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Bimota June 16, 2015 posted by

Big Power in a Refined Package – 1998 Bimota SB6R

1998 Bimota SB6R on eBay


The Bimota SB6R is possibly the peak of Bimota’s unique formula which was stuffing a big Japanese engine into their own refined platforms.  The SB6R took Suzuki’s big and bad GSXR-1100 engine and surrounded it with the best parts possible.  It featured an aluminum beam perimeter frame, Anterra wheels, Paoli suspension, Brembo brakes and generous use of carbon fiber to keep the weight down.  Bimota also reportedly tweaked the big ‘Zook engine with new cams and claimed over 155hp for their SB6R.  It was an expensive bike, but one that ended up being more than just the sum of it’s parts.  As can be expected with the 90s Italian motorcycles, most owners report a love/hate relationship with them.  Which basically means it’s not without it’s quirks, but ends up being a more engaging experience as an owner.  It might not be the best choice if you only have room for one bike in the garage, but as a second bike for those special days, it deserves consideration.


This one reportedly came from a private collection (don’t they all?) and is showing a very low 2300 miles.  It appears to be very close to stock with a few more details found in the seller’s eBay listing seen here: 1998 Bimota SB6R

The SB6/7 had hairy Suzuki GSX-R engines, sublime handling and craftsmanship and characteristically Italian unreliability and fickleness. Then came the SB6-R – the first Bimota ever to be labeled “Racing”, and the factory solved many of the “Italian” characteristics. With a larger airbox, the SB6-R was more powerful than the SB6 and with a single easy to access battery, it was much easier to maintain. The SB6-R comes with all of the standard Bimota componentry from the time – Paioli forks, Ohlins shock, Anterra wheels and Brembo brakes. 

This particular example is from a collection and has only 2,314 miles on it.  It is in excellent condition and looks like new.



Big Power in a Refined Package – 1998 Bimota SB6R
Ducati June 15, 2015 posted by

Investment Grade – 1987 Ducati 750 F1 Laguna Seca

What could be better than a European lightweight race replica ?  What about a factory race-win commemorative ?  If there were three of those to choose from wouldn’t your choice be a legendary American track ?

20150614 1987 ducati f1 laguna seca right

1987 Ducati 750 F1 Laguna Seca for sale on eBay

20150614 1987 ducati f1 laguna seca cockpit

A road-legal update of the mid-eighties TT1, the 750 F1 is styled as an endurance racer, and the beauty was more than skin deep.  During the 1985-87 models years, Ducati celebrated racing victories with three F1 specials, this model commemorating Marco Luchinelli’s Battle of Twins victory at the California racetrack.

20150614 1987 ducati f1 laguna seca right detail  20150614 1987 ducati f1 laguna seca right front wheel

20150614 1987 ducati f1 laguna seca front

Engine and exhaust improvements delivering a handful more ponies differentiate the Laguna Seca from the standard F1, as well as wider Oscam rims, Brembo gold-series brakes, and special badging including a decal of Luchinelli’s signature.  Curiously a steel fuel tank replaced the alloy and not-so-special fenders are shared with the newer Pantah.  Under 300 Laguna Seca’s were built.

20150614 1987 ducati f1 laguna seca left detail  20150614 1987 ducati f1 laguna seca right grip

20150614 1987 ducati f1 laguna seca binnacle

Newly restored, this F1 Laguna Seca has under 7,000 miles and has been treated to an engine and carburetor rebuild.  Idles beautifully in a video available here.  The owner takes the time to list the two (!) aftermarket parts.

Photographed in the midst of a Ducati collection, the eBay auction states:

This Laguna is in excellent condtion and in good running condition. We have attached a video for you to see it run. This Motorcycle has two parts that are aftermarket, the Muffler (a replica part) and the Caliper brackets.

