panels

-NEVER painted

-NOT sunbeaten


-1 year ONLY and the most desirable paint scheme produced

-Motorcycle originated in Northern California

-Has a clean, clear California title

-Few little nick here and there but obviously NEVER been down

-Minor imperfections pictured

-NO disappointments here, she is a true & beautiful survivor!!

20150608 1989 honda cbr 600f right rear  20150608 1989 honda cbr 600f right rear wheel

20150608 1989 honda cbr 600f left grip  20150608 1989 honda cbr 600f left fairing

Though it’s hard to call any Honda 600 sportbike rare, not so many are over 25, surprisingly original, and well cared for.  The auction is from a Florida dealer, the owner stating that the CBR is his personal bike.  Upgrades to the 1989 model year include 8 horsepower more than the 87-88 models, and the pearl-white with red and blue paint was new in 1989.

Undercover – 1989 Honda CBR 600F
Yamaha June 8, 2015 posted by

1989 Yamaha FZR400 in San Francisco


Here’s a sharp looking and stock FZR400W with recent maintenance. It has a couple cosmetic issues with a crack in the lower fairing and the upper fairing has been replaced but doesn’t have the decals. However, the listing indicates another set of plastics is included and appears to be factory complete. Everything else looks very clean and unmolested. Current bid is about $2,650 and buy-it-now is displayed at $5,600.


1989 Yamaha FZR400 for sale on eBay


from the seller’s listing:

This is a RARE Find. 1989 FZR 400W. Previous two owners, Comes with original dealer prep documentation ( see pics) and some other historic documentation in a binder made by orignal owner.

Super Clean bike with all stock parts. Paint is beautiful, no dents in tank, all plastics excellent, with exception of one crack in lower left bottom underside fairing (see pic) -easily repairable location.

kBike Was only missing the side oval signal inserts. I found two on ebay that will go with bike. One is white, other is black- that can be painted white to match.

Also comes with BRAND NEW IN BOX (see pic) COMPLETE ABS Replacement body kit (just in case you drop her- but please try not to)

If you know these bikes, they are very rare to find stock, un raced, modified etc. Here is your chance if you are a collector or just need to have a nice clean stock one to your stable. Great handling bike, docile until it hits about 8k RPM to its 14k Redline.

New Bridgestone tires, EBC brakes, EK chain, plugs, all fluids changed, Carbs cleaned and re-built, new battery installed. Runs as it should and needs only a new owner to ride it. I have another FZR400 and FZR600 and 20 other bikes and Im just thinning the herd, I cant ride them all .

This bike handles like a dream in the twisties and you can easily embarrass your friend on their bigger, badder, newer bikes with this sweet piece of Yamaha history.



1989 Yamaha FZR400 in San Francisco
Ducati June 7, 2015 posted by

Unchained – 1983 Ducati 900 S2

While not a critical or sales success, the 1982-84 Ducati 900S2 is still an honest-to-goodness 900cc Desmo-engined Supersport.  Caught up changing in emissions and noise regulations, the air-cooled and carbureted engine was silenced on intake and exhaust, and performance suffered.  With bevel-drive cams and Ducati handling, it’s better than its reputation.  The example here has been a collector bike since new, apparently never registered, titled, or run.

20150605 1983 ducati 900 s2 right

1983 Ducati 900 S2

20150605 1983 ducati 900 s2 kickstarter

Hanging on though they were at the time, Ducati still built a fine machine, with beautiful half faring, 18-inch cast wheels, triple disk brakes, and adjustable suspension.  Putting out a respectable 80 hp, the neat bevel drive engine now has a vintage look.  The red frame stands out, complementing the stripes on the black faring.  The cockpit is completed by sweet teardrop mirrors and nice instrument cluster.  Distinctively, this is a kick-start Ducati, one of the last models without a starter.

20150605 1983 ducati 900 s2 binnacle

Evidently on display since new, this is a zero-mile, no fluids, and no chain bike.  Never registered, the owner provides the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin as documentation.  Looking better than a neglected museum bike, this one seems to have been cared for and detailed.

