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Bimota May 14, 2015 posted by

Patiently Waiting – 1991 Bimota YB10 Dieci

Rare as a Bimota liter bike might be, finding one which has never been run is a hundred-fold more unusual.  A 150hp cycle weighing 400lbs would be newsworthy today, but this one has been hidden away since 1991.

20150512 1991 bimota yb10 right

1991 Bimota YB10 Dieci for sale on eBay

20150512 1991 bimota yb10 left rear

Made from 1991 to 1994 but in very low numbers, the Yamaha-Bimota 1000 removes some of the compromise from the FZR 1000R “bike of the decade”.  Relieved of the biposto seat, the YB10’s aluminum beam frame and beautiful bodywork does conceal 20 valves and Yamaha’s servo-controlled exhaust valve system which widens the torque curve.  South of the twin 38mm Mikunis, the liquid-cooled liter escapes via 4-into-1 exhaust.  5-speed transmission to get you going, dual 320mm front disks and 280mm rear bring things back into focus.  Billet frame connections, triple-tree, and brackets are a joy.  Upside-down Marzocchi front forks are complemented by an Ohlins rear shock, all three-way adjustable.

20150512 1991 bimota yb10 binnacle  20150512 1991 bimota yb10 front

20150512 1991 bimota yb10 triple tree  20150512 1991 bimota yb10 rear

Usually this is where I discuss the bike’s condition, which will be one word in this case – NEW.  Evidently in a dealer’s stockroom for almost two decades, the bike was purchased in 2010, and uncrated in 2013.

From the eBay auction:

This motorcycle was purchased new in the crate from the dealer in 2010. In 2013 the motorcycle was removed from the crate and the front wheel and fender were installed. No fluids have been added to include engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, and gasoline. Except for the front wheel/fender the motorcycle is as it was when it left the factory. Since being removed from the crate it has been stored on stands in a dry, climate controlled garage and has never seen sunlight. All the original documentation, manuals, tool kit, and keys in the crate come with the motorcycle. Motorcycle comes with clear title and is sold “as is” with no warranties expressed or implied. Local pickup is best since the motorcycle has no fluids there are no brakes.

20150512 1991 bimota yb10 left front wheel  20150512 1991 bimota yb10 right handgrip

20150512 1991 bimota yb10 left detail  20150512 1991 bimota yb10 right detail

Finished in arrest-me red and silver, the YB10 appears ready for action, though one might expect some freshening unless keeping it as a display machine.  Primarily Yamaha hard parts should ease the pain of breaking in a brand-new 24 year-old motorcycle.  Bimota asked $24K when this bike was new, after doing your homework you may want to bid similarly on this beauty.

Patiently Waiting – 1991 Bimota YB10 Dieci
Kawasaki May 13, 2015 posted by

Featured Listing: 1978 Kawasaki Z1R-TC Turbo for Sale

Update 5.13.2015: First listing was a no sale at $20,800 reserve not met. Relisted now with a buy-it-now of $21,500. Good luck to buyers and seller! -dc

1978 Kawasaki Z1R-TC L Side

Kawasaki’s Z1R-TC is the kind of bike they just don’t make anymore, mainly because repeat customers are so important and dead customers generally can’t buy anything. It was the product of a far less litigious age, when “DO NOT TAMPER WITH BOOST CONTROL” stickers and a “we’re not responsible if you die” forms signed before riders howled off in clouds of tire smoke, wastegates whistling were considered sufficient protection from lawsuits brought by widows and orphaned children.