  • Miles – 6714
  • Mint Condition
  • Signed on the tank by Marco Lucchinelli
  • New Piston Rings
  • All Brakes completely Rebuilt with New Kits
  • Carbs New Rebuild Kit Installed

A lovingly restored, very special and rare machine, with a strong starting bid and powerful buy-it-now, there is still some investment potential in this blue-chip Ducati, but more potential for a most excellent track season…



Investment Grade – 1987 Ducati 750 F1 Laguna Seca
Bimota June 14, 2015 posted by

Closer to home: 1989 Bimota YB5 in Canada

Prior to April of this year we hadn’t seen a Bimota YB5 pop up for sale since 2009 so of course now there is a second one, and instead of being far away in New Zealand this one is a bit closer to the RSBFS offices, with a location in Laval Quebec, Canada.


The YB5 was the fifth Bimota model powered by Yamaha and was an attempt by the Rimini based company to offer a big fast sportbike that could also be used for light touring.  This explains why in untypical-for-Bimota fashion there was a passenger/pillion seat hidden under the rear cowling.

While the passenger accommodations were unusual for a 1980’s Bimota, the YB5 did follow the standard Bimota philosophy elsewhere by taking a standard bike and then improving on it.  In the case of the YB5  a 1200cc Yamaha FJ was the basis to help the YB5 meet the “big and fast” criteria. The YB5 was the highest displacement and most powerful bike that Bimota produced prior to is most recent reorganization.  NOTE: The Bimota power crown now belongs to its new BMW powered BB3.


1989 Bimota YB5 for sale on ebay (Canada)

The YB5 was first displayed at the 1986 Cologne Motor Show and entered production the following year.   Its 210kg dry weight was a claimed 25kg lighter than the Yamaha FJ1200 on which it was mostly based, resulting in 130hp at 9,000rpm and a top speed of 243kph/150 mph, not bad in 1989.  Reviews were generally positive although some reported a somewhat unforgiving suspension and engine heat blowing onto rider’s legs. 

In typical late 80’s fashion, the production number of the YB5 is of some debate. Some websites list 200, some 250, I even found one listing 208. Regardless the YB5 is quite rare but given its Yamaha basis, its more reliable than a lot of Bimota products (cough-cough-VDue-cough-cough). Nice touches abound on the bike, including machined frame connectors Marzocchi forks and single rear shock, plus a full set of dash indicators.


Here is what the seller has to say:

  • Number 149
  • I am the 3rd owner as far as I can tell, previous owner imported the Bike from the UK.
  • I have owned it since 2007, since then I have put 2k km on it as I do not have time to ride it.
  • Have changed the clutch Master cylinder  and clutch line.
  • Also changed the flasher stalks (still have them), and battery.
  • Some small scratches on fairing that can be buffed out.
  • Also have the tools for headlamp adjustment and rear wheel hub adjustment.


So what is this YB5 located in Far North America worth?  Well there are no bids at the opening price of $10,000 USD but this price is actually right in line with what we have seen on the few previous YB5’s posted on RSBFS.    While its not as appealing to me as some of Bimota’s other designs (what I wouldnt give for an SB2 to be in my little collection), its probably one of the more reliable Bimotas from the late 1980’s.

I think this one will probably begin to appreciate at a reasonable rate over the next few years.  Perhaps a smart North American collector should give some consideration to picking this up.



Closer to home:  1989 Bimota YB5 in Canada
Ducati June 13, 2015 posted by

SBK on a budget – 2005 Ducati 749 Dark

Kid brother to the Pierre Terblanche-designed 999, the 749 looked down-market to pick up more riders.  It also made possible to homologate the 749R for the AMA Superbike series.  The most basic faired model in the range, the matte black 749 Dark has a few less bangles than an -S ( which has quite a few less than the -R ) but still has the winning 999 chassis and 107 hp.