20150605 1983 ducati 900 s2 tank  20150605 1983 ducati 900 s2 left engine

20150605 1983 ducati 900 s2 under seat  20150605 1983 ducati 900 s2 right front wheel

A lot of information in the eBay auction, here is a short excerpt:

This is a rare chance to own a VERY PURE zero miles vintage Ducati .  Might be the only one in the world in such well preserved condition .  Bike looks brand new like the day it came from the factory. Brakes functions correctly without any fluid leakage or damage.  Front tire rotated frequently to avoid flat spots . Petcocks knobs turns freely. Cylinders are lubed and kicks over with great compression. All settings remains factory.  It should start up and ready to ride with gas , fresh oil, and recommend using sealed battery. These bevel twins are bullet proof with much more refined electrical for reliability than early Bevels .  Bevel Ducati sounds very exciting , rides smooth and responsive in corners. 

20150605 1983 ducati 900 s2 front  20150605 1983 ducati 900 s2 left rear wheel

20150605 1983 ducati 900 s2 seat  20150605 1983 ducati 900 s2 rear

The S2 was the 900SS’s kid brother, and never got the development it deserved.  Around the corner were the belt-driven cam engines and cool as they were, the bevels were history.  This amazing collector bike could be put back on the road, but more likely will be on display again, showing all the classic Ducati beauty without divulging its foibles…


Unchained – 1983 Ducati 900 S2
Ducati June 7, 2015 posted by

The Start of Something – 1988 Ducati 851 Tri-Colore Strada

1988 Ducati 851 Tri-Colore Strada on eBay Italy


Here’s one for our European visitors (or those ambitious enough to attempt the import process)…  an all original 1988 Ducati 851 Tri-Colore Strada up for auction in Italy.  The 851 was the introduction of Ducati’s “desmodronic” four valve heads and a big leap forward in an attempt to catch the Japanese manufacturers.  The 851 featured the signature Ducati steel trellis frame, Marvic wheels, Brembo brakes and those funky side pod mirrors.  Ducati’s work paid off quickly in the form of a World Superbike Championship in 1990 with Raymond Roche in the saddle and Ducati was officially back.  The 851 would be the forefather to the very successful 888 and 916 models.


Now, this one IS located in Italy, so our US readers might throw up their hands in frustration, but surely somebody in Italy is reading this and will give her a good home, no?

The seller is upfront in stating that the bike is in “average condition” with some typical wear and tear that’s to be expected as it’s nears it’s 30th birthday.  So, again, this would either make a good restoration candidate or a really cool classic to actually get out and ride.  Check it out here: 1988 Ducati 851 on eBay in Italy

Bike is 99% original, paintwork is average as the general conditions, still with all the original rare parts as the 16″ wheels, original silencers etc. 

Mechanically is very sound with just 25500kms from new (a lot of documentation to prove). Original UK sold bike, all history present.

Ride and collect!

Bike is currently located in Italy, 33080 Roveredo in Piano (Pordenone) but i can get them delivered all around the World at cost, no problem.



The Start of Something – 1988 Ducati 851 Tri-Colore Strada
Honda June 6, 2015 posted by

Super Single: 2008 Honda CRF-Based Race Bike

2008 Honda CRF450R Race Bike L Front

So, this is one for the riders, not the collectors. This bike has no historical value whatsoever: it’s a mongrel roadracing single-cylinder track bike based on Honda’s four-stroke CRF450 dirt bike. But it’s a very well put-together mongrel, and one that looks like it’d be a ton of fun at the track!

2008 Honda CRF450R Race Bike L Rear

This sort of thing has become popular in recent years, with a number of manufacturers making suspension, fairing, and rearset-control kits to create race and track day bikes to compete in Sound of Singles classes and the like.

Just add dirt bike.

Singles make ideal bikes for budding track day junkies: torquey, flexible, and reliable, with incredible light weight that stresses handling over power. Like a 250cc two-stroke, but easier to ride, and with much longer service intervals.

From the original eBay listing: 2008 Honda CRF 450R-Based Race Bike for Sale

The most amazing motorcycle ever!

511 big bore with 0 miles on re-build


Marchesini wheels

Catalyst Bodywork Audi Racing Blue Pro Paint with spare set new unpainted unmounted

Custom EVERYTHING from Race-Tech

I will throw in MANY SPARES inc piston ,cylinder, radiators, hoses, sprockets, cams, valve spacers, un-painted never mounted full set or race faring and many more extras

Well, I’d say that calling this “the most amazing motorcycle EVAR” is probably crossing the line into hyperbole just a bit, but we’re looking at a nicely put together bike, with a spares package to keep you riding

The seller also includes a link to a very comprehensive walk-around of the bike that’s worth a look if you’ve any interest in these bikes at all.