1978 Kawasaki Z1R-TC R Side Engine

Conceived as a way to move moribund Z1R’s before the introduction of the far more modern GPz, Kawasaki worked with the Turbo Cycle Company to slap a simple turbo and plumbing onto otherwise stock bikes. Oh sure, they recommended you install upgraded internals to handle the additional power, but it’s not like you could force anyone to do something like that. And I’m sure most wild-eyed horsepower junkies buying turbocharged hand grenades knew well enough to go easy on their new rides…

1978 Kawasaki Z1R-TC L Side Rear Suspension

But while the crude technology employed and the minimal changes made to prepare the otherwise stock bike for 10psi of boost, because of course you haven’t messed with that wastegate like that sticker told you may have meant headaches when the bike was new, they only serve to increase the entertainment value today. The Z1R-TC was never going to be any good on the track, and no one expects a 35 year old motorcycle to be fast away from a stoplight, so you’ve got nothing to prove anymore. And mastering that laggy turbo and scary handling just makes things more interesting: apparently, the lag was so bad that a fast pass required the rider to drag the rear brake to control speed while holding the throttle cracked to build boost…

Obviously not ideal, but sometimes it’s fun to work around a bike’s limitations.

1978 Kawasaki Z1R-TC Turbo Detail

Today’s bike looks to be in exceptional condition, and includes an engine built to remain intact for a long time to come and some uprated suspension bits to hopefully allow you to effectively use that newfound reliability.

From the original eBay listing: 1979 Kawasaki Z1R-TC Turbo for Sale

Here is your chance to own a rare vintage Japanese sports bike. There were only approximately 250 of these bikes in this particular color combo made. This bike has less than 6,300 miles on body / original engine. Currently has a rebuilt (1250cc) motor has very few, if any miles on it. I have owned this bike since 1980 when it had only 50 miles on it! This bike is in great condition for its vintage. It has been stored indoors for many years and fired right up when it was taken out of storage. Minor modifications were made to make this bike safer to ride, which includes an extended swing arm and upgraded rear shocks.

1978 Kawasaki Z1R-TC Engine

Most of the turbocharged bikes of the period suffer in one way or another from lag that makes them less practical than a normally-aspirated machine. But their quirks and on-boost performance, combined with rarity and a hairy-chested reputation make them increasingly desirable to collectors, and the TC is at the top of that list.


1978 Kawasaki Z1R-TC L Side Engine

Featured Listing: 1978 Kawasaki Z1R-TC Turbo for Sale
Yamaha May 13, 2015 posted by

Pure Sports – Clean 1988 Yamaha FZR1000 on eBay

1988 Yamaha FZR1000 on eBay


It seems as though spring has brought out the big dogs in the form of another very clean Yamaha FZR-1000 for sale on eBay.  This one is sporting a more subdued color scheme compared with some earlier listings and looks great.  Even though it’s a bit long in the tooth, the big Fizzer is no slouch on the road.  Yamaha claimed 145hp and it’s dry weight of 460lbs was lighter than both the ZX-11 and GSXR-1100.  While both of those bikes were a bit more focused on straightline speed, the FZR-1000 was more focused in the corners while still being able to keep up on the highway.  This one appears mostly stock, with the exception of a slip on Yoshimura exhaust, a new battery and fresh tires.  The $2500 “Buy It Now” price seems very reasonable for this classic liter bike and I suspect somebody will be clicking their mouse pretty quickly on it.


From the seller’s eBay auction, seen here: 1988 Yamaha FZR-1000 on eBay

1988 Yamaha FZR 1000, This 27yr old bike looks New. Clean Garage Kept 33943 original miles. Never dropped, downed or wrecked. This bike will grab attention everywhere you ride it. New dry lightweight battery. New Pirelli Tires. K&N Filter. Yoshimura Pipe. Long Island, NY Pick-up only, no shipping. 17 inch wheels front and rear.

Pure Sports – Clean 1988 Yamaha FZR1000 on eBay
Roehr May 13, 2015 posted by

Collector Alert: 2009 Roehr 1250S prototype for sale in Illinois

Here is one that has been floating around the net off and on for the last year or so, a 2009 Roehr 1250s (non-supercharged).


2009 Roehr 1250s for sale on ebay

Motorcycle collectors typically fall into two groups; those who collect bikes because they enjoy them (which includes “nostalgia” collectors who are reliving their youth) and those who collect bikes as investments.

For the later group, there is an inherent risk that comes from having to make assumptions about a bikes future value.  For every Britten-V1000 there is a Fischer MRX or Bimota Mantra.  Some investment-oriented collectors try to focus on buying limited editions from more established brands, but there is still no guarantee of future value;  for every bike that has its value jump up (example: Ducati SuperMono, Honda NR750) there are those that go the opposite way and depreciate far below the original asking price (example: Aprilia Nera, Bimota V-Due).