20150612 2005 ducati 749 dark left

2005 Ducati 749 Dark for sale on eBay

20150612 2005 ducati 749 dark right

Maybe the matte ( really more of an eggshell ) black finish strikes a note with you, it’s a love/hate thing.  Or possibly it’s the scaled-down Testastretta ( narrow head ) engine, belt-driven 4-cam heads and cylinders made especially for the 749.  The stacked headlights of the 2003-06 machines are distinctive with the built-in mirrors with integral turn signals.  The underseat exhaust has a modern look, blended into the seat fairing.

20150612 2005 ducati 749 dark front  20150612 2005 ducati 749 dark left rear

20150612 2005 ducati 749 dark left detail  20150612 2005 ducati 749 dark left seat

Otherwise the 749 is up-to-date Ducati – steel trellis frame, fuel injection, 6-speed transmission, hydraulic dry clutch, fully adjustable Showa suspension, twin 320mm front disks and 245mm rear.  Dash is digital with an additional round tachometer surrounded by warning lights.  Full fairing with biposto pillion seat and footpegs.

20150612 2005 ducati 749 dark cockpit  20150612 2005 ducati 749 dark right detail

20150612 2005 ducati 749 dark right rear wheel  20150612 2005 ducati 749 dark right rear

The example here appears excellent and substantially original, with just a few mods like carbon-look levers and rear turn signals, also rear fender eliminator with LED tailight.  Showing under 5,000 miles, the auction states one owner and never down.  From the eBay auction:

Only One Previous Owner!!!

Only 4,977 Miles!!! 

Rare Find!!!

New Battery!!!

Clean Title!!!

Never Tracked!!!

Adult Owned!!!

Almost a blank slate, you could customize this bike to your liking with carbon or polished billet.  The matte finish could be a great start for a wrap or dupli-color job.  Maybe just put on a black jacket and fade into the sunset, enjoying the 999 handling and very usable power in a stealth package…


SBK on a budget – 2005 Ducati 749 Dark
MV Agusta June 12, 2015 posted by

Nearly-New: 2005 MV Agusta F4 1000 AGO for Sale With 40 Miles!

2005 MV Agusta F4 1000 AGO R SideThe MV Agusta F4 1000 pretty much represents the bargain of the decade, with nice examples of the very sleek, and genuinely very fast F4 trading for right around $10,000.

Which is about what a nice 2013 GSX-R600 will set you back. 2005 MV Agusta F4 1000 AGO DashFor commuting or track days, that Gixxer is very likely the better choice: parts are everywhere, so you can scrounge up a new clip-on or shift lever if things go wrong in the morning and get back on track that afternoon. The GSX-R600 is an excellent bike, but almost as vanilla as it’s possible for a sportbike to be. But if you want a motorcycle that makes you weak in the knees every time you go out to the garage to grab a beer, you really can’t beat an F4, and the AGO is just that much more sparkly. 2005 MV Agusta F4 1000 AGO L FairingPowered by a 998cc, radial-valve four-cylinder with one of the prettiest stock exhaust systems in recent memory, the bike had the power, if maybe not the refinement, to go head-to-head with literbikes from Japan. The AGO isn’t quite so affordable as the regular F4, but still represents a stunning value, especially when you consider what people likely paid for them new… 2005 MV Agusta F4 1000 AGO Rear SprocketThe AGO is named for famous rider Giacomo Agostini, considered to be one of the greatest motorcycle racers of all time. Only 300 of these were produced, although they were basically just standard F4’s with numbered plaques, along with some spiffier wheels and suspension bits. 2005 MV Agusta F4 1000 AGO RearsetInterestingly, with the Isle of Man TT in the news recently, Agostini was actually one of the track’s most outspoken opponents, boycotting the venue after a friend was killed at the 1972 race and by 1977, the race was removed from the Grand Prix calendar.