2008 Honda CRF450R Race Bike R Side

$7,000 isn’t cheap, but I doubt you could replicate a bike like this for anywhere near the price. And while it isn’t as sexy as an Aprilia RS250 or RGV, it will likely be far less of a headache to run, with no worries about binning a future classic!


2008 Honda CRF450R Race Bike Yo

Super Single: 2008 Honda CRF-Based Race Bike
Kawasaki June 6, 2015 posted by

How bizzare, how bizzare: 1980 Kawasaki Mystery Ship


While at first glance this appears to be a customization run amock, it is actually something a bit more than that, a 1980 Mystery Ship.  The Mystery Ship was the brainstorm of Craig Vetter, founder of the aftermarket Windjammer motorcycle fairing company.  After Vetter sold Windjammer in 1978, he embarked on a new effort..a “streetable road racer, with all the right parts.”  And what did Vetter decide to use as the basis of his bike?  Just one of the most powerful bikes of the day, a Kawasaki KZ1000 Turbo.

The KZ1000 turbo is by itself already a rare bike; a more expensive illegitimate brother of the standard KZ1000.  Interestingly, the KZ1000 turbo was not actually an official Kawasaki model; it was offered as an “official” bolt-on turbo kit that Kawasaki would install for buyers.   The turbo kit was developed by ATP with input from Kawasaki engineers but was not warrantied by Kawasaki so any engine blow ups were the responsibility of the owner.  And engine blow ups were apparently not unheard of, since the kit offered the ability to quickly adjust the turbo boost from 5-10 psi.

Price for the turbo equipped KZ1000 edition was almost 50% significantly higher than the non-turbo version and the original frame struggled to keep up with the power so its not really surprising that only 1600 were sold during the Turbo’s two year life cycle.

Anyone wishing to read more about the KZ1000 turbo can click here.


original KZ1000 turbo

mystery ship with the turbo still visible

1980 Kawasaki Mystery Ship on ebay (New Zealand)

Vetter launched his new effort with a stated target goal of producing 200 units. The plan was to take the already powerful KZ1000 turbo and upgrade/modify the chassis, add magnesium racing wheels and Yoshimura exhausts and, of course, drastically restyle the bike with a new Vetter designed fairing/bodywork.

So what happened?  1st of all, the asking price for a Vedder was $10,000 USD, which was about three times the price of the unmodified non-turbo KZ1000.   More significantly, this price was still not enough to cover production costs.  The result was only 10 Mystery Ships are recorded as having been actually produced.


Here is a summary of what the seller has to say:

  • #6 of 10 Vedder Mystery Ships produced
  • Has not been ridden since new, only 2 original miles on the clock but some slight dis-coloration at the headers
  • Otherwise condition is exactly as it left the  factory.
  • Age has added some patina to paint work and switch blocks
  • Cracked sidewalls of the Tires/TT 100’s (probably due to age)



So is this bike worth the $23,500 USD asking price?  Well it meets all 4 major criteria to be considered a rare sport bike; limited production, condition, location and technology but it just doesn’t appeal to my collector instinct as anything more that an oddity.  I think it will take a very serious collector or perhaps a curator of a museum like the Solvang or Barber museum for this one to find a new home.




Note:  This bike is located in Auckland, New Zealand


How bizzare, how bizzare:  1980 Kawasaki Mystery Ship
Bimota June 5, 2015 posted by

Innovative – 1983 Bimota KB2 Laser S

One of the final Tamburini designs before he departed for Cagiva, the 2nd Kawasaki-powered Bimota delivers the company paradigm of chassis design and lighter weight using state-of-the-art powerplants.  Perhaps named for the laser the chassis fabricator wished he had when assembling the 44 frame members, which cradle the 543cc air-cooled Kawasaki inline four.  Because the engine is relatively narrow, the red frame holds both sides of the motor and allows the swingarm to pivot at the chain drive sprocket, keeping chain tension constant despite suspension movement.  Another innovation is the use of 16 inch wheels front and rear, reducing gyroscopic forces and turning in a little easier.