The reason for what I wrote above is that I think this bike, a 2009 Roehr 1250s, will appeal most to an investment-oriented collector.

The 2009 Roehr 1250s was marketed as an “all america sportbike”, which was a bit of a poke at Buell which had switched over to Rotax engines.   The Roehr 1205s was designed to produce 180 hp due to a supercharged Harley Davidson 1250 cc “Revolution” engine.  The frame was also quite inventive, featuring a Bi-Metal beam design consiting of both chrome-moly steel and T6 Aluminum.   While the engine and frame designs were inventive, styling was a bit of a mishmash, with a front fairing reminiscent of a Ducati 999, undertail exhausts that were already starting to go out of fashion, no passenger accomodations, and HD-derived instrumentation.



Despite the mishmash of styling, reviews were actually pretty good. So what happened? Unfortunately for Walter Roehrich (the man behind the effort) the Roehr was introduced ight at the beginning of the financial crisis.  Together with an initial asking price of an eye-popping $50,000 USD, its not surprising that sales werent exactly robust.  The company struggled on for a few years but only 10 production versions of the 1250s were reported to have been made with the full supercharger setup before the company closed up shop.


This particular Roehr looks to be quite clean with just a few tiny scuffs and scratches.  While its being listed as the prototype bike that all the others were based on, its a bit unclear as to whether the supercharger unit is installed or not.

Here is some info provided by the seller along with some observations

  • 2009 Roehr Harley based sport bike, single sided swingarm, Akropovic exhausts
  • 2800 miles
  • Bike belonged to the owner (Walter Roehrich) and was the bike that all the others were based on.
  • There are ten of these in the world with most being sold to collectors in Europe and Asia.  This bike is one of only two in the U.S
  • Bike is constructed using only high end components and materials (Carbon fiber, billet, titanium), Marchesini wheels, etc.
  • This bike is normally aspirated using cams and K&N intakes


Is this bike worth the Buy-It-Now asking price of S18,000 USD?   Well the previous times this bike has been listed by seller Chris Dolan the bids seem to reaching around 14k but that was last year.   Original listing price for the turbocharged version was $50,000 USD so you are getting a very steep discount but it will be important for any future owner to confirm the status of the turbocharger system.

Personally I think the Roehr is a bit of a puzzle but still kind of appealing to right kind of buyer, perhaps a collector willing to take a chance.   I can already picture a Roehr in the Solvang motorcycle museum or the Barber Motorsport complex, perhaps next to a Bimota VDue with a placard saying “What could have been”….



Collector Alert:  2009 Roehr 1250S prototype for sale in Illinois
Kawasaki May 12, 2015 posted by

Bay Ridge Barn ( well, storage unit ) Find – 1984 Kawasaki GPz-750

Hard as they are to find, unmolested early sportbikes pop up occasionally.  This pre-Ninja 750 appeared on the New York Craigslist recently.

20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 left

1984 Kawasaki GPz-750 for sale on Craigslist

20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 left front

Developed from the KZ-750, the GPz-750 had 92 hp, new frame with Uni-Trak rear suspension, and generally more sport-oriented.  The sweet bikini fairing foreshadows the full fairing to come later.  For 1984, mostly color changes but slightly raising the clip-on handlebars made the bike friendlier.  Rubber front engine mounts helped, too.  The smallish 280mm brakes nonetheless performed well.  Overall a speedy, stable rider.

20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 left rear  20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 right front wheel

20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 right rear wheel  20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 left engine

From the Craigslist ad:

This bike has been very well maintained it’s entire life by a mature older gentleman who kept it in clean, dry, and temperate storage. Pictures do not do this bike justice. The paint is in absolutely stunning original condition. This bike has no mechanical or electrical issues at all and can be ridden anywhere. The carburetors have been jetted and air box has been replaced with air filter pods. Vance and Hines full exhaust looks and runs great with the properly tuned carbs. This bike’s motor pulls strong and has no issues. Chain and sprockets were replaced with new ones last year. Tires are in great condition with no dry rot and lots of tread left. This bike has to be seen in person to truly appreciate how clean it is.