From the original eBay listing: 2005 MV Agusta F4 1000 AGO

MV Agusta’s legendary F4 1000 AGO, designed by the master of motorcycle designs, Mr.Tamburini. It is one of 65 units imported to North America. Extremely rare, collectible and next to impossible to find with such low miles. A letter from MV Agusta Italy, signed by Mr. Castiglioni to show it’s authenticity and rarity! It comes with all the papers, brand new in box exhaust system + chip- which was supplied with this bike from factory when delivered, rear stand. 

In the future, this bike will further appreciate in value. It’s not only a rolling art, but also an appreciating investment. These type of bikes are not repeatable again.

The extras are the CF exhaust, heel guards and the rear hugger which are all factory supplied. The fuel tank has been coated internally to prevent any rust or damages to the fuel system.

2005 MV Agusta F4 1000 AGO Rear SuspensionI think that the seller is correct that “this bike will further appreciate in value.” But the question is: when? When these limited edition bike get released, speculators eagerly snap them up, expecting to turn a quick profit. But considering the AGO cost over £20,000 new, the bike still represents a pretty serious bargain at the moment. So buy this to enjoy it and hope that, one day, you can sell it to help fund your retirement. If not, it’ll at least look damn good in the lobby of your retirement home.


2005 MV Agusta F4 1000 AGO R Side Front


Nearly-New: 2005 MV Agusta F4 1000 AGO for Sale With 40 Miles!
Ducati June 12, 2015 posted by

Late Paso(s) – 1992 Ducati 907 I.E.

Slippery bodywork derived from the 1986-1990 Paso ( named for factory rider Renzo Pasolini ), the 907 I.E. continued the model from 1991 – 1992, and had several notable improvements from the earlier bike.

20150610 1992 ducati 907 ie right

(2) 1992 Ducati 907 I.E.’s for sale on eBay

20150610 1992 ducati 907 ie custom right

After carburetion difficulties on the early Paso’s, electronic fuel injection ( I.E. ) and intake changes made the bike a lot more rideable and helped provide 90hp from the two-valve engine.  Hydraulic dry clutch feeds a six-speed transmission, both nice improvements.  Keeping the well-hidden square-tube frame, the 907 incorporated suspension updates used on the newer 851.

20150610 1992 ducati 907 ie left front  20150610 1992 ducati 907 ie left

Brakes are excellent 300mm front disks and 245mm rear, all calipers being two-piston.  Large 42mm forks are 3-way adjustable, with adjustable monoshock rear.  17-inch tires are a lot more available than the 16’s from the early Paso’s.  The good-size Veglia dash is another refinement.

20150610 1992 ducati 907 ie right rear  20150610 1992 ducati 907 ie custom right rear

More than a fairing, the bodywork on the 907 directs air to the intakes and away from the rider, who is more in than on the 907.  Updates for the 907 include cold-air intake under the headlight and ducting at the top of the “windshield”.  All that body-color plastic can be a love-it-or-hate-it affair.  Quite rare with only a few thousand total production, both these bikes are the ultimate Paso from 1992, with very limited mods.  Appearing excellent, both have around 34K miles.

Red is very stock with factory white wheels.

20150610 1992 ducati 907 ie right front

No owner quotes from the red bike’s eBay auction, but Corbin seat and F1 exhaust are listed.

Black has been treated to paint ( black was a factory color that year ) and some nice retro badging.

20150610 1992 ducati 907 ie custom right detail

Some additional information is available in the eBay auction for the black one:

A very special Duck. This was the last of the Paso series. They finally got it right with this one. Fuel injection and proper size wheels. And this is a great example of it’s type. Performance exhaust, European style tail light, RECENT: Valve Adjustment, Timing Belts, New chain and sprockets. Good tires. Needs nothing. A nice addition to your collection. one of a kind special.

Whether you’re interested in a nice stock Paso or a distinctive retro look, either one of these machines are worth a look.  Thanks Marty for the reminder about the black bike !