20150602 1983 bimota kb2 laser s right

1983 Bimota KB2 Laser S for sale on eBay

20150602 1983 bimota kb2 laser s left

Originally introduced with a 500cc engine, the “S” has the 550, delivering 65hp at 10,500 rpm.  A wet clutch is in the engine cases, and drives a 6-speed transmission.  Big 280mm disk brakes in front, with 210mm disk at the rear.  40mm front forks and rear monoshock are adjustable for preload and damping.  The full fairing is punctuated by small air openings and rounded edges, and uses flush fasteners.  Very neat cockpit has Brembo clip-ons and a full-featured instrument cluster courtesy of Kawasaki.

20150602 1983 bimota kb2 laser s binnacle  20150602 1983 bimota kb2 laser s right front wheel

20150602 1983 bimota kb2 laser s right rear wheel  20150602 1983 bimota kb2 laser s right grip

Seeming un-restored and very nice shape, this KB2 shows only a couple of nicks in the seat fairing.  Bimotas of any age are very rare, but the Kawasaki driveline can be comforting.  This example resides in England but is offered by a eBay dealer from Italy.

From the eBay auction:

Said to be Massimo Tamburinis personal favourite Bimota design and not without good reason with an excellent power to weight ratio and build quality second to none, due to its very high cost when new Bimota only managed to build and sell 177 of them so they very rarely reach the market this being the first we’ve ever seen in the shop, it’s an excellent un restored example with just under 14000 recorded KM’s believed to be genuine having had the same owner for the past 21 years.

20150602 1983 bimota kb2 laser s left front wheel  20150602 1983 bimota kb2 laser s right frame

This KB2 is a very neat design, very innovative, only 8,000 miles, appearing quite clean and original.  More of a TT than an envelope-pushing superbike, a rideable exotic ready for a look…


Innovative – 1983 Bimota KB2 Laser S
Yamaha June 4, 2015 posted by

Alloy-Framed Race-Rep: 1984 Yamaha RZV500R

1984 Yamaha RZV500 L Side Front

From a styling standpoint, motorcycles of the 1980’s were going through a bit of an awkward, adolescent phase… But continuing with that analogy, major growth and changes were occurring under the skin, and Japanese race replicas like this Yamaha RZV500 featured all sorts of wild, innovative technology.

1984 Yamaha RZV500 R Side

Yamaha’s GP bike for the road pulled out all the stops and featured liquid-cooling, 50° between the V4’s cylinder banks, a pair of crankshafts, magnesium cases, a balance shaft,  YPVS powervalves to boost midrange power, and the obscene-sounding Autolube oil-injection system to keep the smoker spinning happily. The factory claimed 88hp from the cutting edge engine.

1984 Yamaha RZV500 Cockpit

The rest of the package was no less sophisticated, with a six-speed gearbox, anti-dive forks, and a rear shock slung under the engine to allow space for the rear cylinders’ expansion chambers, with a 16″ wheel up front and an 18″ hoop in the back.

1984 Yamaha RZV500 L Side Rear

Designed to compete directly with Suzuki’s RG500Γ, the RZV500 was never actually imported to the US because of the two-stroke engine’s emissions output, but many have found their way down to us from our friendly neighbors up north across the Canadian border. This particular bike was originally the Japanese-market version that had the much lighter aluminum frame but was detuned to 64hp. Happily, the seller rejetted the bike and fitted the headers from the UK’s version, the RD500LC.

And check out those vented brake discs! I wonder how hard it is to find replacements for those…

1984 Yamaha RZV500 Brakes

From the original eBay listing: 1984 Yamaha RZV500R for Sale

Take that tax return and put it into something that’s going to go up in value while you ride it, like this 1984 Yamaha RZV500R! That’s right kids, this is a factory-produced GP replica street bike. Inspired by the dominating YZR500s of Kenny Roberts and Eddie Lawson, and manufactured during Lawson’s 1984 World Championship-winning season, this 2-stoke, liquid-cooled, 500cc sport bike duplicates the configuration of the factory team’s YZR500 Marlboro Yamaha GP machines.