20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 cockpit  20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 tank

20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 seat  20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 nose

CL ads can be hyperbolic and poorly documented, but this common-sense ad has great pictures.  The GPz-750 was the fastest bike in its day and still has a lot to offer.  The silver paint and red/blue stripes look great, and the bike seems very clean overall.  Sensible asking price for such a pretty historic.  Certainly have to do your homework on a purchase like this but a GPz in such fine shape is worth a look.

20150507 1984 kawasaki gpz-750 left rear


Bay Ridge Barn ( well, storage unit ) Find – 1984 Kawasaki GPz-750
Rickman May 12, 2015 posted by

Ricky Racer: 1980 Rickman Kawasaki CRE 1000 Predator


In the magnificent world of The Frame Game, there are a few legendary marques. Bimota is often the first to spring to mind, along with the requisite Harris and Spondon. But the Rickman brothers – who started out with trails and off road machines before turning to road racing – are surely top of the class for quality and longevity. First started in 1960 by building complete bikes, Rickman eventually went the kit bike route as well, offering basic frame, suspension and bodywork components which could be assembled with a motor, trans and leftover bits from a donor cycle. Sometimes the assembly was done by the owner in the garage, but some of the cleanest bikes came out of professional shops offering this service to well-heeled customers. This appears to be one such bike.

1980 Rickman CRE 1000 Predator for sale on eBay


Kit bikes are a mixed bag in the collecting world; rare models will always be coveted, but not all have equal value. Vintage Rickmans from the “original Rickman” era are definitely rising stock these days, and this one appears to be from the period of time right before the Rickmans sold the business. The Rickman name lives on to this day, having passed through a number of hands, and Rickman products are still available via Rickman Motorcycles Ltd


From the seller:
Rickman CRE 1000 Predator
model year 1980

Super rare model, 2 owners from new The first owner ran the Rickman owners club for many years

Bike has extensive history file, frame was supplied to Maitland Racing who built the bike and supplied a tuned engine. Engine Z1000J motor fitted with a Wiseco 1105 big bore kit, electronic ignition, Goodrich oil cooler, full build sheet & dyno chart included. Dyno’d at 118bhp.

Converted to mono shock and 17″ wheels.

Starts and runs with no smoke or rattles, only known fault is the speedo requires attention currently fitted with a Sigma digital speedo.

Correctly registered (English documents) as Rickman


This bike is not entirely new to these pages. It has made the rounds on eBay before, having been posted in March on our sister site Classic Sport Bikes For Sale by staff writer Tad. This gorgeous Rickman (it is noted that beauty may be in the eye of the beholder) still has a few days left at auction, and the bidding is still below 5 Grand. There is a reserve in place, so no way of telling what will let the current owner let it go. It is an interesting example of the “build it yourself” breed, and is worth checking out. Jump here to grab all the details, and then be sure and let us know what you think!



Ricky Racer: 1980 Rickman Kawasaki CRE 1000 Predator
Ducati May 11, 2015 posted by

Ugliest DUC? 2002 Ducati 998 Ben Bostrom edition


Here is a 2002 Ducati 998 Bostrom replica, a bike which seems to be either a “love-it-or-hate-it” proposition for most RSBFS readers.  While the design graphics have always seemed a bit overdone, the base 998 (already a very good bike) was upgraded for the Bostrom edition with full carbon-fiber bodywork which resulted in a 24 pound weight loss over the standard 998.  The Bostrom edition also came with four-piston brembo brake calipers and upgraded suspensions consisting of Ohlins forks, shocks, and damper (instead of the original Showa’s).

The Bostrom is also a true limited edition.  A total of 310 Bostroms were built – 155 in the US and 155 in the UK.  Why 155? Because that’s the number Bostrom rode under on his 998S AMA racer.  NOTE:  Every single one was signed on the tank by Ben himself,


2002 Ducati 998 – Bostrom edition for sale on ebay

This particular Bostrom is located in Norcross Georgia.  The pictures show its #2 in the USA series so there is only a .6 chance of an earlier edition coming up for sale.