Late Paso(s) – 1992 Ducati 907 I.E.
Ducati June 11, 2015 posted by

Under the Skin: 2005 Ducati 999R for Sale

2005 Ducati 999R L Side

Enough ink has been spilled complaining about the design of the Ducati 999, but two things are clear: it is a far more practical, useable motorcycle than the classic 916, with ergonomics that at least took actual human physiology into account and the controversial looks of the bike are aging well. To be honest, as much as people fawn over the 1098 as “the bike that should have followed the 916,” I find its styling way too derivative. I love the headlamps and nose, but overall, it just looks like a bike designed by someone terrified to screw up, rather than a bold new statement. The 999 may never be considered beautiful in the way that the 916 was, but function has a beauty all its own, and you’d never mistake it for anything else.

2005 Ducati 999R R Side Naked

But beauty is more than skin deep, and while a 999S is really just a 999 with some bells and whistles, the 999R is another beast entirely and was intended to meet requirements for Ducati’s assault on the AMA Supberbike class. Internally, the R shares little with its less-aggressive stablemates: it features a completely different bore and stroke, 104mm × 58.8mm vs.100mm × 63.5mm. The 999R actually displaces exactly 999cc, whereas the regular 999 has 998…

2005 Ducati 999R Fairing

With 12.5:1 compression, titanium rods and valves and a knife-edged crankshaft spinning in sand-cast cases, the R was good for a legitimate 150hp at the crank, a big number for a twin in an era before all the electronic trickery found on today’s top-tier sportbikes.

2005 Ducati 999R Tank Detail

Today’s example shows just why it’s so great to be bike fan shopping for a used Ducati: extremely low mileage, fastidious care by an enthusiast owner, and only the best quality components thrown at it. And while the price won’t be cheap, the 999R is certainly one of the most desirable models of the period.

From the original eBay listing: 2005 Ducati 999R for Sale

VERY RARE Ducati 999R, unlike NO other! sold to me as a trophy bike by eBay seller “lambo19752009” Bought as an investment not to ride. However, as a Ducatista she called me to ride. Current milage is 4758- I will stop before 4999. I have had a 999 before, the 999R is a different world! Research the 999R. Condition is excellent. Minor road wear is now visible. Nothing has happened in my care other than ADULT driven 434 miles so far. Tires tell the story no abuse. Why sell? I have another Duc and need to free up cashflow…my loss your gain. From the photos to reality you will see pegs & kickstand paint wear plus a spot of gold 3M wrinkled on the engine cover. Otherwise drop dead gorgeous. Handle bars just adjusted by Dunbar Ducati, will not go to lock but are perfect alignment. Grips are black not gold as in some photos.

2005 Ducati 999R L Front

Pop on over to eBay if you want to see the laundry list of bolt-on moto-bling that’s been thrown at this bike. Honestly, I’d sell off half of it and get the bike back a little closer to stock-looking: I love Rizoma as much as the next guy, but these things start to look like they’ve got some gold-anodized skin condition when people throw the whole catalog at them. And apparently, other people are using the term “Rizoma’d” as well. I met a guy over the weekend who was mourning the loss of his 848 Streetfighter that was “all Rizoma’d out.”

In any event, this is a very low mileage, apparently pampered bike that’d be easy to get back to stock condition if you prefer. And while some Special Edition Ducatis are just “paint and tape” jobs with some upmarket suspension that offers questionable improvement over the stock setup, the 999R is the real deal: a true homologation special.


2005 Ducati 999R R Side

Under the Skin: 2005 Ducati 999R for Sale
Ducati June 11, 2015 posted by

Head fake? 2007 Ducati 999S Parts Unlimited edition


We have written before about the Ducati 999 series, with most posts commenting about how a lot of people (myself included) didn’t particularly like the 999 when it came out.  The looks were a bit oddball in comparison to its 916/996 predecessor, with a full front fairing and a stubby rear.  Also while the 999 was the debut of a new and significantly improved engine for the Ducati models available to the public, the 999 also required major servicing every two years via a 14 hour workshop effort to replace the cambelts, fork oil, fluids etc.