This bike is a blast to ride. A firm kick and the mighty reed valve, GP-derived, twin crankshaft V4 fires instantly and settles into an idle that I can only describe as an army of angry hornets. Put on your favorite helmet and gear and next thing you know you’re channeling Roberts, Lawson, or Rainey while giving the beans to a genuine, GP-derived V4 2-stroker the likes of which will never be seen again. The 500cc engine has some torque to get you going, but really comes alive in the 6-10k rpm range. The engine was completely rebuilt in 2008 by well-known RZV/RD/RZ engine specialist Wilson Performance of Lee’s Summit, MO at a cost of $4000. It has done little mileage since. I have receipts for the work, which included Wilson’s “Blueprint” rebuild plus “Phase 1” performance tuning. To see what is included in the work, click here. In summary, the performance build included new RZV Performance cranks, new Wiseco pistons, port and gasket matching, plus a lot more. 

The paintwork is very nice, although there are a few nicks, scratches, and rock chips; all decals are cleared into the paint, the base of which is a pearlescent white. The bike is clean, but not show clean. The stock magnesium wheels were professionally refinished and the Dunlop Aeromax tires are in very nice condition. The oil tank leaks some from the level sensor. The upright foam seat bolster has some worn spots around the edges (see pix). There’s some surface corrosion on some bolts here and there. I have tried to describe and photograph anything that really stood out on the bike condition-wise, but this is now a 30+ year old motorcycle with some light wear and tear, so I cannot be held accountable for every single scratch, chip, crack or ding.

1984 Yamaha RZV500 R Tank Detail

Apparently, this bike was up for auction previously, and the seller indicates that the auction was ended early because he’d incorrectly listed the year of manufacture, although he also freely admits to having ended other auctions in the past due to a “change of heart.” Well at least he’s passionate about his bikes, and it sounds like he knows his stuff!

Like Suzuki’s Gamma, these are very desirable bikes and, if you’re looking for a bike that’s likely to continue to appreciate in value, this one’s a good bet. I’m not the biggest fan of the styling, although you can’t argue with 500cc’s of snarling, two-stroke V4: they ain’t pretty, but it’s hard not to love the truly epic cacophony of that engine…


1984 Yamaha RZV500 L Side

Alloy-Framed Race-Rep: 1984 Yamaha RZV500R
BMW June 3, 2015 posted by

Eurostar – 2003 BMW R1100S BoxerCup Replika

Introduced in 1999, the BMW R1100S re-introduced motorcyclists to the sportier side of BMW, and inspired a brand race series in Europe, which developed into a support race for MotoGP and the Daytona 200.  Signed by spokesman ( and AMA hall of fame member ) Randy Mamola, the BoxerCup Replika is the ultimate version of the oil-cooled BMW 1100cc twin.

20150603 2003 bmw r1100s bcr right

2003 BMW R1100S BoxerCup Replika

20150603 2003 bmw r1100s bcr cockpit  20150603 2003 bmw r1100s bcr rear

Applying evolution to the classic BMW twin, factory designers added a lot of new things to the R1100S – a new rear subframe supports the suspension ( rather than the transmission case ), underseat exhaust, aluminum fuel tank ( under the beauty cover), and clip-ons.  Front and rear fenders are carbon fiber, as are the valve covers.  Keeping the successful 4-valve heads and shaft drive ensured reliability and a solid 98 hp.  The traditional automotive-type dry clutch resides between the engine and the close-ratio six-speed transmission.  On a sportbike weighing in at 500 lbs., the 320mm front ( and 275mm rear ) disks will be tested.  Nice touches on the BCR optional on the the R1100S are the 5-1/2 inch rear wheel, Ohlins shocks, bellypan, braided brake lines, as well as pillion cover and clear signal lenses.

20150603 2003 bmw r1100s bcr right engine  20150603 2003 bmw r1100s bcr left rear wheel

Almost ready for its first oil change, this BoxerCup Replika has just 1,600 miles over 12 years.  No dusty barn find, this one looks basically new.  Naturally, not much said about repair or maintenance history, but new fluids and rubber would be expected before a serious ride. The owner states:

As stated I am the original and only owner of the bike. I really hate to part with it. It has been part of my bike family and like any family member I will miss it. Bike has been stored and maintained in a climate controlled environment and I would consider in mint condition.

20150603 2003 bmw r1100s bcr binnacle  20150603 2003 bmw r1100s bcr pillion cover

Though it was succeeded by the R1200S, and eclipsed by the HP2 and eventually the RR1000, the R1100S was a signature all-rounder, which could be ridden to and from a track day.  This BoxerCup Replika is a barely broken-in example of one of BMW’s best S-bikes…


Eurostar – 2003 BMW R1100S BoxerCup Replika

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