The seller indicates that this bike is being sold for a collector.  Condition certainly looks excellent, with a lot of upgrades and some recent service, including the following:

  • New belts
  • Fresh oil filter
  • Fresh tires(Q2’s)
  • Harris Rear sets
  • Full FBF Forza Exhaust
  • FBF Clip-ons
  • Carbon rear hugger
  • Carbon Chain-guard
  • Carbon Air ducts
  • DID 520 kit
  • Power Commander
  • Front cover and clutch sprocket
  • Stainless steel clutch springs
  • New battery
  • Books and stand included


Oh and did I mention the mileage is 2,243?


So what is this 2002 Ducati 998 Bostrom edition worth?   Well prices have come down quite a lot from the initial MSRP of $22,695.  Previous posts of these on RSBFS seem to show a value of somewhere between 10,000-13,000 USD and I expect this bike bike to go for somewhere in that range.  Personally I think that price would be more than fair for what is essentially an upgraded 998 with some nice aftermarket add-ons, very low mileage and recent service.

One final thought – you can say what you will about the Bostrom editions but they certainly are true rare sportbikes.  I cant remember the last time I saw one at bike night and the last on of these we saw here on RSBFS was back in late 2013.  I think its safe to say any prospective buyer doesn’t have to be concerned with a better deal coming along in the near future.


Ugliest DUC?  2002 Ducati 998 Ben Bostrom edition
Honda May 10, 2015 posted by

Grey Market Goodies – 1994 Honda VFR400

1994 Honda VFR400 on eBay


Grey Market imports are always a bit of a rare bird over here in the States.  With our long, flat roads and lack of a graduated licensing system, the 400s just didn’t have a market here and that’s a shame.  (Yes, I know we got the FZR400, but it’s not really in the same league… no hate mail please, Fizzer Fans).  The VFR400 is basically a scaled down version of Honda’s iconic RC30 but it’s still packed with it’s big brother’s trick goodies like the gear driven cams and the single sided swingarm.  Power from the 399cc V4 is respectable if not overwhelming with Honda claiming 60hp at the crank and it is nice and light, tipping the scales at only 340lbs.  So you know what that means…  Keep the RPMs up and learn to carry your corner speed and the VFR400 becomes a great track weapon.


This particular VFR400 looks like it’s seem some track days based on the sellers description and modifications, but it does come with a clean and clear title out of California, so you should have no problems registering it and riding it on the street as well.  This is the “NC30” model which was the final evolution of the VFR400 and it was well refined by this point.  Most consider it to be the most desirable of the VFR400 models.  You can read more in the seller’s eBay auction here: 1994 Honda VFR400 on eBay

California titled Honda NC30 VFR400R motorcycle. Clean title. Very trick race-bred restoration!! It’s a  real ripper!

This bike was never available in the United States. It is a 1994 model fully registered and titled in California as a 2004 model with a 11 digit VIN. It is ready to ride. There is simply nothing like the howl of this V-4’s gear driven cams in the high RPMs – where this machine was made to run. Everything on this bike is bred from the expensive development of racing NC 30’s in the San Francisco Bay Area

This bike is in fantastic shape- built and ridden by a long time NC enthusiast and racer.

-Full tune performed
-Fresh brake fluid, oil,coolant
-New oil filter, air filter, plugs
-New Rubber front and rear
-Custom Fairing Paint
-Properly jetted Yoshimura race exhaust
-Brand spanking new chain and sprockets
-Fully adjustable rear suspension
-Front Ohlins steering damper
-New front brake wave rotors
-New fork seals
-Brand new custom painted tank
-New intake manifolds
-Fully rebuilt carburetors
-Custom front and rear brake lines
-New battery
-Charging System charging
-New brake pads
-Freshly powder coated rims,front and rear
-Race grade cooling system upgrade



Grey Market Goodies – 1994 Honda VFR400

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