In typical fashion for Ducati there were multiple versions of the 999 over its lifespan, including a somewhat bland-looking standard and S models which sold in great numbers, commemorative editions in which the only real difference was looks and a top-level nearly race-replica edition.

In this case we have a Ducati 999s Parts Unlimited edition, which falls into the middle of the 999 lineup.

999s 8

2007 Ducati 999s Parts Unlimited edition on ebay

The 999S Parts Unlimted edition is a bit of a head fake; it looks like a true race replica but upgrades were actually limited to suspension, a different front brake caliper and an engine that gives only 3 more horsepower than the standard 999.   Each bike was signed by Ducati team members Neil Hodgson and Ben Bostrom but the bike’s tech didn’t include any of the true race track items such as carbon fiber bodywork that the FILA Race/R edition offered.


While only 150 Parts Unlimited editions were built but all were sold in the USA.  Perhaps that why the 999 Parts Unlimited edition seems to come up for sale every few years (the last one we had on RSBFS was back in 2013) but isnt really considered in the USA to be a truly rare sportbike.

This one looks like it is owned by a collector who wants to move off it.


The seller’s ad contains lots of standard Ducati marketing language but doesn’t provide much detailed info about the condition of this particular bike.  Here is what the seller has to say:

  • 2007 Ducati 999s with only 253 miles.
  • All stock, no aftermarket parts installed. 
  • Minor blemish on right hand mirror and exhaust shield. 
  • Perfect for a collector or someone who wants a new 999


So now we come to the question of whether this pristine 999S Parts Unlimited edition is worth the asking price of $15,000 USD?   In my opinion the price is close to proper value, maybe a bit high.   Previous posts of the 999S Parts Unlimited edition seem to show a price trending around $11,500-$13,000 USD for lightly used versions and anyone who buys this bike will likely need to expend some monies on services, including tires, fluid, probably a battery and would certainly be smart to check with the seller regarding whether the big services such as belts have been completed.

One final note:  I doubt the 999 Parts Unlimited edition will undergo dramatic price appreciation anytime in the near future. While most people find the Parts Unlimited and FILA versions of the 999 to be significantly better looking than the standard 999 and only 150 were produced, the Parts Unlimited version isn’t high on most collectors lists…it seems to elicit the same level of desire among collectors as another “middle-child” Ducati, the 748L Nieman Marcus edition.  I suppose that shouldn’t be surprising; both are mechanically a mostly standard-edition bike that come with significant upgrades in appearance.


Head fake?  2007 Ducati 999S Parts Unlimited edition
Kawasaki June 10, 2015 posted by

Ask and ye shall receive – 1989 Kawasaki ZX7

1989 Kawasaki ZX-7 on eBay


A few posts back, one of our readers asked where the ZX7s were hiding… so here you go!  Most of you will know the history here.  Suzuki knocked the rest of the field on it’s heels with the introduction of their revolutionary GSX-R 750 and it took the others a few years to respond.  Kawasaki answered with the ZX-7 and the fight was on, on both the racetrack and the sales floor.  The 1989 ZX-7 featured a full perimeter aluminum frame, sleek new bodywork, those iconic “tank hoses” and a host of improvements over the outgoing “Ninja-750.”  The ZX-7’s front end would become legendary for it’s stability, making the ZX-7s one of the best handling motorcycles of their era.  It was still behind the GSXR-750 in most categories, but performed admirably on the track.  Just a few years later Scott Russell would score become the first Kawasaki rider to snag a World Superbike Championship in 1993 aboard his Muzzy ZX-7.



This ZX-7 has seen some work and has a few tasty period correct modifications.  You can check them out at the eBay listing here: 1989 Kawasaki ZX-7



Ask and ye shall receive – 1989 Kawasaki ZX7

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